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Abbreviation : SRT
Long Form : sludge retention time
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Ammonia-based aeration control with optimal SRT control: improved performance and lower energy consumption. ABAC, DO, MLSS, WRRF
2019 Assessing activated sludge morphology and oxygen transfer performance using image analysis. SFL
2019 Colloids, flocculation and carbon capture - a comprehensive plant-wide model. COD, EPS, HRAS, WRRFs
2019 Comparison between kinetics of autochthonous marine bacteria in activated sludge and granular sludge systems at different salinity and SRTs. ---
2019 Effect of sulfadiazine and trimethoprim on activated sludge performance and microbial community dynamics in laboratory-scale membrane bioreactors and sequencing batch reactors at 8C. AOA, MBRs, SBRs
2019 Fate of antibiotic resistance genes during anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge: Role of solids retention times in different configurations. ARGs, MW
2019 Impact of free nitrous acid shock and dissolved oxygen limitation on nitritation maintenance and nitrous oxide emission in a membrane bioreactor. DO, FNA, MBR, NOB, qPCR
2019 Impacts of solids retention time and antibiotic loading in activated sludge systems on secondary effluent water quality and microbial community structure. ---
2019 NOB suppression in pilot-scale mainstream nitritation-denitritation system coupled with MBR for municipal wastewater treatment. DO, NAR, NOB
10  2019 Organic removal and synthesis of biopolymer from synthetic oily bilge water using the novel mixed bacterial consortium. CT, OBW, PHA, SBR
11  2019 Overcoming challenges in mainstream Anammox applications: Utilization of nanoscale zero valent iron (nZVI). HRM, nZVI, SAA, SBR, STPs
12  2019 Overcoming floc formation limitations in high-rate activated sludge systems. EPS, HRAS
13  2019 Reducing bacterial aerosol emissions from membrane bioreactors: The impact of SRT and the addition of PAC and calcium. MBR, PAC, PM
14  2019 Removal of antibiotic resistance genes in four full-scale membrane bioreactors. ARGs, MBR, WWTPs
15  2019 Removals of pharmaceutical compounds at different sludge particle size fractions in membrane bioreactors operated under different solid retention times. MBR
16  2019 Selection of cyanobacteria over green algae in a photo-sequencing batch bioreactor fed with wastewater. HRT
17  2019 Study of an enhanced dry anaerobic digestion of swine manure: Performance and microbial community property. VS
18  2019 Volatile fatty acids impacting phototrophic growth kinetics of purple bacteria: Paving the way for protein production on fermented wastewater. dw, PBR, PNSB, VFAs
19  2019 [Effect of Different Sludge Retention Time (SRT) Operations on the Nutrient Removal Characteristics of a SNEDPR System]. SBRs, SNEDPR
20  2019 [Influence of Sludge Retention Time on the Performance and Stability of Mesophilic Anaerobic Co-digestion of Food Waste with Waste Activated Sludge]. CSTR, FW, OLR, WAS
21  2019 [Start-up and Stable Operation of ABR-MBR Denitrifying Phosphorus Removal Process]. A/A, DO, DPBs, PAOs
22  2018 A novel AAO-SBSPR process based on phosphorus mass balance for nutrient removal and phosphorus recovery from municipal wastewater. PAOs, TN
23  2018 Adsorption characteristics of organics in the effluent of ultra-short SRT wastewater treatment by single-walled, multi-walled, and graphitized multi-walled carbon nanotubes. COD, HA
24  2018 Anaerobic Digestion Model No. 1 Simulation of High Solids Anaerobic Digestion with Feasibility Study for El Gabal El Asfar Water Resource Recovery Facility. CAD, HSAD, OLR
25  2018 Assessing the abundance of fungal populations in a full-scale membrane bioreactor (MBR) treating urban wastewater by using quantitative PCR (qPCR). MBR, qPCR
26  2018 Bioaugmentation with Nitrifying Granules in Low-SRT Flocculent Activated Sludge at Low Temperature. ---
27  2018 Decolorization of Reactive Red 159 by a consortium of photosynthetic bacteria using an anaerobic sequencing batch reactor (AnSBR). AnSBR, HRT, PNSB
28  2018 Degradation of triclosan and triclocarban and formation of transformation products in activated sludge using benchtop bioreactors. HRT, Me-TCS, TCC, TCS, WWTP
29  2018 Effect of High Strength Food Wastes on Anaerobic Codigestion of Sewage Sludge. DAF, FOG, GTW, HSWs
30  2018 Effect of Solids Retention Time on Effluent Dissolved Organic Nitrogen in the Activated Sludge Process: Studies on Bioavailability, Fluorescent Components, and Molecular Characteristics. AS, DON, MWWTPs
31  2018 Efficient treatment of dairy processing wastewater in a laboratory scale Intermittently Aerated Sequencing Batch Reactor (IASBR). HRT, IASBR
32  2018 Estimation of the Unbiodegradable Fraction of Thickened Waste Activated Sludge. OLR, PCOD, TWAS, VSS
33  2018 Food waste co-digestion with slaughterhouse waste and sewage sludge: Digestate conditioning and supernatant quality. CST, FW, MSS, SHW
34  2018 General Fate Model for Microconstituents in an Activated Sludge System. BPA, TCS
35  2018 Hydrogen production from a thermophilic alkaline waste activated sludge fermenter: Effects of solid retention time (SRT). SRTs
36  2018 Impacts of feed dilution and lower solids retention time on performance of thermal hydrolysis/anaerobic digestion. VS
37  2018 Impacts of SRT on Particle Size Distribution and Reactor Performance in Activated Sludge Processes. COD, HPO, IFAS, MLE, NDN, WRRFs
38  2018 Key process parameters involved in the treatment of olive mill wastewater by membrane bioreactor. COD, MBR, MF, OMWW, SMP, UF
39  2018 Long solid retention time (SRT) has minor role in promoting methane production in a 65C single-stage anaerobic sludge digester. VS, WAS
40  2018 Nitrogen and phosphorus treatment of marine wastewater by a laboratory-scale sequencing batch reactor with eco-friendly marine high-efficiency sediment. DO, eco-HEMS, HRT, MLVSS, RE, SBR, SDNR, SNR, SPUR
41  2018 Nitrous oxide from integrated fixed-film activated sludge membrane bioreactor: Assessing the influence of operational variables. C/N, HRT
42  2018 Operation optimization of a photo-sequencing batch reactor for wastewater treatment: Study on influencing factors and impact on symbiotic microbial ecology. SBR
43  2018 Predictions of the Influent and Operational Conditions for Partial Nitritation with a Model Incorporating pH Dynamics. DO, NOB, SBR
44  2018 Process performance assessment of advanced anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge including sequential ultrasound-thermal (55 C) pre-treatment. COD
45  2018 Removal of veterinary antibiotics from anaerobically digested swine wastewater using an intermittently aerated sequencing batch reactor. ADSW, COD, COD, IASBR, TN
46  2018 Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification in the activated sludge systems of continuous flow. AS, C/N, COD, DO, F/M, SND
47  2018 Start-up of a sequential dry anaerobic digestion of paunch under psychrophilic and mesophilic temperatures. DAD, VS
48  2018 The influence of solid retention time on IFAS-MBR systems: analysis of system behavior. UCT-IFAS-MBR
49  2018 The relationship between volatile fatty acids accumulation and microbial community succession triggered by excess sludge alkaline fermentation. ES, SCOD, VFAs
50  2018 Toward Better Understanding of EBPR Systems via Linking Raman-Based Phenotypic Profiling with Phylogenetic Diversity. EBPR, GAOs, HCA, PAOs
51  2018 Trends in Micropollutant Biotransformation along a Solids Retention Time Gradient. ---
52  2017 A model for determination of operational conditions for successful shortcut nitrification. DO, FA, FNA, TAN, TNN
53  2017 A process for polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) production from municipal wastewater treatment with biological carbon and nitrogen removal demonstrated at pilot-scale. IFAS, PHA, PHAs
54  2017 A review: Driving factors and regulation strategies of microbial community structure and dynamics in wastewater treatment systems. DO, HRT
55  2017 Anaerobic stabilization of waste activated sludge at different temperatures and solid retention times: Evaluation by sludge reduction, soluble chemical oxygen demand release and dehydration capability. CST, MT-AD, PCA, SCOD, TS, VS, WAS
56  2017 Assessment of activated sludge, membrane bioreactors and vertical flow wetlands for upgrading sewage treatment works. CAS, MBR, VF
57  2017 Bacterial diversity and population shifts driven by spotlight wastewater micropollutants in low-temperature highly nitrifying activated sludge. MBR, MPs, SBR
58  2017 Behaviour of biopolymeric substances in the activated sludge of an MBR system working with high hydraulic retention time. EPS, MBR, SMP, VSS/TSS
59  2017 Comparison of EDCs removal in full and pilot scale membrane bioreactor plants: Effect of flux rate on EDCs removal in short SRT. ACET, CBZ, EDCs, MBR, TMP
60  2017 Controlling the COD removal of an A-stage pilot study with instrumentation and automatic process control. A/B, COD, DO, MLSS
61  2017 Dynamic changes of bacterial community in activated sludge with pressurized aeration in a sequencing batch reactor. DO, SBR
62  2017 Effect of Free Ammonia, Free Nitrous Acid, and Alkalinity on the Partial Nitrification of Pretreated Pig Slurry, Using an Alternating Oxic/Anoxic SBR. ALR, DO, NOB, O/A, PN, SBR, TA
63  2017 Effect of operating conditions on speciation and bioavailability of trace metals in submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactors. HRT, SAMBRs, TMs
64  2017 Effects of alkali types on waste activated sludge (WAS) fermentation and microbial communities. SCFAs, SCOD, semi-CSTR, WAS
65  2017 Effects of sludge retention time, carbon and initial biomass concentrations on selection process: From activated sludge to polyhydroxyalkanoate accumulating cultures. ADF, MMCs, PHA, SBRs, T-RFLP
66  2017 Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal at low Sludge Retention Time in view of its integration in A-stage systems. EBPR, SBR
67  2017 Enhancement of anaerobic digestibility of waste activated sludge using photo-Fenton pretreatment. CCD, CST, RSM, VS, WAS
68  2017 Extracellular enzymatic activity of two hydrolases in wastewater treatment for biological nutrient removal. COD, HRT, TKN, TP, UCT
69  2017 Fate of selected pharmaceutically active compounds in the integrated fixed film activated sludge process. AS, ATEN, CAS, IFAS, PC, TRIM
70  2017 Fouling modeling of the mixed liquor in MBR by the individual and combined models. ---
71  2017 Impact of Coagulant and Flocculant Addition to an Anaerobic Dynamic Membrane Bioreactor (AnDMBR) Treating Waste-Activated Sludge. AnDMBR, FA, HRT, WAS
72  2017 Impact of sludge retention time on MBR fouling: role of extracellular polymeric substances determined through membrane autopsy. EPS, MBR
73  2017 Impacts of solids retention time on trace organic compound attenuation and bacterial resistance to trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole. ---
74  2017 Maximum specific growth rate of anammox bacteria revisited. MBR, PVA, qPCR, SA
75  2017 Nutrient removal and energy recovery from high-rate activated sludge processes - Impact of sludge age. ---
76  2017 Organic compounds removal and toxicity reduction of landfill leachate by commercial bakers' yeast and conventional bacteria based membrane bioreactor integrated with nanofiltration. HRT, NF
77  2017 Pretreatment of a primary and secondary sludge blend at different thermal hydrolysis temperatures: Impacts on anaerobic digestion, dewatering and filtrate characteristics. THP, TS
78  2017 Rapid Achievement of Nitritation Using Aerobic Starvation. AOB, NAR, NOB, qPCR
79  2017 Reduced sludge growth at high bulk liquor dissolved oxygen induced by increased secondary cell maintenance. DO, HDO, mp, ms, SBRs
80  2017 Reduced sludge production in a membrane bioreactor by uncoupling metabolism and its effect on phosphorus accumulation in the biomass. AISP, SHT
81  2017 Rethinking growth and decay kinetics in activated sludge - towards a new adaptive kinetics approach. ASM
82  2017 SRT contributes significantly to sludge reduction in the OSA-based activated sludge process. OSA
83  2017 Synergism of co-digestion of food wastes with municipal wastewater treatment biosolids. FW, OLR
84  2017 The influence of solid retention time on IFAS-MBR systems: Assessment of nitrous oxide emission. IFAS, MBR, UCT
85  2017 The investigation of paper mill industry wastewater treatment and activated sludge properties in a submerged membrane bioreactor. COD, EPS, HRT, SMBR, SMP, TP
86  2017 [Effect of SRT on Stability of Yeast-SBR in Treating Oil-containing Wastewater]. EPS, SBR
87  2017 [Nitrogen Removal Effect and Conversion Characteristics of Nitrous Oxide in Single-stage and Multi-stage A/O Processes]. A/O, HRT, SBRs
88  2017 [Realization of Shortcut Nitrification in the ABR-MBR Process Treating Domestic Wastewater]. ABR, DO, FA, FNA, HRT, MBR, TN
89  2016 A new activated primary tank developed for recovering carbon source and its application. APT, RSR, SCOD
90  2016 A New Approach to Modeling Operational Conditions for Mitigating Fouling in Membrane Bioreactor. CCRD, MBR, RSM
91  2016 Altered antibiotic tolerance in anaerobic digesters acclimated to triclosan or triclocarban. ---
92  2016 Analysis and modelling of predation on biofilm activated sludge process: Influence on microbial distribution, sludge production and nutrient dosage. BAS
93  2016 Bioflocculation management through high-rate contact-stabilization: A promising technology to recover organic carbon from low-strength wastewater. CS, CSTR, HRAS, PF, RAS
94  2016 Comparison of bacterial communities of conventional and A-stage activated sludge systems. CAS, HRT
95  2016 Distribution of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) in anaerobic digestion and land application of swine wastewater. AD, ARGs
96  2016 Diversity and interactions of microbial functional genes under differing environmental conditions: insights from a membrane bioreactor and an oxidation ditch. DO, MBR, MLSS, OD, RMT
97  2016 Effect of carbon to nitrogen ratio of feed wastewater and sludge retention time on activated sludge in a submerged membrane bioreactor. EPS, MLSS, SMBR
98  2016 Effect of sludge retention time on continuous-flow system with enhanced biological phosphorus removal granules at different COD loading. EBPR, PAOs, PHAs
99  2016 Effect of solid retention time on membrane fouling in membrane bioreactor: from the perspective of quorum sensing and quorum quenching. EPS, MBR, QQ, QS, SMP
100  2016 Effects of hydraulic retention time on aerobic granulation and granule growth kinetics at steady state with a fast start-up strategy. HRT, OLR