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Abbreviation : THP
Long Form : Tamm-Horsfall protein
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Importance of glycosylation in the interaction of Tamm-Horsfall protein with collectin-11 and acute kidney injury. AKI, CL-11
2019 Circulating uromodulin inhibits systemic oxidative stress by inactivating the TRPM2 channel. AKI, ROS, TRPM2
2019 Management of Tamm-Horsfall Protein for Reliable Urinary Analytics. HFD, uEVs
2019 Rotula aquatica Lour. mitigates oxidative stress and inflammation in acute pyelonephritic rats. IL-6, MDA, NF-kappaB, ROS, TLR4, TNF-alpha
2019 The association between thyroid dysfunction (TD) and diabetic kidney disease (DKD) in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). DKD, sTSH, T2DM, TD, UACR
2019 Tsc1 ablation in Prx1 and Osterix lineages causes renal cystogenesis in mouse. TSC
2018 A novel role for Tamm-Horsfall protein (uromodulin) in the renal tubule. ---
2018 A study of urinary Tamm-Horsfall protein excretion in adult type 2 diabetes mellitus
2018 Tamm-Horsfall Protein is a Potent Immunomodulatory Molecule and a Disease Biomarker in the Urinary System. EGF, IL, TNF, UMOD
10  2018 Tamm-Horsfall Protein Regulates Mononuclear Phagocytes in the Kidney. MPCs
11  2017 Fate of Neutrophils during the Recovery Phase of Ischemia/Reperfusion Induced Acute Kidney Injury. ICAM-1, IRI, JAM-C, KO, rTEM, WT
12  2017 Human Tamm-Horsfall protein, a renal specific protein, serves as a cofactor in complement 3b degradation. C1q, C3b, CFH, CFI
13  2017 KeepEX, a simple dilution protocol for improving extracellular vesicle yields from urine. EVs
14  2017 Urinary Tamm-Horsfall protein, albumin, vitamin D-binding protein, and retinol-binding protein as early biomarkers of chronic kidney disease in dogs. CKD, RBP, VDBP
15  2016 Hints to the diagnosis of uromodulin kidney disease. UKD, UMOD
16  2016 In silico analysis of aqueous root extract of Rotula aquatica Lour for docking analysis of the compound 3-O-acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid contents. ---
17  2016 Increased toxic urinary cations in males with interstitial cystitis: a possible cause of bladder symptoms. ---
18  2016 Protein Complexes in Urine Interfere with Extracellular Vesicle Biomarker Studies. miRNAs, SEC, UC
19  2016 Uromodulin: a new biomarker of fetal renal function? CEMEFE/HC
20  2015 An evaluation of Tamm-Horsfall protein glycans in kidney stone formers using novel techniques. 2-AB, HPAEC, MALDI-TOF MS
21  2015 Interstitial calcinosis in renal papillae of genetically engineered mouse models: relation to Randall's plaques. GEMMs, OPN
22  2015 Intraluminal proteome and peptidome of human urinary extracellular vesicles. DOC, UEVs
23  2015 Tamm-Horsfall Protein Regulates Granulopoiesis and Systemic Neutrophil Homeostasis. ---
24  2014 Immunohistochemical localization and mRNA quantification of osteopontin and Tamm-Horsfall protein in canine renal tissue after potassium oxalate injection. OPN, TID
25  2014 Isolation of urinary extracellular vesicles from Tamm- Horsfall protein-depleted urine and their application in the development of a lectin-exosome-binding assay. EVs, UEVs
26  2014 Relationship between urinary Tamm-Horsfall protein excretion and renal function in dogs with naturally occurring renal disease. P-ClCr, THP/UC
27  2014 Role of urinary cations in the aetiology of bladder symptoms and interstitial cystitis. CFs, IC, LC, RP-HPLC
28  2014 Subfractionation, characterization, and in-depth proteomic analysis of glomerular membrane vesicles in human urine. ELVs, GMV
29  2014 The role of tumor necrosis factor alpha in regulating the expression of Tamm-Horsfall Protein (uromodulin) in thick ascending limbs during kidney injury. AKI, HNF1beta, TAL, TNF-alpha
30  2014 Treatment of acute kidney injury with cast nephropathy. AKI, FLCs, HCO-HD, TPE
31  2014 [Effect of loop diuretics with different elimination half-lives on natriuresis changes and indicators characterizing the state of renal tubulointerstitial tissue]. CHF, HD, NU
32  2014 [Effect of urinary Tamm-horsfall protein concentration changes under centrifugation and its association with urolithiasis formation in rats]. ELISA
33  2013 Modulatory effect of Chandraprabha Vati on antimicrobial peptides and inflammatory markers in kidneys of mice with urinary tract infection. CV
34  2013 Purification of exosome-like vesicles from urine. ELVs
35  2013 Tamm-Horsfall protein translocates to the basolateral domain of thick ascending limbs, interstitium, and circulation during recovery from acute kidney injury. AKI, IRI, NKCC2, TAL
36  2013 Tamm-Horsfall protein-associated nucleotides in patients with interstitial cystitis. ESI, HR-ESI-TOFMS, IC, SA, SEC
37  2012 Biochemical and physical characterisation of urinary nanovesicles following CHAPS treatment. CHAPS, DTT, MS
38  2012 Bone morphogenetic protein-2 will be a novel biochemical marker in urinary tract infections and stone formation. BMP-2, OPN, UTI
39  2012 Changes in the expression of bone morphogenetic protein 7 and tamm- horsfall protein in the early stages of diabetic nephropathy. BMP-7, STZ
40  2012 Molecular and cellular effects of Tamm-Horsfall protein mutations and their rescue by chemical chaperones. ER
41  2012 Specificity, sensitivity, and operability of RSID™-urine for forensic identification of urine: comparison with ELISA for Tamm-Horsfall protein. ---
42  2012 Tamm-Horsfall protein facilitates catheter associated urinary tract infection. CAUTI, E. coli, P. aeruginosa
43  2012 Tamm-Horsfall protein regulates circulating and renal cytokines by affecting glomerular filtration rate and acting as a urinary cytokine trap. KO, LPS
44  2011 Activation of the bumetanide-sensitive Na+,K+,2Cl- cotransporter (NKCC2) is facilitated by Tamm-Horsfall protein in a chloride-sensitive manner. NKCC2, TAL, WT
45  2011 Calcium oxalate monohydrate aggregation induced by aggregation of desialylated Tamm-Horsfall protein. COM, ds-THP
46  2011 Host response to porcine strains of Escherichia coli in a novel pyelonephritis model. ---
47  2011 Hypoxia-inducible transcription factors stabilization in the thick ascending limb protects against ischemic acute kidney injury. AKI, HIF, TAL, VHL
48  2011 Tamm-Horsfall protein-deficient thick ascending limbs promote injury to neighboring S3 segments in an MIP-2-dependent mechanism. AKI, MIP-2, TAL
49  2011 The zymogen granule protein 2 (GP2) binds to scavenger receptor expressed on endothelial cells I (SREC-I). GP2, moDCs, SREC-I, SRs
50  2010 Evaluation of Tamm-Horsfall protein and uroplakin III for forensic identification of urine. UPIII
51  2010 Progressive renal papillary calcification and ureteral stone formation in mice deficient for Tamm-Horsfall protein. ---
52  2010 Pyelonephritis in slaughter pigs and sows: morphological characterization and aspects of pathogenesis and aetiology. ---
53  2010 Tamm-Horsfall protein gene is associated with distal tubular dysfunction in patients with type 1 diabetes. CI, eNOS, NO, OR
54  2009 Abnormal glycosylation of Tamm-Horsfall protein in patients with interstitial cystitis. HPAEC, IC
55  2009 Liver-specific ZP domain-containing protein (LZP) as a new partner of Tamm-Horsfall protein harbors on renal tubules. LZP, TAL
56  2009 Screening of vesicoureteral reflux in pediatric patients with kidney transplantation showing non-specific interstitial fibrosis and tubular atrophy with interstitial Tamm-Horsfall protein deposits in protocol allograft biopsy. IF/TA, VUR
57  2009 Surface aggregation of urinary proteins and aspartic Acid-rich peptides on the faces of calcium oxalate monohydrate investigated by in situ force microscopy. ---
58  2008 Current concepts of molecular defence mechanisms operative during urinary tract infection. cAMP, TLRs, UTI
59  2008 Decreased urinary concentration of Tamm-Horsfall protein is associated with development of renal failure and cardiovascular death within 20 years in type 1 but not in type 2 diabetic patients. u-THP
60  2008 Identification of the scavenger receptors SREC-I, Cla-1 (SR-BI), and SR-AI as cellular receptors for Tamm-Horsfall protein. AcLDL, DC, SR, SR-AI, TLR4
61  2008 Obstructive protein cast nephropathy in cynomolgus monkeys treated with small organic molecules. ---
62  2008 Qualification and application of an ELISA for the determination of Tamm Horsfall protein (THP) in human urine and its use for screening of kidney stone disease. ---
63  2008 Tamm-Horsfall protein protects the kidney from ischemic injury by decreasing inflammation and altering TLR4 expression. IRI, TAL, TLR4
64  2008 Tubular function in diabetic children assessed by Tamm-Horsfall protein and glutathione S-transferase. pi-GST
65  2008 [Construction of urinary Tamm-Horsfall protein assay by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and establishment of reference range of healthy subject]. ELISA
66  2007 Early changes in glomerular size selectivity in young adults with type 1 diabetes and retinopathy. Results from the Diabetes Incidence Study in Sweden. DISS, GAGs
67  2007 Immunological evaluation of urinary trypsin inhibitors in blood and urine: role of N- & O-linked glycoproteins. CBC, CRP, ELISA, mAb, SELDI, uTi, WBC
68  2007 Renal calcinosis and stone formation in mice lacking osteopontin, Tamm-Horsfall protein, or both. OPN
69  2007 Renal pathology and urinary protein excretion in a 14-month-old Bernese mountain dog with chronic renal failure. RBP
70  2007 Role of sialic acid in urinary cytoprotective activity of Tamm-Horsfall protein. NVCs, THP-d
71  2007 Tamm-Horsfall protein in recurrent calcium kidney stone formers with positive family history: abnormalities in urinary excretion, molecular structure and function. SA
72  2006 Comparison of urinary proteins in calcium stone formers and healthy individuals: a case-control study. ---
73  2006 Does Tamm-Horsfall protein-uric acid binding play a significant role in urate homeostasis? ---
74  2006 Histogenesis of the acquired cystic kidney disease: an immunohistochemical study. ACKD, CK19, DBA, EMA, LTA, UEA-I
75  2006 Importance of carbohydrate in the interaction of Tamm-Horsfall protein with complement 1q and inhibition of classical complement activation. C1q
76  2006 Intravenous Tamm-Horsfall protein polyps: report of a case in association with a hematoma that mimicked a renal neoplasm. ---
77  2006 Low Na intake suppresses expression of CYP2C23 and arachidonic acid-induced inhibition of ENaC. AA, AQP2, CD, CYP, EET, ENaC, Na-D, TAL
78  2006 Sepsis induces changes in the expression and distribution of Toll-like receptor 4 in the rat kidney. CLP, LPS, TLRs
79  2006 Thirty-eight years of stone meetings in Europe. ---
80  2006 Vitamin E attenuates crystal formation in rat kidneys: roles of renal tubular cell death and crystallization inhibitors. CaOx, EG, OPN, PCNA
81  2005 Defective expression of Tamm-Horsfall protein/uromodulin in COX-2-deficient mice increases their susceptibility to urinary tract infections. COX-2, preproEGF
82  2005 Renal effects of Tamm-Horsfall protein (uromodulin) deficiency in mice. COX-2, WT
83  2005 Tamm-Horsfall protein acts as a general host-defense factor against bacterial cystitis. UTI
84  2005 Tamm-Horsfall protein protects urothelial permeability barrier. LMW, NVCs, TF
85  2005 Tamm-Horsfall protein: a multilayered defence molecule against urinary tract infection. UTI
86  2005 The multiple functions of Tamm-Horsfall protein in human health and disease: a mystery clears up. FJHN, GCKD, MCKD2, UTI
87  2005 The ultrastructural basis of renal pathology in monoclonal gammopathies. AL, EM, FS, G-LCs, GN, Igs, IT, LC, MG, MIDD, PCR, T-LCs
88  2005 Urinary macromolecular inhibition of crystal adhesion to renal epithelial cells is impaired in male stone formers. CAI, COM, conc, OPN, SF, UF, WU
89  2005 Urinary Tamm-Horsfall protein and citrate: a case-control study of inhibitors and promoters of calcium stone formation. ---
90  2005 [Analysis of proteins in urinary tract stones and urine of urolithic patients]. ALB, SDS-PAGE
91  2004 Ablation of the Tamm-Horsfall protein gene increases susceptibility of mice to bladder colonization by type 1-fimbriated Escherichia coli. ---
92  2004 Effects of Tamm-Horsfall protein on polymorphonuclear leukocyte function. PMNL
93  2004 Insights into cyclosporine A-induced atherosclerotic risk in transplant recipients: macrophage scavenger receptor regulation. LXR, PPAR, SR
94  2004 Interaction between the polyol pathway and non-enzymatic glycation on aortic smooth muscle cell migration and monocyte adhesion. AGE-BSA, AR, ICAM-1, MCP-1, SMC, Tg, WT
95  2004 Mutations in the uromodulin gene decrease urinary excretion of Tamm-Horsfall protein. ELISA, GFR, UMOD
96  2004 Protein profiling of urine from dogs with renal disease using ProteinChip analysis. MS, RBP
97  2004 Selectively reduced expression of thick ascending limb Tamm-Horsfall protein in hypothyroid kidneys. NKCC2, TAL
98  2004 Tamm-Horsfall protein in patients with kidney damage and diabetes. DCT, TAL
99  2004 Tamm-Horsfall protein is a critical renal defense factor protecting against calcium oxalate crystal formation. OPN
100  2004 Tamm-Horsfall protein knockout mice are more prone to urinary tract infection: rapid communication. ---