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Abbreviation : TI
Long Form : thalassemia intermedia
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 The planimetric Grothoff's criteria by cardiac magnetic resonance can improve the specificity of left ventricular non-compaction diagnosis in thalassemia intermedia. CMR, LVNC
2019 Activin-A is elevated in patients with thalassemia major and double heterozygous sickle cell/beta-thalassemia and correlates with markers of hemolysis and bone mineral density. BMD, LDH, TM
2019 Final Height and Endocrine Complications in Patients with beta-Thalassemia Intermedia: Our Experience in Non-Transfused Versus Infrequently Transfused Patients and Correlations with Liver Iron Content. BMA, BMI, DXA, Ht, IGF-1, LIC
2019 Hb Knossos (HBB: c.82G > T), beta-globin CD 5 (-CT) (HBB: c.17_18delCT) and delta-globin CD 59 (-a) (HBD: c.179delA) mutations in a Syrian patient with beta-thalassemia intermedia. beta-thal, beta-TM, CE, MCH, MCV, PCR/RFLP
2019 Headache: an important symptom possibly linked to white matter lesions in thalassaemia. EBT, MRI, TM, WMCs
2019 Molecular characterization of beta-thalassemia intermedia in the West Bank, Palestine. ---
2019 Prevalence of extramedullary hematopoiesis, renal cysts, splenic and hepatic lesions, and vertebral hemangiomas among thalassemic patients: a retrospective study from the Myocardial Iron Overloadin Thalassemia (MIOT) network. EMH, IEF, MIOT, MRI, TM
2019 Red cell alloimmunization in transfusion-dependent and transfusion-independent beta thalassemia: A review from the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO). EMRO, RBC
2019 [Significance of Tissue Factor-Bearing Microparticle Procoagulation Activity and Antithrombin Ⅲ Detection in Thalassemia Patients]. ICAM-1, PC, PS, sE-sel, TA, TAFI, TF, TFPI, TM, TM, tPA
10  2018 Clinical trial on the effects of thalidomide on hemoglobin synthesis in patients with moderate thalassemia intermedia. MaR, MiR, NRBC
11  2018 Dysregulation of the RANKL/RANK/OPG axis in thalassemia intermedia patients. CTX, EPO, OPG, P1NP, RANK, RANKL, TM
12  2018 Genotype-phenotype correlation among beta-thalassemia and beta-thalassemia/HbE disease in Thai children: predictable clinical spectrum using genotypic analysis. HbE, MARMS, TM
13  2018 Management of Children With beta-Thalassemia Intermedia: Overview, Recent Advances, and Treatment Challenges. ---
14  2018 Pregnancy Complications in a-Thalassemia (Hemoglobinopathy H): A Case Study. ---
15  2018 Relationship between liver iron concentration determined by R2-MRI, serum ferritin, and liver enzymes in patients with thalassemia intermedia. LIC, R2-MRI, SF, TM
16  2017 Bone quality in beta-thalassemia intermedia: relationships with bone quantity and endocrine and hematologic variables. ---
17  2017 Circulating microparticles and the risk of thromboembolic events in Egyptian beta thalassemia patients. beta-TM, EMPs, MPs, PMPs, TEEs
18  2017 Dietary nonheme iron is equally bioavailable from ferritin or ferrous sulfate in thalassemia intermedia. ---
19  2017 Heavy metal levels in patients with ineffective erythropoiesis. CDA, TM
20  2017 National registry of hemoglobinopathies in Spain (REPHem). REPHem, SCD, TM
21  2017 Revisiting beta thalassemia intermedia: past, present, and future prospects. TM
22  2017 Serum Hepcidin as a Diagnostic Marker of Severe Iron Overload in Beta-thalassemia Major. SF, TM
23  2017 Thalassemia Major and Intermedia in Patients Older than 35 Years: A Single Center Experience. TM
24  2017 The era of comparable life expectancy between thalassaemia major and intermedia: Is it time to revisit the major-intermedia dichotomy? CI, TM
25  2016 A Comparison of Hemostatic Changes in Splenectomized and Nonsplenectomized beta-Thalassemia Intermedia Patients. ---
26  2016 Efficacy and safety of iron-chelation therapy with deferoxamine, deferiprone, and deferasirox for the treatment of iron-loaded patients with non-transfusion-dependent thalassemia syndromes. DFO, DFX, TM
27  2016 Hematopoietic peripheral circulating blood stem cells as an independent marker of good transfusion management in patients with beta-thalassemia: results from a preliminary study. BFU-E, CF-GEMM, CFU-GM, Hb, RBC, TM
28  2016 High incidence of silent cerebral infarcts in adult patients with beta thalassemia major. MRI, SCI, SF, TM
29  2016 Non-transfusion-dependent thalassemia and thalassemia intermedia: epidemiology, complications, and management. NTDTs
30  2016 Normal hemostatic parameters in children and young adults with alpha-thalassemia diseases. TAT, TE, TM
31  2016 Real-life experience with liver iron concentration R2 MRI measurement in patients with hemoglobinopathies: baseline data from LICNET. LIC, SCD, TM
32  2016 Red blood cell-derived microparticles: An overview. G6PD, HE, HS, HSt, MPs, RBC, RMPs, SCA, STr
33  2016 [Curative Effects of Hydroxyurea on the Patients with beta-thalassaemia Intermadia]. ---
34  2015 Comparative study of radiographic and laboratory findings between Beta thalassemia major and Beta thalassemia intermedia patients with and without treatment by hydroxyurea. HU, TM
35  2015 Deferiprone versus deferoxamine in thalassemia intermedia: Results from a 5-year long-term Italian multicenter randomized clinical trial. GLMM
36  2015 Endocrine and bone complications in beta-thalassemia intermedia: current understanding and treatment. beta-TI, Hb H disease, NTDT
37  2015 Genetic Modifiers in beta-Thalassemia Intermedia: A Study on 102 Iraqi Arab Patients. CI, HbF
38  2015 Glomerular and tubular functions in children with different forms of beta thalassemia. alpha-1M, FENa, GFR, TM, TMin
39  2015 Magnetic resonance comparison of left-right heart volumetric and functional parameters in thalassemia major and thalassemia intermedia patients. CMR, LV, TM
40  2015 Relationship Between Serum Hepcidin and Ferritin Levels in Patients With Thalassemia Major and Intermedia in Southern Iran. Hb, HU, IQR, RBC, TM
41  2015 Study of serum haptoglobin level and its relation to erythropoietic activity in Beta thalassemia children. AST, HCV, Hp, sTfR, TM
42  2015 The Frequency of Adrenal Insufficiency in Adolescents and Young Adults with Thalassemia Major versus Thalassemia Intermedia in Iran. TM
43  2014 Hepatocellular carcinoma in thalassaemia: an update of the Italian Registry. HBV, HCC, HCV, ST, TM
44  2014 Leg ulcers in patients with beta-thalassaemia intermedia: a single centre's experience. GM-CSF
45  2014 Pregnancy in beta-thalassemia intermedia: 20-year experience of a Greek thalassemia center. ---
46  2014 Quantification of HBG mRNA in primary erythroid cultures: prediction of the response to hydroxyurea in sickle cell and beta-thalassemia. HU, SCD
47  2014 Response to hydroxycarbamide in pediatric beta-thalassemia intermedia: 8 years' follow-up in Egypt. Hb, HbF
48  2014 Serum ferritin in thalassemia intermedia. BT
49  2014 Spectrum of Beta Globin Gene Mutations in Egyptian Children with beta-Thalassemia. TM
50  2014 The spectrum of ocular alterations in patients with beta-thalassemia syndromes suggests a pathology similar to pseudoxanthoma elasticum. cSLO, FAF, PXE, TM
51  2014 Transfusion therapy and alloimmunization in Thalassemia Intermedia: a 10 year experience at a tertiary care university hospital. ---
52  2013 Association between clinical expression and molecular heterogeneity in beta-thalassemia Tunisian patients. ---
53  2013 Hepatocellular carcinoma in hepatitis-negative patients with thalassemia intermedia: a closer look at the role of siderosis. HCC, LIC
54  2013 Pulmonary hypertension risk in patients with hemoglobin h disease: low incidence and absence of correlation with splenectomy. HbH, PHT, TRV
55  2013 Study of thyroid function in Egyptian children with beta-thalassemia major and beta-thalassemia intermedia. TM, TSH
56  2013 Therapeutic superiority and safety of combined hydroxyurea with recombinant human erythropoietin over hydroxyurea in young beta-thalassemia intermedia patients. HU, QOL, rHuEPO
57  2012 A national registry of haemoglobinopathies in Greece: deducted demographics, trends in mortality and affected births. HH, NRHG, PD, SCD, TM
58  2012 A useful relationship between the presence of extramedullary erythropoeisis and the level of the soluble form of the transferrin receptor in a large cohort of adult patients with thalassemia intermedia: a prospective study. sTfR
59  2012 Brain positron emission tomography in splenectomized adults with beta-thalassemia intermedia: uncovering yet another covert abnormality. MRI, PET-CT
60  2012 Contemporary approaches to treatment of beta-thalassemia intermedia. ---
61  2012 Fetal hemoglobin levels and morbidity in untransfused patients with beta-thalassemia intermedia. ---
62  2012 Genotype-phenotype correlation related to lipid profile in beta-thalassemia major and intermedia in southern Iran. HDL-C, LDL-C, TC, TG, TM
63  2012 Glomerular hyperfiltration and proteinuria in transfusion-independent patients with beta-thalassemia intermedia. eGFR
64  2012 Identification of candidate genes involved in clinical variability among Tunisian patients with beta-thalassemia. STR, TM
65  2012 Prospective study of histomorphometry, biochemical bone markers and bone densitometric response to pamidronate in beta-thalassaemia presenting with osteopenia-osteoporosis syndrome. BBM, HRT, HTO, LTO, PD, TM
66  2012 T2* MRI in regularly transfused children with thalassemia intermedia: serum ferritin does not reflect liver iron stores. ---
67  2011 Brain magnetic resonance angiography in splenectomized adults with beta-thalassemia intermedia. MRA
68  2011 Complications of beta-thalassemia intermedia in Iran during 1996-2010 (single-center study). ---
69  2011 Effectiveness of deferiprone in transfusion-independent beta-thalassemia/HbE patients. DFP
70  2011 Health-related quality of life in adults with transfusion-independent thalassaemia intermedia compared to regularly transfused thalassaemia major: new insights. HRQoL, TM
71  2011 Levels of growth differentiation factor-15 are high and correlate with clinical severity in transfusion-independent patients with beta thalassemia intermedia. GDF15
72  2011 Myocardial iron overload assessed by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)T2* in multi-transfused patients with thalassemia and acquired anemias. AA, MRI, TM
73  2011 Optimal management of beta thalassaemia intermedia. ---
74  2011 Risk factors for pulmonary hypertension in patients with beta thalassemia intermedia. PHT
75  2011 The surgeon and the patient with beta-thalassaemia intermedia. ---
76  2011 Xmn1-G gamma polymorphism and clinical predictors of severity of disease in beta-thalassemia intermedia. ---
77  2010 Absence of cardiac siderosis despite hepatic iron overload in Italian patients with thalassemia intermedia: an MRI T2* study. ---
78  2010 Adverse effects of hydroxyurea in beta-thalassemia intermedia patients: 10 years' experience. HU
79  2010 Asymptomatic brain magnetic resonance imaging abnormalities in splenectomized adults with thalassemia intermedia. LIC, MRI, WMLs
80  2010 Incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma in a thalassemia unit. DFO, HCC, TM
81  2010 Iron chelation therapy in hereditary hemochromatosis and thalassemia intermedia: regulatory and non regulatory mechanisms of increased iron absorption. DFO, DFRA, HH
82  2010 Magnetic resonance imaging to determine the incidence of brain ischaemia in patients with beta-thalassaemia intermedia. Hb, MRI
83  2010 Overview on practices in thalassemia intermedia management aiming for lowering complication rates across a region of endemicity: the OPTIMAL CARE study. EMH, PHT
84  2010 Percutaneous aortic valve replacement in a 65-year old patient with thalassemia intermedia: A case report. PARV
85  2010 Splenectomy and thrombosis: the case of thalassemia intermedia. NRBC, PHT, TEE
86  2010 The molecular basis of beta-thalassemia intermedia in southern China: genotypic heterogeneity and phenotypic diversity. HbE, HPFH
87  2009 Antibody titration and immune response of Iranian beta-thalassemic patients to hepatitis B virus vaccine (booster effect). HBcAb, HBsAb, HBsAg, HBV, ST, TM, TTI
88  2009 Echocardiographic finding in beta-thalassemia intermedia and major: absence of pulmonary hypertension following hydroxyurea treatment in beta-thalassemia intermedia. HU, LV mass, PHT, TM
89  2009 Heart disease in thalassemia intermedia. ---
90  2009 Hydroxyurea in the management of thalassemia intermedia. HU
91  2009 Hydroxyurea-induced hematological response in transfusion-independent beta-thalassemia intermedia: case series and review of literature. Hb, HU
92  2009 Hypocholesterolemia in adult patients with thalassemia: a link with the severity of genotype in thalassemia intermedia patients. TM
93  2009 Insight onto the pathophysiology and clinical complications of thalassemia intermedia. ---
94  2009 Iron overload in thalassaemia intermedia: reassessment of iron chelation strategies. TM
95  2009 Levels of non-transferrin-bound iron as an index of iron overload in patients with thalassaemia intermedia. LIC, NTBI
96  2009 Molecular, hematological and clinical aspects of thalassemia major and thalassemia intermedia associated with Hb E-beta-thalassemia in Northeast Thailand. TM
97  2009 Myocardial infarction in a 28-year-old thalassemia intermedia patient. ---
98  2009 Radiofrequency ablation of the spleen in patients with thalassemia intermedia: a pilot study. ---
99  2009 Serum Erythropoietin Levels in Pediatric Hematologic Disorders and Impact of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin Use. ALL, FA, sEPO
100  2009 Thalassaemia intermedia: an update. ---