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Abbreviation : TA
Long Form : thyroarytenoid
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Adductor spasmodic dysphonia: Botulinum toxin a injections or laser thyroarytenoid myoneurectomy? A comparison from the patient perspective. ADSD, BTX
2020 Objectivation of laryngeal electromyography (LEMG) data: turn number vs. qualitative analysis. LEMG, UVFI
2020 Single, high-dose local injection of bFGF improves thyroarytenoid muscle atrophy after paralysis. bFGF, SCs, UVFP
2019 Anatomical Course of the Thyroarytenoid Branch of the Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve. RLN, SLAD-R
2019 Could the infiltration of the thyroarytenoid muscle define the pT2 glottic carcinoma? TLM
2019 Dynamics of Intrinsic Laryngeal Muscle Contraction. CT, HSV, ILMs, LCA/IA, PCA
2019 Inspiratory Vocal Fry: Anatomical and Physiological Aspects, Application in Speech Therapy, Vocal Pedagogy and Singing. A Pilot study. CCQ, CQ, EVF, IVF
2019 Laryngeal Botulinum Toxin Injection for Vocal Tremor: Utility of Concurrent Strap Muscle Injection. LBTX
2019 Laryngeal Neuromuscular Response to Short- and Long-Term Vocalization Training in Young Male Rats. NMJs, USV
10  2019 Selective stimulation of human intrinsic laryngeal muscles: Analysis in a mathematical three-dimensional space. CT, EMG, FES, ILMs, LCA, PCA, QT, RLN
11  2019 Sexual Dimorphism in Laryngeal Volumetric Measurements Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging. MRI
12  2019 Ultrasonography-guided electromagnetic needle tracking in laryngeal electromyography. CT, LEMG, US
13  2018 Hirano's cover-body model and its unique laryngeal postures revisited. CT
14  2018 Immunohistologic analysis of spontaneous recurrent laryngeal nerve reinnervation in a rat model. NMJ, RLN
15  2018 Laryngeal EMG: Preferential damage of the posterior cricoarytenoid muscle branches especially in iatrogenic recurrent laryngeal nerve lesions. LEMG, PCA, RLN
16  2018 Oblique thyroarytenoid muscle in humans: An independent muscle or an accessory belly? ---
17  2018 Regenerative Effects of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor on Restoration of Thyroarytenoid Muscle Atrophy Caused by Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Transection. bFGF
18  2017 Effect of Levodopa + Carbidopa on the Laryngeal Electromyographic Pattern in Parkinson Disease. PD
19  2017 Evaluation of the Cortical Silent Period of the Laryngeal Motor Cortex in Healthy Individuals. CSP, EMG, LMC, MEP, TMS
20  2017 Influence of Netrin-1 on reinnervation of laryngeal muscles following recurrent laryngeal nerve injury. PCA, RLN
21  2017 Laryngeal electromyographic changes in postthyroidectomy patients with normal vocal cord mobility. CT, LEMG
22  2017 Quantitative Evaluation of the In Vivo Vocal Fold Medial Surface Shape. ILMs, LCA, ML
23  2017 Structural and Anatomic Laryngeal Measurements in Geriatric Population Using MRI. MRI
24  2017 Three-dimensional posture changes of the vocal fold from paired intrinsic laryngeal muscles. CT, LCA, PCA
25  2017 [Degeneration and regeneration characteristics of nerves and muscles after recurrent laryngeal nerve injury]. LEMG, RLN, SD
26  2016 Bilateral Thyroarytenoid Botulinum Toxin Type A Injection for the Treatment of Refractory Chronic Cough. BTX-A, EMG
27  2016 Clinical Usefulness of Ultrasonography-Guided Laryngeal Electromyography. CT, US-guided LEMG
28  2016 Compound Motor Action Potential Quantifies Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Innervation in a Canine Model. CMAP, RLN
29  2016 Interactions of subglottal pressure and neuromuscular activation on fundamental frequency and intensity. CT, ILM, LCA/IA, SPL
30  2016 Is the External Branch of the Superior Laryngeal Nerve Dispensable in Thyroid Surgery? eSLN, GCF, RLN
31  2016 Lateral Cricoarytenoid Release: Development of a Novel Surgical Treatment Option for Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia in a Canine Laryngeal Model. ADSD, LAP, LCA
32  2016 Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Vocal Folds in Women With Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and Virilized Voices. CAH
33  2016 Neurotrophin expression and laryngeal muscle pathophysiology following recurrent laryngeal nerve transection. RLN
34  2016 Peripheral component of laryngeal and pharyngeal motor evoked potentials. CP
35  2016 Surgical approach to the thyroarytenoid branch of the inferior laryngeal nerve through the thyroid cartilage. ILN, TAb, TAb-H
36  2015 Differential roles for the thyroarytenoid and lateral cricoarytenoid muscles in phonation. LCA
37  2015 Expression of atrophy-related transcription factors in the process of intrinsic laryngeal muscle atrophy after denervation. PCA
38  2015 Factors associated with the improvement of vocal fold movement: an analysis of LEMG and laryngeal CT parameters. CT, LEMG
39  2015 Increased Expression of MuRF1 Is Associated with Radiation-induced Laryngeal Muscle Atrophy. MyHC
40  2015 Modulation of satellite cells activity and MyoD in rat thyroarytenoid muscle after reinnervation. ANS, DNV, mRNAs, NMJs, RLN, SCs
41  2015 Multi-Motor Unit Potential Analysis and Other Quantitative Techniques for Laryngeal Electromyogram. CT
42  2015 Preventive effects of bortezomib on denervation-induced atrophy of the intrinsic laryngeal muscles: an experimental study in the rat. PCA
43  2015 Thyroarytenoid cross-innervation by the external branch of the superior laryngeal nerve in the porcine model. CT, eSLN, RLN
44  2014 Contribution of the pharyngeal plexus to vocal cord adduction. EMG, GCR, ISLN, PP
45  2014 Cricothyroid muscle and thyroarytenoid muscle dominance in vocal register control: preliminary results. CT
46  2014 Differences in botulinum toxin dosing between patients with adductor spasmodic dysphonia and essential voice tremor. ADSD, BTX, EVT
47  2014 Functional regeneration of recurrent laryngeal nerve injury during thyroid surgery using an asymmetrically porous nerve guide conduit in an animal model. AChE, NF, NGC, PCL, RLN, TEM, VCP
48  2014 Influence and interactions of laryngeal adductors and cricothyroid muscles on fundamental frequency and glottal posture control. CT, ILMs, LCA/IA
49  2014 Interaction between the thyroarytenoid and lateral cricoarytenoid muscles in the control of vocal fold adduction and eigenfrequencies. LCA
50  2014 Simulation model for transcervical laryngeal injection providing real-time feedback. ---
51  2014 Somatotopic changes in the nucleus ambiguus after section and regeneration of the recurrent laryngeal nerve of the rat. Amb, PCA, RLN
52  2014 The pharyngeal plexus-mediated glottic closure response and associated neural connections of the plexus. EMG, eSLN, GCR, NG, PP, RLN
53  2013 Age-related changes in rat intrinsic laryngeal muscles: analysis of muscle fibers, muscle fiber proteins, and subneural apparatuses. CT, PCA
54  2013 Diffusion of aniline blue injected into the thyroarytenoid muscle as a proxy for botulinum toxin injection: an experimental study in cadaver larynges. ---
55  2013 Morphologic evaluation of the fetal recurrent laryngeal nerve and motor units in the thyroarytenoid muscle. MUs, RLN
56  2013 Morphology of fetal vocal fold and associated structures. ---
57  2013 Reorganization of laryngeal motoneurons after crush injury in the recurrent laryngeal nerve of the rat. Amb, CT, PCA, RLN, SLN
58  2013 Sexual dimorphism in the human vocal fold innervation. RLN
59  2013 The impact of nimodipine administration combined with nerve-muscle pedicle implantation on long-term denervated rat thyroarytenoid muscle. MyHC, NMJs, NMP, RLN
60  2013 The influence of thyroarytenoid and cricothyroid muscle activation on vocal fold stiffness and eigenfrequencies. CT
61  2012 Differences in neuromuscular junctions of laryngeal and limb muscles in rats. CT, EDL, NMJs, PCA, SOL
62  2012 Effects of aging and levodopa on the laryngeal adductor reflex in rats. ISIs, ISLN, LAR, SNpc
63  2012 Effects of aging on thyroarytenoid muscle regeneration. CSA, LTA
64  2012 Histological organization is similar in human vocal muscle and tongue--a study of muscles and nerves. RLN, TO
65  2012 Laryngeal muscle activity and vocal fold adduction during chest, chestmix, headmix, and head registers in females. CT, VPs
66  2012 Modulation of nerve fibers in the rat thyroarytenoid muscle following recurrent laryngeal nerve injury. AChRs, NTs, PNa, RLN, RLNa, SCs, VN, VNa
67  2012 Nerve-muscle pedicle implantation in the denervated thyroarytenoid muscle of aged rats. MAPs, NMJs, NMP, RLN
68  2012 Neuromuscular control of fundamental frequency and glottal posture at phonation onset. CT, LCA
69  2012 Nimodipine accelerates reinnervation of denervated rat thyroarytenoid muscle following nerve-muscle pedicle implantation. AChRs, NMP, NTs
70  2012 Prospective electromyographic evaluation of functional postthyroidectomy voice and swallowing symptoms. AVA, CT, EBSLN, ILN, LEMG, MPT, TT, VSL
71  2012 Selective intraoperative stimulation of the human larynx. ILMs, LCA, PCA, QT
72  2011 Augmentation of the porcine vocal fold using autologous composite cervical fascia and fat graft. Comparison between the transmuscular and submuscular approaches. ---
73  2011 Cooperative regulation of vocal fold morphology and stress by the cricothyroid and thyroarytenoid muscles. CT
74  2011 Interarytenoid muscle botox injection for treatment of adductor spasmodic dysphonia with vocal tremor. IA
75  2011 Quantitative analysis of myosin heavy chain expression change in laryngeal muscle after irradiation in rats. CT, MyHC, PCA, RT-PCR
76  2011 Restraining mechanisms in regulating glottal closure during phonation. CT
77  2011 Rheometric properties of canine vocal fold tissues: variation with anatomic location. ---
78  2011 The clinical interest of the ary-thyro-cricoid fascicle. ATC, LCA, RLN
79  2011 The clinical value of laryngeal electromyography in laryngeal immobility. CT, LEMG
80  2010 Current practices in the management of adductor spasmodic dysphonia. ADSD
81  2010 Effect of hypoxia on expiratory muscle activity in fetal sheep. AMPA, CSF, EMG, NBQX, post-I
82  2010 Effects of nerve-muscle pedicle on immobile rat vocal folds in the presence of partial innervation. ACN, NMP, RLN, STs
83  2010 Immunohistochemical analysis of the effects of cross-innervation of murine thyroarytenoid and sternohyoid muscles. EO, MyHC, SH
84  2010 Quantitative PCR analysis of laryngeal muscle fiber types. CT, MyHC, PCA, SYBR-RT-PCR
85  2009 Control of vocal fold cover stiffness by laryngeal muscles: a preliminary study. CT, LCA, LSR, RLN, SLN
86  2009 Effects of dopamine D1 and D2 receptor antagonists on laryngeal neurophysiology in the rat. GN, LAR, PD
87  2009 Functional and morphological evidence of age-related denervation in rat laryngeal muscles. AChR, NMJ, PCA, TC
88  2009 Identification of distinct swallowing patterns for different bolus volumes. CP, EMG
89  2009 Nerve-muscle pedicle implantation facilitates re-innervation of long-term denervated thyroarytenoid muscle in rats. NMP, RLN
90  2009 Respiration-related laryngeal electromyography in children with bilateral vocal fold paralysis. BVFP, EMG, PCA
91  2009 Serial electromyography of the thyroarytenoid muscles using the NIM-response system in a canine model of vocal fold paralysis. LEMG, RLN, VF
92  2009 Thyroarytenoid muscle invasion in T1 glottic carcinoma. ---
93  2008 Aging thyroarytenoid and limb skeletal muscle: lessons in contrast. ---
94  2008 Effect of aging on blood flow in rat larynx. RBC
95  2008 Effects of a semioccluded vocal tract on laryngeal muscle activity and glottal adduction in a single female subject. CT, LCA
96  2008 Effects of long-term denervation on the rat thyroarytenoid muscle. AChRs, NTs
97  2008 Immunohistochemical analysis of myosin heavy chain expression in laryngeal muscles of the rabbit, cat, and baboon. CT, EO, MyHC, PCA
98  2008 Optimization of autologous muscle stem cell survival in the denervated hemilarynx. EGFP, MSC, RLN
99  2008 Proteomic changes in rat thyroarytenoid muscle induced by botulinum neurotoxin injection. BoNT
100  2008 Quantification of myosin heavy chain RNA in human laryngeal muscles: differential expression in the vertical and horizontal posterior cricoarytenoid and thyroarytenoid. MyHC, PCA