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Long Form : spreading depolarization
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Small damage of brain parenchyma reliably triggers spreading depolarization. ---
2020 Spreading Depolarization during the Acute Stage of Experimental Subarachnoid Hemorrhage in Mice. BWC, IOS, SAH
2019 Aging Impairs Cerebrovascular Reactivity at Preserved Resting Cerebral Arteriolar Tone and Vascular Density in the Laboratory Rat. CBF, IOS, LASCA
2019 Apnea Associated with Brainstem Seizures in Cacna1a S218L Mice Is Caused by Medullary Spreading Depolarization. SUDEP
2019 Aura and Stroke: relationship and what we have learnt from preclinical models. ---
2019 Cortical Spreading Depression Phenomena Are Frequent in Ischemic and Traumatic Penumbra: A Prospective Study in Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury and Large Hemispheric Ischemic Stroke. ---
2019 Determinants of Optogenetic Cortical Spreading Depolarizations. ---
2019 Dynamic Gain Analysis Reveals Encoding Deficiencies in Cortical Neurons That Recover from Hypoxia-Induced Spreading Depolarizations. ---
2019 Early focal brain injury after subarachnoid hemorrhage correlates with spreading depolarizations. aSAH, PTDDD
10  2019 Electrochemical Monitoring of Propagative Fluctuation of Ascorbate in the Live Rat Brain during Spreading Depolarization. CFEs, CNT
11  2019 Lasting s-ketamine block of spreading depolarizations in subarachnoid hemorrhage: a retrospective cohort study. aSAH, BW, NMDAR, OR
12  2019 Migraine aura, a predictor of near-death experiences in a crowdsourced study. NDE, OR, REM
13  2019 Mitochondrial dysfunction and role in spreading depolarization and seizure. HSD
14  2019 Na+/K+-ATPase alpha isoform deficiency results in distinct spreading depolarization phenotypes. FHM2
15  2019 NMDA attenuates the neurovascular response to hypercapnia in the neonatal cerebral cortex. CoBF, LFP, nNOS
16  2019 Photoacoustics can image spreading depolarization deep in gyrencephalic brain. ---
17  2019 Rapid cold hardening and octopamine modulate chill tolerance in Locusta migratoria. CNS, FP, MTG, OA, RCH
18  2019 Screening spreading depolarizations during epilepsy surgery. iECoG
19  2019 Segregation of seizures and spreading depolarization across cortical layers. ---
20  2019 Spreading depolarization and neuronal damage or survival in mouse neocortical brain slices immediately and 12 hours following middle cerebral artery occlusion. MCAO
21  2019 Spreading depolarizations in the rat endothelin-1 model of focal cerebellar ischemia. DC, ET-1
22  2019 Striatal spreading depolarization: Possible implication in levodopa-induced dyskinetic-like behavior. PD
23  2019 The impact of dihydropyridine derivatives on the cerebral blood flow response to somatosensory stimulation and spreading depolarization. CBF
24  2018 Central nervous system shutdown underlies acute cold tolerance in tropical and temperate Drosophila species. CNS, CTmin
25  2018 Cilostazol decreases duration of spreading depolarization and spreading ischemia after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. aSAH, aVS, CI, DCI
26  2018 Ketamine reduces deleterious consequences of spreading depolarizations. ---
27  2018 Spreading depolarization in acute brain injury inhibited by ketamine: a prospective, randomized, multiple crossover trial. ECoG, SAH, TBI
28  2018 Spreading depolarization is not an epiphenomenon but the principal mechanism of the cytotoxic edema in various gray matter structures of the brain during stroke. ---
29  2018 Systematic review of the pharmacological agents that have been tested against spreading depolarizations. ---
30  2017 Age or ischemia uncouples the blood flow response, tissue acidosis, and direct current potential signature of spreading depolarization in the rat brain. CBF, DC
31  2017 An implantable multimodal sensor for oxygen, neurotransmitters, and electrophysiology during spreading depolarization in the deep brain. ---
32  2017 Chill coma in the locust, Locusta migratoria, is initiated by spreading depolarization in the central nervous system. ---
33  2017 Comparison of Spreading Depolarizations in the Motor Cortex and Nucleus Accumbens: Similar Patterns of Oxygen Responses and the Role of Dopamine. NAc
34  2017 Effects of anti-epileptic drugs on spreading depolarization-induced epileptiform activity in mouse hippocampal slices. AEDs, PDSs
35  2017 Evidence that adenosine contributes to Leao's spreading depression invivo. A1R, ADA, AP, DCF, DPCPX, ECoG
36  2017 Ketamine modulation of the haemodynamic response to spreading depolarization in the gyrencephalic swine brain. ---
37  2017 Monitoring microvascular perfusion variations with laser speckle contrast imaging using a view-based temporal template method. LSCI, MHI
38  2017 Neurometabolic and electrophysiological changes during cortical spreading depolarization: multimodal approach based on a lactate-glucose dual microbiosensor arrays. ---
39  2017 Recording, analysis, and interpretation of spreading depolarizations in neurointensive care: Review and recommendations of the COSBID research group. ---
40  2017 Simulation of spreading depolarization trajectories in cerebral cortex: Correlation of velocity and susceptibility in patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. aSAH, COSBID
41  2017 Standard-sampling microdialysis and spreading depolarizations in patients with malignant hemispheric stroke. ECoG, MHS
42  2017 The role of glutamate in neuronal ion homeostasis: A case study of spreading depolarization. ---
43  2016 Anions Govern Cell Volume: A Case Study of Relative Astrocytic and Neuronal Swelling in Spreading Depolarization. AD
44  2016 Changes in electrocorticographic beta frequency components precede spreading depolarization in patients with acute brain injury. ECoG
45  2016 Contribution of prostanoid signaling to the evolution of spreading depolarization and the associated cerebral blood flow response. CBF, COX
46  2016 Excitotoxicity and Metabolic Crisis Are Associated with Spreading Depolarizations in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Patients. ANOVA, LPR, TBI
47  2016 Leaky RyR2 channels unleash a brainstem spreading depolarization mechanism of sudden cardiac death. RyR2, SUDEP
48  2016 Mechanisms of spreading depolarization in vertebrate and insect central nervous systems. MTG
49  2016 Microglia protect against brain injury and their selective elimination dysregulates neuronal network activity after stroke. ---
50  2016 Single probe for real-time simultaneous monitoring of neurochemistry and direct-current electrocorticography. DC-ECoG
51  2016 Spreading depolarization in the brain of Drosophila is induced by inhibition of the Na+/K+-ATPase and mitigated by a decrease in activity of protein kinase G. PKG
52  2016 Spreading depolarization-modulating drugs and delayed cerebral ischemia after subarachnoid hemorrhage: A hypothesis-generating retrospective clinical study. aSAH, DCI, HR, RR
53  2015 Ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) activation of astrocytes decreases spreading depolarization susceptibility and increases potassium clearance. CNTF, GFAP
54  2015 Pharmacological modulation of spreading depolarizations. NMDA
55  2015 Spreading depolarization in the brainstem mediates sudden cardiorespiratory arrest in mouse SUDEP models. SUDEP
56  2015 Spreading depolarizations mediate excitotoxicity in the development of acute cortical lesions. ---
57  2015 Suppression of spreading depolarization and stabilization of dendritic spines by GLYX-13, an NMDA receptor glycine-site functional partial agonist. NMDAR
58  2015 The stroke-migraine depolarization continuum. ---
59  2014 Characterization of inhibitory GABA-A receptor activation during spreading depolarization in brain slice. GABAAR, sIPSCs
60  2014 Impact of aging on spreading depolarizations induced by focal brain ischemia in rats. MCAO
61  2014 Ischemia-induced depolarizations and associated hemodynamic responses in incomplete global forebrain ischemia in rats. CBF, MABP
62  2014 Spreading depolarization in the ischemic brain: does aging have an impact? ---
63  2014 Spreading depolarization-induced adenosine accumulation reflects metabolic status in vitro and in vivo. DC
64  2014 The effect of ketamine on optical and electrical characteristics of spreading depolarizations in gyrencephalic swine cortex. ECoG, IOS
65  2013 Cerebral glucose and spreading depolarization in patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. aSAH, DCI, ECoG, LOWESS, MD, WFNS
66  2013 Continuous online microdialysis using microfluidic sensors: dynamic neurometabolic changes during spreading depolarization. rsMD
67  2013 Diffusing substances during spreading depolarization: analytical expressions for propagation speed, triggering, and concentration time courses. ---
68  2013 Glucose modulation of spreading depression susceptibility. ---
69  2013 Intracellular Zn2+ accumulation enhances suppression of synaptic activity following spreading depolarization. fEPSPs
70  2013 Spreading ischemia after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. aSAH
71  2013 Subarachnoid hemorrhage, spreading depolarizations and impaired neurovascular coupling. SAH
72  2013 The role of spreading depolarization in subarachnoid hemorrhage. DCI, SAH
73  2012 Adenosine receptor activation is responsible for prolonged depression of synaptic transmission after spreading depolarization in brain slices. 8-CPT, CA1, DC, fEPSPs
74  2012 Enhanced neuronal excitability in adult rat brainstem causes widespread repetitive brainstem depolarizations with cardiovascular consequences. RDs
75  2011 Cerebral microdialysis in acutely brain-injured patients with spreading depolarizations. ECoG
76  2011 Endothelin-1(1-31) induces spreading depolarization in rats. aSAH, DC-ECoG, ET-1, rCBF
77  2011 The gamut of blood flow responses coupled to spreading depolarization in rat and human brain: from hyperemia to prolonged ischemia. rCBF, SAH
78  2010 The relationship between sudden severe hypoxia and ischemia-associated spreading depolarization in adult rat brainstem in vivo. SSH
79  2008 Failure of feedback as a putative common mechanism of spreading depolarizations in migraine and stroke. ---
80  2000 Regional differences in hypoxic depolarization and swelling in hippocampal slices. DNP, HD