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Abbreviation : TMP
Long Form : trimethaphan
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Aging Alters the Relative Contributions of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System to Blood Pressure Control in Women. HR
2008 Autonomic cardiovascular control during a novel pharmacologic alternative to ganglionic blockade. MSNA
2007 Alternative to ganglionic blockade with anticholinergic and alpha-2 receptor agents. ---
1999 Effects of controlled hypotension with sevoflurane anaesthesia on hepatic function of surgical patients. PGE1
1998 Effects of trimetaphan-induced deliberate hypotension on human cochlear blood flow. CBF, MAP
1997 The effect of CGRP-induced hypotension on organ blood flow during halothane anesthesia in dogs: a comparison with trimetaphan. CGRP, CI, MAP
1996 Intravenous trimethaphan during epidural plus general anesthesia decreases the direct radial artery pressure lower than the brachial artery pressure. BIBP, RIBP, SNP, TBP
1995 [Effects of nitroglycerin, prostaglandin E1, trimetaphan and nicardipine on systemic vascular resistance, pulmonary vascular resistance and pulmonary-systemic vascular resistance ratio in dogs]. NCP, PGE1, PVR, SVR
1994 Epidural blood flow during prostaglandin E1 or trimethaphan induced hypotension. EBF, HR, MAP, PGE1, RPP
10  1994 [Effect of deliberate hypotension on renal functions during epidural block plus inhalation anesthesia: a comparison of prostaglandin E1 and trimethaphan]. PGE1
11  1993 Clonidine premedication for craniotomy: effects on blood pressure and thiopentone dosage. SBP
12  1993 Effects of prostaglandin E1 or trimethaphan on local cerebral blood flow and carbon dioxide reactivity during cerebral aneurysm surgery. HR, LCBF, MAP, PGE1, SAH
13  1993 Epidural blood flow during prostaglandin E1 or trimethaphan induced hypotension. EBF, HR, MAP, PGE1, RPP
14  1992 [Effect of hypotensive anesthesia on tissue oxygen tension of the heart, kidney and liver]. BG, CO, HR, MBP, PGE1
15  1992 [Effects of induced hypotensive anesthesia on the blood coagulation-fibrinolysis system measured by thrombelastography--comparison between prostaglandin E1 and trimethaphan]. APTT, PGE1, PT, TEG
16  1992 [Pharmacokinetics of epidurally administered bupivacaine during prostaglandin E1- or trimetaphan-induced hypotension]. PGE1
17  1991 Circulatory and metabolic changes in the brain during induced hypotension--comparison among trimetaphan, glycerin trinitrate and prostaglandin E1. GTN
18  1991 Local cerebral blood flow with prostaglandin E1 or trimethaphan during cerebral aneurysm clip ligation. HR, LCBF, MBP, NLA, PGE1, UO
19  1991 [Effects on hemodynamics and myocardial metabolism of prostaglandin E1 and trimethaphan after a descending aorta cross-clamp in experimentally coronary constricted dogs]. CO, MBF, PGE1
20  1990 Isoflurane prevents EEG depression during trimetaphan-induced hypotension in man. CFAM, MAP
21  1990 The effects of prolonged controlled hypotension induced by prostaglandin E1 on renal tubular function. ---
22  1990 [Blood flow in the operating field during controlled hypotension by nitroglycerin, trimetaphan and prostaglandin E1]. PGE1
23  1990 [Effect of induced hypotension on arterial blood ketone body ratio (AKBR)]. AKBR, PGE1
24  1990 [Effect of induced hypotension on arterial blood-gases]. ATP, PGE1
25  1989 Alteration of intracranial pressure, cerebral blood flow, autoregulation and carbondioxide-reactivity by hypotensive agents in baboons with intracranial hypertension. ICP, NG, rCBF, SNP
26  1989 [Effect of induced hypotension on damage to renal tubular cells]. gamma-GTP, NAG, PGE1
27  1988 The interaction of sodium nitroprusside, hypotension, and isoflurane in determining cerebral vasculature effects. MAP, SNP
28  1986 Cerebral metabolism and the electroencephalogram during hypocapnia plus hypotension induced by sodium nitroprusside or trimethaphan in dogs. EEG, MAP, SNP
29  1986 Circulating catecholamines modulate ischemic brain damage. ---
30  1985 Electrical activity of the cerebral cortex during induced hypotension in man. A comparison of sodium nitroprusside and trimetaphan. EEG, MAP, SNP
31  1985 Vasodilator drugs in patients with chronic ischaemic heart failure. CI, NTG, PADP, PTL, SAP, SVR
32  1984 Renal tissue oxygenation following induced hypotension in dogs. MAP, SNP
33  1983 Blood-brain barrier function following drug-induced hypotension in the dog. BBB, CPP, EB, NTP
34  1983 Cerebral cortical extracellular fluid H+ and K+ activities during hypotension in cats. BP, ECF, NTP
35  1983 Changes in cardiac output and systemic arterial pressure after insertion of acrylic cement during trimetaphan, sodium nitroprusside and glycerol trinitrate-induced hypotension. A comparison with changes during normotension. CO, MAP, SV
36  1983 Hemodynamics and myocardial metabolism under deliberate hypotension. An experimental study in dogs. SNP
37  1982 Cerebral and systemic effects of hypotension induced by trimetaphan or nitroprusside in dogs. CPP, CSFP, NTP
38  1981 Electrical activity of the cerebral cortex during induced hypotension with sodium nitroprusside and trimetaphan in the cat. AP, CFM, NTP
39  1977 Sodium nitroprusside-produced hypotension during anesthesia and operation in the head-up position. MAP