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Abbreviation : SLA
Long Form : sandblasted, large-grit, acid-etched
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A laminin-derived functional peptide, PPFEGCIWN, promotes bone formation on sandblasted, large-grit, acid-etched titanium implant surfaces. SP, Ti
2019 Antiadipogenesis and Osseointegration of Strontium-Doped Implant Surfaces. BMSCs, PPARgamma, Sr
2019 Antimicrobial effects of photodynamic therapy with antiseptics on Staphylococcus aureus biofilm on titanium surface. CFU, CHX, CLSM, S. aureus, SEM, Ti
2019 Antimicrobial efficacy of methylene blue-mediated photodynamic therapy on titanium alloy surfaces in vitro. aPDT, LPS, MB
2019 Biological responses of human bone mesenchymal stem cells to Ti and TiZr implant materials. hBMSCs
2019 Bone healing dynamics associated with 3 implants with different surfaces: histologic and histomorphometric analyses in dogs. mBAFO, mBIC, OAFO, OIC, tBAFO, tBIC
2019 Disinfect Porphyromonas gingivalis Biofilm on Titanium Surface with Combined Application of Chlorhexidine and Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy. aPDT, CHX, CLSM, PBS, SEM
2019 Effects of ultraviolet treatment and alendronate immersion on osteoblast-like cells and human gingival fibroblasts cultured on titanium surfaces. ALN, HGFs, MA, UV
2019 Enhancing osteoblast functions on biofilm-contaminated titanium alloy by concentration-dependent use of methylene blue-mediated antimicrobial photodynamic therapy. ANOVA, aPDT, LPS, MB
10  2019 Genome-wide DNA-methylation profiles in human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells on titanium surfaces. CPXM2, hBMSCs, IGF2, Ti
11  2019 HGF-1 proliferation on titanium dental implants treated with laser melting technology. SLM
12  2019 Peri-implant alveolar bone resorption in an innovative peri-implantitis murine model: Effect of implant surface and onset of infection. ---
13  2019 Positive modulation of osteogenesis on a titanium oxide surface incorporating strontium oxide: An in vitro and in vivo study. Sr
14  2019 Randomized controlled clinical trial on calcium phosphate coated and conventional SLA surface implants: 1-year study on survival rate and marginal bone level. CaP
15  2019 The Effect of Ultraviolet Photofunctionalization on a Titanium Dental Implant with Machined Surface: An In Vitro and In Vivo Study. UV
16  2019 Titanium particles generated during ultrasonic scaling of implants. ---
17  2019 Verification of osteoblast differentiation on airborne-particle abrasion, large-grit, acid-etched surface of titanium implants regulated by yes-associated protein and transcriptional coactivator with PDZ-binding motif. BSP, TAZ, Ti, YAP
18  2018 Antibiofilm efficacies of cold plasma and er: YAG laser on Staphylococcus aureus biofilm on titanium for nonsurgical treatment of peri-implantitis. CAP
19  2018 Control Variable Implants Improve Interpretation of Surface Modification and Implant Design Effects on Early Bone Responses: An In Vivo Study. BA, BIC, F-mod
20  2018 Formation and in vitro/in vivo performance of "cortex-like" micro/nano-structured TiO2 coatings on titanium by micro-arc oxidation. hBMSCs, MAO
21  2018 Osteointegration of Tissue-Level Implants With Very Low Insertion Torque in Soft Bone: A Clinical Study on SLA Surface Treatment. ---
22  2018 Superficial Characteristics of Titanium after Treatment of Chorreated Surface, Passive Acid, and Decontamination with Argon Plasma. SEM, XPS
23  2018 Topographical cues of direct metal laser sintering titanium surfaces facilitate osteogenic differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells through epigenetic regulation. BMSCs, DMLS, Ti
24  2018 [Influence of implants prepared by selective laser melting on early bone healing]. LSCM, MAR, SLM
25  2018 [Study on antibacterial properties of titanium metallic surface due to synergistic action of micro/nano-structure and antimicrobial peptides]. AHT, AMPs, E. coli, EDS, S. aureus, SEM, Ti
26  2017 A resonance frequency analysis of sandblasted and acid-etched implants with different diameters: a prospective clinical study during the initial healing period. ISQ, RBM, RFA
27  2017 Activation of Osteoblastic Function on Titanium Surface with Titanium-Doped Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticle Coating: An In Vitro Study. TiHA
28  2017 Bacterial and mammalian cells adhesion to tantalum-decorated micro-/nano-structured titanium. FAK, rBMSCs, Ta
29  2017 Chemotherapeutic decontamination of dental implants colonized by mature multispecies oral biofilm. CHX, CLSM
30  2017 Effects of Nano-Hydroxyapatite/Polyetheretherketone-Coated, Sandblasted, Large-Grit, and Acid-Etched Implants on Inflammatory Cytokines and Osseointegration in a Peri-Implantitis Model in Beagle Dogs. BIC, MAR, mSBI, PD, PLI
31  2017 Effects of Titanium Surface Microtopography and Simvastatin on Growth and Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Estrogen-Deprived Cell Culture. ALP, BMP-2, ED, FBS, hBMSCs, OS, Ti
32  2017 Enhanced osteogenic differentiation of rat bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells on titanium substrates by inhibiting Notch3. ALP, BMSCs, OCN
33  2017 Erbium, Chromium:Yttrium-Scandium-Gallium-Garnet Laser Effectively Ablates Single-Species Biofilms on Titanium Disks Without Detectable Surface Damage. CaP, Pg
34  2017 Identification of oral bacteria on titanium implant surfaces by 16S rDNA sequencing. OTUs
35  2017 Multiscale porous titanium surfaces via a two-step etching process for improved mechanical and biological performance. Ta, Ti, TIPS
36  2017 Osseointegration of chemically modified sandblasted and acid-etched titanium implant surface in diabetic rats: a histological and scanning electron microscopy study. ---
37  2017 Positive effect of strontium-oxide layer on the osseointegration of moderately rough titanium surface in non-osteoporotic rabbits. BIC, RTQ, Sr-SLA
38  2017 Radiographic and clinical outcomes of rooted, platform-switched, microthreaded implants with a sandblasted, large-grid, and acid-etched surface: A 5-year prospective study. ---
39  2016 A randomized, 12-month controlled trial to evaluate non-inferiority of early compared to conventional loading of modSLA implants in single tooth gaps. ---
40  2016 An invitro study on disinfection of titanium surfaces. ANOVA, PDT, TiB
41  2016 Bactericidal Effect of Erbium-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Laser and Photodynamic Therapy on Aggregatibacter Actinomycetemcomitans Biofilm on Implant Surface. ANOVA, CFU, CHX, ICG-based PS, LED, TBO
42  2016 Biomechanical evaluation of laser-etched Ti implant surfaces vs. chemically modified SLA Ti implant surfaces: Removal torque and resonance frequency analysis in rabbit tibias. ITQ, LE, RTQ
43  2016 Effects of Surface Conditions of Titanium Dental Implants on Bacterial Adhesion. Grit
44  2016 Experimental models for contamination of titanium surfaces and disinfection protocols. CDFF
45  2016 Gene expression profiling of bone marrow-derived stromal cells seeded onto a sandblasted, large-grit, acid-etched-treated titanium implant surface: The role of the Wnt pathway. ---
46  2016 Improved osseointegration of long-term stored SLA implant by hydrothermal sterilization. HT
47  2016 Physical Profile and Impact of a Calcium-Incorporated Implant Surface on Preosteoblastic Cell Morphologic and Differentiation Parameters: A Comparative Analysis. ALP, Ca-SLA, MC, OCN, RBM, SEM
48  2016 Retrospective clinical study of an implant with a sandblasted, large-grit, acid-etched surface and internal connection: analysis of short-term success rate and marginal bone loss. ---
49  2016 [Effect of three surface modification techniques of pure titanium on bacteria adhesion and ultrasonic cleaning efficacy]. MP, Pg, TNT
50  2015 A Comparative Study of Stability After the Installation of 2 Different Surface Types of Implants in the Maxillae of Dogs. PTV, RBM
51  2015 An in vitro evaluation of the responses of human osteoblast-like SaOs-2 cells on SLA titanium surfaces irradiated by different powers of CO2 lasers. ---
52  2015 Comparison of two dental implant surface modifications on implants with same macrodesign: an experimental study in the pelvic sheep model. BIC, bSEM, LM, TiU
53  2015 Effect of Increasing Doses of gamma-Radiation on Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Grown on Smooth and Rough Titanium Surfaces. BMSCs, PT
54  2015 Effect of surface treatments on the surface morphology, corrosion property, and antibacterial property of Ti-10Cu sintered alloy. AH, SB
55  2015 Hierarchical micro/nanostructured titanium with balanced actions to bacterial and mammalian cells for dental implants. ---
56  2015 Histomorphological and torque removal comparison of 6 mm orthodontic miniscrews with and without surface treatment in New Zealand rabbits. BIC, MA, RTV
57  2015 Microgrooves on titanium surface affect peri-implant cell adhesion and soft tissue sealing; an in vitro and in vivo study. HGFs
58  2015 Modified implant surface with slower and less initial biofilm formation. EDX
59  2015 Prospective comparative study of tapered implants with SLA surfaces in the maxillary posterior area according to 3- and 6-month loading time. ---
60  2015 The effect of photodynamic therapy on Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans attached to surface-modified titanium. CFUs, LED, PDT, RBM
61  2015 The initial inflammatory response to bioactive implants is characterized by NETosis. NET
62  2015 [Comparison of platelet adhesion behavior on pure titanium surfaces modified by different techniques]. DAE, EDS, LSCM, MAO, MP, SEM, TNT
63  2014 Comparison of removal torques between laser-treated and SLA-treated implant surfaces in rabbit tibiae. EDS, FESEM
64  2014 Proteomic analysis of the biological response of MG63 osteoblast-like cells to titanium implants. HA
65  2013 Bone formation and remodeling of three different dental implant surfaces with Escherichia coli-derived recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein 2 in a rabbit model. MgO, RBM
66  2013 Conventional SLA and chemically modified SLA implants in patients with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes mellitus--a randomized controlled trial. modSLA, RFA
67  2013 Inhibition of Rac and ROCK signalling influence osteoblast adhesion, differentiation and mineralization on titanium topographies. PT
68  2013 Mg ion implantation on SLA-treated titanium surface and its effects on the behavior of mesenchymal stem cell. AES, ALP, hMSCs, ICP-OES, PSII, RBS, SEM, Ti
69  2013 Multicenter randomized clinical trial: early loading of implants in maxillary bone. CI
70  2013 Resonance frequency analysis of 208 Straumann dental implants during the healing period. ISQ
71  2013 The roles of PI3K/Akt signaling pathway in regulating MC3T3-E1 preosteoblast proliferation and differentiation on SLA and SLActive titanium surfaces. ALP, OCN, OPN, PT, Ti
72  2013 TiNOx coatings on roughened titanium and CoCr alloy accelerate early osseointegration of dental implants in minipigs. TiNOx
73  2012 Do sand blasted with large grit and acid etched surface treated mini-implants remain stationary under orthodontic forces? CBCT
74  2012 Immediate restoration of nonsubmerged titanium implants with a sandblasted and acid-etched surface: five-year results of a prospective case series study using clinical and radiographic data. CPITN
75  2012 In vitro and in vivo mechanical stability of orthodontic mini-implants. MT, NPE, OMIs, SLAO, TE
76  2012 Osseointegration of dental implants installed without mechanical engagement: a histometric analysis in dogs. BIC, LIs
77  2012 Prospective 10-year cohort study based on a randomized controlled trial (RCT) on implant-supported full-arch maxillary prostheses. Part 1: sandblasted and acid-etched implants and mucosal tissue. RCT
78  2012 The microRNA expression signature on modified titanium implant surfaces influences genetic mechanisms leading to osteogenic differentiation. miRNAs, SMO, SMO
79  2011 Effect of erbium-doped: yttrium, aluminium and garnet laser irradiation on the surface microstructure and roughness of sand-blasted, large grit, acid-etched implants. SEM
80  2011 In vitro and in vivo evaluation of SLA titanium surfaces with further alkali or hydrogen peroxide and heat treatment. ALP, SEM, Ti-control, XPS
81  2011 Influence of a machined collar on crestal bone changes around titanium implants: a histometric study in the canine mandible. MG
82  2011 Role of Titanium Surface Topography and Surface Wettability on Focal Adhesion Kinase Mediated Signaling in Fibroblasts. WT
83  2011 The effect of Er:YAG laser irradiation on the scanning electron microscopic structure and surface roughness of various implant surfaces: an in vitro study. ---
84  2011 The effect of fibronectin-coated implant on canine osseointegration. CaP
85  2011 Three-dimensional analysis of peri-bone-implant contact of rough-surface miniscrew implants. MSIs
86  2010 Bone-added osteotome sinus floor elevation with simultaneous placement of non-submerged sand blasted with large grit and acid etched implants: a 5-year radiographic evaluation. BAOSFE
87  2010 Enhanced bone forming ability of SLA-treated Ti coated with a calcium phosphate thin film formed by e-beam evaporation. CaP
88  2010 Surface alterations of polished and sandblasted and acid-etched titanium implants after Er:YAG, carbon dioxide, and diode laser irradiation. ---
89  2010 [The influence of chemically-modified SLA on bone defect healing around implants in dogs]. BD
90  2009 Biomechanical evaluation of dental implants with different surfaces: Removal torque and resonance frequency analysis in rabbits. ISQ, RFA, RTV
91  2009 Bone apposition around two different sandblasted, large-grit and acid-etched implant surfaces at sites with coronal circumferential defects: an experimental study in dogs. B-D, modSLA
92  2009 Effects of calcium phosphate coating to SLA surface implants by the ion-beam-assisted deposition method on self-contained coronal defect healing in dogs. CaP, IBAD
93  2009 Modulation of human gingival fibroblast adhesion, morphology, tyrosine phosphorylation, and ERK 1/2 localization on polished, grooved and SLA substratum topographies. HGFs
94  2008 Comparison of biological characteristics of mesenchymal stem cells grown on two different titanium implant surfaces. ALP, HA, IBAD, MSCs, OCN, OPN
95  2008 Early loading of ITI implants supporting maxillary fixed full-arch prostheses. ISQ, RFA
96  2008 Early loading of mandibular full-arch bridges screw retained after 1 week to four to five Monotype implants: 3-year results from a prospective multicentre study. ---
97  2008 Early loading of mandibular full-arch bridges screw retained after 1 week to four to five Monotype implants: 3-year results from a prospective multicentre study. ---
98  2008 Evaluation of mandibular posterior single implants with two different surfaces: a 5-year comparative study. ANO, CSR
99  2008 Five-year results from a randomized, controlled trial on early and delayed loading of implants supporting full-arch prosthesis in the edentulous maxilla. ---
100  2008 Influence of surface characteristics on survival rates of mini-implants. MT