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Abbreviation : SM
Long Form : semimembranosus
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A Comparison of Ovine Facial and Limb Muscle as a Primary Cell Source for Engineered Skeletal Muscle. SMUs, VML
2020 Assessment of carcass and meat quality of longissimus thoracis and semimembranosus muscles of Hanwoo with Korean beef grading standards. LT, QG, YG
2020 Atrophy of individual thigh muscles measured by MRI in older adults with knee osteoarthritis: A cross-sectional study. CSA, FL, HAM, KOA, QM, VM
2020 Bilateral differences in hamstring coordination in previously injured elite athletes. BF, HSIs, PCSA
2020 Botulinum Toxin Type A Injections Impact Hamstring Muscles and Gait Parameters in Children with Flexed Knee Gait. BoNT-A, CP, FKG, GMFM, MAS, MTS
2020 Contribution of connective tissue components, muscle fibres and marbling to beef tenderness variability in longissimus thoracis, rectus abdominis, semimembranosus and semitendinosus muscles. RA
2020 Effect of Hip Joint Position on Electromyographic Activity of the Individual Hamstring Muscles During Stiff-Leg Deadlift. ABD, ADD, BFlh, EMG, EX20, IN20, NT, RMS-EMG, ST
2020 Effects of dietary levels of brown seaweeds and plant polyphenols on growth and meat quality parameters in growing rabbit. LTL
2020 Hamstring muscle elasticity differs in specialized high-performance athletes. BF, ST
10  2020 Influence of Demographic Factors on Sheepmeat Sensory Scores of American, Australian and Chinese Consumers. LL
11  2020 Minor differences in perceived sheepmeat eating quality scores of Australian, Chinese and American consumers. LL, MSA
12  2020 Proteolytic changes of myofibrillar and small heat shock proteins in different bovine muscles during aging: Their relevance to tenderness and water-holding capacity. HSPs, LL, PM, WHC
13  2020 Static loading of the knee joint results in modified single leg landing biomechanics. BF, EMG, nEMG, RF, RFD, ROM, vGRF, VL, VM
14  2020 The effect of fibre orientation, measurement interval and muscle on lamb meat drip loss values. EZ, LL
15  2019 Application of proteomic to investigate the post-mortem tenderization rate of different horse muscles. LL, ST
16  2019 Chemical Composition and Quality Characteristics of Meat in Three One-Humped Camel (Camelus dromedarius) Breeds as Affected by Muscle Type and Post-Mortem Storage Period. BF, LL
17  2019 Effects of Dry- and Wet-ageing on Flavor Compounds and Eating Quality of Low Fat Hanwoo Beef Muscles. GM, LT
18  2019 Genetic variation in colour stability traits of lamb cuts under two packaging systems. LL, OW
19  2019 Hamstring Eccentric Strengthening Program: Does Training Volume Matter? BFlh
20  2019 Muscle shear wave elastography in idiopathic inflammatory myopathies: a case-control study with MRI correlation. BB, BF, IIM, RF, ST, SWE, SWV, VL, VM
21  2019 Sex influence on muscle yield and physiochemical characteristics of common eland (Taurotragus oryx) meat. BF, IS, LTL, SS, ST
22  2019 Validation Study of SNPs in CAPN1-CAST Genes on the Tenderness of Muscles (Longissimus thoracis and Semimembranosus) in Hanwoo (Korean Cattle). CAST, LT, SNPs
23  2018 Addition of herbal extracts to the Holstein-Friesian bulls' diet changes the quality of beef. LL
24  2018 Beef tenderness and intramuscular fat proteomic biomarkers: muscle type effect. ALDH1A1, ALDOA, CRYAB, ENO3, FHL1, LT, MyHC-IIX, RA, RPPA, ST, TB, TPI1
25  2018 Comparison of transcriptomic landscapes of different lamb muscles using RNA-Seq. GM, LL, SS, ST
26  2018 Cooking method effect on Warner-Bratzler shear force of different beef muscles. BF, LT, ST
27  2018 Coordination of hamstrings is individual specific and is related to motor performance. BF, EMG, ST
28  2018 Differences in peptide oxidation between muscles in 12 months Spanish dry-cured ham. BF
29  2018 Differences in the Electromyographic Activity of the Hamstring, Gluteus Maximus, and Erector Spinae Muscles in a Variety of Kinetic Changes. BFl, EMG, ES, GM, MVIC, ST
30  2018 Different physiological stages and breeding systems related to the variability of meat quality of indigenous Pantaneiro sheep. LM
31  2018 Effects of inter-synergistic mechanical interactions on the mechanical behaviour of activated spastic semitendinosus muscle of patients with cerebral palsy. CP, EMFT, GRA, ST
32  2018 Importance of breed aptitude (beef or dairy) in determining trace element concentrations in bovine muscles. CA, DI, TR
33  2018 Intramuscular variations of proteome and muscle fiber type distribution in semimembranosus and semitendinosus muscles associated with pork quality. ST
34  2018 Meat Color Stability of Ovine Muscles Is Related to Glycolytic Dehydrogenase Activities. GAPDH, LDH, LL, PM
35  2018 Mechanical texture profile of Hanwoo muscles as a function of heating temperatures. BF, GM, LT, PM, TB, TPA, WBSF
36  2018 Palatability of beef chuck, loin, and round muscles from three USDA quality grades. AD, BF, IF, LCS, LL, SSF, SV, TB, TM, WBSF
37  2018 Sex differences in muscle morphology of the knee flexors and knee extensors. ACL, ACSA, ACSA, BFlh, BFsh, GR, KE, KF, SA, VL
38  2018 Strategies to improve beef tenderness by activating calpain-2 earlier postmortem. LL
39  2018 The effect of combining tenderstretching and electrical stimulation on alpaca (Vicugna pacos) meat tenderness and eating quality. AF, ES, LL, LT, ST, TS
40  2017 Assessment of frozen storage duration effect on quality characteristics of various horse muscles. BF, GM, LD, TB, TBARS, TVB-N, WBSF
41  2017 Biological Differences between Hanwoo longissimus dorsi and semimembranosus Muscles in Collagen Synthesis of Fibroblasts. LD
42  2017 Comparison of myosin heavy chain content determined by label-free quantification between porcine longissimus thoracis, psoas major and semimembranosus muscles. IHC, LFQ, LT, PM, qRT-PCR, WB
43  2017 Effect of extended aging on calpain-1 and -2 activity in beef longissimus lumborum and semimembranosus muscles. LL
44  2017 Effects of hamstring stretching on passive muscle stiffness vary between hip flexion and knee extension maneuvers. ROM, ST
45  2017 Effects of reducing dietary crude protein levels and replacement with crystalline amino acids on growth performance, carcass composition, and fresh pork quality of finishing pigs fed ractopamine hydrochloride. RAC
46  2017 Genetic parameters of carcass and meat quality traits in different muscles (longissimus dorsi and semimembranosus) of Hanwoo (Korean cattle). BFT, CWT, EMA, IMF, LD, MS, WBSF, WHC
47  2017 Histochemical Characteristics in Relation to Meat Quality Traits of Eight Major Muscles from Hanwoo Steers. FAP, FNP, GM, LL, PM, RA, SF, ST, TB
48  2017 Impact of high oxygen and vacuum retail ready packaging formats on lamb loin and topside eating quality. LTL, VSP
49  2017 Influence of modified atmosphere packaging on protein oxidation, calpain activation and desmin degradation of beef muscles. AP, PM, VP
50  2017 Influenza A (H3N2)-induced rhabdomyolysis complicating anterior compartment syndrome: Serial changes in muscle MRI T2 fat suppression imaging. ACS
51  2017 Interaction of diet and long ageing period on lipid oxidation and colour stability of lamb meat. ---
52  2017 Intra-operatively measured spastic semimembranosus forces of children with cerebral palsy. GRA, ST
53  2017 Is percutaneous medial hamstring myofascial lengthening as anatomically effective and safe as the open procedure? CP, PA, PHL, ST
54  2017 Long Term Changes in Muscles around the Knee Joint after ACL Resection in Rats: Comparisons of ACL-Resected, Contralateral and Normal Limb. ACL, RF
55  2017 Meat Tenderness Characteristics of Ten Major Muscles from Hanwoo Steers according to Quality Grades of Carcasses. GM, IC, LL, LT, PM, QG, RA, SF, SS, TB, WBSF
56  2017 Metabolomics Profiling to Determine the Effect of Postmortem Aging on Color and Lipid Oxidative Stabilities of Different Bovine Muscles. LL, PM
57  2017 Muscle characteristics only partially explain color variations in fresh hams. GP, LDH
58  2017 Muscle Fiber Characteristics and Fatty Acid Compositions of the Four Major Muscles in Korean Native Black Goat. FAP, FNP, GM, KNBG, LL, PM
59  2017 Retail colour stability of lamb meat is influenced by breed type, muscle, packaging and iron concentration. LL, OW
60  2017 The oblique popliteal ligament: an anatomic and MRI investigation. MR, OPL
61  2016 Assessment of volatile compounds, neutral and polar lipid fatty acids of four beef muscles from USDA Choice and Select graded carcasses and their relationships with consumer palatability scores and intramuscular fat content. FA, GM, IMF, LL, NL and PL, QG, SV
62  2016 Comparison of Characteristics of Myosin Heavy Chain-based Fiber and Meat Quality among Four Bovine Skeletal Muscles. LT, MHC, PM, ST
63  2016 Cookery method and endpoint temperature can affect the Warner-Bratzler shear force, cooking loss, and internal cooked color of beef semimembranosus and infraspinatus steaks. CHAR, CLAM, FAC, GRID, IMP, INF, WBSF
64  2016 Effect of electrical stimulation and ageing period on alpaca (Vicugna pacos) meat and eating quality. ES, LL, SF
65  2016 Effect of rigor temperature, ageing and display time on the meat quality and lipid oxidative stability of hot boned beef Semimembranosus muscle. ---
66  2016 Effect of vitamin D, zilpaterol hydrochloride supplementation, and postmortem aging on shear force measurements of three muscles in finishing beef steers. GM, LL, SSF, WBSF, ZH
67  2016 Effects of fibre type and structure of longissimus lumborum (Ll), biceps femoris (Bf) and semimembranosus (Sm) deer muscles salting with different Nacl addition on proteolysis index and texture of dry-cured meats. Bf, LL
68  2016 Individual Muscle use in Hamstring Exercises by Soccer Players Assessed using Functional MRI. fMRI, GR, ST
69  2016 Influence of 21days of vacuum-aging on color, bloom development, and WBSF of beef semimembranosus. WBSF
70  2016 Influence of extended aging on beef quality characteristics and sensory perception of steaks from the biceps femoris and semimembranosus. BF
71  2016 Long-term use of corn coproducts as a source of protein in beef finishing diets and the effects on carcass characteristics and round muscle quality. CGF, DDGS, RF, VL
72  2016 MRI findings and return to play in football: a prospective analysis of 255 hamstring injuries in the UEFA Elite Club Injury Study. BF, RTP, ST
73  2016 MRI-Based Regional Muscle Use during Hamstring Strengthening Exercises in Elite Soccer Players. BFl, MRI, ST
74  2016 Muscle activation patterns in the Nordic hamstring exercise: Impact of prior strain injury. BFlh, BFsh, CSA, NHE, ST
75  2016 Proximal hamstring morphology and morphometry in men: an anatomic and MRI investigation. BFlh, MTJ, ST
76  2016 Selection for increased muscling in Angus cattle did not increase the glycolytic potential or negatively impact pH decline, retail colour stability or mineral content. high, low, LT, ST
77  2016 Sex- and age-dependent expression of Pax7, Myf 5, MyoG, and Myostatin in yak skeletal muscles. QF, TM
78  2016 Sonographically Guided Semimembranosus Bursa Injection: Technique and Validation. SG
79  2016 The effects of a 4-week static stretching programme on the individual muscles comprising the hamstrings. BF, SS, ST
80  2016 The influence of crossbreeding on collagen solubility and tenderness of Infraspinatus and Semimembranosus muscles of semi-intensively reared young bulls. CH, HER, INF, LM, PHF
81  2016 Use of B-mode ultrasonography for measuring femoral muscle thickness in dogs. BF, CSA, MRI, QF, ST
82  2015 A qualitative and quantitative analysis of the attachment sites of the proximal hamstrings. ---
83  2015 Activity and expression of nitric oxide synthase in pork skeletal muscles. LT, NOS, PM
84  2015 Acute effects of static stretching on the hamstrings using shear elastic modulus determined by ultrasound shear wave elastography: Differences in flexibility between hamstring muscle components. BF, SS, ST
85  2015 Determination of optimum oven cooking procedures for lean beef products. LL
86  2015 Effect of early postmortem enhancement of calcium lactate/phosphate on quality attributes of beef round muscles under different packaging systems. AD, CON, ST, VAC
87  2015 Effect of pulsed electric field treatment on hot-boned muscles of different potential tenderness. LL, PEF
88  2015 Effects of infusing nitric oxide donors and inhibitors on plasma metabolites, muscle lactate production and meat quality in lambs fed a high quality roughage-based diet. LTL, NO
89  2015 Fiber Composition of the Grasscutter (Thryonomys swinderianus, Temminck 1827) Thigh Muscle: An Enzyme-histochemical Study. AM, ATPase, BF, PCT, RF, SMA, SRT, ST, TFL, VL, VM
90  2015 Gross anatomical and dimensional characteristics of the proximal hamstring origin. LB, ST
91  2015 Hand-held lactate analyzer as a tool for the real-time measurement of physical fatigue before slaughter and pork quality prediction. AD, EX, GP, LA, LSA, LT, RE, UN
92  2015 Influence of dietary canola oil and palm oil blend and refrigerated storage on fatty acids, myofibrillar proteins, chemical composition, antioxidant profile and quality attributes of semimembranosus muscle in goats. GPx
93  2015 Influence of type of muscle on volatile compounds throughout the manufacture of Celta dry-cured ham. BF, GC/MS, SPME
94  2015 Lambmeat colour values (HunterLab CIE and reflectance) are influenced by aperture size (5 mm v. 25 mm). LL
95  2015 Long term vitamin A restriction improves meat quality parameters and modifies gene expression in Iberian pigs. BF, IMF, LW
96  2015 Novel variation in the FABP3 promoter and its association with fatness traits in pigs. FABP3, LTL
97  2015 Patellar tendon and hamstring moment-arms and cross-sectional area in patients with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and controls. ACL, BF, CSA, PT, ST
98  2015 Quantifying the Elastic Property of Nine Thigh Muscles Using Magnetic Resonance Elastography. BC, GR, MRE, RF, SR, ST, VL, VM
99  2015 Tenderization potential of Hanwoo beef muscles from carcasses with differed genders and loin intramuscular fat content levels during post mortem ageing. BF, IMF, LAD, LC, LL, LT, PM, QF, SS, ST, WBSF, WHC
100  2015 The effect of ripening time on the chemical, textural, volatile and sensorial traits of Bicep femoris and Semimembranosus muscles of the Slovenian dry-cured ham Kraki prut. BF