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Abbreviation : SD
Long Form : solvent/detergent
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2017 Comparison of haemostatic function of PAS-C-platelets vs. plasma-platelets in reconstituted whole blood using impedance aggregometry and thromboelastography. PAS
2017 Resuscitation with Pooled and Pathogen-Reduced Plasma Attenuates the Increase in Brain Water Content following Traumatic Brain Injury and Hemorrhagic Shock in Rats. BBB, FFP, OCTA
2015 TnBP⁄Triton X-45 treatment of plasma for transfusion efficiently inactivates hepatitis C virus. HCV, HCV
2014 Cost-effectiveness and budget impact study of solvent/detergent (SD) treated plasma (octaplasLG) versus fresh-frozen plasma (FFP) in any patient receiving transfusion in Canada. FFP, QALYs
2013 A regional haemovigilance retrospective study of four types of therapeutic plasma in a ten-year survey period in France. AEs, FFP, MB
2013 [Clinical use of virally inactived plasma. The experience of Blood Transfusion Unit in Mantova, Italy]. FFP, MB
2011 A comparison of methods of pathogen inactivation of FFP. MB
2011 Efficacy and safety of a nanofiltered liquid intravenous immunoglobulin product in patients with primary immunodeficiency and idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. ITP, IVIG-L, PID
2011 The Use of Solvent/Detergent Treatment in Pathogen Reduction of Plasma. ---
10  2010 [New cross-sectional guidelines of the German Medical Association for hemotherapy with fresh frozen plasma. Evidence-based recommendations for risk-benefit assessment]. PPSB
11  2009 Recommendations for the use of therapeutic plasma. HUS, TTP
12  2008 [Solvent-detergent viral inactivation of minipools of plasma for transfusion, cryoprecipitate and cryo-poor plasma in single-use bag systems]. ---
13  2007 Impact of Triton X-100 on alpha 2-antiplasmin (SERPINF2) activity in solvent/detergent-treated plasma. HIC
14  2007 Virus-inactivated plasma - Plasmasafe: a one-year experience. APTT, FFP, MB, PT, TTP
15  2006 Solvent-detergent plasma: use in neonatal patients, in adult and paediatric patients with liver disease and in obstetric and gynaecological emergencies. ---
16  2006 Solvent/detergent plasma for prevention of bleeding in recessively inherited coagulation disorders: dosing, pharmacokinetics and clinical efficacy. ---
17  2006 Universal pathogen-reduced plasma in elective open-heart surgery and liver resection. ---
18  2006 Update on pathogen reduction technology for therapeutic plasma: an overview. FFP, MBLT, PLT, PRT, RLT, TRALI, vWF
19  2006 Viral safety of Nanogam, a new 15 nm-filtered liquid immunoglobulin product. BPV, BVDV, CPV, EMC, HAV, HIV, LE, NLE, PRV
20  2005 SARS-coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and the safety of a solvent/detergent (S/D) treated immunoglobulin preparation. SARS-CoV
21  2005 Stability of solvent/detergent-treated plasma and single-donor fresh-frozen plasma during 48 h after thawing. FFP, RT
22  2004 Comparison of von Willebrand factor antigen, von Willebrand factor-cleaving protease and protein S in blood components used for treatment of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. CSP, FFP, MB, PEX, PS, TTP, VWF
23  2004 Evidence-based medicine for apheresis: an ongoing challenge. TTP
24  2003 Pharmacokinetics and tolerability of a new intravenous immunoglobulin preparation, IGIV-C, 10% (Gamunex, 10%). IgG, IGIV
25  2003 The Norwegian Plasma Fractionation Project--a 12 year clinical and economic success story. ---
26  2003 Universal fresh frozen plasma (Uniplas): a safe product in open-heart surgery. DAT
27  2003 Venous thromboembolism associated with the management of acute thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. DVTs, PEX, TTP, VTE
28  2002 Manufacture and composition of fresh frozen plasma and virus-inactivated therapeutic plasma preparations: correlation between composition and therapeutic efficacy. FFP, FVIII, HCV, HIV, MBP, SDP
29  2000 Viral safety of solvent/detergent-treated plasma. ---
30  1999 A randomized trial of solvent/detergent-treated and standard fresh-frozen plasma in the coagulopathy of liver disease and liver transplantation. FFP
31  1999 Solvent/detergent fresh frozen plasma as primary treatment of acute thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. FFP, TTP
32  1998 A cross-over pharmacokinetic study of a double viral inactivated factor IX concentrate (15 nm filtration and SD) compared to a SD factor IX concentrate. FIX
33  1998 A randomized trial of solvent/detergent and standard fresh frozen plasma in the treatment of the coagulopathy seen during Orthotopic Liver Transplantation. FFP, OLT, PTT, SDFFP
34  1998 Modification of factor VIII in therapeutic concentrates after virus inactivation by solvent-detergent and pasteurisation. DH, SDDH, SDP
35  1998 Virus inactivation by solvent/detergent treatment and the manufacture of SD-plasma. FFP
36  1997 Analysis of human plasma products: polymerase chain reaction does not discriminate between live and inactivated viruses. HBV, PCR
37  1997 At least three hepatitis C virus strains implicated in Swedish and Danish patients with intravenous immunoglobulin-associated hepatitis C. ---
38  1997 Cryoprecipitate prepared from plasma virally inactivated by the solvent detergent method. FFP, VWD, vWF
39  1996 Clinical experience with Octagam, a solvent detergent (SD) virus inactivated intravenous gammaglobulin. ---
40  1996 Virus validation studies of immunoglobulin preparations. ---
41  1995 An outbreak of hepatitis A among Irish haemophiliacs. CI
42  1995 Competitive ELISA to evaluate the immunogenicity of double-virus-inactivated factor VIII in rabbits. ---
43  1994 Hepatitis A in French hemophiliacs. HA, HAV, HB
44  1994 Hepatitis A virus transmission by blood products in the United States. Transfusion Safety Study Group. ---
45  1994 Inactivation of hepatitis A virus by pasteurization and elimination of picornaviruses during manufacture of factor VIII concentrate. HAV
46  1994 Investigation of an outbreak of hepatitis A in Irish haemophilia A patients. ---
47  1994 Protocol and preliminary results of a clinical study for comparison of solvent/detergent-inactivated plasma VIP versus FFP with special consideration of the balance of hemostasis. APL, DIC, MAC, PS, VIP
48  1994 Viral safety of solvent/detergent-treated blood products. HAV, HBV, HIV, NANBHV
49  1994 Virus validation of plasma-derived products produced by Pharmacia, with particular reference to immunoglobulins. HAV, HIV-1
50  1994 Von Willebrand factor multimers in virus-inactivated plasmas and F VIII concentrates. FFP, VWD, vWF
51  1994 [Activity and concentration determinations of coagulation factors in conventional and virus-inactivated coagulation-active plasma]. FFP, MB
52  1994 [Sensitivity studies on the demonstration of HIV-1 particles using RT HIV-1 PCR in pooled plasma before virus inactivation]. PCR
53  1994 [Virus inactivated plasma]. MB, TnBP
54  1993 Inactivation of viruses in fresh-frozen plasma. FFP, MB
55  1993 Viral safety of solvent-detergent treated blood products. AHF, HBV, HCV, HIV, NANBHV, VSV
56  1993 [Indications for fresh frozen plasma: evaluation of virus inactivating preparations]. FFP
57  1992 Clinical and biological evaluation in von Willebrand's disease of a von Willebrand factor concentrate with low factor VIII activity. FVIII, FVIII, VHP, VWD
58  1990 Biochemical and physical properties of a solvent-detergent-treated fibrin glue. ---
59  1988 Large-scale production and properties of a solvent-detergent-treated factor IX concentrate from human plasma. PCC
60  1988 Treatment of type III von Willebrand's disease with solvent/detergent-treated factor VIII concentrates. ---