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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A Comparative Study of Fractionated Versus Single Dose Injection for Spinal Anesthesia During Cesarean Section in Patients with Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension. FD, MAP
2019 Comparison between Fractionated Dose and Single Dose of Cu-64 Trastuzumab Therapy in the NCI-N87 Gastric Cancer Mouse Model. AUC, FD, PBS, RIT, TRZ
2019 Development of an Axiom Sugarcane100K SNP array for genetic map construction and QTL identification. QTL, SNP
2019 Perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis in renal transplantation: a single-center comparison between two regimens and a brief survey among the Eurotransplant renal transplantation centers. PAP, POD, SSI
2019 Results of amulticenter intensity modulated radiation therapy treatment planning comparison study for asample prostate cancer case. CI, CT, DVH, GI, HI, IMRT, OAR, PTV1, SIB, TD, TP
2019 Signal Intensity of the Cerebrospinal Fluid after Intravenous Administration of Gadolinium-based Contrast Agents: Strong Contrast Enhancement around the Vein of Labbe. CSF, CSF-Amb, CSF-SMCV, CSF-VL, EH, hT2W-3D-FLAIR, IV-GBCA, MRC, PVS, SI, SIR
2019 Subacute Testicular Toxicity to Cadmium Exposure Intraperitoneally and Orally. Cd, FD, i.p
2018 Hydroxycarbamide in children with sickle cell anaemia after first-dose vs. chronic therapy: pharmacokinetics and predictive models for drug exposure. PK, SS
2018 Identification of Genomic Regions Controlling Leaf Scald Resistance in Sugarcane Using a Bi-parental Mapping Population and Selective Genotyping by Sequencing. ---
10  2018 Pharmacokinetic evaluation of the PNC disassembler metarrestin in wild-type and Pdx1-Cre;LSL-KrasG12D/+;Tp53R172H/+ (KPC) mice, a genetically engineered model of pancreatic cancer. KPC, MD, PK
11  2018 The safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of BI 409306, a novel and potent PDE9 inhibitor: Overview of three Phase I randomised trials in healthy volunteers. AE, CYP2C19, OD, PM
12  2017 Efficacy of Different Primaquine Regimens to Control Plasmodium falciparum Gametocytemia in Colombia. PQ
13  2017 Eradication of P. aeruginosa biofilm in endotracheal tubes based on lock therapy: results from an in vitro study. ALT, ETTs, SLT, SS
14  2017 Gene and miRNA expression profiles of mouse Lewis lung carcinoma LLC1 cells following single or fractionated dose irradiation. FD, IR, LLC, miRNA
15  2017 Pharmacokinetics and safety of the selective progesterone receptor modulator vilaprisan in healthy postmenopausal women
. PK
16  2017 Single Dose and Repeat Once-Daily Dose Safety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetics of Valbenazine in Healthy Male Subjects. PBO, TEAE, VBZ, VMAT2
17  2015 A randomized 22 factorial trial, part 1: single-dose rabbit antithymocyte globulin induction may improve renal transplantation outcomes. rATG
18  2015 Dissipation pattern, safety evaluation, and generation of processing factor (PF) for pyraclostrobin and metiram residues in grapes during raisin preparation. DD, PF, PFs
19  2015 Proposal for defining the relevance of drug accumulation derived from single dose study data for modified release dosage forms. AUC, EMA, MD, MEDA, MR, SS
20  2015 Reduced radiation dose for elective nodal irradiation in node-negative anal cancer: back to the roots? 5-FU, CFS, CRT, CTCAE V. 4.0, LC, MMC, OS
21  2015 Residue dissipation and processing factor for dimethomorph, famoxadone and cymoxanil during raisin preparation. DD, PF
22  2015 The Distinct Prandial and Basal Pharmacodynamics of IDegAsp Observed in Younger Adults Are Preserved in Elderly Subjects with Type 1 Diabetes. GIR, IAsp, IDeg, SS
23  2014 A comprehensive genetic map of sugarcane that provides enhanced map coverage and integrates high-throughput Diversity Array Technology (DArT) markers. DArT, HGs, LGs
24  2014 A reversible albumin-binding growth hormone derivative is well tolerated and possesses a potential once-weekly treatment profile. hGH, MD, PD, PK
25  2014 MicroRNA expression profiles in human breast cancer cells after multifraction and single-dose radiation treatment. MAPK, MF, miRNAs, TGF-beta
26  2014 The type of ploidy of chrysanthemum is not black or white: a comparison of a molecular approach to published cytological methods. AFLPs, MD, SSCPs
27  2013 Application of permeability-limited physiologically-based pharmacokinetic models: part I-digoxin pharmacokinetics incorporating P-glycoprotein-mediated efflux. ADAM, AUCs, P-gp, PBPK, PerL
28  2013 Effects of Rifampin, a potent inducer of drug-metabolizing enzymes and an inhibitor of OATP1B1/3 transport, on the single dose pharmacokinetics of anacetrapib. CETP, MD
29  2013 Erythropoietin-induced erythroid precursor pool depletion causes erythropoietin hyporesponsiveness. MD, rHuEPO
30  2013 Greater suppression of nevirapine resistance with 21- vs 7-day antiretroviral regimens after intrapartum single-dose nevirapine for prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV. ASP, HIV, NVP
31  2013 mRNA Expression Profiles for Prostate Cancer following Fractionated Irradiation Are Influenced by p53 Status. MF
32  2013 Prophylactic neuroprotection with A91 improves the outcome of spinal cord injured rats. BD, RSNs, SC, VHNs
33  2013 Single-dose antibiotic prophylaxis is effective enough in colorectal surgery. MD, SSI
34  2012 A comparison of 3 regimens to prevent nevirapine resistance mutations in HIV-infected pregnant women receiving a single intrapartum dose of nevirapine. HIV, NVP, OLA
35  2011 A multi-compartment, single and multiple dose pharmacokinetic study of the vaginal candidate microbicide 1% tenofovir gel. ECC, MD, TFV, TFV-DP
36  2011 Prediction of repeat-dose occupancy from single-dose data: characterisation of the relationship between plasma pharmacokinetics and brain target occupancy. 5-HTT, PET, PKs, RD, TO
37  2010 Imaging of brain metastases of bronchial carcinomas with 7 T MRI - initial results. DD, MinIP
38  2009 A double-blind, randomized, crossover comparison between single-dose and double-dose immediate-release oral morphine at bedtime in cancer patients. DD
39  2009 Pharmacokinetics and absorption of posaconazole oral suspension under various gastric conditions in healthy volunteers. AUC, PPI
40  2008 Analysis of nevirapine (NVP) resistance in Ugandan infants who were HIV infected despite receiving single-Dose (SD) NVP versus SD NVP plus daily NVP up to 6 weeks of age to prevent HIV vertical transmission. HIV, NVP, sd-NVP
41  2008 Analysis of nevirapine resistance mutations in cloned HIV type 1 variants from HIV-infected Ugandan infants using a single-step amplification-sequencing method (AmpliSeq). AmpliSeq, NVP
42  2008 Experimental toxocariosis in BALB/c mice: effect of the inoculation dose on brain and eye involvement. EE, MD, OT
43  2008 Follow-up of antibody avidity in BALB/c mice infected with Toxocara canis. AI, EE, MD, WB
44  2008 Multiagent chemotherapy studied in a xenograft model of medulloblastoma/primitive neuroectodermal tumour: analysis of the VETOPEC regimen. CI, ci, CPA, i.o, MB/PNET, VCR
45  2008 Nevirapine resistance in women and infants after first versus repeated use of single-dose nevirapine for prevention of HIV-1 vertical transmission. HIV, NVP
46  2008 Prediction of prognosis regarding fractionation schedule and survival in patients with whole-brain radiotherapy for metastatic disease. RPA, WBRT
47  2008 Zidovudine with nevirapine for the prevention of HIV mother-to-child transmission reduces nevirapine resistance in mothers from the Western Cape, South Africa. AZT, NNRTI, NVP
48  2007 Gene expression profiling of breast, prostate, and glioma cells following single versus fractionated doses of radiation. MF
49  2007 HIV type 1 variants with nevirapine resistance mutations are rarely detected in antiretroviral drug-naive African women with subtypes A, C, and D. NVP
50  2007 Persistence of K103N-containing HIV-1 variants after single-dose nevirapine for prevention of HIV-1 mother-to-child transmission. HIV, NVP
51  2007 Pharmacodynamic Effects of an Angiotensin II Receptor-Antagonist in Phase I-Comparison between Healthy Subjects and Patients with Hypertension. BP, md
52  2007 Quantification of CD44v6 and EGFR expression in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas using a single-dose radioimmunoassay. cMAb, HNSCC, IHC
53  2006 Gadolinium dose optimisation in patients with multiple sclerosis: intra- and inter-individual comparisons. DD, MR, MS, TD
54  2006 The randomised study of the double dose versus single dose sirolimus-eluting stent for the treatment of diabetic patients with de novo coronary lesions. DD, SES, TLR
55  2005 A combination of AFLP and SSR markers provides extensive map coverage and identification of homo(eo)logous linkage groups in a sugarcane cultivar. AFLP, eo, HG, LGs, RAF, SSR
56  2005 Comparison of single versus booster dose of influenza vaccination on humoral and cellular immune responses in older adults. BD, GrzB, IFN-gamma, IL-10
57  2005 Ovarian response and follicular development for single-dose and multiple-dose protocols for gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist administration. COS, LP, MD
58  2004 Effect of the hypoxic cell sensitizer isometronidazole on local control of two human squamous cell carcinomas after fractionated irradiation. BW, DMF, ISO, rHF
59  2003 Aminoglycoside-associated nephrotoxicity in the elderly. ACE, MD
60  2003 Metalloproteinase inhibition reduces lung injury and improves survival after cecal ligation and puncture in rats. CLP, CMC, MD, MMP-2, MMP-9
61  2003 Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling of luteinizing hormone (LH) suppression and LH surge delay by cetrorelix after single and multiple doses in healthy premenopausal women. CET, IVF, LH, LHRH, MD, PK/PD
62  2003 Three subsequent single doses of gadolinium chelate for brain MR imaging in multiple sclerosis. DD, MS, TD
63  2002 An assessment of the efficacy and tolerability of a 'double dose' of normal-release morphine sulphate at bedtime. DD, EAPC, NR
64  2002 Comparison of bioavailability and metabolism with two commercial formulations of cyclosporine a in rats. AUC, CsA, EON, NEO, SS
65  2002 Triple-dose contrast/magnetization transfer suppressed imaging of 'non-enhancing' brain gliomas. MRI, MTS, TD
66  2002 [Development of surgical antibioprophylaxis kits: evaluation of the impact on prescribing habits]. ATBP, CLIN, ENT, SFAR
67  2001 Pharmacokinetics of levofloxacin during continuous veno-venous hemofiltration. CVVHF, HPLC, MD
68  1999 Short-term evolution of new multiple sclerosis lesions enhancing on standard and triple dose gadolinium-enhanced brain MRI scans. Gd, MRI, MS, PD, TD
69  1998 MRI evolution of new MS lesions enhancing after different doses of gadolinium. Gd, MS, TD
70  1996 Citrate compared to low molecular weight heparin anticoagulation in chronic hemodialysis patients. ACT, APTT, DD, LMWH, TACurea
71  1996 Fractionated half-body irradiation for pain palliation in widely metastatic cancers: comparison with single dose. DF, HBI, OS, PFS, PS, SC
72  1996 Inheritance of random amplified polymorphic DNA markers in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz). RAPD
73  1994 Comparison of single and multiple dose pharmacokinetics using clinical bioequivalence data and Monte Carlo simulations. AI, BE, CI, CL, MD
74  1993 Single and multiple oral dose pharmacokinetics of clentiazem in normal volunteers. CLZ
75  1990 Total body irradiation for bone marrow transplantation: the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center experience. BMT, HFTBI, IP
76  1989 Effects on mitochondrial metabolism in livers of guinea pigs after a single or repeated injection of As2O3. r.d
77  1989 Relationships between steady-state and single-dose plasma drug concentrations for pharmacokinetic systems with nonlinear elimination. SS
78  1988 Cumulative dose-response with infusion: a technique to determine neuromuscular blocking potency of atracurium and vecuronium. CD, CDI
79  1986 Bolus and continuous infusion of tolazoline in neonates with hypoxemia. ---
80  1984 Duration of benzodiazepine clinical activity: lack of direct relationship with plasma half-life. A comparison of single vs divided dosage schedules of prazepam. DD
81  1983 Factors affecting the capture of dietary nitrogen by micro-organisms in the forestomachs of the young steer. Experiments with [15N]urea. DD, PEG
82  1981 Single-dose ampicillin therapy for severe shigellosis in Bangladesh. MD