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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Effect of a cauliflower (Brassica oleraceae var. Botrytis) leaf powder-enriched diet on performance, carcass and meat characteristics of growing rabbit. CLP
2019 Effect of Forced Physical Activity on the Severity of Experimental Colitis in Normal Weight and Obese Mice. Involvement of Oxidative Stress and Proinflammatory Biomarkers. CBF, DAI, HFD, HIF, MDA, SOD
2019 High efficiency gamma camera enables ultra-low fixed dose stress/rest myocardial perfusion imaging. CZT, EDV, EF, ESV, MPI, ULD
2019 Newly-developed colonoscope (PCF-PQ260L) is useful for patients with difficult colons. TCS
2019 The Iberian pig fed with high-fat diet: a model of renal disease in obesity and metabolic syndrome. HFD
2018 Folic acid supplementation during pregnancy prevents cognitive impairments and BDNF imbalance in the hippocampus of the offspring after neonatal hypoxia-ischemia. FA, HI
2018 Influence of a diet enriched with virgin olive oil or butter on mouse gut microbiota and its correlation to physiological and biochemical parameters related to metabolic syndrome. BT, EVOO
2018 p8 deficiency leads to elevated pancreatic beta cell mass but does not contribute to insulin resistance in mice fed with high-fat diet. HFD, ipGTT, ipITT
2017 Chronic administration of saturated fats and fructose differently affect SREBP activity resulting in different modulation of Nrf2 and Nlrp3 inflammasome pathways in mice liver. NAFLD, NASH
10  2017 Treatment with Standard and Low Dose of Conjugated Equine Estrogen Differentially Modulates Estrogen Receptor Expression and Response to Angiotensin II in Mesenteric Venular Bed of Surgically Postmenopausal Hypertensive Rats. CEE, eNOS, LD, SHR
11  2016 Estrogen Receptor alpha Participates to the Beneficial Effect of Red Wine Polyphenols in a Mouse Model of Obesity-Related Disorders. ---
12  2016 High-fructose intake as risk factor for neurodegeneration: Key role for carboxy methyllysine accumulation in mice hippocampal neurons. AGEs, CML
13  2016 Tbc1d1 deletion suppresses obesity in leptin-deficient mice. HFD
14  2015 Effect of diet/atorvastatin on atherosclerotic lesions associated to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in chickens. HD, NAFLD
15  2015 Vitamin D deficiency is a potential risk factor for contrast-induced nephropathy. CM, Gd, GFR, VDD
16  2014 Effect of ghrelin receptor agonist and antagonist on the activity of arcuate nucleus tyrosine hydroxylase containing neurons in C57BL/6 male mice exposed to normal or high fat diet. ARC, DIO, GHS-R, HFD, TH
17  2014 Experimental gestational diabetes mellitus induces blunted vasoconstriction and functional changes in the rat aorta. GDM, HD
18  2014 Kearns-Sayre syndrome: a case series of 35 adults and children. KSS
19  2014 Long-term imatinib treatment does not cause testicular toxicity in male adolescents with chronic myeloid leukemia and in a juvenile rat model. BOSU, CML, DASA, IMA, InB, TKI
20  2013 Colonoscopy using a small-caliber colonoscope with passive-bending after incomplete colonoscopy due to sharp angulation or pain. SC
21  2013 High-protein diet selectively reduces fat mass and improves glucose tolerance in Western-type diet-induced obese rats. BW, DIO, FI, HPD, WTD
22  2013 Ovariectomy stimulates hepatic fat and cholesterol accumulation in high-fat diet-fed rats. HF, SHAM, TAG
23  2012 An improvement in quantum mechanical description of solute-solvent interactions in condensed systems via the number-adaptive multiscale quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical-molecular dynamics method: application to zwitterionic glycine in aqueous solution. QM/MM, ZW
24  2012 Culture of primary bovine chondrocytes on a continuously expanding surface inhibits dedifferentiation. CE
25  2012 Differential expression of microRNAs in adipose tissue after long-term high-fat diet-induced obesity in mice. HFD, miRNAs
26  2012 Effect of short- and long-term high-fat feeding on autophagy flux and lysosomal activity in rat liver. HF-2, LAL, TAG
27  2012 High-fat diet causes iron deficiency via hepcidin-independent reduction of duodenal iron absorption. HFD
28  2012 Kupffer cells ameliorate hepatic insulin resistance induced by high-fat diet rich in monounsaturated fatty acids: the evidence for the involvement of alternatively activated macrophages. HF
29  2011 Diet-induced lipid accumulation in liver enhances ATP-binding cassette transporter g5/g8 expression in bile canaliculi. HF/HS
30  2011 Dysglycemia induces abnormal circadian blood pressure variability. FG, HR, MCP-1, PP, TNF-alpha
31  2010 Comparison between short-acquisition myocardial perfusion SPECT reconstructed with a new algorithm and conventional acquisition with filtered backprojection processing. MPS, SH, SSS
32  2010 Exercise training decreases hepatic SCD-1 gene expression and protein content in rats. ChREBP, FFA, HF, SCD-1, SED, SREBP-1c, TAG, TR, VLDL-TAG
33  2010 Exercise training increases hepatic endoplasmic reticulum (er) stress protein expression in MTP-inhibited high-fat fed rats. ER, HF, MTP, SED, TAG, TR, UPR
34  2009 Effects of exercise training on hepatic microsomal triglyceride transfer protein content in rats. HF, MTP, SED, TR, VLDL, VLDL-TG
35  2009 Exercise training decreases plasma leptin levels and the expression of hepatic leptin receptor-a, -b, and, -e in rats. HC, HF, PGC-1alpha, PPARalpha, SED, TR
36  2008 High-fat, carbohydrate-free diet markedly aggravates obesity but prevents beta-cell loss and diabetes in the obese, diabetes-susceptible db/db strain. CFD, HFD, NZO
37  2008 Liver of ovariectomized rats is resistant to resorption of lipids. HF, SHAM, TAG
38  2007 High-fat diet-induced hepatic steatosis reduces glucagon receptor content in rat hepatocytes: potential interaction with acute exercise. DIO, EX, GR, HF, NAFLD
39  2006 Use of extended criteria livers decreases wait time for liver transplantation without adversely impacting posttransplant survival. ECDs
40  2005 Alterations in hepatic glucagon receptor density and in Gsalpha and Gialpha2 protein content with diet-induced hepatic steatosis: effects of acute exercise. Ac-Ex, FFA, HF
41  2005 Evidence of hepatic glucagon resistance associated with hepatic steatosis: reversal effect of training. HF, HGO, SED, TR
42  2003 Concurrent exercise prevents high-fat-diet-induced macrovesicular hepatic steatosis. HF, SED, TR
43  2000 Improved immune functions with administration of a low-fat diet in a burn animal model. HF, LF
44  1999 Correlation between MRI and short-term clinical activity in multiple sclerosis: comparison between standard- and triple-dose Gd-enhanced MRI. BBB, Gd, MRI, MS, TD
45  1998 Effects of mesulergine treatment on diet selection, brain serotonin (5-HT) and dopamine (DA) turnover in free feeding rats. 5-HT, CED, DA, HI, HY, ST
46  1990 Behavioural changes on diet selection and serotonin (5-HT) turnover in rats under pizotifen treatment. CED, HI, HY, ST