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Abbreviation : TA
Long Form : tibialis anterior
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Analysis of the activation modalities of the lower limb muscles during walking. GC, LG, MG, RF, RMS, sEMG
2020 Ankle muscles activation and postural stability with Star Excursion Balance Test in healthy individuals. APd and MLd, COP, PB, SEBT
2020 Axial perturbations evoke increased postural reflexes in Parkinson's disease with postural instability. EMG, PD
2020 Corticospinal responses during passive shortening and lengthening of tibialis anterior and soleus in older compared to younger adults. SOL
2020 Denervation drives skeletal muscle atrophy and induces mitochondrial dysfunction, mitophagy and apoptosis via miR-142a-5p/MFN1 axis. Mfn1, TEM
2020 Dextran-based tube-guides for the regeneration of the rat sciatic nerve after neurotmesis injury. PCL
2020 Distinct cachexia profiles in response to human pancreatic tumours in mouse limb and respiratory muscle. DIA, PDX
2020 Effect of aging on H-reflex response to fatigue. ---
2020 In vivo assessment of mitochondrial capacity using NIRS in locomotor muscles of young and elderly males with similar physical activity levels. GA, NIRS, VL
10  2020 Increased ankle muscle coactivation in the early stages of multiple sclerosis. EDSS, HC, LG, MS, PwMS, SO
11  2020 Isolated Nerve Grafting for a Young Patient with a Complete Common Peroneal Nerve Palsy Following a Traumatic Knee Dislocation: A case report. CPN, EHL, MMT
12  2020 Keratin 18 is an integral part of the intermediate filament network in murine skeletal muscle. IFs, Krt18-KO, KRT19
13  2020 Long-Term Evaluation of Functional Outcomes Following Rat Volumetric Muscle Loss Injury and Repair. TEMR, VML
14  2020 MicroRNA-126 upregulation, induced by training, plays a role in controlling microcirculation in dexamethasone treated rats. DEX
15  2020 Minimally Invasive Muscle Embedding Generates Donor-Cell-Derived Muscle Fibers that Express Desmin and Dystrophin. GFP, MIME, RFP
16  2020 Nerve damage induced skeletal muscle atrophy is associated with increased accumulation of intramuscular glucose and polyol pathway intermediates. CTRL, G6-P
17  2020 Reference values for the motor unit number index and the motor unit size index in five muscles. ADM, APB, BB, MUNIX, MUSIX, TR
18  2020 Regenerative Repair of Volumetric Muscle Loss Injury is Sensitive to Age. DSM, MM, VML
19  2020 Reliability and validity of a novel device for quantifying ankle dorsiflexion force in persons with multiple sclerosis. IKD, MS, PwMS, ROQ-TA
20  2020 Resting motor threshold and magnetic field output of the figure-of-8 and the double-cone coil. DC, FDI, Fo8, TMS
21  2020 Time course and variability of tendinous vibration-induced postural reactions in forward and backward directions. ACH-T, COP
22  2019 A novel decellularized skeletal muscle-derived ECM scaffolding system for in situ muscle regeneration. dECM, IGF-1, MHC
23  2019 A novel oleanolic acid derivative HA-19 ameliorates muscle atrophy via promoting protein synthesis and preventing protein degradation. Gastroc, mTORC1, Quad
24  2019 A reduction in compliance or activation level reduces residual force depression in human tibialis anterior. EMG, MTU, rFD
25  2019 A role for Regulator of G protein Signaling-12 (RGS12) in the balance between myoblast proliferation and differentiation. GPCR, RGS proteins, RGS12
26  2019 A transient protective effect of low-level laser irradiation against disuse-induced atrophy of rats. LLL
27  2019 Abnormal Muscle Activity and Variability Before, During, and After the Occurrence of Freezing in Parkinson's Disease. BF, COV, EMGs, FE, FOG, GM, PD, PwPD, RMS
28  2019 Activities of ankle muscles during gait analyzed by simulation using the human musculoskeletal model. EDL, GMH, SOL
29  2019 Aging changes in protective balance and startle responses to sudden drop perturbations. BF, FTR, MG, MoS, SCM, VL
30  2019 Aging effects of motor prediction on protective balance and startle responses to sudden drop perturbations. BF, EMG, EXT, FTR, MG, MoS, SCM, SLF, vGRF, VL
31  2019 Agonist-Antagonist Coactivation Enhances Corticomotor Excitability of Ankle Muscles. CV, MEPs
32  2019 Allograft Reconstruction of Spontaneous Tibialis Anterior Tendon Rupture in a Diabetic Patient. ---
33  2019 An Experimental Study of Paclitaxel Embolisation During Drug Coated Balloon Angioplasty. DCB, PTX, TFL, VL
34  2019 An oleanolic acid derivative reduces denervation-induced muscle atrophy via activation of CNTF-mediated JAK2/STAT3 signaling pathway. CNTF, EDL, Gastroc, JAK2, Quad, STAT3
35  2019 Analysis and Modeling of Rat Gait Biomechanical Deficits in Response to Volumetric Muscle Loss Injury. VML
36  2019 Analysis of Ankle sEMG on Both Stable and Unstable Surfaces for Elderly and Young Women-A Pilot Study. GL, GM, PL
37  2019 Analysis of center of mass acceleration and muscle activation in hemiplegic paralysis during quiet standing. COMacc, LG, RMS, SD, sEMG
38  2019 Analysis of skeletal-muscle condition after excessive loading of the lower legs by sequential magnetic resonance imaging. ADC, FA, GA, SOL
39  2019 Ankle Dorsiflexion Strength Monitoring by Combining Sonomyography and Electromyography. ADL, PA, sEMG
40  2019 Anodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation over the Vertex Enhances Leg Motor Cortex Excitability Bilaterally. MEPs, tDCS, TMS
41  2019 Anticipatory and Compensatory Postural Responses during Perturbed Standing in Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury. APA, CBBI, CPA, GAST, HC, TBI
42  2019 Anticipatory Postural Adjustments During Gait Initiation in Stroke Patients. COP, GI
43  2019 Badminton players show a lower coactivation and higher beta band intermuscular interactions of ankle antagonist muscles during isokinetic exercise. EMG, LG, MVC, PSI
44  2019 Cardiovascular autonomic dysfunction, altered sleep architecture, and muscle overactivity during nocturnal sleep in pediatric patients with narcolepsy type 1. ABP, EMG, HE, HP, NT1, PTT, SM
45  2019 CGRP accelerates the pathogenesis of neurological heterotopic ossification following spinal cord injury. CGRP, FAPs, HO, SCI, SVC
46  2019 Changes in Muscle Activity Patterns and Joint Kinematics During Gait in Hemophilic Arthropathy. BF, EMG, GMax, GMed, LG, MG, PWHA, RF, SOL, ST, VL, VM
47  2019 Characterization of stimulus response curves obtained with transcranial magnetic stimulation from bilateral tibialis anterior muscles post stroke. AUC, MEP, SR curves, TMS
48  2019 Chemotherapy-induced loss of bone and muscle mass in a mouse model of breast cancer bone metastases and cachexia. EDL
49  2019 Co-delivery of Wnt7a and muscle stem cells using synthetic bioadhesive hydrogel enhances murine muscle regeneration and cell migration during engraftment. MuSCs, PEG, Wnt7a
50  2019 Comparing Surface and Fine-Wire Electromyography Activity of Lower Leg Muscles at Different Walking Speeds. EMG, FHL, LG, MG, SOL
51  2019 Comparison of Muscle Activity Using Unstable Devices During a Forward Lunge. BF, FL, LG, RF, sEMG, VMO
52  2019 Correlation Between Muscle Structures and Electrical Properties of the Tibialis Anterior in Subacute Stroke Survivors: A Pilot Study. EIM, FL, MAS, MMT, MT, PA
53  2019 Cortical and Subcortical Contributions to Neuroplasticity after Repetitive Transspinal Stimulation in Humans. ISIs, MEPs, TEP, TMS
54  2019 Corticospinal excitability of tibialis anterior and soleus differs during passive ankle movement. SICI, SOL
55  2019 Decreased supraspinal control and neuromuscular function controlling the ankle joint in athletes with chronic ankle instability. CAI, GM, LAT, MEP, PL, RMT
56  2019 Different effects of the deletion of angiotensin converting enzyme 2 and chronic activation of the renin-angiotensin system on muscle weakness in middle-aged mice. ACE2, GM, KO, RAS, TH
57  2019 Differential regulation of myofibrillar proteins in skeletal muscles of septic mice. CLP, DIA
58  2019 Dysregulation of mechanosensory circuits coordinating the actions of antagonist motor pools following peripheral nerve injury and muscle reinnervation. ---
59  2019 Early pre- and postsynaptic decrease in glutamatergic and cholinergic signaling after spinalization is not modified when stimulating proprioceptive input to the ankle extensor alpha-motoneurons: Anatomical and neurochemical study. LG, MNs
60  2019 Effect of Aging on Muscle-Pump Baroreflex of Individual Leg Muscles During Standing. EMGimp, LG, MG, SBP, SOL
61  2019 Effect of High-Intensity Exercise on Multiple Sclerosis Function and Phosphorous Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Outcomes. P MRS, PCr, PwMS
62  2019 Effect of skeletal muscle phenotype and gender on fasting-induced myokine expression in mice. GEO
63  2019 Effects of altering plantar flexion resistance of an ankle-foot orthosis on muscle force and kinematics during gait training. AFO, MGAS, PFR
64  2019 Effects of clenbuterol administration on mitochondrial morphology and its regulatory proteins in rat skeletal muscle. MHC
65  2019 Effects of Electromyographically-driven Neuromuscular Stimulatio Cycling System on the Lower-Limb of Stroke Survivors. EMG, GL, HS, NMES, Qc
66  2019 Effects of Leg Motor Imagery Combined With Electrical Stimulation on Plasticity of Corticospinal Excitability and Spinal Reciprocal Inhibition. ES, MEP, MI, SOL
67  2019 Effects of motor practice on learning a dynamic balance task in healthy young adults: A wavelet-based time-frequency analysis. EMG, GM, IEMG, RMSE
68  2019 Electrical stimulation of human corticospinal axons at the level of the lumbar spinal segments. ISIs, LS, RF, TMS
69  2019 Electromyography activities in patients with lower lumbar disc herniation. LDH, LG, MF, MPF, RMS, sEMG
70  2019 EMG-Based Characterization of Walking Asymmetry in Children with Mild Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy. ---
71  2019 Enlarged Areas of Pain and Pressure Hypersensitivityby Spatially Distributed Intramuscular Injections ofLow-Dose Nerve Growth Factor. NGF, PPT
72  2019 Gait-synchronized oscillatory brain stimulation modulates common neural drives to ankle muscles in patients after stroke: A pilot study. tACS
73  2019 Growth/differentiation factor 15 causes TGFbeta-activated kinase 1-dependent muscle atrophy in pulmonary arterial hypertension. GDF15, MCT, PAH, TAK1
74  2019 High-Frequency Stimulation on Skeletal Muscle Maintenance in Female Cachectic Mice. HFES, WT
75  2019 HSP72 expression is specific to skeletal muscle contraction type. HSP, MTT
76  2019 Impaired microvascular reactivity after eccentric muscle contractions is not restored by acute ingestion of antioxidants or dietary nitrate. AO, BOLD, BR, CON, NO
77  2019 Intensified mitophagy in skeletal muscle with aging is downregulated by PGC-1alpha overexpression in vivo. COXIV, Ub
78  2019 Intramuscular Pressure of Human Tibialis Anterior Muscle Reflects in vivo Muscular Activity. CMAP, EMD, IMP
79  2019 Intraoperative neuromonitoring of anterior root muscle response during hip surgery under spinal anesthesia. ARM, BF, RF, THA, VL
80  2019 Ketogenic diet induces skeletal muscle atrophy via reducing muscle protein synthesis and possibly activating proteolysis in mice. GA, KD, SOL
81  2019 Knee osteoarthritis induces atrophy and neuromuscular junction remodeling in the quadriceps and tibialis anterior muscles of rats. ACLT, KOA, MuRF-1, MuSK, nAChR, NCAM, NMJs
82  2019 Lactate Stimulates a Potential for Hypertrophy and Regeneration of Mouse Skeletal Muscle. CTX, LX
83  2019 Late life maintenance and enhancement of functional exercise capacity in low and high responding rats after low intensity treadmill training. EXER, GTN, HRT rats, SED
84  2019 Long Non-Coding RNA Myoparr Regulates GDF5 Expression in Denervated Mouse Skeletal Muscle. BMP, GDF5, lncRNA
85  2019 Low-Frequency Electrical Stimulation of Denervated Skeletal Muscle Retards Muscle and Trabecular Bone Loss in Aged Rats. CON, DN, ES
86  2019 Lower Limb Maneuver Investigation of Chasse Steps Among Male Elite Table Tennis Players. EMG, GM, ROM, VM
87  2019 Measurement of the shear modulus in thin-layered tissues using numerical simulations and shear wave elastography. ARF, MG, MTJ, SWE
88  2019 Medium latency excitatory reflex of soleus re-examined. M-response, MLR, sEMG, SMUs
89  2019 Microarray Analysis of Gene Expression Provides New Insights Into Denervation-Induced Skeletal Muscle Atrophy. GO, KEGG, PCA, SOM
90  2019 miR-125b-5p targeting TRAF6 relieves skeletal muscle atrophy induced by fasting or denervation. ALS, miRs, UPS
91  2019 miR-26a Limits Muscle Wasting and Cardiac Fibrosis through Exosome-Mediated microRNA Transfer in Chronic Kidney Disease. CKD
92  2019 Modulation of the Hoffmann reflex in the tibialis anterior with a change in posture. Mmax
93  2019 Muscle activity and vibration transmissibility during whole-body vibration in chronic stroke. MG, MH, VM, WBV
94  2019 Muscle Activity Pattern with A Shifted Center of Pressure during the Squat Exercise. COP, FSP, GL, NSP, ST, VM
95  2019 Muscle fiber-type selective propensity to pathology in the nmd mouse model of SMARD1. EDL, SMARD1
96  2019 Muscle-specific changes in protein synthesis with aging and reloading after disuse atrophy. FSR, Reloaded 24
97  2019 Musclin, A Myokine Induced by Aerobic Exercise, Retards Muscle Atrophy During Cancer Cachexia in Mice. AREG, caFoxO3, FGF18, KO, NPPB, NPR3, PGC-1alpha
98  2019 Nerve excitability differences in slow and fast motor axons of the rat: more than just Ih. KX, SOL, SP
99  2019 Nerve growth factor-induced muscle hyperalgesia facilitates ischaemic contraction-evoked pain. NGF, NRS, PPTs
100  2019 Neuromuscular control in individuals with chronic ankle instability: A comparison of unexpected and expected ankle inversion perturbations during a single leg drop-landing. CAI, CCI, MG, PB, PL