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略語 : StNPs
展開形 : starch nanoparticles
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2022 Characterization of acetylated starch nanoparticles for potential use as an emulsion stabilizer. StNPAc
2022 Preparation of fluorescent nanoparticles based on broken-rice starch for live-cell imaging. DS, FITC, FITC-PLL-StNPs, PLL
2017 New technique in starch nanoparticles synthesis. NS
2017 Synthesis and study the properties of StNPs/gum nanoparticles for salvianolic acid B-oral delivery system. Sal B
2016 Effect of drying and loading methods on the release behavior of ciprofloxacin from starch nanoparticles. Tg, TMP
2014 Green preparation and characterisation of waxy maize starch nanoparticles through enzymolysis and recrystallisation. TGA
2012 Synthesis and cytotoxicity evaluation of novel acylated starch nanoparticles. DS, NPs, ROS