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Abbreviation : TC
Long Form : temporal cortex
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Altered Brain Entropy as a predictor of antidepressant response in major depressive disorder. BEN, FG, fMRI, HAMD-24, MC, MDD, mOFC, sgACC, VC
2020 Concentrations of Circulating Phylloquinone, but Not Cerebral Menaquinone-4, Are Positively Correlated with a Wide Range of Cognitive Measures: Exploratory Findings in Centenarians. FC, VK
2020 Fast temporal dynamics and causal relevance of face processing in the human temporal cortex. pFUS
2018 A Developmental Study of Abnormal Behaviors and Altered GABAergic Signaling in the VPA-Treated Rat Model of Autism. GABA, GAD67, HC, PFC, VPA
2018 Electrical Stimulation Modulates High gamma Activity and Human Memory Performance. HP, PF, PH
2018 Maternal deprivation induces alterations in cognitive and cortical function in adulthood. COMT, MD, mPFC, RM, SZ
2018 Phosphorylated alpha-Synuclein Accumulations and Lewy Body-like Pathology Distributed in Parkinson's Disease-Related Brain Areas of Aged Rhesus Monkeys Treated with MPTP. LB, MPTP, OC, PD, PFC, SN, TH
2017 Alterations in Properties of Glutamatergic Transmission in the Temporal Cortex and Hippocampus Following Pilocarpine-Induced Acute Seizures in Wistar Rats. AMPA, I/O, NMDA, PILO-rats, TLE
2017 Brain iron deposition analysis using susceptibility weighted imaging and its association with body iron level in patients with mild cognitive impairment. AD, CN, DN, GP, HP, MCI, NCs, PUT, RN, SWI
10  2016 A Study of Abeta Oligomers in the Temporal Cortex and Cerebellum of Patients with Neuropathologically Confirmed Alzheimer's Disease Compared to Aged Controls. AD, AP, NFT
11  2016 Changes of AMPA receptor properties in the neocortex and hippocampus following pilocarpine-induced status epilepticus in rats. CP-AMPARs, mPFC, PILO-induced SE, TLE, VH
12  2016 Neural correlates of mystical experience. DLPFC, HC
13  2015 No evidence for attenuated stress-induced extrastriatal dopamine signaling in psychotic disorder. DA, HV, mPFC, NAPD
14  2014 Identifying neuropathic pain using (18)F-FDG micro-PET: a multivariate pattern analysis. AMY, AON, BF/POA, CBL, HT, IC, MVPA, OC, PC, RSC, RVM, SA, SNL, SVM, VMB
15  2014 Layer- and area-specificity of the adrenergic modulation of synaptic transmission in the rat neocortex. AMPAR, eEPSCs, GABAAR, mPFC, NE
16  2014 Reduced interhemispheric functional connectivity of children with autism spectrum disorder: evidence from functional near infrared spectroscopy studies. ASD, fNIRS, IFC, RSFC, TD
17  2014 The genetic contributions of SNCA and LRRK2 genes to Lewy Body pathology in Alzheimer's disease. LB, LRRK2, PD, SNCA
18  2013 Alzheimer's disease: amino acid levels and brain metabolic status. AC, AD, Asp, Gln, Glu, HPLC
19  2013 The language network. ---
20  2011 Effects of Aripiprazole and Haloperidol on Fos-like Immunoreactivity in the Prefrontal Cortex and Amygdala. BL, Ce, FLI, mPFC
21  2010 Age-specific effects of 6-hydroxydopamine lesions of the rat medial prefrontal cortex on stress-induced c-fos expression in subcortical areas. AcbC, AcbSh, BL, Ce, DG, mPFC
22  2010 [Epileptic seizure-like effect of Sophora alkaloid sophoridine on experimental animals]. DG, EEG, iEEG, MES, PP
23  2009 Early cortical connective network relating to audiovisual stimulation by partial directed coherence analysis. ERP, PDC
24  2006 Early developmental alterations of low-Mg2+ -induced epileptiform activity in the intact corticohippocampal formation of the newborn mouse in vitro. CHF, DG, EC, IEs, ILEs
25  2006 Synthesis and biologic evaluation of a novel serotonin 5-HT1A receptor radioligand, 18F-labeled mefway, in rodents and imaging by PET in a nonhuman primate. 18F-MPPF, CER, Co, CTX, FC, HP, IC50, Rp
26  2005 Region-specific modulation of electrically induced synchronous oscillations in the rat hippocampus and cerebral cortex. DG, EC, NMDA
27  2004 Glucocorticoid hormone (cortisol) affects axonal transport in human cortex neurons but shows resistance in Alzheimer's disease. AD, Emax, PFC
28  2001 Changes in the cAMP-related signal transduction mechanism in postmortem human brains of heroin addicts. AC, NAc
29  2001 Marked increase of neuronal prion protein immunoreactivity in Alzheimer's disease and human prion diseases. AD, SUB, TSE
30  2000 [Effect of geomagnetic activity on inter-hemisphere functional asymmetry of the brain]. ---
31  2000 [Effect of reperfusion after local ischaemia on the M receptor density in rat brains]. CP, FC, OC
32  2000 [Geomagnetic effects on cortico-caudal mechanisms of auditory stimuli processing in cats]. HCN
33  1998 The effect of sphenopalatine postganglionic neurotomy on the alteration of local cerebral blood flow of normotensive and hypertensive rats in acute cold stress. IC, LCBF, SHR, VER, WKY
34  1998 The effect of trigeminal neurotomy on the alteration of local cerebral blood flow of normotensive and hypertensive rats in acute cold stress. HYP, LCBF, MID, SHR, WKY
35  1997 Imaging of delta- and mu-opioid receptors in temporal lobe epilepsy by positron emission tomography. PET
36  1996 Lower 3H-paroxetine binding in cerebral cortex of suicide victims is partly due to fewer high affinity, non-transporter sites. 5-HIAA, 5-HTP, TRY
37  1996 Marked retrograde and anterograde amnesia of a visual discrimination task in rats with selective lesions of the perirhinal cortex. LEC, PC
38  1995 Learning and retention of a visual discrimination task in rats with various combinations of lesions in the temporal-hippocampal region. Hipp, LEC
39  1994 Evidence for activation of NMDA receptors when memory function is reinstated in rats with glutamatergic temporal systems disrupted. LEC
40  1993 Brain monoamines following castration of aggressive muricidal rats. FC, HI, HY, IC, OB, OT, PC, PM, Ra, SC, SE, Sr, TH
41  1993 Quantitative autoradiography of alpha 1- and alpha 2-adrenergic receptors in the cerebral cortex of controls and suicide victims. ---
42  1993 Restoration of mnemonic function in rats with glutamergic temporal systems disrupted: dose and time of glycine injections. LEC
43  1992 Memory dysfunction following disruption of glutamergic systems in the temporal region of the rat: effects of agonistic amino acids. LEC
44  1992 Selective lesions in the temporal-hippocampal region of the rat: effects on acquisition and retention of a visual discrimination task. LEC
45  1991 Retroactive memory of a visual discrimination task in the rat: role of temporal-entorhinal cortices and their connections. LEC, MEC
46  1989 Different forms of brain acetylcholinesterase and muscarinic binding in Parkinson's disease. AChE, ChAT, NC
47  1989 Exploratory behavior, reaction to novelty, and proactive memory in rats with temporo-entorhinal connections disrupted. LEC, LPP
48  1978 [Effect of micropolarization of cat brain structures on extinctive inhibition]. HC, MCP, RF