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Long Form : sleep deprivation
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Attenuation of sleep deprivation dependent deterioration in male fertility parameters by vitamin C. SDC
2020 Citalopram prevents sleep-deprivation-induced reduction in CaMKII-CREB-BDNF signaling in mouse prefrontal cortex. BDNF, CTM, CTRL, mEPSCs, pCaMKII, pCREB, PFC
2020 Decreased cpg15 augments oxidative stress in sleep deprived mouse brain. cpg15, VENT
2020 Enhanced adenosine A1 receptor and Homer1a expression in hippocampus modulates the resilience to stress-induced depression-like behavior. A1R
2020 Melatonin alleviates oxidative stress in sleep deprived mice: Involvement of small intestinal mucosa injury. SI, V/C
2020 Sleep deprivation impairs learning and memory by decreasing protein O-GlcNAcylation in the brain of adult zebrafish. FC, L/M, OGT, pCREB, PKA
2020 Sleep Loss Immediately After Fear Memory Reactivation Attenuates Fear Memory Reconsolidation. CS, FMA, FMR, FR, US
2020 The role of 5-HT4 serotonin receptors in the CA1 hippocampal region on memory acquisition impairment induced by total (TSD) and REM sleep deprivation (RSD). RSD, SCN, TSD
2020 Voluntary exercise modulates learning & memory and synaptic plasticity impairments in sleep deprived female rats. E-LTP
10  2019 A1 adenosine receptors in the striatum play a role in the memory impairment caused by sleep deprivation through downregulation of the PKA pathway. CFC, Epac, MTIA, PKA
11  2019 Abnormal hippocampal miR-1b expression is ameliorated by regular treadmill exercise in the sleep-deprived female rats. BDNF, miR-1b, MWM
12  2019 Acute and Chronic Sleep Deprivation-Related Changes in N-methyl-D-aspartate Receptor-Nitric Oxide Signalling in the Rat Cerebral Cortex with Reference to Aging and Brain Lateralization. AD, NMDA, NO
13  2019 Acute moderate-intensity exercise improves 24-h sleep deprivation-induced cognitive decline and cerebral oxygenation: A near-infrared spectroscopy study. DLPFC, RW
14  2019 Acute Sleep Deprivation Reduces Oscillatory Network Inhibition in the Young Rat Basolateral Amygdala. BL
15  2019 Age attenuates the transcriptional changes that occur with sleep in the medial prefrontal cortex. ---
16  2019 Brain Microdialysate Monoamines in Relation to Circadian Rhythms, Sleep, and Sleep Deprivation - a Systematic Review, Network Meta-analysis, and New Primary Data. 5-HIAA, mPFC, NMAs
17  2019 Caffeine as a potential arousal enhancer: altered NMDA subunit gene expression without improving cognitive performance in REM sleep deprived rats. CF, MWM, PC
18  2019 Complement activation sustains neuroinflammation and deteriorates adult neurogenesis and spatial memory impairment in rat hippocampus following sleep deprivation. C3aRA, C5aRA
19  2019 Decreased cortical and subcortical response to inhibition control after sleep deprivation. IFG, RW, SSRT, STN
20  2019 Decreased prefrontal connectivity parallels cognitive fatigue-related performance decline after sleep deprivation. An optical imaging study. CF, fNIRS
21  2019 Dihydromyricetin ameliorates memory impairment induced by acute sleep deprivation. CREB, DHM, PKA
22  2019 Disrupted Resting-State Functional Connectivity in Hippocampal Subregions After Sleep Deprivation. FC, mICA
23  2019 Early Life Sleep Deprivation: Role of Oxido-Inflammatory Processes. BDNF, CaMKII, CON, CREB, MKP-1, PFC, PND
24  2019 Effects of Sleep Deprivation (SD) on Rats via ERK1/2 Signaling Pathway. ---
25  2019 Effects of total sleep deprivation on endurance cycling performance and heart rate indices used for monitoring athlete readiness. HR, NS, PVT, TT
26  2019 Effects of two nights partial sleep deprivation on an evening submaximal weightlifting performance; are 1 h powernaps useful on the day of competition? AF, AP, PV, SDN, tPV
27  2019 Enhanced mGlu5 Signaling in Excitatory Neurons Promotes Rapid Antidepressant Effects via AMPA Receptor Activation. ---
28  2019 fMRI and electroencephalographic evaluation of sleep deprivation in epilepsy patients: An observational study. EEG, fMRI, HC
29  2019 Functional brain alterations in acute sleep deprivation: An activation likelihood estimation meta-analysis. ---
30  2019 Genetic sleep deprivation: using sleep mutants to study sleep functions. ---
31  2019 High-Frequency Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Could Improve Impaired Working Memory Induced by Sleep Deprivation. ALFF, DLPFC, fMRI, rTMS
32  2019 Identification of Potential Gene Signatures Related to Sleep Deprivation. DEGs, PPI
33  2019 Impact of acute sleep deprivation on dynamic functional connectivity states. dFC, RS, RW
34  2019 Impact of Sleep Deprivation on the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis and Erectile Tissue. eNOS, FSH, GnRH, HPG, IHC, LH, nNOS
35  2019 Individual Differences in the Neural Basis of Response Inhibition After Sleep Deprivation Are Mediated by Chronotype. fMRI, rIFG, RW
36  2019 Inhibited Endogenous H2S Generation and Excessive Autophagy in Hippocampus Contribute to Sleep Deprivation-Induced Cognitive Impairment. 3-MST, CBS, MWM, NORT, OLT
37  2019 Inhibiting Histamine Signaling Ameliorates Vertigo Induced by Sleep Deprivation. BHOA, CSF, DPHM, HDC
38  2019 Interleukin-1 receptor accessory proteins are required for normal homeostatic responses to sleep deprivation. AcP, AcPb KO, IL-1, NREMS, REMS, Src, WT, ZT
39  2019 Jujuboside A prevents sleep loss-induced disturbance of hippocampal neuronal excitability and memory impairment in young APP/PS1 mice. AD, JuA
40  2019 Longitudinal transcriptome-wide gene expression analysis of sleep deprivation treatment shows involvement of circadian genes and immune pathways. ---
41  2019 Mania-like elevated mood in rats: Enhanced 50-kHz ultrasonic vocalizations after sleep deprivation. USV
42  2019 Microglia-mediated synaptic pruning is impaired in sleep-deprived adolescent mice. ---
43  2019 Neurobehavioural complications of sleep deprivation: Shedding light on the emerging role of neuroactive steroids. PFC
44  2019 Paradoxical sleep deprivation induces differential biological response in rat masticatory muscles: Inflammation, autophagy and myogenesis. ---
45  2019 Performance on the Mouse Vibration Actuating Search Task (VAST) is compromised by Sleep Deprivation. VAST
46  2019 Region-specific adenosinergic modulation of the slow-cortical rhythm in urethane-anesthetized rats. LFPs, MUA, SCR
47  2019 REM sleep deprivation impairs retrieval, but not reconsolidation, of methamphetamine reward memory in male rats. METH, REM
48  2019 Role of melatonin in sleep deprivation-induced intestinal barrier dysfunction in mice. ---
49  2019 Schisandrae Chinensis Fructus inhibits behavioral deficits induced by sleep deprivation and chronic unpredictable mild stress via increased signaling of brain-derived neurotrophic factor. CUMS, SCF
50  2019 Sex differences in sleep and sleep loss-induced cognitive deficits: The influence of gonadal hormones. ---
51  2019 Sleep and Microdialysis: An Experiment and a Systematic Review of Histamine and Several Amino Acids. PFC
52  2019 Sleep deprivation and a non-24-h working schedule lead to extensive alterations in physiology and behavior. ---
53  2019 Sleep deprivation caused a memory defects and emotional changes in a rotenone-based zebrafish model of Parkinson's disease. PD
54  2019 Sleep Deprivation Disrupts Acquisition of Contextual Fear Extinction by Affecting Circadian Oscillation of Hippocampal-Infralimbic proBDNF. mBDNF, PTSD, vHPC, ZT
55  2019 Sleep deprivation does not work: Epidemiology, impacts and outcomes of incidental and systematic sleep deprivation in a sample of Palestinian detainees. PSD, SSD
56  2019 Sleep deprivation exacerbates concussive head injury induced brain pathology: Neuroprotective effects of nanowired delivery of cerebrolysin with alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone. CHI
57  2019 Sleep deprivation increases the costs of attentional effort: Performance, preference and pupil size. ---
58  2019 Sleep Deprivation Modifies Noise-Induced Cochlear Injury Related to the Stress Hormone and Autophagy in Female Mice. ABR, AT, IHCs, LC3B, OHCs
59  2019 Sleep deprivation of rats increases postsurgical expression and activity of L-type calcium channel in the dorsal root ganglion and slows recovery from postsurgical pain. DRG
60  2019 Sleep deprivation reduces the recovery of muscle injury induced by high-intensity exercise in a mouse model. AST, CK, EX
61  2019 Sleep deprivation-induced impairment of memory consolidation is not mediated by glucocorticoid stress hormones. ---
62  2019 Sleep deprivation: prevalence and associated factors among adolescents in Saudi Arabia. AOR
63  2019 Sleep loss disrupts Arc expression in dentate gyrus neurons. DG
64  2019 Sleep-wake-driven and circadian contributions to daily rhythms in gene expression and chromatin accessibility in the murine cortex. SRF
65  2019 Systemic and Local Metabolic Alterations in Sleep-Deprivation-Induced Stress: A Multiplatform Mass-Spectrometry-Based Lipidomics and Metabolomics Approach. AUC, SD rats
66  2019 The chronotherapeutic treatment of bipolar disorders: A systematic review and practice recommendations from the ISBD task force on chronotherapy and chronobiology. AD, BD, CBTI-BP, DT, IPSRT, LT, MA, RCTs
67  2019 The effects of high intensity exercise on learning and memory impairments followed by combination of sleep deprivation and demyelination induced by etidium bromide. MS, MWM
68  2019 The gut microbiota composition affects dietary polyphenols-mediated cognitive resilience in mice by modulating the bioavailability of phenolic acids. ABX, BDPP
69  2019 The p75 Neurotrophin Receptor Is an Essential Mediator of Impairments in Hippocampal-Dependent Associative Plasticity and Memory Induced by Sleep Deprivation. p75NTR, STC
70  2019 The protective effect of edaravone on memory impairment induced by chronic sleep deprivation. GPx
71  2019 The role of glucocorticoids in ovarian development of sleep deprived rats. BET, FSH
72  2019 The role of sleep deprivation and circadian rhythm disruption as risk factors of Alzheimer's disease. AD, CRD
73  2019 The sleep-wake cycle regulates brain interstitial fluid tau in mice and CSF tau in humans. AD, CSF, ISF
74  2019 The Spatiotemporal Pattern of the Human Electroencephalogram at Sleep Onset After a Period of Prolonged Wakefulness. BOSC, EEG, SO
75  2019 Trehalose enhances bone fracture healing in a rat sleep deprivation model. IL-1beta, qPCR, TNF-alpha
76  2019 Usage of Therapeutic Sleep Deprivation: A Survey in Psychiatric Hospitals in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. ---
77  2019 Voluntary exercise reduces plasma cortisol levels and improves transitory memory impairment in young and aged Octodon degus. AD, BM, O. degus
78  2019 Vulnerability to mood degradation during sleep deprivation is influenced by white-matter compactness of the triple-network model. CEN, CV, DMN, IMR, QA, ROIs, SN
79  2019 Wakefulness/sleep architecture and electroencephalographic activity in mice lacking the translational repressor 4E-BP1 or 4E-BP2. EEG, KO, SWS
80  2018 60-Hour Sleep Deprivation Affects Submaximal but Not Maximal Physical Performance. ---
81  2018 A Bump on the Head or Late to Bed: Behavioral and Pathophysiological Effects of Sleep Deprivation after Repetitive Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Adolescent Rats. mRNA, mTBI, PCS, RmTBI
82  2018 A systems genetics resource and analysis of sleep regulation in the mouse. AMPA, GRP
83  2018 Abnormal functional connectivity density in sleep-deprived subjects. FCD, fMRI, RW, TSD
84  2018 Acute sleep deprivation induces cardioprotection against ischemia/ reperfusion injury through reducing inflammatory responses: the role of central GABA-A receptors. BIC, CeA, GABA, LDH, PAB
85  2018 Alter spontaneous activity in amygdala and vmPFC during fear consolidation following 24 h sleep deprivation. rs-fMRI, SCR, vmPFC
86  2018 Altered Long- and Short-Range Functional Connectivity Density in Healthy Subjects After Sleep Deprivations. FCD, ROC, RW
87  2018 Altered Regional Cortical Brain Activity in Healthy Subjects After Sleep Deprivation: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study. ALFF, ROC, RW
88  2018 Antidepressant treatment effects on dopamine transporter availability in patients with major depression: a prospective 123I-FP-CIT SPECT imaging genetic study. DAT, ECT, SPECT
89  2018 Arbutus andrachne L. Reverses Sleep Deprivation-Induced Memory Impairments in Rats. GPx, RAWM
90  2018 Brain Networks are Independently Modulated by Donepezil, Sleep, and Sleep Deprivation. NBS
91  2018 Caffeine and Modafinil Ameliorate the Neuroinflammation and Anxious Behavior in Rats during Sleep Deprivation by Inhibiting the Microglia Activation. OF
92  2018 Cardiovascular regulation and body temperature: evidence from a nap vs. sleep deprivation randomized controlled trial. CBT, SF
93  2018 Cardiovascular regulation and body temperature: evidence from a nap vs. sleep deprivation randomized controlled trial. CBT, SF
94  2018 Chronic high-caloric diet modifies sleep homeostasis in mice. BL, EEG, NREM
95  2018 Cognitive and hippocampus biochemical changes following sleep deprivation in the adult male rat. BDNF, MDA, SOD
96  2018 Cyclosomatostatin- and haloperidol-induced catalepsy in Wistar rats: Differential responsiveness to sleep deprivation. cSST
97  2018 Dietary polyphenols promote resilience against sleep deprivation-induced cognitive impairment by activating protein translation. BDPP, eIF4E
98  2018 Does early response predict subsequent remission in bipolar depression treated with repeated sleep deprivation combined with light therapy and lithium? HDRS, LT
99  2018 Ginsenoside Rh2 reverses sleep deprivation-induced cognitive deficit in mice. LPO, MDA, OLR, PA, SIA, SOD, TAR
100  2018 Hemodynamic, Autonomic, and Vascular Function Changes after Sleep Deprivation for 24, 28, and 32 Hours in Healthy Men. ADMA, BP, HR, L-Arg