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Long Form : spatial disorientation
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Spatial Disorientation Survey Among Military Pilots. ---
2020 The beneficial effect of psychological support on mothers with PKU children who suffer from social discrimination and damage of quality of life. Phe, PKU
2019 Auditory Verbal Working Memory Load Effects on a Simulator-Induced Spatial Disorientation Event. NBT
2019 Differential Effects of Dietary MSG on Hippocampal Dependent Memory Are Mediated by Diet. chow, MSG, sFN, WD
2019 Extended Retrolabyrinthine Approach: Results of Hearing Preservation Surgery Using a New System for Continuous Near Real-time Neuromonitoring in Patients With Growing Vestibular Schwannomas. ---
2019 Integration of a Vestibular Model for the Disorientation Research Device Motion Algorithm Application. DRD
2019 Phenylketonuric patients represent their disease. AD, Phe, PKU, QL
2019 Sleep fragmentation exacerbates executive function impairments induced by protracted low dose rate neutron exposure. ATSET
2019 The attention set-shifting test is sensitive for revealing sex-based impairments in executive functions following developmental lead exposure in rats. ASST, CD, EPN, ID, ID-Rev, PERI
10  2019 The influence of sloping cloud in the visual field on the cognitive determinants of military pilots' behavior. FD, FI, FINT
11  2018 Change Detection Flicker Task Effects on Simulator-Induced Spatial Disorientation Events. CDFT
12  2018 Impaired Attentional Set-Shifting Performance after Exposure to 5 cGy of 600 MeV/n 28Si Particles. ---
13  2018 Selective Auditory Attention and Spatial Disorientation Cues Effect on Flight Performance. DDT
14  2018 Spatial Disorientation Influences on Pilots' Visual Scanning and Flight Performance. ---
15  2017 Auditory changes in acromegaly. IAC, PTA
16  2017 Respiratory and Pulse Changes Due to Vestibular Stimulations in a Motion-Based Simulator. CP, DP, IP
17  2016 Functions of the inner ear in psoriatic arthritis. DPOAE, SRT
18  2016 Pilot Domain Task Experience in Night Fatal Helicopter Emergency Medical Service Accidents. CFIT, DTE, HEMS, LCTRL, VFR
19  2016 Spatial Disorientation Training in the Rotor Wing Flight Simulator. ---
20  2015 Change in hippocampal theta activity during behavioral inhibition for a stimulus having an overlapping element. ---
21  2015 EEG functional network properties related to visually induced unrecognized spatial disorientation. EEG, NMI, PLI
22  2015 Effects of prior cocaine self-administration on cognitive performance in female cynomolgus monkeys. DMS
23  2015 Recovery of Hearing in Meniere's Disease after Antiviral Treatment. MD, PTA
24  2015 Relationship between estradiol and progesterone concentrations and cognitive performance in normally cycling female cynomolgus monkeys. DMS, EF, EL, LF, LL
25  2015 The impact of social stress during adolescence or adulthood and coping strategy on cognitive function of female rats. EA, MA, mPFC, REV, SHIFT
26  2014 British army air corps accidents, 1991-2010: a review of contrasting decades. AAC, HF, OP, RW
27  2014 Exposure to mission relevant doses of 1 GeV/Nucleon (56)Fe particles leads to impairment of attentional set-shifting performance in socially mature rats. ATSET, CD, CDR, IDR, IDS, mPFC, RRP
28  2014 Hippocampal theta activity during behavioral inhibition for conflicting stimuli. FN
29  2014 Spatial disorientation mishap trends in the U.S. Air force 1993-2013. FY
30  2013 Hearing preservation in patients with vestibular schwannoma treated with Gamma Knife surgery. GKS, PTA
31  2013 Spatial disorientation: more than just illusion. ---
32  2012 Effects of positive modulators of alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic acid (AMPA)-type glutamate receptors in a benzodiazepine-induced deficit of spatial discrimination in mice. AD, AMPA, p.o
33  2012 Long-term effect of acupuncture for treatment of tinnitus: a randomized, patient- and assessor-blind, sham-acupuncture-controlled, pilot trial. PTA, THI, VAS
34  2012 Ten years of spatial disorientation in U.S. Army rotary-wing operations. FY, FY 2011, RW
35  2011 Factor analysis of attentional set-shifting performance in young and aged mice. ASST, CD, EDSs, IDSs
36  2011 Rolling into spatial disorientation: simulator demonstration of the post-roll (Gillingham) illusion. BLIND, COCKPIT
37  2011 Separating spermatogonia from cancer cells in contaminated prepubertal primate testis cell suspensions. ---
38  2011 Spatial disorientation: decades of pilot fatalities. ---
39  2011 Spatial summation and spatial discrimination of cold pain: effect of spatial configuration and skin type. CPT, SS
40  2009 Combined effects of acute stress and amphetamine on serial memory retrieval pattern in mice. CSD
41  2009 Survey of severe spatial disorientation episodes in Japan Air Self-Defense Force fighter pilots showing increased severity in night flight. IMC, VMC
42  2008 Evidence of temporal cortical dysfunction in rhesus monkeys following chronic cocaine self-administration. ---
43  2008 Improvement of contextual memory by S 24795 in aged mice: comparison with memantine. CSD
44  2008 Reinforcement and reversal learning in first-episode psychosis. CAMEO
45  2008 Wandering behaviour of persons with dementia in Korea: investigation of related factors. AS, EB, MMSE, NO, PADL, PW, PWDs, SP
46  2007 Avian flight without visual reference: preflight spinning produces spatial disorientation. ---
47  2007 Multisensory cueing for enhancing orientation information during flight. SA, SORD
48  2007 Simulator-induced spatial disorientation: effects of age, sleep deprivation, and type of conflict. USAF
49  2007 Visual spatial disorientation: revisiting the black hole illusion. BHI, GPO
50  2006 A group randomised trial of two methods for disseminating a smoking cessation programme to public antenatal clinics: effects on patient outcomes. CO, ID
51  2006 A tactile cockpit instrument supports the control of self-motion during spatial disorientation. ---
52  2006 Aircraft and related factors in crashes involving spatial disorientation: 15 years of U.S. Air Force data. USAF
53  2006 Long-term results with operated sinus tympani retraction cholesteatoma. CH
54  2006 Recovery from unusual attitudes: HUD vs. back-up display in a static F/A-18 simulator. ADI, DT, HUD, TRT
55  2006 Spatial summation and spatial discrimination of pain sensation. HPT, SS
56  2005 Preflight virtual reality training as a countermeasure for space motion sickness and disorientation. NVT, SMS, VT
57  2004 Additive factors analysis of inhibitory processing in the stop-signal paradigm. SRC
58  2004 Contextual and serial discriminations: a new learning paradigm to assess simultaneously the effects of acute stress on retrieval of flexible or stable information in mice. CSD, SSD
59  2004 NMDA lesions in the medial prefrontal cortex impair the ability to inhibit responses during reversal of a simple spatial discrimination. mPFC, PPI
60  2003 Sensitivity advantage of swept source and Fourier domain optical coherence tomography. FD, OCT, SS, TD
61  2003 Survey of spatial disorientation in military pilots and navigators. ---
62  2002 An analysis of control reversal errors during unusual attitude recoveries using helmet-mounted display symbology. CREs, HMD, HUD
63  2001 Ground simulation of the G-excess illusion. HG
64  2001 Open trial of methotrexate as treatment for autoimmune hearing loss. MTX, PT
65  2001 Trends in spatial disorientation research. ---
66  2000 Use of methotrexate for autoimmune hearing loss. MTX, PT
67  1999 EEG topographical analysis of spatial disorientation. SGI
68  1998 An evaluation of the British Army spatial disorientation sortie in U.S. Army aviation. ---
69  1998 Flight simulator evaluation of a novel flight instrument display to minimize the risks of spatial disorientation. ---
70  1998 Spatial disorientation in U.S. Army rotary-wing operations. ---
71  1998 The hazard of spatial disorientation during helicopter flight using night vision devices. NVDs
72  1997 The British Army Air Corps in-flight spatial disorientation demonstration sortie. ---
73  1995 In defense of traditional views of spatial disorientation and loss of situation awareness: a reply to Navathe and Singh's "An operational definition of spatial disorientation". LSA
74  1995 Spatial disorientation episodes among F-15C pilots during Operation Desert Storm. SO
75  1995 Spatial disorientation-implicated accidents in Canadian forces, 1982-92. CF, ISD, RSD, USD
76  1995 Visually triggered migraine headaches affect spatial orientation and balance in a helicopter pilot. NVG's
77  1994 An operational definition for spatial disorientation. SA
78  1994 Classification problems of U.S. Air Force spatial disorientation accidents, 1989-91. USAF
79  1994 Indian Air Force and world spatial disorientation accidents: a comparison. IAF
80  1994 Prevalence of spatial disorientation in Indian Air Force aircrew. ---
81  1992 Hearing results from endolymphatic sac surgery. PTA
82  1992 Spatial disorientation in naval aviation mishaps: a review of class A incidents from 1980 through 1989. ---
83  1992 The spatial disorientation problem in the United States Air Force. ---
84  1988 Behavioral impairments, brain lesions and monoaminergic activity in the rat following recovery from a bout of thiamine deficiency. LD, LD-R, SD-R
85  1978 Spatial disorientation in general aviation accidents. ---