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Abbreviation : T1W
Long Form : T1-weighted
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A Brain Tumor Segmentation Framework Based on Outlier Detection Using One-Class Support Vector Machine. MR, MRI, T2-FLAIR
2020 A Comparison of T2 Relaxation-Based MRI Stroke Timing Methods in Hyperacute Ischemic Stroke Patients: A Pilot Study. ADC, AUPRG, DWI, FLAIR, MRI, T2W
2020 A Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Annotation of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Sequence Type. FLAIR, MR, T1Gd, T2W
2020 A novel framework for spatial normalization of dose distributions in voxel-based analyses of brain irradiation outcomes. CCS, DOO, SPM, VBA
2020 A quantitative MRI index for assessing the severity of hippocampal sclerosis in temporal lobe epilepsy. HS, HSI, TLE
2020 Acute Disulfiram Poisoning in a Child: A Case Report and Review of Literature. DW, ICU, MRI, T2W
2020 Application of T1-weighted BLADE sequence to abdominal magnetic resonance imaging of young children: a comparison with turbo spin echo sequence. MRI, TSE
2020 Assessment of carotid atherosclerotic disease using three-dimensional cardiovascular magnetic resonance vessel wall imaging: comparison with digital subtraction angiography. CCA, CMR, DSA, ICC, ROC, SPACE, VWI
2020 Automated separation of diffusely abnormal white matter from focal white matter lesions on MRI in multiple sclerosis. A-NAWM, DAWM, FLAIR, FWML, MS, MT, MTR, T2W
10  2020 BISON: Brain tissue segmentation pipeline using T1 -weighted magnetic resonance images and a random forest classifier. ANTs, FAST, WMHs
11  2020 Cerebral artery segmentation based on magnetization-prepared two rapid acquisition gradient echo multi-contrast images in 7 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging. MRA, TOF
12  2020 Clinical and histopathological outcome of cervical and chest MRI involving non-MRI-conditional cardiac pacemakers: a study using sheep models. DW, T2W
13  2020 Combined modified-Dixon and PROPELLER method with low refocusing flip angle for contrast-enhanced fat-suppressed T1-weighted MRI: A prospective cross-sectional study. CE, CR, RFA
14  2020 Combining analysis of multi-parametric MR images into a convolutional neural network: Precise target delineation for vestibular schwannoma treatment planning. MR, T2W, VS
15  2020 Comparison of CT and MRI images for the prediction of soft-tissue sarcoma grading and lung metastasis via a convolutional neural networks model. AUC, CNN, CT, FST2W, MRI, ROC, STS
16  2020 Comparison of reliability of magnetic resonance imaging using cartilage and T1-weighted sequences in the assessment of the closure of the growth plates at the knee. ---
17  2020 DeepDicomSort: An Automatic Sorting Algorithm for Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data. CNN, MRI, PDW, T2W
18  2020 Differential diagnosis and mutation stratification of desmoid-type fibromatosis on MRI using radiomics. DTF, STS
19  2020 Differentiation of Antemortem and Postmortem Appendicular Fractures Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging Signal Intensity Changes in Bone and Soft Tissues. MRI, Se, Sp, STIR, T2W
20  2020 Diverse MRI findings and clinical outcomes of acute Marchiafava-Bignami disease. DWI, MBD, MRI, T2W
21  2020 Dumbbell shaped craniorbital cavernous hemangioma. CT, MRI, T2W
22  2020 Enhancing the differentiation of pulmonary lymphoma and fungal pneumonia in hematological patients using texture analysis in 3-T MRI. ICC, T2W
23  2020 Feasibility of free-breathing T1-weighted 3D radial VIBE for fetal MRI in various anomalies. MR
24  2020 Free-breathing contrast-enhanced upper abdominal MRI in children: comparison between Cartesian acquisition and stack-of-stars acquisition with two different fat-suppression techniques. MRI
25  2020 Fully-Automated Segmentation of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma on Dual-Sequence MRI Using Convolutional Neural Networks. CNN, DEU, DSC, MRI, NPC, T2W
26  2020 Imaging Features Differentiating Vestibular Ganglion from Intracanalicular Schwannoma on Single-Sequence Non-Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study. AUC, IAC, MRI, T2W
27  2020 Influence of Artifact Corrections on MRI Signal Intensity Ratios for Assessment of Gadolinium Brain Retention. FAC, IIC, SIRs
28  2020 Lesion Mask-Based Simultaneous Synthesis of Anatomic and Molecular MR Images Using a GAN. APTw, FLAIR, Gd-T 1w, SAMR, T2W
29  2020 Motion artifacts reduction in brain MRI by means of a deep residual network with densely connected multi-resolution blocks (DRN-DCMB). DRN-DCMB, ISNR, MRI, SSIM
30  2020 Optimization of pulse sequences in ultrafast magnetic resonance imaging for the diagnosis of acute abdominal pain caused by gastrointestinal disease. FS, MRI, T2W, TrueFISP
31  2020 Preliminary clinical results for PET/MR compared with PET/CT in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma. ADC, MRI, NPC, PET/MR, SUV
32  2020 Pseudo-CT generation from multi-parametric MRI using a novel multi-channel multi-path conditional generative adversarial network for nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients. DSC, MAE, MCMP-GAN, MCSP-GAN, NPC, PSNR, ResU-Net, SCSP-GAN, SSIM, T2W
33  2020 PSIGAN: Joint probabilistic segmentation and image distribution matching for unpaired cross-modality adaptation based MRI segmentation. MRI, PSIGAN, T2W, T2wFS, UDA
34  2020 Quantitative analysis of multiphase magnetic resonance images may assist prediction of histopathological grade of small hepatocellular carcinoma. DW, HCC, MD, MRI, PD, RCR, ROI, SI, T2W, WD
35  2020 Quantitative T1 mapping indicates tumor infiltration beyond the enhancing part of glioblastomas. CA, qT1
36  2020 Rat mandibular condyle and fossa grew separately then unified as a single joint at 20 days old, which was the weaning age. Gd-DTPA, MRI
37  2020 Reproducible Evaluation of Diffusion MRI Features for Automatic Classification of Patients with Alzheimer's Disease. BA, CV, FA, FR, FS, MD
38  2020 Silent 3D MR sequence for quantitative and multicontrast T1 and proton density imaging. CVs, PD, TIs
39  2020 Spinal Cord Cavernous Malformations: MRI Commonly Shows Adjacent Intramedullary Hemorrhage. SCMs
40  2020 Spiral 3-Dimensional T1-Weighted Turbo Field Echo: Increased Speed for Magnetization-Prepared Gradient Echo Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging. CRGM/CSF, CVGM
41  2020 Susceptibility artifact correction for sub-millimeter fMRI using inverse phase encoding registration and T1 weighted regularization. EPI, fMRI, PE
42  2020 T1-Weighted Intensity Increase After aSingle Administration of aLinear Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agent in Multiple Sclerosis. GBCA, Gd, MRI, MS
43  2020 T2*-weighted MRI as a non-contrast-enhanced method for assessment of focal laser ablation zone extent in prostate cancer thermotherapy. ADC, DWI, FLA, PCa, ROIs, sceT1W, T2W
44  2020 Texture analysis for chemotherapy response evaluation in osteosarcoma using MR imaging. ADC, AUC, GLCM, IVIM, NACT, NGTDM, RLM, T2W, TA
45  2020 The Utility of Modified Dixon Turbo Spin Echo Shoulder Magnetic Resonance Arthrography in Assessing Rotator Cuff Disorder and Evaluating the Rotator Cuff Muscles. CI, IP, mDixon, MRA, TSE
46  2020 Towards Optimising MRI Characterisation of Tissue (TOMCAT) Dataset including all Longitudinal Automatic Segmentation of Hippocampal Subfields (LASHiS) data. BIDS, LASHiS, LME, TOMCAT, TSE
47  2020 Using SEMAC at 3 T MR to evaluate spinal metallic implants and peripheral soft tissue lesions. HiBW, SEMAC
48  2019 A comparison of automated lesion segmentation approaches for chronic stroke T1-weighted MRI data. ALI, ALI, LINDA
49  2019 Ablation Lesion Characterization in Scarred Substrate Assessed Using Cardiac Magnetic Resonance. CMR, IQR, RFCA
50  2019 Accumulated thermal dose in MRI-guided focused ultrasound for essential tremor: repeated sonications with low focal temperatures. ATD, CEM43, CRST, MRgFUS, T2W
51  2019 Advanced MRI analysis to detect white matter brain injury in growth restricted newborn lambs. CSD, dMRI, DTI, FD, FDC, FGR, MRI, MRS, ROIs, T2W
52  2019 Altered myelin maturation in four year old children born very preterm. FT, GA, MT, MTR, ROI, TBSS, VPT
53  2019 Association of catastrophic condylar fracture with bony changes of the third metacarpal bone identified by use of standing magnetic resonance imaging in forelimbs from cadavers of Thoroughbred racehorses in the United States. BMLs, DBVP, STIR
54  2019 Automated CT and MRI Liver Segmentation and Biometry Using a Generalized Convolutional Neural Network. CNN, LOA, PDFF, SGPR
55  2019 Automated segmentation of medial temporal lobe subregions on in vivo T1-weighted MRI in early stages of Alzheimer's disease. AD, BA, ERC, MRI, MTL
56  2019 Benchmark on Automatic 6-month-old Infant Brain Segmentation Algorithms: The iSeg-2017 Challenge. CSF, GM, MR, T2W, WM
57  2019 Clinical Feasibility of Gadoxetic Acid-Enhanced Isotropic High-Resolution 3-Dimensional Magnetic Resonance Cholangiography Using an Iterative Denoising Algorithm for Evaluation of the Biliary Anatomy of Living Liver Donors. BDs, ID, IHR, MRC, T2W
58  2019 Conventional and functional magnetic resonance imaging features of late subacute cortical laminar necrosis in a dog. CLN, MRI
59  2019 Corticospinal tract degeneration in ALS unmasked in T1-weighted images using texture analysis. ALS, CST, DTI, UMN
60  2019 Evaluation of a free-breathing respiratory-triggered (Navigator) 3-D T1-weighted (T1W) gradient recalled echo sequence (LAVA) for detection of enhancement in cystic and solid renal masses. BH, NAV, ROC
61  2019 Fully automated segmentation of wrist bones on T2-weighted fat-suppressed MR images in early rheumatoid arthritis. CNN, DICE, ERA, MRI, RAMRIS
62  2019 Gadolinium-Labelled Cell Scaffolds to Follow-up Cell Transplantation by Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Gd-NPs, hMSCs, ILCSs, MRI
63  2019 Histogram Analysis Parameters Derived from Conventional T1- and T2-Weighted Images Can Predict Different Histopathological Features Including Expression of Ki67, EGFR, VEGF, HIF-1alpha, and p53 and Cell Count in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma. HNSCC, MRI, T2W
64  2019 Identifying lesions in paediatric epilepsy using morphometric and textural analysis of magnetic resonance images. FCD, FLAIR, GLCM, MRI, MRI, T2W
65  2019 Increased diagnostic confidence in the diagnosis of pituitary micro-lesions with the addition of three-dimensional sampling perfection with application-optimized contrasts using different flip-angle evolutions sequences. MRI
66  2019 Lesion detection performance of an abbreviated gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI protocol for colorectal liver metastasis surveillance. AUCs, CRLM, DWI, HBP, IRB, SE, T2W
67  2019 MR neurography in Parsonage-Turner syndrome. MRI, MRN, PTS, STIR, T2W
68  2019 Neuroradiological findings in patients with "non-lesional" focal epilepsy revealed by research protocol. EEG, MRI, T2-FLAIR, T2W
69  2019 Precise targeting of the globus pallidus internus with quantitative susceptibility mapping for deep brain stimulation surgery. CNRs, DBS, GPi, QSM, T2W
70  2019 Repeatability and reproducibility of relative cerebral blood volume measurement of recurrent glioma in a multicentre trial setting. DSC, MRI, nrCBVmax, rCBV
71  2019 Reproducibility of Structural and Diffusion Tensor Imaging in the TACERN Multi-Center Study. ACR, DTI, DW, FA, MD, TACERN
72  2019 Robustness and Reproducibility of Radiomics in Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Phantom Study. FLAIR, T2W
73  2019 Splenomegaly Segmentation on Multi-Modal MRI Using Deep Convolutional Networks. DCNN, MAS, MRI, SSNet, T2W
74  2019 Standardized assessment of the signal intensity increase on unenhanced T1-weighted images in the brain: the European Gadolinium Retention Evaluation Consortium (GREC) Task Force position statement. GBCAs, GREC, SI
75  2019 Super-Resolution 1H Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging Utilizing Deep Learning. D-UNet, SI
76  2019 Susceptibility-weighted MR imaging to improve the specificity of erosion detection: a prospective feasibility study in hand arthritis. CT, MRI, SWI
77  2019 Technical feasibility of [18F]FET and [18F]FAZA PET guided radiotherapy in a F98 glioblastoma rat model. GB, i.p, RT, TMZ
78  2019 Three-dimensional fat-saturated T1-weighted Cartesian volumetric interpolated breath-hold examination (VIBE) for the diagnosis of aortitis in patients with suspected large vessel vasculitis: a comparative study with 18F-FDG PET applying fully integrated PET/MRI. DC, IA, IQ, LVV, MRI, PET, VIBE
79  2019 Tracking muscle wasting and disease activity in facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy by qualitative longitudinal imaging. FSHD
80  2019 Unusual Radiological Presentation of Intracranial Dermoid Cyst: A Case Series. CT, MRI
81  2019 Value of Texture Analysis on Gadoxetic Acid-enhanced MR for Detecting Liver Fibrosis in a Rat Model. ADC, AUC, Mean, MPP, MRI, ROC, SD, SSF, T2W
82  2019 White matter in different regions evolves differently during progression to dementia. MCI, WMHs
83  2018 7 Tesla MRI of Balo's concentric sclerosis versus multiple sclerosis lesions. BCS, MRI, MS
84  2018 Acute noncontrast T1-weighted magnetic resonance imaging predicts chronic radiofrequency ablation lesions. LGE, MRI, RF
85  2018 Added Value of Contrast-Enhanced T1-Weighted and Diffusion-Weighted Sequences for Characterization of Incidental Findings on Whole Body Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Plasma-Cell Disorders. CE, DWI, WB-MRI
86  2018 Altered Intracortical T1-Weighted/T2-Weighted Ratio Signal in Huntington's Disease. HD, MRIs, T2W
87  2018 Atherosclerosis T1-weighted characterization (CATCH): evaluation of the accuracy for identifying intraplaque hemorrhage with histological validation in carotid and coronary artery specimens. CABG, CATCH, CATCH, CHIPs, CMR, IPH, OCT
88  2018 Brainstem glioma: Prediction of histopathologic grade based on conventional MR imaging. BSGs, CI, OR
89  2018 Comparison between whole-body and head and neck neurovascular coils for 3-T magnetic resonance proton resonance frequency shift thermography guidance in the head and neck region. MR, PRF, SNR, T2W
90  2018 Comparison of arterial spin labeling registration strategies in the multi-center GENetic frontotemporal dementia initiative (GENFI). ASL, BET, CBF, CC, GENFI, GM, M0-T1w, PWI
91  2018 Conventional MRI to detect the differences between mass-like tuberculosis and lung cancer. GTB, SD, SIRs, T2W
92  2018 Coordination-Responsive Longitudinal Relaxation Tuning as a Versatile MRI Sensing Protocol for Malignancy Targets. CLRT, MRI
93  2018 Deep learning of joint myelin and T1w MRI features in normal-appearing brain tissue to distinguish between multiplesclerosispatients and healthy controls. MRI, MS
94  2018 Depressive symptoms in Parkinson's disease are related to decreased left hippocampal volume: correlation with the 15-item shortened version of the Geriatric Depression Scale. MRI, PD
95  2018 Development of a deep convolutional neural network to predict grading of canine meningiomas from magnetic resonance images. DNN, MR, T2W
96  2018 Differentiation of spinal myxopapillary ependymomas from schwannomas by contrast-enhanced MRI. MPEs, MRI, SCHs, T2W
97  2018 Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging may act as a biomarker for vascular damage in normal appearing brain tissue after radiotherapy in patients with glioblastoma. DCE-MRI, T2-FLAIR
98  2018 Early animal model evaluation of an implantable contrast agent to enhance magnetic resonance imaging of arterial bypass vein grafts. CNR, Gd-DTPA, MRI, SNR, VG
99  2018 Effect of Age on High T1 Signal Intensity of the Dentate Nucleus and Globus Pallidus in a Large Population Exposed to Gadodiamide. Gd, MRI
100  2018 Effect of echo time and T2-weighting on GRASE-based T1w/T2w ratio measurements at 3T. GRASE, MWFs, SNR, T2W, TE, TFE