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Abbreviation : TC
Long Form : total coliforms
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Improvement of Co-Composting by a combined pretreatment Ozonation/Ultrasonic process in stabilization of raw activated sludge. FC, TOC, VS
2020 Microbial quality of ready-to-eat foods sold in school cafeterias in Chongqing, China. APC, RTE
2020 Occurrence of selected viral and bacterial pathogens and microbiological quality of fresh and frozen strawberries sold in Spain. NoV, PC1, PCA, TAM
2020 Tertiary treatment of real abattoir wastewater using combined acoustic cavitation and ozonation. ---
2019 Bacteriological quality of bottled water obtained from Mexico City small water purification plants: Incidence and identification of potentially pathogenic nontuberculous mycobacteria species. AMB, FC, NTM
2019 Creek to Table: Tracking fecal indicator bacteria, bacterial pathogens, and total bacterial communities from irrigation water to kale and radish crops. ---
2019 Effect of solar photo-Fenton process in raceway pond reactors at neutral pH on antibiotic resistance determinants in secondary treated urban wastewater. ARGs, E. coli
2019 Evaluation of harvested rainwater quality at primary schools of southwest coastal Bangladesh. ---
10  2019 Microbial Quality of Drinking Water and Prevalence of Water-Related Diseases in Marigat Urban Centre, Kenya. ---
11  2019 Microbial risk assessment in recreational freshwaters from southern Brazil. EV, ICC-qPCR, RV
12  2019 Microbiological Testing for the Proper Assessment of the Hygiene Status of Beef Carcasses. EB, EC, MA
13  2019 Physicochemical Parameters and Alarming Coliform Count of the Potable Water of Eastern Himalayan State Sikkim: An Indication of Severe Fecal Contamination and Immediate Health Risk. EC, En
15  2019 Wastewater treatment by slow sand filters using uncoated and iron-coated fine sand: impact of hydraulic loading rate and media depth. COD, HLRs, SSFs, TSS
17  2018 Assessment of Bacterial Accumulation and Environmental Factors in Sentinel Oysters and Estuarine Water Quality from the Phang Nga Estuary Area in Thailand. EC, FC, MPN, Vp
18  2018 Contamination Level of Hygiene Indicator and Prevalence of Foodborne Pathogens in Retail Beef in Parallel with Market Factor. ---
19  2018 Contamination of arsenic, manganese and coliform bacteria in groundwater at Kushtia District, Bangladesh: human health vulnerabilities. AAS, BDS, EC, FC, Mn, TDS, TWs, WHO
20  2018 Evaluation of Well Designs to Improve Access to Safe and Clean Water in Rural Tanzania. E. coli, HPC, MPN
21  2018 Factors Affecting Microbiological Quality of Vegetable- and Meat-Based Meals Served at Cafeterias in the Republic of Korea. FC
22  2018 Impact of meteorological conditions on the water quality of wastewater treatment systems: a comparative study of phytoremediation and membrane bioreactor system. BOD, COD, MBR, TSS
23  2018 Postharvest Supply Chain with Microbial Travelers: a Farm-to-Retail Microbial Simulation and Visualization Framework. PSCMT
24  2018 Predictive modeling of bacterial growth in ready-to-use salted napa cabbage (Brassica pekinensis) at different storage temperatures. APC, LAB
25  2018 Total coliforms as an indicator of human enterovirus presence in surface water across Tianjin city, China. AstVs, EnVs
26  2017 Comparative study on removal of enteric pathogens from domestic wastewater using Typha latifolia and Cyperus rotundus along with different substrates. FC, HSD
27  2017 Raw ready-to-eat seafood safety: microbiological quality of the various seafood species available in fishery, hyper and online markets. ---
28  2017 The Likelihood of Coliform Bacteria in NJ Domestic Wells Based on Precipitation and Other Factors. FC/EC, MPE, NWS
29  2017 Total coliform and E. coli in public water systems using undisinfected ground water in the United States. AGI, EC, PWSs, TCR
30  2017 [Study of the bacteriological quality of water used in the agro-food industry in the North of Morocco]. FC, RM
31  2016 An INCA model for pathogens in rivers and catchments: Model structure, sensitivity analysis and application to the River Thames catchment, UK. INCA
32  2016 Bacteriological quality of some swimming pools in Alexandria with special reference to Staphylococcus aureus. E. coli, HPC, MRSA, S. aureus
33  2016 Faecal contamination of commuters' hands in main vehicle stations in Dhaka city, Bangladesh. CFU, CP, EC, FC, FS
34  2016 Groundwater Contamination Due to Activities of an Intensive Hog Farming Operation Located on a Geologic Fault in East Mediterranean: A Study on COD, BOD₅ and Microbial Load. COD, TVC
35  2016 Hygienic quality, adulteration of pork and histamine production by Raoultella ornithinolytica in milkfish dumpling. APC, CFU, PCR
36  2016 Microbial contamination along the main open wastewater and storm water channel of Hanoi, Vietnam, and potential health risks for urban farmers. MPN, WHO
37  2016 Microbial dynamics of indicator microorganisms on fresh tomatoes in the supply chain from Mexico to the USA. APC, YM
38  2016 Microbiological Quality and Occurrence of Nontuberculous Mycobacteria in Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice Samples Purchased from Street Vendors in Mexico City. AMB, FC, MPN, NTM
39  2016 Modelling of faecal indicator bacteria (FIB) in the Red River basin (Vietnam). FIB
40  2016 Seasonal variability of faecal indicator bacteria numbers and die-off rates in the Red River basin, North Viet Nam. EC, FIB
41  2016 Sources and seasonal variation of coliform bacteria abundance in groundwater around the slopes of Mount Meru, Arusha, Tanzania. E. coli, FC, FS
42  2016 The Impact of Human Activities on Microbial Quality of Rivers in the Vhembe District, South Africa. a-EPEC, DWS, E. coli, EAEC, ETEC, PCR
43  2016 Treatment of Copper Contaminated Municipal Wastewater by Using UASB Reactor and Sand-Chemically Carbonized Rubber Wood Sawdust Column. CCRWSD, COD, FC, FTIR, SEM, TSS, UASB, XRF
44  2016 [Diagnostic of health quality in artisanal cheese dairies of Zacazonapan municipality, State of Mexico]. AMB
45  2015 A safety analysis of food waste-derived animal feeds from three typical conversion techniques in China. AFB1, DDT, HCH, MY, SA, TAC
46  2015 Assessment of Nutrient Value and Microbiological Safety of Pomacea lineata. FC, TMB
47  2015 Assessment of region, farming system, irrigation source and sampling time as food safety risk factors for tomatoes. DE, MD, NJ, STEC
48  2015 Comparing the microbiological status of pre- and postharvest produce from small organic production. ---
49  2015 Empirical model based on Weibull distribution describing the destruction kinetics of natural microbiota in pineapple (Ananas comosus L.) puree during high-pressure processing. AM, delta, min, LAB, PC, YM
50  2015 Evaluating spatial-temporal variations and correlation between fecal indicator bacteria (FIB) in marine bathing beaches. E. coli, EC, FC, FIB
51  2015 Fate of parasites and pathogenic bacteria in an anaerobic hybrid reactor followed by downflow hanging sponge system treating domestic wastewater. AH, DHS, FC, FS, HRT
52  2015 Microbiological and Chemical Quality of Packaged Sachet Water and Household Stored Drinking Water in Freetown, Sierra Leone. EC, HWC, LMICs, POSs, PSW, PW, PWMFs, SSA
53  2015 Microbiological Quality of Ready-to-Eat Vegetables Collected in Mexico City: Occurrence of Aerobic-Mesophilic Bacteria, Fecal Coliforms, and Potentially Pathogenic Nontuberculous Mycobacteria. AMB, FC, NTM
54  2015 Surface water quality in the Sinos River basin, in Southern Brazil: tracking microbiological contamination and correlation with physicochemical parameters. AdVs, FC, SRB
55  2015 The growing season, but not the farming system, is a food safety risk determinant for leafy greens in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. STEC
56  2015 Using chemical, microbial and fluorescence techniques to understand contaminant sources and pathways to wetlands in a conservation site. DOM
57  2015 Using generalized additive mixed models to assess spatial, temporal, and hydrologic controls on bacteria and nitrate in a vulnerable agricultural aquifer. ASA, E. coli, GAMMs
58  2014 Associations between perceptions of drinking water service delivery and measured drinking water quality in rural Alabama. ---
59  2014 Coliform bacteria removal from sewage in constructed wetlands planted with Mentha aquatica. CW-HSSF, EC, HRTs
60  2014 Key design factors affecting microbial community composition and pathogenic organism removal in horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands. DGGE, FE, HPC, HSSF, PCR
61  2014 Microbial quality of drinking water from microfiltered water dispensers. EC, ENT, HPC, MWDs
62  2014 Pathogen removal during wastewater treatment by vermifiltration. FC, FS, VF
63  2014 Prevalence of antibiotic-resistant fecal bacteria in a river impacted by both an antibiotic production plant and urban treated discharges. APP, ARGs, WWTP
64  2014 The effect of high-level chlorine carcass drench on the recovery of Salmonella and enumeration of bacteria from broiler carcasses. WCR
65  2014 Water quality assessment of an unusual ritual well in Bangladesh and impact of mass bathing on this quality. BOD, COD, DO, EC, FC, FS, IE, PA, SA
66  2013 A 5-year survey (2007-2011) of enteric viruses in Korean aquatic environments and the use of coliforms as viral indicators. CFU, EV, FC, MPN
67  2013 Assessment of rainwater harvesting systems at a university in Taipei. DOC, EC, RWHSs, TSPs
68  2013 Coliform bacteria in New Jersey domestic wells: influence of geology, laboratory, and method. GW
69  2013 Control of dangerous substances in discharges and microbiological abatement: European framework and a case study of an ozone disinfection system. FC, FS, LOD, WWTP
70  2013 Evaluation of membrane bioreactor for advanced treatment of industrial wastewater and reverse osmosis pretreatment. COD, MBR, RO, SDI, TN, TSS
71  2013 Occurrence of potentially pathogenic nontuberculous mycobacteria in Mexican household potable water: a pilot study. AMB, FC, NTM, PRA
72  2013 Studies on the bacteriological qualities of the Buffalo River and three source water dams along its course in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. ENT, FC, FIB
73  2013 Treatment of waste sludge: a comparison between anodic oxidation and electro-Fenton processes. AO, AOPs, COD, EF
74  2012 A large-scale study of bacterial contamination of drinking water and its public health impact in Nepal. DR, FC
75  2012 Bacteriological quality of abattoir effluents discharged into water bodies in abuja, Nigeria. FC
76  2012 Cadmium tolerance and antibiotic resistance in Escherichia coli isolated from waste stabilization ponds. FC
77  2012 Dietary clays alleviate diarrhea of weaned pigs. CON, DS, HC, PCV, RHT, SM, TP, WBC
78  2012 Disinfection of an advanced primary effluent with peracetic acid and ultraviolet combined treatment: a continuous-flow pilot plant study. FC, min, PAA/UV
79  2012 Distribution of potentially pathogenic enteric bacteria in coastal sea waters along the Southern Kerala Coast, India. FC, FS, Vc, Vp
80  2012 Effect of hydrothermal treatment on the levels of selected indigenous microbes in food waste. MY, SA, TAC
81  2012 Hydrothermal treatment for inactivating some hygienic microbial indicators from food waste-amended animal feed. MY, SA, TPC
82  2012 Physicochemical and microbiological assessment of recreational and drinking waters. MPN
83  2012 Synergistic effect of the sequential use of UV irradiation and chlorine to disinfect reclaimed water. HPC, TBC
84  2012 Temporal variation of microbiological and chemical quality of noncarbonated bottled drinking water sold in Sri Lanka. FC, HPC, SLSI, WHO
85  2012 [Occurrence of fecal indicator bacteria in urban surface water: a case study in southern China]. EC, ENT, FC
86  2011 Determination and improvement of microbial safety of wheat sprouts with chemical sanitizers. CFU, RH, TAMB, YM
87  2011 Effect of hydraulic retention time on the performance of down-flow hanging sponge system treating grey wastewater. DHS, GW, HRTs, OLRs
88  2011 Effect of ultrasonic pretreatment on chlorine dioxide disinfection efficiency. E. coli, US
89  2011 Fate of coliforms and pathogenic parasite in four full-scale sewage treatment systems in India. ASP, BOD, EA, FC, FS, SS, WSP
90  2011 Microbial pollution indicators along the Egyptian coastal waters of Suez and Aqaba Gulfs and Red Sea. EC, FS
91  2011 Performance and modeling of a vertical flow constructed wetland-maturation pond system. BOD, COD, CW, DO, OP, SMLR, TKN, TP, TSS, VF
92  2011 Polishing domestic wastewater on a subsurface flow constructed wetland: organic matter removal and microbial monitoring. CWs, FC, PCR-DGGE
93  2011 Stagnant surface water bodies (SSWBs) as an alternative water resource for the Chittagong metropolitan area of Bangladesh: physicochemical characterization in terms of water quality indices. CMPA, DO, EC, SSWBs, WQIs, WTemp
94  2010 Comparison of the microbiological and chemical characterization of harvested rainwater and reservoir water as alternative water resources. EC, RWH
95  2010 Constructed wetland for water quality improvement: a case study from Taiwan. BOD, DGGE, KRRBCW, PCR, TN, TP
96  2010 On-site treatment of domestic wastewater using a small-scale horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetland. OP, TP, TSS
97  2010 Specificity of a defined substrate method used to monitor balneability of tropical coastal waters impacted by polluted stormwater. DS, MPN, MTF, TtC
98  2010 Treatment of segregated black/grey domestic wastewater using constructed wetlands in the Mediterranean basin: the zer0-m experience. CW, GW, MEDA
99  2010 Using a constructed wetland for non-point source pollution control and river water quality purification: a case study in Taiwan. BOD, NPS
100  2009 Assessment of the impact of excessive chemical additions to municipal wastewaters and comparison of three technologies in the removal performance of pathogens and toxicity. AL, AS, FC, FS, GI, KW, MBR, SW