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Abbreviation : SLJ
Long Form : standing long jump
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Acute Effects of a Speed Training Program on Sprinting Step Kinematics and Performance. SFJ, ST, STJ
2019 Assessing the Validity of Standing Long Jump to Predict Muscle Power in Children With and Without Motor Delays. DCD
2019 Association between body mass index and fitness in Korean adults according to the lump mean value and Gaussian fitting. 10-m SR, 20-m MSSR, BMI
2019 Associations between Fitness Measures and Change of Direction Speeds with and without Occupational Loads in Female Police Officers. CODS, PU, SU
2019 Effect of Plyometric Training on Jumping, Sprinting and Change of Direction Speed in Child Female Athletes. CG, CMJ, COD, DJ, PG, SJ
2019 Jump height as performance indicator for the selection of youth football players to national teams. AJ, CMJ, NNP, NP
2019 Muscle strength field-based tests to identify European adolescents at risk of metabolic syndrome: The HELENA study. AUC, HG, MetS
2019 National Scouting Combine Scores as Performance Predictors in the National Football League. CMVJ, DE, DT, HP, LB, NFL, NSC, QB, RB, VJP, VJRP, WR
2019 Post-activation potentiation effect of eccentric overload and traditional weightlifting exercise on jumping and sprinting performance in male athletes. CMJ, EOL, PAP, TW
10  2019 Prior history of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction is associated with a greater risk of subsequent ACL injury in female collegiate athletes. ACL, ACLR, SLH
11  2019 Short-term optimal load training vs a modified complex training in semi-professional basketball players. CMJ, COD, MCT, OLT, OLT
12  2019 The Training Effects of Foam Rolling on Core Strength Endurance, Balance, Muscle Performance and Range of Motion: A Randomized Controlled Trial. CORE, ROM, SLTH, TMS
13  2018 A multi-level analysis of individual- and school-level correlates of physical fitness in children. BMI, GMC, HG, MVPA, SES, SR
14  2018 Effects of Different Plyometric Training Frequency on Measures of Athletic Performance in Prepuberal Male Soccer Players. CMJ, COD, MICODT, PT, RSI, SJ
15  2018 Factors Influencing Spike Jump Height in Female College Volleyball Players. SPJ, VJ
16  2018 Low Second-To-Fourth Digit Ratio Has High Explosive Power? A Prepubertal Study. ---
17  2018 Preseason Functional Test Scores Are Associated With Future Sports Injury in Female Collegiate Athletes. AEs, CI, D III, FPT, LEFT, OR, SLH
18  2018 Sequencing Effects of Plyometric Training Applied Before or After Regular Soccer Training on Measures of Physical Fitness in Young Players. ANOVAs, CMJ, CON, DJ, ICODT, MSSRT, SJ
19  2018 The contribution analysis of knee compression bandage and arm swing control on maximum horizontal distance in standing long jump. AP, AP-V, GRF, MHD, RGRF
20  2018 The effect of a high-impact jumping intervention on bone mass, bone stiffness and fitness parameters in adolescent athletes. 20mSRT, BMC, CMJ, CYC, FOO, INT, SWI, TBLH
21  2017 A multilevel analysis of health-related physical fitness. The Portuguese sibling study on growth, fitness, lifestyle and health. BS, PA, PF, SES, SR, WC
22  2017 Assessing Standing Long Jump Developmental Levels Using an Inertial Measurement Unit. ---
23  2017 Body Composition, Nutritional Profile and Muscular Fitness Affect Bone Health in a Sample of Schoolchildren from Colombia: The Fuprecol Study. BMI, c-BUA, MF
24  2017 Effects of Plyometric Training on Components of Physical Fitness in Prepuberal Male Soccer Athletes: The Role of Surface Instability. CMJ, MICODT, PT, PTC, PTS, RSI, SSBT, USBT
25  2017 Effects of Plyometric Training on Physical Fitness in Prepuberal Soccer Athletes. CMJ, IAT, USBT
26  2017 Kinematic study of standing long jump in preadolescents before the occurrence of maximum growth age. ---
27  2017 Normative Reference of Standing Long Jump for Colombian Schoolchildren Aged 9-17.9 Years: The FUPRECOL Study. ---
28  2017 Reference Values of Standing Long Jump in Preschool Children: A Population-Based Study. ---
29  2017 Reliability of Sargent Jump Test in 4- to 5-Year-Old Children. ---
30  2017 The Effect of Plyometric Training Volume on Athletic Performance in Prepubertal Male Soccer Players. APHV, COD, HPT, LPT, PT, SJ
31  2017 Twelve Weeks of Plyometric Training Improves Motor Performance of 7- to 9-Year-Old Boys Who Were Overweight/Obese: A Randomized Controlled Intervention. KTK
32  2016 An Allometric Modelling Approach to Identify the Optimal Body Shape Associated with, and Differences between Brazilian and Peruvian Youth Motor Performance. HG, MP, PA, RPI, SR
33  2016 Associations Between Balance and Muscle Strength, Power Performance in Male Youth Athletes of Different Maturity Status. CMJ, PHV
34  2016 Effects of cluster vs. traditional plyometric training sets on maximal-intensity exercise performance. CMJ, ES
35  2016 Effects of High-Velocity Resistance Training on Athletic Performance in Prepuberal Male Soccer Athletes. HVRT, MB5s, SJ
36  2016 Modeling longitudinal changes in hypertensive and waist phenotype: The oporto growth, health, and performance study. 50YD, HGr, HWP, PF, TPA
37  2016 Optimal Timing for Post-Activation Potentiation in Women Collegiate Volleyball Players. PAP
39  2016 The Effects of 8-Week Plyometric Training on Physical Performance in Young Tennis Players. CG, CMJ, PT
40  2015 Efficacy of horizontal jumping tasks as a method for talent identification of female rugby players. ISS, ISS, MSS, MSS, STJ
41  2015 Modeling the dynamics of BMI changes during adolescence. The Oporto Growth, Health and Performance Study. BMI, HGr, PF, TPA
43  2015 Reliability and Validity of Tests to Assess Lower-Body Muscular Power in Children. ---
44  2015 The Relationship between 200 m Performance and Selected Anthropometric Variables and Motor Abilities in Male Sprinters. SFJ
45  2014 Acute effects of a cluster-set protocol on hormonal, metabolic and performance measures in resistance-trained males. BL, BP, BS, CMVJ, CP, CS, GH, Mid, PRE, TS
46  2014 Jumping and hopping in elite and amateur orienteering athletes and correlations to sprinting and running. CMJ, SJ
47  2014 Off-season training habits and preseason functional test measures of division iii collegiate athletes: a descriptive report. D III, SLH
48  2014 The effects of one-week training camp on motor skills in Karate kids. JLT, MBT
49  2013 Assessment of power, speed, and agility in athletic, preadolescent youth. CURL, PRO, SMBT, VJ
50  2013 Effects on strength, power, and flexibility in adolescents of nonperiodized vs. daily nonlinear periodized weight training. CMVJ, DNLP, NP, RT
51  2013 Fitness profiling of elite level adolescent Gaelic football players. CMJ, YYIRT1
52  2013 Lower extremity functional tests and risk of injury in division iii collegiate athletes. LEFT, SLH
53  2013 Plyometrics' trainability in preadolescent soccer athletes. DJ, MB5, PT
54  2012 The role of attentional focus in plyometric training. CMJ, CON, DJ, KF, SSC
55  2011 The effect of whole-body vibration training and conventional strength training on performance measures in female athletes. VCMJ, WBV
56  2010 Assessing muscular strength in youth: usefulness of standing long jump as a general index of muscular fitness. ---
57  2010 Psychological correlates of performance in female athletes during a 12-week off-season strength and conditioning program. ASPPA, POMS, PRO, PSPP, VJ
58  2010 Quantification of vertical ground reaction forces of popular bilateral plyometric exercises. DD, DJ, VGRFs, VJ
59  2009 Relationships among jumping performances and sprint parameters during maximum speed phase in sprinters. CMJ, CT, DJ, FT, PTS, RJ, SF, SJ, SL, SQJ, STJ, Vmax
60  2008 Modification of the standing long jump test enhances ability to predict anaerobic performance. MBLJ, VJ
61  2007 Effects of velocity-specific training on rate of velocity development, peak torque, and performance. PT, RVD
62  2006 Upper and lower limb functionality: are these compromised in obese children? VJ
63  2001 Effects of short-term isokinetic training on standing long-jump performance in untrained men. PT
64  1990 The relationship of lean limb volume to performance in the handgrip and standing long jump tests in boys and girls, aged 11.6-13.2 years. ---