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Abbreviation : TCL
Long Form : tachycardia cycle length
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Peri-Aortic Ventricular Tachycardia in Structural Heart Disease: Evidence of Localized Reentrant Mechanisms. DZ, NICM, VT
2019 A novel pacing maneuver to verify the postpacing interval minus the tachycardia cycle length while adjusting for decremental conduction: Using "dual-chamber entrainment" for improved supraventricular tachycardia discrimination. AVNRT, ORT, PPI
2019 Atrial Tachycardia With AtrialActivationDuration Exceeding theTachycardiaCycle Length: Mechanisms and Prevalence. AAD, AT
2019 Interesting response to ventricular overdrive pacing during regular narrow QRS tachycardia. What is the mechanism? AH, AV, CS, HV, VOD
2019 Lateral tunnel Fontan atrial tachycardia ablation trans-baffle access is not mandatory as the initial strategy. AT, LTF, PVA
2019 Pulmonary vein-gap re-entrant atrial tachycardia following atrial fibrillation ablation: an electrophysiological insight with high-resolution mapping. ATs, PV, PV-gap RAT
2018 Use of Programmed Ventricular Extrastimulus During Supraventricular Tachycardia to Differentiate Atrioventricular Nodal Re-Entrant Tachycardia From Atrioventricular Re-Entrant Tachycardia. APs, AVNRT, AVRT, CI, SA, VA
2017 Postpacing Interval During Right Ventricular Overdrive Pacing to Discriminate Supraventricular from Ventricular tachycardia. ICD, PPI, SVT, VT
2017 Wide QRS tachycardia in a patient with pre excitation; what are the pathways involved? Pacing manoeuvres to characterize a unique pathway. CS, HL, RV
10  2016 Catheter Ablation of Ischemic Ventricular Tachycardia With Remote Magnetic Navigation: STOP-VT Multicenter Trial. RMN, VT
11  2016 Determining the Site of Accessory Pathways in Orthodromic Reciprocating Tachycardia by Using the Response to Right Ventricular Pacing. AP, AV, AVNRT, ORT, PPI, RV
12  2016 Efficacy and Limitations of Tachycardia Detection Interval Guided Reprogramming for Reduction of Inappropriate Shock in Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator Patients. ATP, DCM, ICD, TDI
13  2016 Is There a Difference in Tachycardia Cycle Length during SVT in Children with AVRT and AVNRT? AVNRT, AVRT, EPS, SVT
14  2016 Long Postpacing Interval After Entrainment of Tachycardia Including a Slow Conduction Zone Within the Circuit. AFL, AV, AVRT, PCL, PPI
15  2016 Peri-Mitral Atrial Tachycardia Using the Marshall Bundle Epicardial Connections. CS, LA, LOM, MB, PMATs, PVI, VOM
16  2016 Ridge-related reentry despite apparent bidirectional mitral isthmus block. MI, PPI, RRR
17  2016 The precise timing of tachycardia entrainment is determined by the postpacing interval, the tachycardia cycle length, and the pacing rate: Theoretical insights and practical applications. NNE, PCL, PPI
18  2015 The Effect of Direct Current Stimulation versus T-Wave Shock on Defibrillation Threshold Testing. DFT, ECG, VF, VT
19  2014 Effect of the restitution properties of cardiac tissue on the repeatability of entrainment mapping response. PPI
20  2014 High correlation of estimated local conduction velocity with natural logarithm of bipolar electrogram amplitude in the reentry circuit of atrial flutter. AFL, CV, EA, lnEA, RA
21  2014 Overdrive pacing from downstream sites on multielectrode catheters to rapidly detect fusion and to diagnose macroreentrant atrial arrhythmias. AT, S-Au
22  2014 Patients with drug-refractory atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia: clinical features, electrophysiological characteristics, and predictors of medication failure. AVNRT, EP
23  2014 The retrograde P-wave theory: explaining ST segment depression in supraventricular tachycardia by retrograde AV node conduction. AVNRT, AVRT, PWST, STD, SVT, VA
24  2013 Anteroseptal basal right ventricular entrainment is simple and superior to apical entrainment in identifying mechanism of supraventricular tachycardia. AVNRT, AVRT, cPPI, PPI, RV, SVT, VA
25  2013 Differentiation of atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia from orthodromic reciprocating tachycardia by the resetting response to ventricular extrastimuli: comparison to response to continuous ventricular pacing. AVNRT, cPPI, ORT, RVA, SA
26  2012 Importance of tachycardia cycle length for differentiating typical atrial flutter from scar-related in adult congenital heart disease. AFL, CHD, CTI, IART
27  2012 Misleading long post-pacing interval after entrainment of typical atrial flutter from the cavotricuspid isthmus. AFL, CTI, PCLs, PPI
28  2011 Entrainment for distinguishing atypical atrioventricular node reentrant tachycardia from atrioventricular reentrant tachycardia over septal accessory pathways with long-RP [corrected] tachycardia. PPI-TCL, RV, VA
29  2011 Localized reentry as a novel type of the proarrhythmic effects of linear ablation in the left atrium. AF, ATs
30  2010 A novel approach to differentiating orthodromic reciprocating tachycardia from atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia. AVNRT, ORT, PCL, RV
31  2010 Entrainment to distinguish orthodromic reciprocating tachycardia from atrioventricular nodal reentry tachycardia in children. AH, AVNRT, ORT, PPI
32  2009 Bi-atrial and right atrial activation times help to differentiate focal from macroreentrant right atrial tachycardias. BAA, LAA, MRAT, RAA
33  2009 Clinical validation and comparison of alternative methods for evaluation of entrainment mapping. ER, PPI
34  2009 The atrioventricular interval during pre-excited tachycardia: a simple way to distinguish between decrementally or rapidly conducting accessory pathways. ADT, AP, AV, VA
35  2008 Superior type of atypical AV nodal reentrant tachycardia: incidence, characteristics, and effect of slow pathway ablation. AV, ERAA, PCS, Rt-IS, Rt-SS
36  2008 Variability in post-pacing intervals predicts global atrial activation pattern during tachycardia. CLs, PPIs
37  2007 A novel pacing maneuver to localize focal atrial tachycardia. AOP, PPI, SCL
38  2007 Implications of 2:1 atrioventricular block during typical atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia. AVB, AVNRT, RC
39  2007 Irregular atypical atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia: incidence, electrophysiological characteristics, and effects of slow pathway ablation. AV, CS
40  2007 Slow atrioventricular nodal reentrant arrhythmias: clinical recognition, electrophysiological characteristics, and response to radiofrequency ablation. AH, AVNRA, AVNRT, RFCA, SVT
41  2006 Entrainment mapping for rapid distinction of left and right atrial tachycardias. AT, CS, PPI, RA
42  2006 First postpacing interval after tachycardia entrainment with correction for atrioventricular node delay: a simple maneuver for differential diagnosis of atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardias versus orthodromic reciprocating tachycardias. AVNRT, ORT, PPI
43  2005 Atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia ablated from left atrial septum: clinical and electrophysiological characteristics and long-term follow-up results as compared to conventional right-sided ablation. ---
44  2005 Effects of right bundle branch block during atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia. AH, AVNRT, HA, HRA, HV, RBBB
45  2005 Reentry within the cavotricuspid isthmus: an isthmus dependent circuit. AFL, CCW, CTI, PPI, TA
46  2004 Value of entrainment mapping in determining the isthmus-dependent nature of atrial flutter in the presence of amiodarone. PPI, RFA
47  2003 Estimation of entrainment response using electrograms from remote sites: validation in animal and computer models of reentrant tachycardia. ER, PPI
48  2002 Conduction properties of the crista terminalis and its influence on the right atrial activation sequence in patients with typical atrial flutter. AF, CBL, CI, CT, IVC-TA
49  2001 Bundle-branch reentry and the postpacing interval after entrainment by right ventricular apex stimulation: a new approach to elucidate the mechanism of wide-QRS-complex tachycardia with atrioventricular dissociation. AVNRT, BBRVT, MR-VT, PPI, RVA
50  2001 Differentiation of atypical atrioventricular node re-entrant tachycardia from orthodromic reciprocating tachycardia using a septal accessory pathway by the response to ventricular pacing. AVNRT, ORT, PPI, SA, VA
51  2001 The N + 1 difference: a new measure for entrainment mapping. EG, PPI, VT
52  1999 Electrophysiological delineation of the tachycardia circuit in atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia. AVNRT, CSOS
53  1991 A comparison of intravenous propafenone and flecainide in the treatment of tachycardias associated with the Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. ---