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Abbreviation : SWV
Long Form : shear wave velocity
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A New Multimodel Machine Learning Framework to Improve Hepatic Fibrosis Grading Using Ultrasound Elastography Systems from Different Vendors. AUC, ML, MRE, SVM
2020 Acoustic radiation force impulse imaging of pancreas in patients with early onset idiopathic recurrent acute pancreatitis. ARFI, CP, RAP
2020 Acute effects of long-distance running on mechanical and morphological properties of the human plantar fascia. LDR, PF
2020 Can Point Shear Wave Elastography Be Used as an Early Indicator of Involvement?: Evaluation of the Pancreas and Liver in Children With Cystic Fibrosis. CF
2020 Characterization of Hand Tendons Through High-Frequency Ultrasound Elastography. FDP, FDS, HF
2020 Characterization of the extensor digitorum communis tendon using high-frequency ultrasound shear wave elastography. EDC, HFUS
2020 Clinical Case Series of Decrease in Shear Wave Elastography Values in Ten Diabetic Dyslipidemia Patients Having NAFLD with Saroglitazar 4 mg: An Indian Experience. NAFLD, TGs
2020 Clinical value of virtual touch tissue imaging quantification in diagnosis and treatment of congenital muscular torticollis in children. CMT, SCM, VTIQ
2020 Diagnostic value of shear wave sonoelastography in differentiation of benign from malignant thyroid nodules. ROI, SWE
10  2020 Identifying predictors of upper extremity muscle elasticity with healthy aging. AD, BB, CL, MT, SC, SWE
11  2020 Knee muscle and tendon stiffness in professional soccer players: a shear-wave elastography study. PT, QT, RF, VM
12  2020 Native T1 mapping compared to ultrasound elastography for staging and monitoring liver fibrosis: an animal study of repeatability, reproducibility, and accuracy. ARFI, AUC, ICC
13  2020 Pancreatic ultrasound elastography is not useful to predict the risk of pancreatic fistulas after pancreatic resection. CR-POPF, PE
14  2020 Placental ARFI elastography and biometry evaluation in bitches. ARFI
15  2020 Quantification of pancreatic elasticity in type 2 diabetes: A new potential imaging marker for evaluation of microangiopathy. ROC
16  2020 Quantitative ultrasound elastography and biometry of the bitch uterus in the early puerperium after vaginal delivery and caesarean section. ARFI
17  2020 Role of Ultrasound Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse in Differentiating Benign from Malignant Superficial Lymph Nodes. ARFI
18  2020 Shear wave velocity is sensitive to changes in muscle stiffness that occur independently from changes in force. ---
19  2020 Shear Wave Velocity Measurements of the Median Nerve in Patients on Chronic Hemodialysis. CSA
20  2020 Shear-Wave Elastography of the Breast: Added Value of a Quality Map in Diagnosis and Prediction of the Biological Characteristics of Breast Cancer. AUC, QM, SD, SWE
21  2020 Supraspinatus muscle shear wave elastography (SWE): detection of biomechanical differences with varying tendon quality prior to gray-scale morphologic changes. SWE
22  2020 The value of acoustic radiation force impulse imaging in preoperative prediction for efficacy of high-Intensity focused ultrasound uterine fibroids ablation. NPV, ROC, VTI, VTQ
23  2020 Ultrasound Shear Wave Elastography and Doppler Sonography to Assess the Effect of Hydration on Human Kidneys: A Preliminary Observation. EDV, PSV, RI, SWD, SWE
24  2020 Ultrasound Shear Wave Elastography to Assess Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment on the Iliocostalis Lumborum Muscle: A Feasibility Study. OMT, SWE
25  2019 Acoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI) elastography to asses maternal and foetal structures in pregnant ewes. ARFI
26  2019 Acoustic radiation force impulse imaging of biopsy-proven Kikuchi disease: initial experiences for evaluating feasibility in pediatric patients. ARFI, LNs
27  2019 An investigation of the relationship between plantar pressure distribution and the morphologic and mechanic properties of the intrinsic foot muscles and plantar fascia. AbH, Con-A, FDB, FHB, FTI, Max-F, PF
28  2019 Can contrast-enhanced ultrasound and acoustic radiation force impulse imaging characterize CT-indeterminate renal masses? A prospective evaluation with histological confirmation. ARFI, CEUS, CT, FU, IF, PE, SWR, TTP, Wi
29  2019 Changes in Muscle Stiffness in Infants with Congenital Muscular Torticollis. ARFI, CMT, ROM, SCM
30  2019 Combined Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse and Conventional Ultrasound in the Quantitative Assessment of Immunoglobulin a Nephropathy. ARFI, RI, ROC, US
31  2019 Comparison of 2-D shear wave elastography with clinical score in localized scleroderma: A new method to increase the diagnostic accuracy. ARFI, AUROC, LS, mLoSSI, US
32  2019 Conventional US and 2-D Shear Wave Elastography of Virtual Touch Tissue Imaging Quantification: Correlation with Immunohistochemical Subtypes of Breast Cancer. 2D-SWE, EI, IHC, US, VTI, VTIQ
33  2019 Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Networks for the Estimation of Liver Fibrosis Severity from Ultrasound Texture. CNNs, US
34  2019 Dependence of muscle and deep fascia stiffness on the contraction levels of the quadriceps: An in vivo supersonic shear-imaging study. MVC, RF, RMS, VL
35  2019 Diagnosis of Parathyroid Adenomas with New Ultrasound Imaging Modalities. CD, LNs, PTH, SWE
36  2019 Diagnosis of Thyroid Nodule with New Ultrasound Imaging Modalities. FNAB, LNs, PTC, TC, TNs, TSH, US
37  2019 Diagnostic value of Virtual Touch Quantification (VTQ) for differentiation of hemangiomas from malignant focal liver lesions. FLLs, HCCs, HEs, METs, US, VTQ
38  2019 Evaluation of Normal Thyroid Tissue and Autoimmune Thyroiditis in Children Using Shear Wave Elastography SWE
39  2019 Evaluation of rat liver with ARFI elastography: In vivo and ex vivo study. ARFI
40  2019 Evaluation of Reconstruction Parameters for 2-D Comb-Push Ultrasound Shear Wave Elastography. SWE
41  2019 Histopathology and elastography discordance in evaluation of breast lesions with acoustic radiation force impulse elastography. ROI, US
42  2019 Is sonoelastography a helpful method of evaluation to diagnose Sjogren's syndrome? AECG, ARFI, PG, SMG, SS
43  2019 Mechanical properties and morphologic features of intrinsic foot muscles and plantar fascia in individuals with hallux valgus. AbH, FDB, FHB, HV, PF
44  2019 Monitoring of Thermal-Induced Changes in Liver Stiffness During Controlled Hyperthermia and Microwave Ablation in an Ex Vivo Bovine Model Using Point Shear Wave Elastography. MWA, pSWE, ROI
45  2019 Muscle shear wave elastography in idiopathic inflammatory myopathies: a case-control study with MRI correlation. BB, BF, IIM, RF, SM, ST, SWE, VL, VM
46  2019 Muscle stiffness in rheumatoid arthritis is not altered or associated with muscle weakness: A shear wave elastography study. ---
47  2019 Normal values of shear wave velocity in liver tissue of healthy children measured using the latest acoustic radiation force impulse technology. BMI, VTIQ
48  2019 Patchy echogenicity of the liver in patients with chronic hepatitis B does not indicate poorer elasticity. CHB
49  2019 Placental Elasticity as a New Non-invasive Predictive Marker of Pre-eclampsia. ROC
50  2019 Point Shear Wave Elastography Using Machine Learning to Differentiate Renal Cell Carcinoma and Angiomyolipoma. AML, RCC, ROC, SVMs
51  2019 Quantitative Assessment of Liver Stiffness Using Ultrasound Shear Wave Elastography in Patients With Chronic Graft-Versus-Host Disease After Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: A Pilot Study. GVHD, SWE, US
52  2019 Reduction in stiffness of proximal leg muscles during the first 6 months of glucocorticoid therapy for giant cell arteritis: A pilot study using shear wave elastography. GCA
53  2019 Role of Virtual Touch Tissue Imaging Quantification in the Assessment of Hepatic Sinusoidal Obstruction Syndrome in a Rat Model. AST, HSOS, PVV
54  2019 Shear Wave Elastography in the Evaluation of the Kidneys in Pediatric Patients with Unilateral Vesicoureteral Reflux. DMSA, SWE
55  2019 Shear Wave Elastography of Breast Lesions: Quantitative Analysis of Elastic Heterogeneity Improves Diagnostic Performance. AUC, BI-RADS, EH, SWE
56  2019 Shear wave versus strain elastography in the differentiation of benign and malignant breast lesions BI-RADS, ROC, SE, SR, SWE
57  2019 Shear-wave elastography - virtual touch tissue quantification of fetal placentas with a single umbilical artery. SUA, VTTQ
58  2019 Shear-Wave Elastography of Benign versus Malignant Musculoskeletal Soft-Tissue Masses: Comparison with Conventional US and MRI. CI, OR, ROC, SWE
59  2019 Site- and sex-differences in morphological and mechanical properties of the plantar fascia: A supersonic shear imaging study. PF, SSI
60  2019 The effect of ageing on shear wave elastography muscle stiffness in adults. SWE
61  2019 The Utility of Major Salivary Gland Ultrasonographic Parameters in the Diagnosis of Sjogren Syndrome. pSS, RI, SGUS
62  2019 The value of virtual touch tissue imaging quantification in the differential diagnosis between benign and malignant breast lesions. AUC, BI-RADS, ROIs, US, VTIQ
63  2019 Two-dimensional shear wave elastography of the perirenal fat: Can sticky fat be predicted? BMI, PFDT, PSF, SWE, US
64  2019 Ultrasonographic and elastographic biometry in adult major salivary glands: a preliminary case-control report. US
65  2019 Ultrasound shear wave elastography in assessment of skeletal muscle stiffness in senior volunteers. BBM, ICC, QM, SWE
66  2019 Usefulness of noninvasive shear wave elastography for the assessment of hepatic fibrosis in dogs with hepatic disease. ---
67  2019 Value of Real-Time Shear Wave Elastography Versus Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Imaging in the Diagnosis of Female Bladder Neck Obstruction. ARFI, FBNO, ROC, SWE
68  2019 Value of the New Elastography Technique using Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse in Differentiation between Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Graves' Disease. CDF, GD, HT
69  2019 Which Confounders Have the Largest Impact in Shear Wave Elastography of Muscle and How Can They be Minimized? An Elasticity Phantom, Ex Vivo Porcine Muscle and Volunteer Study Using a Commercially Available System. ROI
70  2018 Achilles and patellar tendinopathy display opposite changes in elastic properties: A shear wave elastography study. ---
71  2018 Achilles tendon elasticity decreases with intermittent claudication in patients by Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Imaging (ARFI). ARFI
72  2018 Acoustic radiation force impulse elastography in evaluation of triple-negative breast cancer: A preliminary experience. ARFI, VTI, VTQ
73  2018 Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Elastography in Post-transplant Recurrent Hepatitis C in Living Donor Liver Transplantation. ARFI, LB, LDLT, LF, post-LT
74  2018 Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Elastography: Tissue Stiffness Measurement in Limb Lymphedema. ARFI
75  2018 Acoustic radiation force impulse imaging for detection of liver fibrosis in overweight and obese children. ARFI, LF, NAFLD, US
76  2018 Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Quantification in the Evaluation of Thyroid Elasticity in Pediatric Patients With Hashimoto Thyroiditis. ---
77  2018 Assessment of the common carotid artery wall stiffness by Shear Wave Elastography in Behcet's disease. BD, CCA, CIMT, SWE
78  2018 Assessment of Virtual Touch Tissue Imaging Quantification and the Ultrasound Thyroid Imaging Reporting and Data System in Patients With Thyroid Nodules Referred for Biopsy. TI-RADS, US, VTIQ
79  2018 Can ARFI elastography be used to differentiate parathyroid from thyroid lesions? ES, VTI
80  2018 Carotid Plaque Stiffness Measured with Supersonic Shear Imaging and Its Correlation with Serum Homocysteine Level in Ischemic Stroke Patients. AUC, SSI, VP
81  2018 Clinical value of the VTIQ technology in the differential diagnosis of superficially enlarged lymph nodes. VTIQ
82  2018 Comparison of ultrasound shear wave elastography with magnetic resonance elastography and renal microvascular flow in the assessment of chronic renal allograft dysfunction. AUC, CI, eGFR, FCT, MRE, USE
83  2018 Diagnostic Performance of Superb Microvascular Imaging (SMI) Combined with Shear-Wave Elastography in Evaluating Breast Lesions. AUC, CDFI, IQR, SMI, US, VTQ
84  2018 Diagnostic value of acustic radiation force impulse imaging in the assessment of salivary gland involvement in primary Sjogren's sydrome. ARFI, pSS
85  2018 Does elasticity of Achilles tendon change after suture applications? Evaluation of repair area by acoustic radiation force impulse elastography. ARFI
86  2018 Effect of Gender on Mechanical Properties of the Plantar Fascia and Heel Fat Pad. ---
87  2018 Elasticity standard values of the Achilles tendon assessed with acoustic radiation force impulse elastography on healthy volunteers: a cross section study. ARFI, BMI
88  2018 Elastographic and echotextural characteristics of foetal lungs and liver during the final 5 days of intrauterine development in dogs. ARFI, NPVs
89  2018 Elastographic ultrasound: an additional image tool in Sjogren's syndrome. CCL2, CXCL13, ESSPRI, EULAR, IL-10, NSWSF
90  2018 Evaluation of elastography combined with serological indexes for hepatic fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis B. APRI, AST, CHB, CIV, FIB-4, HA, ROC
91  2018 Evaluation of Pancreatic Fibrosis With Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Imaging and Automated Quantification of Pancreatic Tissue Components. ARFI, POPF
92  2018 Evaluation of Stiffness in Postmastectomy Lymphedema Using Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Imaging: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Study for Identifying the Optimal Pneumatic Compression Pressure to Reduce Stiffness. ARFI, IPC, PMLE
93  2018 Evaluation of the pancreatic tumors by transabdominal Shear Wave Elastography: preliminary results of a pilot study. EUS, SWE
94  2018 Neck Muscle Stiffness in Participants With and Without Chronic Neck Pain: A Shear-Wave Elastography Study. ---
95  2018 Noninvasive assessment of hepatic sinusoidal obstructive syndrome using acoustic radiation force impulse elastography imaging: A proof-of-concept study in rat models. ARFI, SOS
96  2018 Preoperative diagnosis and prediction of hepatocellular carcinoma: Radiomics analysis based on multi-modal ultrasound images. ACC, AUC, BMUS, CI, FLLs, HCC, LOOCV, MVI, sens, SPEC, SRT, SVM, SWE
97  2018 Quantitative assessment of muscle stiffness with acoustic radiation force impulse elastography after botulinum toxin A injection in children with cerebral palsy. ARFI, BTA, CP, GCM, ICC, MAS
98  2018 Reducing the Number of Measurements in Liver Point Shear-Wave Elastography: Factors that Influence the Number and Reliability of Measurements in Assessment of Liver Fibrosis in Clinical Practice. ICC, IQR, pSWE
99  2018 Reliability and quantification of gastrocnemius elasticity at relaxing and at submaximal contracted condition. ARFI, GCM, ICC, ICC
100  2018 Reproducibility of shear wave elastography measuresof the Achilles tendon. AT, CV, ICC, SWE, VISA-A