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Abbreviation : SCOD
Long Form : soluble COD
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Effect of lignocellulosic enzymes on the treatment of mature landfill leachate. COD, MLL
2019 Is dissolved COD a suitable design parameter for ozone oxidation of organic micropollutants in wastewater? ---
2018 Impact of gas injection on physicochemical properties of waste activated sludge: A linear relationship between the change of viscoelastic properties and the change of other physiochemical properties. ---
2018 Performance and design considerations for an anaerobic moving bed biofilm reactor treating brewery wastewater: Impact of surface area loading rate and temperature. AMBBR, HRT, OLR, SALR, VS
2018 Pilot-scale study on catalytic ozonation of bio-treated dyeing and finishing wastewater using recycled waste iron shavings as a catalyst. COD, DOC, GC-MS, LC-MS
2018 The influence of energy input on the particle size of disintegrated excess sludge in the ultrasonic disintegration process. FCOD
2017 Effect of cellulose as co-substrate on old landfill leachate treatment using white-rot fungi. COD, LFL
2017 Source analysis of organic matter in swine wastewater after anaerobic digestion with EEM-PARAFAC. EEM, PARAFAC, TCOD
2017 The long-term impact of cefalexin on organic substrate degradation and microbial community structure in EGSB system. CFX, EGSB
10  2016 A new activated primary tank developed for recovering carbon source and its application. APT, RSR, SRT
11  2016 Potential and optimization of two-phase anaerobic digestion of oil refinery waste activated sludge and microbial community study. VFAs
12  2015 Combined thermo-chemo-sonic disintegration of waste activated sludge for biogas production. COD, SS, VSS, WAS
13  2015 Investigation of the use of aerobic granules for the treatment of sugar beet processing wastewater. COD, Part I, SBR, TAN, TCOD, TSS
14  2015 Phytoremediation of parboiled rice mill wastewater using water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes). APT, COD, sol. P
15  2015 Power generation response to readily biodegradable COD in single-chamber microbial fuel cells. DWW, MFCs, MWW, OLRs, RBCOD
16  2015 Thermophilic anaerobic digestion of thermal pretreated sludge: role of microbial community structure and correlation with process performances. FISH, TAD, WAS
17  2014 Electroporation of Chlorella vulgaris to enhance biomethane production. EP, IS, TI
18  2014 Evaluation of electricity generation from ultrasonic and heat/alkaline pretreatment of different sludge types using microbial fuel cells. ADS, ES, MFCs, PS
19  2013 Anaerobic digestion for treatment of stillage from cellulosic bioethanol production. BMP, OLR
20  2013 Treatment of slaughter house wastewater in a sequencing batch reactor: performance evaluation and biodegradation kinetics. SBR
21  2012 Enhanced nitrogen removal in a wastewater treatment process characterized by carbon source manipulation with biological adsorption and sludge hydrolysis. ---
22  2011 Enhancement of methane production from cassava residues by biological pretreatment using a constructed microbial consortium. CMCase, DGGE, FPase
23  2010 Modular tubular microbial fuel cells for energy recovery during sucrose wastewater treatment at low organic loading rate. CE, MFC, OLRs
24  2010 Two-phase anaerobic co-digestion of olive mill wastes in semi-continuous digesters at mesophilic temperature. AD, HRTs, OLRs, OMSW, OMW, VFA
25  2009 Anaerobic membrane bioreactor treatment of synthetic municipal wastewater at ambient temperature. AnMBR, COD, HRTs
26  2009 Continuous treatment of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste in an anaerobic two-stage membrane process with liquid recycle. AMBR, HR, HRTs, LMH, OFMSW, OLRs, TCOD
27  2009 Enhanced treatment efficiency of an anaerobic sequencing batch reactor (ASBR) for cassava stillage with high solids content. ASBR, HRTs, OLR, SS, TCOD
28  2009 [Characteristic of sludge thermal hydrolysis using microwave heating with alkali addition]. BMP, SS, TCOD, VSS
29  2009 [Fractionation of soluble COD in wastewater based on batch respirometric method]. WWTP
30  2008 A comparison of the performance of mesophilic and thermophilic anaerobic filters treating papermill wastewater. HRT, OLR
31  2008 Biological hydrolysis and acidification of sludge under anaerobic conditions: the effect of sludge type and origin on the production and composition of volatile fatty acids. SRT, TCOD, VFAs, WWTPs
32  2008 First-order hydrothermal oxidation kinetics of digested sludge compared with raw sludge. PCOD
33  2008 Influence of vegetation and substrate on the removal and transformation of dissolved organic matter in horizontal subsurface-flow constructed wetlands. DOC, DOM, HSSF-CWs
34  2008 Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification of municipal wastewater in aerobic membrane bioreactors. COD, HRTs, MBR, OLR, SND, SRT, TKN
35  2007 Strategies for minimizing deflocculation of biosolids due to oxygen disturbances. DO, SBRs, SS
36  2007 [Municipal wastewater treatment using a composite flocculant made of polyaluminum chloride and polydimethyldiallyammonium chloride]. CEPT, PAC, PDMDAAC, SOR, STP
37  2006 Effects of thermally pretreated temperature on bio-hydrogen production from sewage sludge. SS, VSS
38  2006 Process modeling and analysis of palm oil mill effluent treatment in an up-flow anaerobic sludge fixed film bioreactor using response surface methodology (RSM). BA, CCFD, HRT, POME, RSM, SMA, SRT, TCOD, TSS, TVFA, UASFF, V up, Y M
39  2006 Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) treatment for simultaneous organic carbon and nitrogen removal--a laboratory study. SBR
40  2005 Effect of enzymatic pretreatment on solubilization and volatile fatty acid production in fermentation of food waste. BNR, VFA, VSS
41  2005 Electricity generation from artificial wastewater using an upflow microbial fuel cell. COD, CV, UMFC
42  2004 Wet oxidation pretreatment for the increase in anaerobic biodegradability of newspaper waste. SLD, TCOD
43  2003 Anaerobic digestion of municipal sludges with high silt content using granular seed. BS, PS, TWWTP
44  2003 Anaerobic treatment of low-strength wastewater in a biofilm reactor. AF, COD, OLR, TSS
45  2003 Effects of various pretreatments for enhanced anaerobic digestion with waste activated sludge. WAS
46  2003 Treatment of landfill leachate by white rot fungus in combination with zeolite filters. COD
47  2001 Anaerobic migrating blanket reactor treatment of low-strength wastewater at low temperatures. AMBR, COD, HRT, SRT, TCOD, VSS
48  2001 Testing of alkaline and enzymatic hydrolysis pretreatments for fat particles in slaughterhouse wastewater. LCFA, SHW
49  2001 The effect of temperature on slaughterhouse wastewater treatment in anaerobic sequencing batch reactors. ASBRs, COD, OLRs, SS, TCOD, VSS