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Abbreviation : SAMs
Long Form : shoot apical meristems
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A signal cascade originated from epidermis defines apical-basal patterning of Arabidopsis shoot apical meristems. ATML1, HAM
2020 The Overlapping and Distinct Roles of HAM Family Genes in Arabidopsis Shoot Meristems. CLV3, HAM, WUS
2020 Transcriptional circuits in control of shoot stem cell homeostasis. CLV3, WUS
2019 Cloning and functional characterization of epidermis-specific promoter MtML1 from Medicago truncatula. GUS
2018 Biolistic-delivery-based transient CRISPR/Cas9 expression enables in planta genome editing in wheat. ---
2018 Evolution of root apical meristem structures in vascular plants: plasmodesmatal networks. PD, PNs, RAMs
2018 miR393 inhibits in vitro shoot regeneration in Arabidopsis thaliana via repressing TIR1. WT
2018 Role of heterotrimeric Galpha proteins in maize development and enhancement of agronomic traits. CLV, CT2, IMs, WUS, XLGs
2017 An in planta biolistic method for stable wheat transformation. ---
10  2017 ARGONAUTE10 Inhibits In Vitro Shoot Regeneration Via Repression of miR165/166 in Arabidopsis thaliana. AGO10
11  2017 The Huperzia selago Shoot Tip Transcriptome Sheds New Light on the Evolution of Leaves. ---
12  2016 Innovation of a Regulatory Mechanism Modulating Semi-determinate Stem Growth through Artificial Selection in Soybean. TFL1
13  2015 Ribonuclease J is required for chloroplast and embryo development in Arabidopsis. RNase J
14  2015 Transcriptomic evidence for the evolution of shoot meristem function in sporophyte-dominant land plants through concerted selection of ancestral gametophytic and sporophytic genetic programs. ---
15  2014 Fluorescence activated cell sorting of shoot apical meristem cell types. ---
16  2013 ERECTA-family receptor kinases regulate stem cell homeostasis via buffering its cytokinin responsiveness in the shoot apical meristem. CLV3, ER, WUS
17  2013 Evaluation of the hormonal state of columnar apple trees (Malus x domestica) based on high throughput gene expression studies. Co
18  2013 Gene expression analysis of aquatic angiosperms podostemaceae to gain insight into the evolution of their enigmatic morphology. ---
19  2013 Gene expression analysis of shoot apical meristem cell types. ---
20  2013 Individual amino acid residues in CLV3 peptide contribute to its stability in vitro. LRR
21  2013 The sequence flanking the N-terminus of the CLV3 peptide is critical for its cleavage and activity in stem cell regulation in Arabidopsis. aa, CLV3, MS
22  2012 The minor spliceosomal protein U11/U12-31K is an RNA chaperone crucial for U12 intron splicing and the development of dicot and monocot plants. ---
23  2012 The transcriptomes of columnar and standard type apple trees (Malus x domestica) - a comparative study. NGS
24  2012 WUSCHEL protein movement and stem cell homeostasis. CLV1, CLV3, CZ, WUS
25  2011 Arabidopsis ERECTA-family receptor kinases mediate morphological alterations stimulated by activation of NB-LRR-type UNI proteins. AMs, ER, NB-LRR, tZ
26  2011 In vivo analysis of local wall stiffness at the shoot apical meristem in Arabidopsis using atomic force microscopy. ---
27  2011 Variations of DNA methylation in Eucalyptus urophyllaEucalyptus grandis shoot tips and apical meristems of different physiological ages. HPLC
28  2010 A maize thiamine auxotroph is defective in shoot meristem maintenance. blk1-R, thi2
29  2010 Automated tracking of stem cell lineages of Arabidopsis shoot apex using local graph matching. ---
30  2010 Depletion of cellular brassinolide decreases embryo production and disrupts the architecture of the apical meristems in Brassica napus microspore-derived embryos. AFRs, APX, BL, BRZ, CLV1, DHA, GR, MDEs, STM, ZLL
31  2010 Expression of SHOOT MERISTEMLESS, WUSCHEL, and ASYMMETRIC LEAVES1 homologs in the shoots of Podostemaceae: implications for the evolution of novel shoot organogenesis. STM, WUS
32  2010 Gene expression patterns in seed plant shoot meristems and leaves: homoplasy or homology? ---
33  2010 Overexpression of Osta-siR2141 caused abnormal polarity establishment and retarded growth in rice. smRNAs, tasiRNAs
34  2010 The soybean stem growth habit gene Dt1 is an ortholog of Arabidopsis TERMINAL FLOWER1. ---
35  2010 Using high competent shoot apical meristems of cockscomb as explants for studying function of ASYMMETRIC LEAVES2-LIKE11 (ASL11) gene of Arabidopsis. AS2, ASL11, LOB
36  2010 WUSCHEL mediates stem cell homeostasis by regulating stem cell number and patterns of cell division and differentiation of stem cell progenitors. CZ, PZ, RM
37  2009 Gene expression map of the Arabidopsis shoot apical meristem stem cell niche. ---
38  2009 Loss of RNA-dependent RNA polymerase 2 (RDR2) function causes widespread and unexpected changes in the expression of transposons, genes, and 24-nt small RNAs. mop1, RdDM, RDR2, siRNAs, TEs
39  2009 The filifolium1 mutation perturbs shoot architecture in Zea mays (Poaceae). ffm1-0, KNOX
40  2009 Towards a functional understanding of cell growth dynamics in shoot meristem stem-cell niche. ---
41  2008 Live-imaging stem-cell homeostasis in the Arabidopsis shoot apex. ---
42  2008 Signals derived from YABBY gene activities in organ primordia regulate growth and partitioning of Arabidopsis shoot apical meristems. YAB, YAB3
43  2008 The rice flattened shoot meristem, encoding CAF-1 p150 subunit, is required for meristem maintenance by regulating the cell-cycle period. CAF-1, FAS1, fsm
44  2007 Evolution of shoot apical meristem structures in vascular plants with respect to plasmodesmatal network. PD, TEM
45  2007 Global gene expression analysis of the shoot apical meristem of maize (Zea mays L.). ESTs, LCM
46  2007 Overexpression of HBK3, a class I KNOX homeobox gene, improves the development of Norway spruce (Picea abies) somatic embryos. HBK3, PEMs
47  2007 Overexpression of miR165 affects apical meristem formation, organ polarity establishment and vascular development in Arabidopsis. miRNAs
48  2006 Cell differentiation and organ initiation at the shoot apical meristem. ---
49  2006 Genome-wide analysis of spatial and temporal gene expression in rice panicle development. ---
50  2006 The floral organ number4 gene encoding a putative ortholog of Arabidopsis CLAVATA3 regulates apical meristem size in rice. CLV3, fon4
51  2005 The formation and patterning of leaves: recent advances. ---
52  2004 A mutation of the CRUMPLED LEAF gene that encodes a protein localized in the outer envelope membrane of plastids affects the pattern of cell division, cell differentiation, and plastid division in Arabidopsis. CRL
53  2004 Chrysanthemum stunt viroid disturbs the photoperiodic response for flowering of chrysanthemum plants. CSVd
54  2004 Giant shoot apical meristems in cacti have ordinary leaf primordia but altered phyllotaxy and shoot diameter. LP
55  2004 Real-time lineage analysis reveals oriented cell divisions associated with morphogenesis at the shoot apex of Arabidopsis thaliana. CZ, PZ
56  2002 Developmental events and shoot apical meristem gene expression patterns during shoot development in Arabidopsis thaliana. CIM, CLV1, CUC1 and 2, SIM, STM, WUS
57  2001 Termination of stem cell maintenance in Arabidopsis floral meristems by interactions between WUSCHEL and AGAMOUS. AG, WUS
58  2000 Initiation of axillary and floral meristems in Arabidopsis. ---
59  1998 Leaf polarity and meristem formation in Arabidopsis. phb-1d, stm
60  1992 EMF, an Arabidopsis Gene Required for Vegetative Shoot Development. emf