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Abbreviation : SEM
Long Form : simultaneously extracted metals
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 An evaluation on the bioavailability of heavy metals in the sediments from a restored mangrove forest in the Jinjiang Estuary, Fujian, China. AVS
2019 Application of diffusive gradients in thin films (DGT) and simultaneously extracted metals (SEM) for evaluating bioavailability of metal contaminants in the sediments of Taihu Lake, China. DGT, SQGVs, WQC
2019 Effects of conversion of mangroves into gei wai ponds on accumulation, speciation and risk of heavy metals in intertidal sediments. AVS, TOC
2019 Hyporheic Interactions Increase Zinc Exposure and Effects on Hyalella azteca in Sediments under Flow-Through Conditions. AVS, foc, Zn
2019 Integrated assessment of sediment quality in a coastal lagoon (Maluan Bay, China) based on AVS-SEM and multivariate statistical analysis. AVS, EqP, SQGs
2018 An alternative approach to bioaccumulation assessment of methyl-Hg, total-Hg, Cd, Pb, Zn in bivalve Anomalocardia brasiliana from Rio de Janeiro bays. MeHg, TM
2018 How useful are geochemical and mineralogical indicators in assessing trace metal contamination and bioavailability in a post-restoration Mediterranean lagoon? AVS, LNT, TOC
2018 Risk assessment of heavy metals in Vembanad Lake sediments (south-west coast of India), based on acid-volatile sulfide (AVS)-simultaneously extracted metal (SEM) approach. AVS, VLS
2017 Evaluating the Effects of Metals on Microorganisms in Flooded Paddy Soils Using the SEM/AVS-Based Approach and Measurements of Exchangeable Metal Concentrations. AVS, DGGE
10  2017 Fast assessment of bioaccessible metallic contamination in marine sediments. AVS
11  2017 Metals in the Scheldt estuary: From environmental concentrations to bioaccumulation. AVS, MRLs
12  2017 Sediment Zn-release during post-drought re-flooding: Assessing environmental risk to Hyalella azteca and Daphnia magna. AVS, BCZn, DGTs, USEPA
13  2017 The Application of Solar Cells in the Electrokinetic Remediation of Metal Contaminated Sediments. AVS
14  2017 Toxicities and risk assessment of heavy metals in sediments of Taihu Lake, China, based on sediment quality guidelines. AVS, PEL, SQGs, TEL
15  2016 Effects of freshwater leaching on potential bioavailability of heavy metals in tidal flat soils. AVS
16  2016 Geochemical control processes and potential sediment toxicity in a mine-impacted lake. AVS
17  2016 Heavy metal in sediments of Ziya River in northern China: distribution, potential risks, and source apportionment. AVS
18  2016 Macroinvertebrate responses to nickel in multisystem exposures. AVS, EPT, Ni, Ni
19  2016 Metals in sediments: bioavailability and toxicity in a tropical reservoir used for public water supply. AVS, OC, OM, TEL
20  2016 Organic matter quantity and quality, metals availability and foraminiferal assemblages as environmental proxy applied to the Bizerte Lagoon (Tunisia). AVS, CHO, Lip
21  2016 The relationship of benthic community metrics to pyrethroids, metals, and sediment characteristics in Cache Slough, California. AVS, TOC
22  2015 Assessment of heavy metals pollution using AVS-SEM and fractionation techniques in Edku Lagoon sediments, Mediterranean Sea, Egypt. AVS, GCF, ICF
23  2015 Assessment of sediment ecotoxicological status as a complementary tool for the evaluation of surface water quality: the Ebro river basin case study. AVS, WFD
24  2015 Bioavailability assessment of toxic metals using the technique "acid-volatile sulfide (AVS)-simultaneously extracted metals (SEM)" in marine sediments collected in Todos os Santos Bay, Brazil. AVS, DPASV, ETAAS, TEL
25  2015 Environmental Quality Assessment of Bizerte Lagoon (Tunisia) Using Living Foraminifera Assemblages and a Multiproxy Approach. AVS
26  2015 The risk assessment of heavy metals in Futian mangrove forest sediment in Shenzhen Bay (South China) based on SEM-AVS analysis. AVS, TOC
27  2014 A field study of the relationship between sulfide-bound metals and bioaccumulation by Limnodrilus sp. in a heavily polluted river. AVS, BIO
28  2014 Coastal surface sediment quality assessment in Leizhou Peninsula (South China Sea) based on SEM-AVS analysis. AVS
29  2014 Spatial variation of acid-volatile sulfide and simultaneously extracted metals in Egyptian Mediterranean Sea lagoon sediments. AVS
30  2013 Acid-volatile sulfide and simultaneously extracted metals in surface sediments of the southwestern coastal Laizhou Bay, Bohai Sea: concentrations, spatial distributions and the indication of heavy metal pollution status. AVS
31  2013 Chronic toxicity of nickel-spiked freshwater sediments: variation in toxicity among eight invertebrate taxa and eight sediments. AVS, TOC
32  2013 Combined SEM/AVS and attenuation of concentration models for the assessment of bioavailability and mobility of metals in sediments of Sepetiba Bay (SE Brazil). AVS
33  2013 Correlation of different pollution criteria in the assessment of metal sediment pollution. AVS, CF, EF, PLI
34  2013 Distribution characteristics and potential ecological risk assessment of heavy metals (Cu, Pb, Zn, Cd) in water and sediments from Lake Dalinouer, China. AVS, PERI, SRB
35  2013 Influence of Spartina alterniflora on the mobility of heavy metals in salt marsh sediments of the Yangtze River Estuary, China. AVS
36  2013 Integrated study of metal behavior in Mediterranean stream ecosystems: a case-study. AVS, DGTs
37  2013 Land use changes and metal mobility: multi-approach study on tidal marsh restoration in a contaminated estuary. AVS
38  2013 Mid-term variation of vertical distribution of acid volatile sulphide and simultaneously extracted metals in sediment cores from Lake Albufera (Valencia, Spain). AVS
39  2012 Can acid volatile sulfides (AVS) influence metal concentrations in the macrophyte Myriophyllum aquaticum? AVS, ROL
40  2012 Oxidation of acid-volatile sulfide in surface sediments increases the release and toxicity of copper to the benthic amphipod Melita plumulosa. AVS
41  2012 Seasonal AVS-SEM relationship in sediments and potential bioavailability of metals in industrialized estuary, southeastern Brazil. AVS
42  2012 The impact of increased oxygen conditions on metal-contaminated sediments part I: effects on redox status, sediment geochemistry and metal bioavailability. AVS, DGT, TOC
43  2012 The impact of increased oxygen conditions on metal-contaminated sediments part II: effects on metal accumulation and toxicity in aquatic invertebrates. AVS, MTLP, TOC
44  2011 Distribution characteristics and toxicity assessment of heavy metals in the sediments of Lake Chaohu, China. AVS, SQGs
45  2011 Dynamics of reactive sulfide and its control on metal bioavailability and toxicity in metal-polluted sediments from Lake Taihu, China. AVS
46  2011 Effects of cyclic changes in pH and salinity on metals release from sediments. AVS
47  2011 Field measurement of nickel sediment toxicity: role of acid volatile sulfide. AVS, OC, OC
48  2011 Potential risks of metal toxicity in contaminated sediments of Deule river in northern France. AVS, IWCTU, PEC, TMC, TOC
49  2010 Changes in metal availability during sediment oxidation and the correlation with the immobilization potential. AVS, S/S
50  2010 Measurements of acid volatile sulfide and simultaneously extracted metals are irreproducible among laboratories. AVS
51  2010 Monosulfidic black ooze accumulations in sediments of the Geographe Bay area, Western Australia. AVS, MBO
52  2010 The distribution of acid-volatile sulfide and simultaneously extracted metals in sediments from a mangrove forest and adjacent mudflat in Zhangjiang Estuary, China. AVS
53  2009 Autotrophic denitrification and its effect on metal speciation during marine sediment remediation. AVS
54  2009 The importance of sulphide binding for leaching of heavy metals from contaminated Norwegian marine sediments treated by stabilization/solidification. AVS, S/S
55  2008 A comparison of sediment quality results with acid volatile sulfide (AVS) and simultaneously extracted metals (SEM) ratio in Vojvodina (Serbia) sediments. AVS, USEPA
56  2008 Acid volatile sulfides and simultaneously extracted metals in a metal-polluted area of Taihu Lake, China. AVS
57  2008 Ecotoxicological assessment of water and sediment of the Corumbatai River, SP, Brazil. AVS
58  2008 Sampling method, storage and pretreatment of sediment affect AVS concentrations with consequences for bioassay responses. AVS
59  2008 [Distribution characteristic and correlation relationship of reactive sulfur and heavy metals in sediments of Meiliang Bay and Wuli Lake of Taihu Lake]. AVS
60  2007 Characterizing sediment acid volatile sulfide concentrations in European streams. AVS, OC
61  2007 Effects of acid-volatile sulfide on metal bioavailability and toxicity to midge (Chironomus tentans) larvae in black shale sediments. AVS
62  2007 Toxicological availability of nickel to the benthic oligochaete Lumbriculus variegatus. AVS
63  2006 Heavy metals associated with reduced sulfur in sediments from different deposition environments in the Pearl River estuary, China. AVS
64  2006 In situ distributions and characteristics of heavy metals in full-scale landfill layers. AVS
65  2006 Measuring bioavailable trace metals from freshwater sediments by diffusive gradients in thin films (DGT) in monitoring procedures for quality assessment. AVS, DGT
66  2006 Metal speciation in sulphidic sediments: a new method based on oxidation kinetics modelling in the presence of EDTA. AVS
67  2006 Potential kinetic availability of metals in sulphidic freshwater sediments. AVS, DGT
68  2005 Acid volatile sulfide and simultaneously extracted metals in the sediment cores of the Pearl River Estuary, South China. AVS, PRE
69  2005 Experimental and modeling investigation of metal release from metal-spiked sediments. AVS
70  2005 Influence of acid volatile sulfides and simultaneously extracted metals on the bioavailability and toxicity of a mixture of sediment-associated Cd, Ni, and Zn to polychaetes Neanthes arenaceodentata. AVS, OW
71  2005 Spatial and seasonal variations of the macrobenthic community and metal contamination in the Douro estuary (Portugal). AVS
72  2004 Heavy metal speciation in solid-phase materials from a bacterial sulfate reducing bioreactor using sequential extraction procedure combined with acid volatile sulfide analysis. ASM, AVS, SEP, TEHM
73  2004 Sediment quality in the Douro river estuary based on trace metal contents, macrobenthic community and elutriate sediment toxicity test (ESTT). AVS, ESTT
74  2004 Trace metal availability and effects on benthic community structure in floodplain lakes. AVS, OC
75  2003 Extraction of spiked metals from contaminated coastal sediments: a comparison of different methods. AVS, SDS
76  2003 Factors affecting food chain transfer of mercury in the vicinity of the Nyanza Site, Sudbury River, Massachusetts. AVS
77  2003 Metal bioavailability and speciation in a wetland tailings repository amended with biosolids compost, wood ash, and sulfate. AVS, EXAFS, XANES
78  2003 Spatial variation of metals and acid volatile sulfide in floodplain lake sediment. AVS
79  2002 Dissolution kinetics of heavy metals in Dutch carbonate- and sulfide-rich freshwater sediments. AVS
80  2002 Geochemistry of Cd, Cr, and Zn in highly contaminated sediments and its influences on assimilation by marine bivalves. AE, AVS
81  2002 Toxicity assessment of sediments from the Grand Calumet River and Indiana Harbor Canal in Northwestern Indiana, USA. AVS, PAHs, PCBs, PECs
82  2001 Biological response to variation of acid-volatile sulfides and metals in field-exposed spiked sediments. AVS
83  2001 Chemical binding of heavy metals in anoxic river sediments. AVS
84  1999 A site-specific evaluation of mercury toxicity in sediment. AVS
85  1999 Copper bioavailability in Steilacoom Lake sediments. LOEC