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Abbreviation : SD
Long Form : Shine-Dalgarno
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Global analysis of protein synthesis in Flavobacterium johnsoniae reveals the use of Kozak-like sequences in diverse bacteria. ---
2019 Start Codon Recognition in Eukaryotic and Archaeal Translation Initiation: A Common Structural Core. ---
2019 Unique Shine-Dalgarno Sequences in Cyanobacteria and Chloroplasts Reveal Evolutionary Differences in Their Translation Initiation. ---
2019 [Secretory production of xylanase in Corynebacterium glutamicum using its endogenous elements]. ---
2018 Accessibility of the Shine-Dalgarno Sequence Dictates N-Terminal Codon Bias in E.coli. ---
2018 Bacillus subtilis highly efficient protein expression systems that are chromosomally integrated and controllable by glucose and rhamnose. ---
2018 Diversity of Translation Initiation Mechanisms across Bacterial Species Is Driven by Environmental Conditions and Growth Demands. ---
2018 mRNA-Mediated Duplexes Play Dual Roles in the Regulation of Bidirectional Ribosomal Frameshifting. PRF, RF2
2018 Non-canonical Escherichia coli transcripts lacking a Shine-Dalgarno motif have very different translational efficiencies and do not form a coherent group. ---
10  2018 Role of aIF1 in Pyrococcus abyssi translation initiation. PIC
11  2018 Roles of three FurA paralogs in the regulation of genes pertaining to peroxide defense in Mycobacterium smegmatis mc2 155. MCHO
12  2018 RovM and CsrA Negatively Regulate Urease Expression in Yersinia pseudotuberculosis. CsrA, Yptb
13  2018 Within-Gene Shine-Dalgarno Sequences Are Not Selected for Function. ---
14  2017 A Synthetic Oligo Library and Sequencing Approach Reveals an Insulation Mechanism Encoded within Bacterial sigma54 Promoters. OL, RBS
15  2017 Circuitry Linking the Global Csr- and sigmaE-Dependent Cell Envelope Stress Response Systems. sRNAs
16  2017 Comparative genomic analysis of translation initiation mechanisms for genes lacking the Shine-Dalgarno sequence in prokaryotes. UTR
17  2017 Comprehensive characterization of a theophylline riboswitch reveals two pivotal features of Shine-Dalgarno influencing activated translation property. ---
18  2017 EF-G catalyzed translocation dynamics in the presence of ribosomal frameshifting stimulatory signals. mRNA, smFRET
19  2017 Effects of Kasugamycin on the Translatome of Escherichia coli. ---
20  2017 Effects of mRNA secondary structure on the expression of HEV ORF2 proteins in Escherichia coli. E. coli, HBsAg, HEV
21  2017 Elucidating the 16S rRNA 3' boundaries and defining optimal SD/aSD pairing in Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis using RNA-Seq data. aSD, RNA-Seq
22  2017 Expression of lycopene biosynthesis genes fused in line with Shine-Dalgarno sequences improves the stress-tolerance of Lactococcus lactis. ---
23  2017 Genome-wide primary transcriptome analysis of H2-producing archaeon Thermococcus onnurineus NA1. 5'UTRs, BRE, ncRNAs, PPE
24  2017 How Changes in Anti-SD Sequences Would Affect SD Sequences in Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis. aSD
25  2017 In Vivo Multienzyme Complex Coconstruction of N-Acetylneuraminic Acid Lyase and N-Acetylglucosamine-2-epimerase for Biosynthesis of N-Acetylneuraminic Acid. AS
26  2017 Novel Translation Initiation Regulation Mechanism in Escherichia coli ptrB Mediated by a 5'-Terminal AUG. 5'-UTR, CDS
27  2017 PmrA/PmrB Two-Component System Regulation of lipA Expression in Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1. ---
28  2017 The kinetic mechanism of bacterial ribosome recycling. mRNA, PoTC, tRNA
29  2017 Translational Repression of the RpoS Antiadapter IraD by CsrA Is Mediated via Translational Coupling to a Short Upstream Open Reading Frame. ORFs
30  2016 5'-Terminal AUGs in Escherichia coli mRNAs with Shine-Dalgarno Sequences: Identification and Analysis of Their Roles in Non-Canonical Translation Initiation. mRNAs
31  2016 Alternative Translation Initiation of a Haloarchaeal Serine Protease Transcript Containing Two In-Frame Start Codons. 5'UTR, nt
32  2016 Deep sequencing reveals global patterns of mRNA recruitment during translation initiation. TIR
33  2016 Depletion of Shine-Dalgarno Sequences Within Bacterial Coding Regions Is Expression Dependent. ---
34  2016 In silico analysis of 5'-UTRs highlights the prevalence of Shine-Dalgarno and leaderless-dependent mechanisms of translation initiation in bacteria and archaea, respectively. UTRs
35  2016 Ligand-Induced Stabilization of a Duplex-like Architecture Is Crucial for the Switching Mechanism of the SAM-III Riboswitch. aSD, MD, SAM
36  2016 Model of the pathway of -1 frameshifting: Long pausing. ---
37  2016 The Expression of Antibiotic Resistance Methyltransferase Correlates with mRNA Stability Independently of Ribosome Stalling. ErmBL
38  2016 The Frequency of Internal Shine-Dalgarno-like Motifs in Prokaryotes. ---
39  2016 The Shine-Dalgarno sequence of riboswitch-regulated single mRNAs shows ligand-dependent accessibility bursts. mRNAs, SiM-KARTS
40  2015 Determinants of the rate of mRNA translocation in bacterial protein synthesis. ORF
41  2015 Distribution and diversity of ribosome binding sites in prokaryotic genomes. COG, NCBI, RBS
42  2015 Dwell-Time Distribution, Long Pausing and Arrest of Single-Ribosome Translation through the mRNA Duplex. mRNA
43  2015 Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus phages: effect of translation initiation efficiency on differential codon adaptation mediated by virulent and temperate lifestyles. ---
44  2015 Post-transcriptional regulation by distal Shine-Dalgarno sequences in the grpE-dnaK intergenic region of Streptococcus mutans. 5'-SL, CAT
45  2015 Putative carotenoid genes expressed under the regulation of Shine-Dalgarno regions in Escherichia coli for efficient lycopene production. ---
46  2015 T box riboswitches in Actinobacteria: translational regulation via novel tRNA interactions. ileS
47  2015 Three members of polyamine modulon under oxidative stress conditions: two transcription factors (SoxR and EmrR) and a glutathione synthetic enzyme (GshA). GSH, GshA
48  2014 Alterations in rRNA-mRNA interaction during plastid evolution. ---
49  2014 An extended Shine-Dalgarno sequence in mRNA functionally bypasses a vital defect in initiator tRNA. IF2, RRF
50  2014 Development and characterization of expression vectors for Corynebacterium glutamicum. GFP
51  2014 Haloferax volcanii, a prokaryotic species that does not use the Shine Dalgarno mechanism for translation initiation at 5'-UTRs. ---
52  2014 Listeria Monocytogenes La111 and Klebsiella Pneumoniae KCTC 2242: Shine-Dalgarno Sequences. ---
53  2014 Processing of the 5'-UTR and existence of protein factors that regulate translation of tobacco chloroplast psbN mRNA. nt
54  2014 The phzA2-G2 transcript exhibits direct RsmA-mediated activation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa M18. PCA, phz, phz1, phz2, UTR
55  2014 The two-component GacS-GacA system activates lipA translation by RsmE but not RsmA in Pseudomonas protegens Pf-5. QS
56  2013 Base pairing interaction between 5'- and 3'-UTRs controls icaR mRNA translation in Staphylococcus aureus. 3'-UTR
57  2013 Cyclically amplified fluorescent detection of theophylline and thiamine pyrophosphate by coupling self-cleaving RNA ribozyme with endonuclease. DNase I, GO, TPP
58  2013 Differential control of Salmonella heat shock operons by structured mRNAs. ---
59  2013 Evidence for context-dependent complementarity of non-Shine-Dalgarno ribosome binding sites to Escherichia coli rRNA. E. coli, mRNAs, RBSs, rRNA
60  2013 Importance and determinants of induction of cold-induced DEAD RNA helicase in the hyperthermophilic archaeon Thermococcus kodakarensis. GDH
61  2013 One antitoxin--two functions: SR4 controls toxin mRNA decay and translation. ---
62  2013 rRNA:mRNA pairing alters the length and the symmetry of mRNA-protected fragments in ribosome profiling experiments. ---
63  2013 Translation enhancer improves the ribosome liberation from translation initiation. ---
64  2012 A synthetic arabinose-inducible promoter confers high levels of recombinant protein expression in hyperthermophilic archaeon Sulfolobus islandicus. araS-SD, RBS
65  2012 Broad-specificity mRNA-rRNA complementarity in efficient protein translation. C-rich, RBSs
66  2012 Enhanced biofilm formation and/or cell viability by polyamines through stimulation of response regulators UvrY and CpxR in the two-component signal transducing systems, and ribosome recycling factor. RRF
67  2012 Increase in cell viability by polyamines through stimulation of the synthesis of ppGpp regulatory protein and omega protein of RNA polymerase in Escherichia coli. SpoT
68  2012 Production of antibody fragments in Escherichia coli. scFvs
69  2012 Shine-Dalgarno sequence of bacteriophage T4: GAGG prevails in early genes. TIR
70  2012 [A study of genetic characteristics of Mycobacterium avium strains from patients with pulmonary M. avium disease in Japan and Korea]. MATR-VNTR
71  2011 Construction of a conditional lethal Salmonella mutant via genetic recombination using the ara system and asd gene. asd
72  2011 Development of a high-expression system for staphylococcal exfoliative toxin genes. ET, eta, PCR, rET
73  2011 Inability of Prevotella bryantii to form a functional Shine-Dalgarno interaction reflects unique evolution of ribosome binding sites in Bacteroidetes. ---
74  2011 Leaderless genes in bacteria: clue to the evolution of translation initiation mechanisms in prokaryotes. 5'-UTR, TIS
75  2011 Mechanisms of the initiation of protein synthesis: in reading frame binding of ribosomes to mRNA. CS, IRES, IS
76  2011 Selection of Shine-Dalgarno sequences in plastids. ---
77  2011 Small RNAs in the genus Clostridium. ABC, QRT-PCR, sRNAs
78  2010 Construction and co-expression of a polycistronic plasmid encoding carbonyl reductase and glucose dehydrogenase for production of ethyl (S)-4-chloro-3-hydroxybutanoate. AS, COBE
79  2010 Design and characterization of an aequorin-based bacterial biosensor for detection of toluene and related compounds. ---
80  2010 Dynamic evolution of translation initiation mechanisms in prokaryotes. RPS1
81  2010 Predictive role of mitochondrial genome in the stress resistance of insects and nematodes. ETC
82  2010 RBSDesigner: software for designing synthetic ribosome binding sites that yields a desired level of protein expression. CDS, GUI, RBSs
83  2010 Ribosome modulation factor, an important protein for cell viability encoded by the polyamine modulon. RMF
84  2010 Ribosome-binding site interference caused by Shine-Dalgarno-like nucleotide sequences in Escherichia coli cells. Psb5
85  2010 Short spacing between the Shine-Dalgarno sequence and P codon destabilizes codon-anticodon pairing in the P site to promote +1 programmed frameshifting. nt
86  2010 The SAM-responsive S(MK) box is a reversible riboswitch. aSD, SAM
87  2010 Translation initiation region dependency of translation initiation in Escherichia coli by IF1 and kasugamycin. IF1
88  2009 Adaptation of the short intergenic spacers between co-directional genes to the Shine-Dalgarno motif among prokaryote genomes. ---
89  2009 Enhancement of the synthesis of RpoE and StpA by polyamines at the level of translation in escherichia coli under heat shock conditions. ---
90  2009 Implications of high level pseudogene transcription in Mycobacterium leprae. ---
91  2009 Lincomycin-induced over-expression of mature recombinant cholera toxin B subunit and the holotoxin in Escherichia coli. CT, LTB, rCTB
92  2009 PairWise Neighbours database: overlaps and spacers among prokaryote genomes. ---
93  2009 Ribosomes initiating translation of the hbs mRNA protect it from 5'-to-3' exoribonucleolytic degradation by RNase J1. ---
94  2008 A target-unrelated peptide in an M13 phage display library traced to an advantageous mutation in the gene II ribosome-binding site. rRNA
95  2008 Computational design of orthogonal ribosomes. o-ribosomes
96  2008 Large-scale computational and statistical analyses of high transcription potentialities in 32 prokaryotic genomes. SPs, UP
97  2008 Shine-Dalgarno interaction prevents incorporation of noncognate amino acids at the codon following the AUG. ---
98  2008 Site-specific incorporation of unnatural amino acids into urate oxidase in Escherichia coli. ---
99  2008 Small RNA binding to 5' mRNA coding region inhibits translational initiation. sRNAs
100  2008 [Beta-galactosidase gene from Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus gets non-fusion expression in Escherichia coli]. ---