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Abbreviation : SLA
Long Form : stereolithography
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 3D printed coaxial nozzles for the extrusion of hydrogel tubes toward modeling vascular endothelium. F127-BUM
2019 3D printed microneedle patches using stereolithography (SLA) for intradermal insulin delivery. ---
2019 3D printed mold-based capsaicin candy for the treatment of oral ulcer. ---
2019 3D printed resin-coated device for uranium (VI) extraction. ---
2019 3D Printing of a Multi-Layered Polypill Containing Six Drugs Using a Novel Stereolithographic Method. ---
2019 3D Printing of Poly(propylene fumarate) Oligomers: Evaluation of Resin Viscosity, Printing Characteristics and Mechanical Properties. cDLP, DEF, PPF, ROCOP
2019 3D Printing Technology: A New Milestone in the Development of Pharmaceuticals. Ext, FDM, PB, SLS
2019 A 3D printed modular phantom for quality assurance of image-guided small animal irradiators: Design, imaging experiments, and Monte Carlo simulations. fps, GUI, micro-CT, MTF, QA, SARRP
2019 A review on chemical composition, mechanical properties, and manufacturing work flow of additively manufactured current polymers for interim dental restorations. AM, MJ
10  2019 Accuracy, reproducibility, and dimensional stability of additively manufactured surgical templates. 1month, DMP
11  2019 Additive Manufacturing Technologies Used for Processing Polymers: Current Status and Potential Application in Prosthetic Dentistry. AM, DLP, ME, MJ
12  2019 Additives migrating from 3D-printed plastic induce developmental toxicity and neuro-behavioural alterations in early life zebrafish (Danio rerio). 1-HCHPK, AChE, GST, ROS, SOD
13  2019 Comparative Study between Laser Light Stereo-Lithography 3D-Printed and Traditionally Sintered Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds by an Integrated Morphological, Morphometric and Mechanical Analysis. ---
14  2019 Comparison of Mechanical Properties and Energy Absorption of Sheet-Based and Strut-Based Gyroid Cellular Structures with Graded Densities. FGCM, UCM
15  2019 Development of 3D printable conductive hydrogel with crystallized PEDOT:PSS for neural tissue engineering. DRG, ES, GelMA, PEDOT, PEGDA, PSS
16  2019 Direct photoimmobilization of extraction disks on "green state" 3D printed devices. RDSE
17  2019 Imaging Properties of Additive Manufactured (3D Printed) Materials for Potential Use for Phantom Models. AM, FDM
18  2019 Influence of the three-dimensional printing technique and printing layer thickness on model accuracy. DLP
19  2019 Investigation of the refractive index decrement of 3D printing materials for manufacturing breast phantoms for phase contrast imaging. FDM
20  2019 Microfluidic Chips for Life Sciences-A Comparison of Low Entry Manufacturing Technologies. AM, FDM, InkJ, MM
21  2019 On the Impact of the Fabrication Method on the Performance of 3D Printed Mixers. LOC
22  2019 Particle and vapor emissions from vat polymerization desktop-scale 3-dimensional printers. DLP, TVOC
23  2019 Photopolymerizable Resins for 3D-Printing Solid-Cured Tissue Engineered Implants. cDLP, LCD, PCL, PDLLA, PEG, PPF
24  2019 Rapid Fabrication of High-Performance CaO-Based Integral Ceramic Mould by Stereolithography and Non-Aqueous Gelcasting. TBA
25  2019 Simplifying the digital workflow of facial prostheses manufacturing using a three-dimensional (3D) database: setup, development, and aspects of virtual data validation for reproduction. CAD, DDB, DLP
26  2019 Three dimensional printing of metamaterial embedded geometrical optics (MEGO). MEGO
27  2018 3D Printing Technology in Customized Drug Delivery System: Current State of the Art, Prospective and the Challenges. FDM, PAM, SLS
28  2018 A 96-well microplate bioreactor platform supporting individual dual perfusion and high-throughput assessment of simple or biofabricated 3D tissue models. CT, gel-NOR
29  2018 Accuracy of printed casts generated from digital implant impressions versus stone casts from conventional implant impressions: A comparative in vitro study. AWST, HSD, IOS, STL, WL
30  2018 Accuracy of three-dimensional dental resin models created by fused deposition modeling, stereolithography, and Polyjet prototype technologies: A comparative study. FDM, Md-ICW, Md-IMW, MdL-MP, MdL-vertical, MdR-AP, MdR-vertical, Mx-ICW, MxL-MP, MxL-vertical, MxR-vertical
31  2018 An Overview of 3D Printing Technologies for Soft Materials and Potential Opportunities for Lipid-based Drug Delivery Systems. FDM, SLS
32  2018 Data on dielectric strength heterogeneity associated with printing orientation in additively manufactured polymer materials. FDM, PolyJet, SLS
33  2018 Evaluation of the fit of metal copings fabricated using stereolithography. CAD, Co-Cr
34  2018 Fabrication of a Malaria-Ab ELISA Bioassay Platform with Utilization of Syringe-Based and 3D Printed Assay Automation. FDM
35  2018 Fabrication of obturator prosthesis by fusing CBCT and digital impression data. CBCT
36  2018 From 3D imaging to 3D printing in dentistry - a practical guide. FDM
37  2018 Full in-Office Guided Surgery with Open Selective Tooth-Supported Templates: A Prospective Clinical Study on 20 Patients. time
38  2018 Hydrostatic High-Pressure Post-Processing of Specimens Fabricated by DLP, SLA, and FDM: An Alternative for the Sterilization of Polymer-Based Biomedical Devices. DLP, FDM, HHP
39  2018 Influence of Geometry on the Drug Release Profiles of Stereolithographic (SLA) 3D-Printed Tablets. SA
40  2018 Study of Physical and Degradation Properties of 3D-Printed Biodegradable, Photocurable Copolymers, PGSA-co-PEGDA and PGSA-co-PCLDA. DLP-AM, PCLDA, PEGDA, PGSA
41  2018 Technical note: The use of 3D printing in dental anthropology collections. FDM, RP
42  2018 Understanding and Improving Mechanical Properties in 3D printed Parts Using a Dual-Cure Acrylate-Based Resin for Stereolithography. ---
43  2017 A 3D printed microfluidic perfusion device for multicellular spheroid cultures. ---
44  2017 A novel conversion method for radiographic guide into surgical guide. GCM, PE
45  2017 A validation study of reconstructed rapid prototyping models produced by two technologies. RP
46  2017 Accuracy of stereolithographically printed digital models compared to plaster models. ---
47  2017 Acoustic Patterning for 3D Embedded Electrically Conductive Wire in Stereolithography. DLP
48  2017 Dynamics of Capillary-Driven Flow in 3D Printed Open Microchannels. FDM
49  2017 Evaluation of die trim morphology made by CAD-CAMtechnology. ANOVA
50  2017 Evaluation of Resins for Stereolithographic 3D-Printed Surgical Guides: The Response of L929 Cells and Human Gingival Fibroblasts. GF
51  2017 Fabrication of a 3D Printing Definitive Obturator Prosthesis: a Clinical Report. ---
52  2017 Fabrication of drug-loaded hydrogels with stereolithographic 3D printing. 3DP
53  2017 High-Strength Stereolithographic 3D Printed Nanocomposites: Graphene Oxide Metastability. DSC, GO, TGA
54  2017 Mimicking arterial thrombosis in a 3D-printed microfluidic in vitro vascular model based on computed tomography angiography data. CFD, CTA, HUVECs, PDMS
55  2017 Patient-specific in vitro models for hemodynamic analysis of congenital heart disease - Additive manufacturing approach. AM, CFD, FDM, SLS, TCPC
56  2017 Porous 45S5 Bioglass-based scaffolds using stereolithography: Effect of partial pre-sintering on structural and mechanical properties of scaffolds. BG, DM
57  2017 Stereolithography: A new method for processing dental ceramics by additive computer-aided manufacturing. ---
58  2017 Surface-enrichment with hydroxyapatite nanoparticles in stereolithography-fabricated composite polymer scaffolds promotes bone repair. HA, PTMC
59  2016 3D printed microfluidic devices: enablers and barriers. ---
60  2016 3D printing of gas jet nozzles for laser-plasma accelerators. SLS
61  2016 3D scanning and 3D printing as innovative technologies for fabricating personalized topical drug delivery systems. 3DP, FDM, FPLA, HME, PCL, PEG, PEGDA
62  2016 Accuracy and precision of occlusal contacts of stereolithographic casts mounted by digital interocclusal registrations. AC, COV, NC, PVS, SP
63  2016 An Optimized Small Tissue Handling System for Immunohistochemistry and In Situ Hybridization. ---
64  2016 Conformal Robotic Stereolithography. ---
65  2016 Digital versus conventional impressions for fixed prosthodontics: A systematic review and meta-analysis. ---
66  2016 Impact of Surgical Template on the Accuracy of Implant Placement. CBCT
67  2016 Stereolithographic (SLA) 3D printing of oral modified-release dosage forms. 4-ASA, PEG 300, PEGDA
68  2016 The anisotropicity of the flexural properties of an occlusal device material processed by stereolithography. ANOVA
69  2015 Accuracy of Dental Implant Placement Using CBCT-Derived Mucosa-Supported Stereolithographic Template. CBCT
70  2015 Photopatterning of hydrogel scaffolds coupled to filter materials using stereolithography for perfused 3D culture of hepatocytes. EGF
71  2015 Three-dimensional fabrication of cell-laden biodegradable poly(ethylene glycol-co-depsipeptide) hydrogels by visible light stereolithography. ---
72  2015 Three-dimensional printed millifluidic devices for zebrafish embryo tests. MJM
73  2014 A novel method for designing and fabricating low-cost facepiece prototypes. NIOSH
74  2014 Accuracy of computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing-generated dental casts based on intraoral scanner data. CI, IOS
75  2014 Development of semi- and grafted interpenetrating polymer networks based on poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate and collagen. AA, Coll, PEGDA, semi-IPNs
76  2014 In vitro evaluation of marginal and internal adaptation of three-unit fixed dental prostheses produced by stereolithography. FDPs
77  2014 Preparation and degradation study of photocurable oligolactide-HA composite: a potential resin for stereolithography application. HA, PBS
78  2014 Rapid prototyping fabrication of focused ultrasound transducers. RP
79  2014 Rapid prototyping--when virtual meets reality. CNC, FDM, RP, RPD, SLM, SLS
80  2014 The use of CT scan and stereo lithography apparatus technologies in a canine individualized rib prosthesis. CAD, CT
81  2013 Accuracy of two stereolithographic surgical templates: a retrospective study. CT
82  2013 Computer-assisted flapless implant placement reduces the incidence of surgery-related bacteremia. ---
83  2013 Conventional multi-slice computed tomography (CT) and cone-beam CT (CBCT) for computer-aided implant placement. Part II: reliability of mucosa-supported stereolithographic guides. CBCT, CT, CT
84  2013 Implant Bed Preparation with an Erbium, Chromium Doped Yttrium Scandium Gallium Garnet (Er,Cr: YSGG) Laser Using Stereolithographic Surgical Guide. CT
85  2013 Utility of stereolithographic models in osteocutaneous free flap reconstruction of the head and neck. ---
86  2012 Accuracy of implant placement with a stereolithographic surgical template. ---
87  2012 Accuracy of three different types of stereolithographic surgical guide in implant placement: an in vitro study. CBCT
88  2012 Deformation of stereolithographically produced surgical guides: an observational case series report. CT
89  2011 Accuracy of rapid prototype models for head and neck reconstruction. MDCT, RP
90  2011 The influence of stereolithographic scaffold architecture and composition on osteogenic signal expression with rat bone marrow stromal cells. ALP, BMP-2, BMSCs, DEF, FGF-2, PPF, TGF-beta1, VEGF
91  2011 Use of 3-d stereolithographic models in oral and maxillofacial surgery. ---
92  2010 Accuracy evaluation of computed tomography-derived stereolithographic surgical guides in zygomatic implant placement in human cadavers. CAD, CAM, CT
93  2010 Implant surgery using bone- and mucosa-supported stereolithographic guides in totally edentulous jaws: surgical and post-operative outcomes of computer-aided vs. standard techniques. BSG, VAS
94  2010 Stereolithographic bone scaffold design parameters: osteogenic differentiation and signal expression. ---
95  2009 Clinical accuracy of 3 different types of computed tomography-derived stereolithographic surgical guides in implant placement. CT
96  2008 Reliability of implant placement with stereolithographic surgical guides generated from computed tomography: clinical data from 94 implants. CT
97  2007 In vitro evaluation of the TandemHeart pediatric centrifugal pump. ---
98  2007 Late reconstruction of the complex orbital fractures with computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technique. CAD/CAM
99  2007 Miniaturization and geometry optimization of a polymer-based rectilinear ion trap. ---
100  2006 Stereolithographic models for biomechanical testing. ---