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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Implications of afforestation vs. secondary succession for soil properties under a semiarid climate. AK, AP, AWHC, BD, CEC, SOC
2020 Towards the circular nitrogen economy - A global meta-analysis of composting technologies reveals much potential for mitigating nitrogen losses. C/N
2019 Atmospheric sulfur and nitrogen deposition in the Athabasca oil sands region is correlated with foliar nutrient levels and soil chemical properties. BC, FHM, PAI
2019 Characteristics of organic nitrogen fractions in sediments of the water level fluctuation zone in the tributary of the Yangtze River. AAN, AHN, AN, ASN, HUN, MN, NHN, WLF
2019 Contrasting impacts of long-term application of manure and crop straw on residual nitrate-N along the soil profile in the North China Plain. DON, NPK, NPKM, NPKS, SOC
2019 Effects of nutrient supply and nutrient ratio on diversity-productivity relationships of phytoplankton in the Cau Hai lagoon, Vietnam. TP
2019 Enhancing naked oat (Avena nuda L.) productivity with minimal indirect nitrogen loss and maximum nitrogen use efficiency through integrated use of different nitrogen sources. CN, MBC, MBF, MBN, ON, SOC
2019 First fertilizing-value typology of digestates: A decision-making tool for regulation. AD, TAN
2019 Forest streams are important sources for nitrous oxide emissions. ---
10  2019 Long-term Management Effects and Temperature Sensitivity of Soil Organic Carbon in Grassland and Agricultural Soils. IPNW, MBC, SOC
11  2019 Nitrogen along the Hydrological Gradient of Marsh Sediments in a Subtropical Estuary: Pools, Processes, and Fluxes. EC, PNR, TC
12  2019 Nitrogen losses from two contrasting agricultural catchments in Norway. ---
13  2019 Nutrient burial and environmental changes in the Yangtze Delta in response to recent river basin human activities. BSi, TOC
14  2019 Reducing adverse side effects by seasonally lowering nitrate removal in subsurface flow constructed wetlands. HRT, SSF-CWs
15  2019 Removal of Total Nitrogen and Phosphorus Using Single or Combinations of Aquatic Plants. TP
16  2019 Spatio-temporal Variation in Nutrient Profiles and Exchange Fluxes at the Sediment-Water Interface in Yuqiao Reservoir, China. SRP, TOC, TP
17  2019 Study on nitrogen removal from rice paddy field drainage by interaction of plant species and hydraulic conditions in eco-ditches. ---
18  2019 Three-Year Field Observation of Biochar-Mediated Changes in Soil Organic Carbon and Microbial Activity. AP, BR, FLC, MBC, SOC
19  2019 Vegetation restoration drives the dynamics and distribution of nitrogen and phosphorous pools in a temperate desert soil-plant system. STN, STP, TP
20  2019 [Effects of enclosing on soil microbial community diversity and soil stoichiometric characteristics in a degraded alpine meadow]. AK, AP, MBC, MBN, TK, TOC, TP
21  2019 [Influence of Land Use Change on Litter and Soil C, N, P Stoichiometric Characteristics and Soil Enzyme Activity in Karst Ecosystem, Southwest China]. ---
22  2018 Agricultural conservation practices can help mitigate the impact of climate change. CPs, DP, GCMs, SWAT-VSA, TP
23  2018 Influences of agricultural land use composition and distribution on nitrogen export from a subtropical watershed in China. NPS, SWAT
24  2018 Long-term effects of nitrogen fertilization on aggregation and localization of carbon, nitrogen and microbial activities in soil. NAG, PLFAs, SOC
25  2018 Nitrogen removal and recovery from lagoon-pretreated swine wastewater by constructed wetlands under sustainable plant harvesting management. CWs
26  2018 Nutrient Removal during Stormwater Aquifer Storage and Recovery in an Anoxic Carbonate Aquifer. MAR, PDFs, TOC
27  2018 Performance and mechanism of a novel algal-bacterial symbiosis system based on sequencing batch suspended biofilm reactor treating domestic wastewater. A-SBSBR
28  2018 Responses of Labile Organic Nitrogen Fractions and Enzyme Activities in eroded Mollisols After 8-year Manure Amendment. SNSC, SON
29  2018 Responses of terrestrial nitrogen pools and dynamics to different patterns of freeze-thaw cycle: A meta-analysis. FTC, MBN
30  2018 Soil nutrients and stoichiometric ratios as affected by land use and lithology at county scale in a karst area, southwest China. SOC, TP
31  2018 Spatio-temporal distribution of soil nitrogen in Poyang lake ecological economic zone (South-China). AN
32  2018 Variations in Soil Bacterial Community Diversity and Structures Among Different Revegetation Types in the Baishilazi Nature Reserve. AK, AN, AP, CB, TC
33  2018 [Comparison Between Atmospheric Wet-only and Bulk Nitrogen Depositions at Two Sites in Subtropical China]. ---
34  2018 [Effect of Different Multi-pond Network Landscape Structures on Nitrogen Retention Over Agricultural Watersheds]. ---
35  2018 [Seasonal Changes of the Pathways of Nitrogen Export from an Agricultural Watershed in China]. ---
36  2017 Biochar lowers ammonia emission and improves nitrogen retention in poultry litter composting. DOC
37  2017 Burn effects on soil properties associated to heat transfer under contrasting moisture content. EC, OC
38  2017 Changes in soil microbial communities after 10 years of winter wheat cultivation versus fallow in an organic-poor soil in the Loess Plateau of China. MBC, NF, SOC
39  2017 Elevated CO2 and nitrogen addition have minimal influence on the rhizospheric effects of Bothriochloa ischaemum. BR, PLFAs, SOC, TP
40  2017 Evaluation and simulation of nitrogen mineralization of paddy soils in Mollisols area of Northeast China under waterlogged incubation. Ca, CEC, OC, SON, TSN
41  2017 Managing urban runoff in residential neighborhoods: Nitrogen and phosphorus in lawn irrigation driven runoff. TP
42  2017 Multi-stage hybrid subsurface flow constructed wetlands for treating piggery and dairy wastewater in cold climate. COD, CW
43  2017 Rice agriculture impacts catchment hydrographic patterns and nitrogen export characteristics in subtropical central China: a paired-catchment study. ---
44  2017 Spatial variation of atmospheric nitrogen deposition and critical loads for aquatic ecosystems in the Greater Yellowstone Area. CLTNdep, GYA
45  2017 Temporal and spatial variation of nitrogen and phosphorus and eutrophication assessment for a typical arid river - Fuyang River in northern China. TP
46  2017 The dynamics of nitrogen derived from a chemical nitrogen fertilizer with treated swine slurry in paddy soil-plant systems. TSS
47  2016 A critical review of nitrogen mineralization in biosolids-amended soil, the associated fertilizer value for crop production and potential for emissions to the environment. AeD, COM, DS, LMAD, LT, MAD, TD
48  2016 A standardized soil quality index for diverse field conditions. AWC, C/N, CrA, CT, EC, GWA, kbA, NT, NV, PCR, PLSR, Pw, RR, SOC, SQI, VIP
49  2016 Reducing nitrogen runoff from paddy fields with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi under different fertilizer regimes. AMF, DN, PN
50  2016 Spatial and temporal variation of nitrogen concentration and speciation in runoff and storm water in the Indian River watershed, South Florida. IRL
51  2016 [Land Use Structure Change and Its Control Effect of Nitrogen Output in a Small Watershed of Three Gorges Reservoir Area: A Case Study of Lanlingxi Watershed]. ---
52  2015 Biogeochemistry of bulk organic matter and biogenic elements in surface sediments of the Yangtze River Estuary and adjacent sea. BSi, TOC, TP, YRE
53  2015 Chemical and Isotopic Tracers Illustrate Pathways of Nitrogen Loss in Cranberry Floodwaters. ---
54  2015 Effect of Wood Biochar in Manure-Applied Sand Columns on Leachate Quality. BOD, spp, TP
55  2015 Effects of Simulated Nitrogen Deposition on Soil Net Nitrogen Mineralization in the Meadow Steppe of Inner Mongolia, China. NNM, Rm, SWC, Ta
56  2015 Intensive rice agriculture deteriorates the quality of shallow groundwater in a typical agricultural catchment in subtropical central China. FCA
57  2015 Response of Spatial Patterns of Denitrifying Bacteria Communities to Water Properties in the Stream Inlets at Dianchi Lake, China. qPCR, RDA
58  2015 The composition, spatial patterns, and influencing factors of atmospheric wet nitrogen deposition in Chinese terrestrial ecosystems. TDN, TPN
59  2015 The Significance of Myriophyllum elatinoides for Swine Wastewater Treatment: Abundance and Community Structure of Ammonia-Oxidizing Microorganisms in Sediments. AOA, DO, SW
60  2015 Use of Zeolite with Alum and Polyaluminum Chloride Amendments to Mitigate Runoff Losses of Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Suspended Solids from Agricultural Wastes Applied to Grassed Soils. DSW, PAC, SS, TP
61  2014 Conversion of Conservation Tillage to Rotational Tillage to Reduce Phosphorus Losses during Snowmelt Runoff in the Canadian Prairies. ConsT, ConvT, DOC, RotaT, TDN, TDP, TP
62  2014 Effects of agricultural conservation practices on N loads in the Mississippi-atchafalaya river basin. APEX, MARB, SWAT
63  2014 Intercropping enhances productivity and maintains the most soil fertility properties relative to sole cropping. CEC, OM
64  2014 Land use change impacts on water quality in three lake winnipeg watersheds. ACHL, BMPs, MACHL, NSE, TP, TSS, WR, WRMAC
65  2014 Long-term impact of tillage practices and phosphorus fertilization on soil phosphorus forms as determined by p nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. NT, P-NMR, PM3, TC, TP
66  2014 Monitoring design for assessing compliance with numeric nutrient standards for rivers and streams using geospatial variables. TP
67  2014 Nutrient and sediment losses in snowmelt runoff from perennial forage and annual cropland in the canadian prairies. AC, FWMCs, PF, TDN, TDP, TP
68  2014 Relating land use patterns to stream nutrient levels in red soil agricultural catchments in subtropical central China. DP, LPI, PD, TP
69  2014 Response of soil C and N, dissolved organic C and N, and inorganic N to short-term experimental warming in an Alpine meadow on the Tibetan Plateau. DOC, SOC
70  2014 Response of soil respiration to grazing in an alpine meadow at three elevations in tibet. BGB, DOC, MBC, SOC
71  2014 Seasonal sediment and nutrient transport patterns. FCREW, SS, TP
72  2014 Soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics in the first year following herbicide and scalping in a revegetation trial in south-east Queensland, Australia. HWEOC, HWETN, MBC and MBN, PMN, SOM, TC, TIN
73  2014 The effects of manure and nitrogen fertilizer applications on soil organic carbon and nitrogen in a high-input cropping system. SOC
74  2013 Changes in soil carbon and nitrogen following land abandonment of farmland on the Loess Plateau, China. SOC
75  2013 Mixing sainfoin and lucerne to improve the feed value of legumes fed to sheep by the effect of condensed tannins. CT, DM, OMD, SI
76  2013 Nitrogen availability and indirect measurements of greenhouse gas emissions from aerobic and anaerobic biowaste digestates applied to agricultural soils. DMADMSW, LcoMAD, LTAD, MBN, OM
77  2013 [Concentrations of different carbon and nitrogen fractions in rhizosphere and non-rhizosphere soils of typical plant species in mountainous area of southern Ningxia, Northwest China]. LFOC, MN, TOC
78  2013 [Diversity of carbon source metabolism of microbial community in farmland soils in an arsenic mining area]. AWCD, OM, TK, TP
79  2012 Biochar and manure affect calcareous soil and corn silage nutrient concentrations and uptake. TC, TOC
80  2012 Changes in labile soil organic matter fractions following land use change from monocropping to poplar-based agroforestry systems in a semiarid region of Northeast China. MBC, POM-C, SOM, TOC
81  2012 Combined analyses of bacterial, fungal and nematode communities in andosolic agricultural soils in Japan. PCA, PCR-DGGE, RDA, ST, TC
82  2012 Livestock-generated nitrogen exports from a pastoral wetland. ORG-N
83  2012 Removal of nitrogen and phosphorus by Eucalyptus and Populus at a tertiary treated municipal wastewater sprayfield. TP
84  2012 Tile drain losses of nitrogen and phosphorus from fields under integrated and organic crop rotations. A four-year study on a clay soil in southwest Sweden. PCA, TP
85  2012 Transformation and availability of nutrients and heavy metals during integrated composting-vermicomposting of sewage sludges. PSS, TP, WAS, WSN, WSP
86  2011 Application of nitrogen and phosphorus criteria for streams in agricultural landscapes. TP
87  2011 Effect of surface incorporation of broiler litter applied to no-till cotton on runoff quality. TP, TSS, WSP
88  2011 Multiyear nutrient removal performance of three constructed wetlands intercepting tile drain flows from grazed pastures. ---
89  2011 Snowmelt and its role in the hydrologic and nutrient budgets of prairie streams. TP
90  2011 The effects of multiple beneficial management practices on hydrology and nutrient losses in a small watershed in the Canadian prairies. BMPs, FWMCs, TP
91  2010 Influences of spatial scale and soil permeability on relationships between land cover and baseflow stream nutrient concentrations. KN, LMR, NN, PERM, TP
92  2010 Seasonal variations of nitrogen and phosphorus retention in an agricultural drainage river in East China. TP
93  2010 Water quality trends at inflows to Everglades National Park, 1977-2005. ENP, LOESS, TP
94  2009 Atmospheric fluxes of nutrients onto Singapore Strait. AD, DAD, SEA, TP, WAD
95  2009 Comparison of four low-technology composting methods for market crop wastes. AC, AO, MCW, PC, PO, TOC, WSC
96  2009 [Ecological engineering experiment for Jinshan Lake in Zhenjiang base on techniques of immobilized nitrogen cycling bacteria]. INCB
97  2009 [Soil soluble organic nitrogen in different horticultural production systems]. DON, FAA, SON, TS, TSN
98  2008 Assessment of river water quality during snowmelt and base flow periods in two catchment areas with different land use. IF
99  2008 Constructed wetlands treating highway runoff in the central Mediterranean region. FWS, HRO, HRT, SSF, TP
100  2008 Effects of light on sediment nutrient flux and water column nutrient stoichiometry in a shallow lake. Si, TP, TSi