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Abbreviation : SVR
Long Form : support vector regression
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A comparative study on predicting influenza outbreaks using different feature spaces: application of influenza-like illness data from Early Warning Alert and Response System in Syria. DHR, DL, GB, GLM, ILI, LSTM, ML, RF, STL, WHO
2020 Accurate Ambulatory Gait Analysis in Walking and Running Using Machine Learning Models. ICC
2020 Artificial intelligence based ensemble model for prediction of vehicular traffic noise. AI, ANFIS, FFNN, MLR
2020 Deep Neural Network-Based Concentration Model for Oak Pollen Allergy Warning in South Korea. DNN
2020 Identifying key environmental factors for enhancing the pollutant removal potential at a river confluence. Ba-IBI
2020 Long-lead Prediction of ENSO Modoki Index using Machine Learning algorithms. ML, RF, SMC, SPCA, SSH, SST
2020 Multi-output parameter-insensitive kernel twin SVR model. M-PITSVR, M-TSVR
2020 Short-term prediction of safety and operation impacts of lane changes in oscillations with empirical vehicle trajectories. LCI, NGSIM, TIT
2019 3D Reconstruction of Slug Flow in Mini-Channels with a Simple and Low-Cost Optical Sensor. GLF
10  2019 A Mobile Anchor Node Assisted RSSI Localization Scheme in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks. UWSNs
11  2019 A Novel Hybrid Model for Predicting Blast-Induced Ground Vibration Based on k-Nearest Neighbors and Particle Swarm Optimization. KNN, PPV, PSO, RF
12  2019 A Novel Method for Soil Organic Matter Determination by Using an Artificial Olfactory System. AOS, BPNN, PLSR, RMSE, RPD, SOM
13  2019 A Regression-Based Framework for Quantitative Assessment of Muscle Spasticity Using Combined EMG and Inertial Data From Wearable Sensors. EMG, MAS
14  2019 A Sensitivity Analysis-Based Parameter Optimization Framework for 3D Printing of Continuous Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Composites. SA
15  2019 A Two-Level WiFi Fingerprint-Based Indoor Localization Method for Dangerous Area Monitoring. APC, PSO
16  2019 Ambient Air Pollution and Daily Hospital Admissions for Respiratory Disease in Children in Guiyang, China. CCA
17  2019 An enhanced extrapolation method based on particle swarm optimization-support vector regression to determine the friction coefficient between aircraft tire and runway surface. COF, PSO, SN, SW
18  2019 An Ensemble Model With Clustering Assumption for Warfarin Dose Prediction in Chinese Patients. EFCM
19  2019 An experimental study on investigating the postmortem interval in dichlorvos poisoned rats by GC/MS-based metabolomics. GC/MS, MSE, PMI
20  2019 Application of a combined model with seasonal autoregressive integrated moving average and support vector regression in forecasting hand-foot-mouth disease incidence in Wuhan, China. AIC, HFMD, MAPE, MSE, SARIMA
21  2019 Application of the deep learning for the prediction of rainfall in Southern Taiwan. BPN, DeepESN, ESN, RC
22  2019 Autonomous Vision-Based Aerial Grasping for Rotorcraft Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. ROI, UAV
23  2019 Bimolecular Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions: Predictive Models for Rate Constants and Molecular Reaction Pairs Analysis. ---
24  2019 Comparative efficacy of machine-learning models in prediction of reducing uncertainties in biosurfactant production. ---
25  2019 Data Mining and Statistical Approaches in Debris-Flow Susceptibility Modelling Using Airborne LiDAR Data. AUC, DEM, LiDAR, MARS, SCA, SPI, STI, TPI, TWI
26  2019 Determination of biochemical oxygen demand and dissolved oxygen for semi-arid river environment: application of soft computing models. BOD, Ca, COD, DO, EC, HRSM, RSM, TDS, TSS
27  2019 Development of a predictive model for estimating the specific heat capacity of metallic oxides/ethylene glycol-based nanofluids using support vector regression. AARD, C P n f
28  2019 Dosimetric features-driven machine learning model for DVH prediction in VMAT treatment planning. CTP, DEs, DVH, OAR, PTV, SAR, VMAT
29  2019 Enhanced baseline activity in the left ventromedial putamen predicts individual treatment response in drug-naive, first-episode schizophrenia: Results from two independent study samples. fALFF, fMRI, PANSS
30  2019 Enhancing the fluorescence spectrum of frying oil using a nanoscale probe. MSE, PARAFAC
31  2019 Epidemiological characteristics of bacillary dysentery from 2009 to 2016 and its incidence prediction model based on meteorological factors. BD, GA, MAPE, MSE
32  2019 Equivalent circuit models for a biomembrane impedance sensor and analysis of electrochemical impedance spectra based on support vector regression. ---
33  2019 Estrogenic Active Stilbene Derivatives as Anti-Cancer Agents: A DFT and QSAR Study. DFT, MLR, QSAR
34  2019 Evaluation of Aboveground Nitrogen Content of Winter Wheat Using Digital Imagery of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. PLSR, PSO-SVR, RMSE, UAVs, VIs, WFs
35  2019 Exploring Alternative Strategies for the Identification of Potent Compounds Using Support Vector Machine and Regression Modeling. QSAR, SARs, SVM
36  2019 GluNet: A Deep Learning Framework For Accurate Glucose Forecasting. ARX, BG, CGM, CNN, LVX, NNPG, PH, RMSE, T1D
37  2019 High-throughput analysis of leaf physiological and chemical traits with VIS-NIR-SWIR spectroscopy: a case study with a maize diversity panel. Chl, LWC, PLSR, RPD, SLA
38  2019 Hybrid chemometric approach for estimating the heat of detonation of aromatic energetic compounds. GSA, HD
39  2019 Identification and characterization of the lncRNA signature associated with overall survival in patients with neuroblastoma. lncRNAs, NB
40  2019 Identifying predictors of antimicrobial exposure in hospitalized patients using a machine learning approach. AU, CB
41  2019 Identifying protein-protein interface via a novel multi-scale local sequence and structural representation. ---
42  2019 Implementing machine learning in bipolar diagnosis in China. ADE, BDCC, BPD, CAFE-BD, LASSO, LDA, MDD, ROC
43  2019 Integrated support vector regression and an improved particle swarm optimization-based model for solar radiation prediction. GP, IPSO, M5T, MARS, SVR-GA
44  2019 IQ estimation by means of EEG-fNIRS recordings during a logical-mathematical intelligence test. EEG, fNIRS, IQ, LDA, LR, PCA, RPM
45  2019 Linear Support Vector Regression and Partial Least-Squares for Determination of Dapoxetine Hydrochloride and Tadalafil in Binary Pharmaceutical Mixtures. DAP, PLS, TAD
46  2019 Localization of Ventricular Activation Origin from the 12-Lead ECG: A Comparison of Linear Regression with Non-Linear Methods of Machine Learning. LV, MLR, RFR
47  2019 Longitudinal score prediction for Alzheimer's disease based on ensemble correntropy and spatial-temporal constraint. AD, ADNI
48  2019 Machine Learning To Predict Standard Enthalpy of Formation of Hydrocarbons. K-fold CV, ML
49  2019 Machine-Learning Methods for Water Table Depth Prediction in Seasonal Freezing-Thawing Areas. CAR-RR, MLR
50  2019 Modeling and Experimental Study for Online Measurement of Hydraulic Cylinder Micro Leakage Based on Convolutional Neural Network. BPNN, CNN, RBF
51  2019 Multivariate quantitative analysis of metal elements in steel using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy. Cr, LIBS, Mn, PLSR, Ti
52  2019 Near real-time enumeration of live and dead bacteria using a fibre-based spectroscopic device. PCR, PLSR
53  2019 Non-invasive and rapid pH monitoring for meat quality assessment using a low-cost portable hyperspectral scanner. ---
54  2019 Non-invasive assessments of the advanced glycation end products in human skin using reflectance NIR spectroscopy. AGE, NIR, PCR, PLS-R, UV
55  2019 Non-Invasive Estimation of Hemoglobin Using a Multi-Model Stacking Regressor. Ada, CC, Hb, LASSO, PPGs, RMSE
56  2019 Non-Invasive Sensing of Nitrogen in Plant Using Digital Images and Machine Learning for Brassica Campestris ssp. Chinensis L. NN, NNI, RF
57  2019 Orthogonal projection to latent structures and first derivative for manipulation of PLSR and SVR chemometric models' prediction: A case study. IMP A, IMP B, OPLS, PLSR, PR
58  2019 Performance monitoring beyond choice tasks: The time course of force execution monitoring investigated by event-related potentials and multivariate pattern analysis. ERP, MVPA
59  2019 Predicting Blast-Induced Ground Vibration in Open-Pit Mines Using Vibration Sensors and Support Vector Regression-Based Optimization Algorithms. ABC, GA, ICA, PSO, RBF
60  2019 Predicting forced vital capacity (FVC) using support vector regression (SVR). COPD, CS, EOT, FEV1, FVC, LDCS, PEF
61  2019 Predicting Humphrey 10-2 visual field from 24-2 visual field in eyes with advanced glaucoma. HFA 10-2, IP, PredError, TD
62  2019 Predicting miRNA-lncRNA interactions and recognizing their regulatory roles in stress response of plants. lncRNA, miRNA, mRNA, ncRNA
63  2019 Predicting the weld width from high-speed successive images of the weld zone using different machine learning algorithms during laser welding. BPNN, PCA, PCs, RBFNN
64  2019 Prediction of DNA damage and G2 chromosomal radio-sensitivity ex vivo in peripheral blood mononuclear cells with label-free Raman micro-spectroscopy. PBMCs, PLSR
65  2019 Prediction of skin dose in low-kV intraoperative radiotherapy using machine learning models trained on results of invivo dosimetry. CI, RMSE, SLR, TARGIT
66  2019 Predictive Models for Kinetic Parameters of Cycloaddition Reactions. CA, CGR, Ea, GTM
67  2019 Quantitative Analysis of Elements in Fertilizer Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Coupled with Support Vector Regression Model. GA, GSM, KS, LIBS, LS, LSSVR, PSO
68  2019 Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Multicomponent Gas Using Sensor Array. LR, PCA, PSO, RF, SVM
69  2019 Quantitative TLC-SERS detection of histamine in seafood with support vector machine analysis. PCA, PLSR, TLC-SERS
70  2019 Quantitatively estimating main soil water-soluble salt ions content based on Visible-near infrared wavelength selected using GC, SR and VIP. GC, PLSR, SNV, SR, VIP, VIS-NIR
71  2019 Rapid and cost-effective evaluation of bacterial viability using fluorescence spectroscopy. PI
72  2019 Rapid identification and quantification of Panax notoginseng with its adulterants by near infrared spectroscopy combined with chemometrics. ANN, CL, CWT, ELM, GC, HCA, HPLC, MSC, NIR, PCR, PLS-DA, PLSR, PN, RAO, RC, SNV, SVM
73  2019 RBF and NSGA-II based EDM process parameters optimization with multiple constraints. KRG, MRR, NSGA-II, PRS, RBF, SR, UEC
74  2019 Reduced Brain Activity in the Right Putamen as an Early Predictor for Treatment Response in Drug-Naive, First-Episode Schizophrenia. fALFF, PANSS
75  2019 Reduced connectivity in anterior cingulate cortex as an early predictor for treatment response in drug-naive, first-episode schizophrenia: A global-brain functional connectivity analysis. ACC, FC, GFC, PANSS
76  2019 Region-specific insular volumetric decreases in drug-naive, first-episode schizophrenia and their unaffected siblings. GMV, vIa
77  2019 Regression analysis for detecting epileptic seizure with different feature extracting strategies. BRT, EEG, GPR, MAE, MSE, RMSE, RS, RT, SVM
78  2019 Roadway traffic crash prediction using a state-space model based support vector regression approach. MVNB, SSM
79  2019 Short-term traffic speed prediction under different data collection time intervals using a SARIMA-SDGM hybrid prediction model. ANN, MAE, MAPE, RMSE, SARIMA, SDGM
80  2019 Signal Enhancement of Cadmium in Lettuce Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Combined with Pyrolysis Process. airPLS, Cd, LASSO, LIBS, LOD, PLS
81  2019 Space-time chlorophyll-a retrieval in optically complex waters that accounts for remote sensing and modeling uncertainties and improves remote estimation accuracy. BME, Chl-a, MODIS, Rrs
82  2019 Spatial Assessment of Solar Radiation by Machine Learning and Deep Neural Network Models Using Data Provided by the COMS MI Geostationary Satellite: A Case Study in South Korea. ANN, COMS, DNN, DNN, MI, RF, RMSE
83  2019 Steroid identification via deep learning retention time predictions and two-dimensional gas chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry. CML, CNN, DNN, ESP, PLS, RFR
84  2019 SVR ensemble-based continuous blood pressure prediction using multi-channel photoplethysmogram. BP, HRV, PPG, PWV
85  2019 SVR-RSM: a hybrid heuristic method for modeling monthly pan evaporation. Epan, MLPNN, NSE, RSM
86  2019 Travel demand and distance analysis for free-floating car sharing based on deep learning method. ARIMA, LSTM-RNN
87  2019 Water quality prediction based on recurrent neural network and improved evidence theory: a case study of Qiantang River, China. BPNN, D-S, RNN
88  2018 A Deep Automated Skeletal Bone Age Assessment Model with Heterogeneous Features Learning. CNNs, DL, MKL
89  2018 A detailed structural study of cytotoxicity effect of ionic liquids on the leukemia rat cell line IPC-81 by three dimensional quantitative structure toxicity relationship. GA, GRINDs, ILs, MIFs, PLS
90  2018 A method for measuring human body composition using digital images. BF, BMI, DXA
91  2018 A new approach to the intracardiac inverse problem using Laplacian distance kernel. DSM, TSVD
92  2018 A new solar power output prediction based on hybrid forecast engine and decomposition model. CSC, HHT, IEMD, PV
93  2018 A novel strategy for retention prediction of nucleic acids with their sequence information in ion-pair reversed phase liquid chromatography. CHEI, dsDNAs, IP-RPLC, LSS
94  2018 A support vector regression method for efficiently determining neutral profiles from laser induced fluorescence data. CR, HelCat, LIF
95  2018 Aberrant functional connectivity of neural circuits associated with social and sensorimotor deficits in young children with autism spectrum disorder. ASD, FC, HC, ROIs
96  2018 Agricultural drought prediction using climate indices based on Support Vector Regression in Xiangjiang River basin. NSE, WPSH
97  2018 Approaches to denoise the diffuse optical signals for tissue blood flow measurement. BFI, DCS
98  2018 Assessment of concurrent stereotactic radiosurgery and bevacizumab treatment of recurrent malignant gliomas using multi-modality MRI imaging and radiomics analysis. ADC, LOOCV, MG, OS
99  2018 Attenuated total reflectance Fourier transform infrared (ATR-FTIR) spectral prediction of postmortem interval from vitreous humor samples. ANN, ATR-FTIR, BRR, PMI, VH
100  2018 Combining Bootstrap Aggregation with Support Vector Regression for Small Blood Pressure Measurement. BP