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Abbreviation : TN
Long Form : total nitrogen
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A comparative study of biological activated carbon based treatments on two different types of municipal reverse osmosis concentrates. BAC, ROC
2020 A novel feedforward control strategy for simultaneous nitrification and denitrification (SND) in aerobic granular sludge sequential batch reactor (AGS-SBR). AGS-SBR, DO, SND
2020 A pilot-scale study on the treatment of landfill leachate by a composite biological system under low dissolved oxygen conditions: Performance and microbial community. COD, DO, RBC
2020 Aeration intensity simulation in a saturated vertical up-flow constructed wetland. CA, COD, OM, SVU CW, TP
2020 Anaerobically digested blackwater treatment by simultaneous denitrification and anammox processes: Feeding loading affects reactor performance and microbial community succession. ADB, C/N, COD, IFAS-CFR
2020 Biodegradation of polyaromatic hydrocarbons and the influence of environmental factors during the co-composting of sewage sludge and green forest waste. C/N, GFW, GI, PAHs, SS, TOC
2020 Comparative study of vermicomposting of garden waste and cow dung using Eisenia fetida. CD, GW, TOC, TP
2020 Dataset of soil bacterial compositions and biochemical properties of a Moso bamboo forest under mulching-intensive management. AP, MBC, MBN, SOC, SWC, TP, WSOC, WSON
2020 Disturbance legacies increase and synchronize nutrient concentrations and bacterial productivity in coastal ecosystems. DOC, SRS
10  2020 Effects of management measures on organic carbon, nitrogen and chemical structure of different soil fractions in Phyllostachys edulis plantations. FTIR, TOC
11  2020 Effects of nZVI dosing on the improvement in the contaminant removal performance of constructed wetlands under the dye stress. C/N, CWs, nZVI
12  2020 Efficient municipal wastewater treatment by oxidation ditch process at low temperature: Bacterial community structure in activated sludge. AOB, COD, NOB, SS, SVI, TP, WWTP
13  2020 Electrode dependent anaerobic ammonium oxidation in microbial fuel cell integrated hybrid constructed wetlands: A new process. CL, CWs, HF, MFC, OP, VUF
14  2020 Feasibility and safety of papermaking wastewater in using as ecological water supplement after advanced treatment by fluidized-bed Fenton coupled with large-scale constructed wetland. COD, CW, FBF, HRT, TOC, TP
15  2020 Fish Feed Quality Is a Key Factor in Impacting Aquaculture Water Environment: Evidence from Incubator Experiments. TP
16  2020 Glyphosate and nutrients removal from simulated agricultural runoff in a pilot pyrrhotite constructed wetland. CW, PAD, PAO, Pyrr-CW, TP
17  2020 High fatty acid productivity from Scenedesmus obliquus in heterotrophic cultivation with glucose and soybean processing wastewater via nitrogen and phosphorus regulation. COD, TP
18  2020 Illumina MiSeq sequencing and network analysis the distribution and co-occurrence of bacterioplankton in Danjiangkou Reservoir, China. COD, DO, pMEN
19  2020 Impact of short-term application of seaweed fertilizer on bacterial diversity and community structure, soil nitrogen contents, and plant growth in maize rhizosphere soil. ---
20  2020 Impact of the acetate/oleic acid ratio on the performance, quorum sensing, and microbial community of sequencing batch reactor system. QS, SBR
21  2020 Impacts of typical pharmaceuticals and personal care products on the performance and microbial community of a sponge-based moving bed biofilm reactor. MBBRs, PPCPs
22  2020 Inhibition effect of magnetic field on nitrous oxide emission from sequencing batch reactor treating domestic wastewater at low temperature. C-SBR, MF-SBR
23  2020 Insights into the long-term pollution trends and sources contributions in Lake Taihu, China using multi-statistic analyses models. APCS-MLR, DO, PCA/FA, PMF, TP, WQI
24  2020 Landfill leachate as an additional substance in the Johannesburg-Sulfur autotrophic denitrification system in the treatment of municipal wastewater with low strength and low COD/TN ratio. COD, JHB-SAD, TP
25  2020 Mid-term post-fire losses of nitrogen and phosphorus by overland flow in two contrasting eucalypt stands in north-central Portugal. ---
26  2020 Nutrient export from Finnish rivers into the Baltic Sea has not decreased despite water protection measures. TP
27  2020 Overlooked pathways of denitrification in a sulfur-based denitrification system with organic supplementation. aNRB, SADN, WWTPs
28  2020 pH control and microbial community analysis with HCl or CO2 addition in H2-based autotrophic denitrification. CEAD, HRT
29  2020 Potential release of legacy nitrogen from soil surrounding onsite wastewater leaching pools. ATU
30  2020 Rapid prediction of atrazine sorption in soil using visible near-infrared spectroscopy. HPLC, MCUVE, OC, PLS, SNV, Vis-NIR
31  2020 Responses of nitrogen transformation processes and N2O emissions in biological nitrogen removal system to short-term ZnO nanoparticle stress. BNR, CAT, ROS, SBR, SOD, TB-EPS, ZnO NPs
32  2020 Simultaneous Ammonium oxidation denitrifying (SAD) in an innovative three-stage process for energy-efficient mature landfill leachate treatment with external sludge reduction. PD, PN-SBR, SAD, SAD-UASB, WAS
33  2020 Simultaneous nitrification-denitrification using baffled osmotic membrane bioreactor-microfiltration hybrid system at different oxic-anoxic conditions for wastewater treatment. EPS, OMBR-MF, PES-MF, SND, TFC-FO, TOC
34  2020 Synergistic biorefinery of Scenedesmus obliquus and Ulva lactuca in poultry manure towards sustainable bioproduct generation. PLM
35  2020 Temporal and spatial variations in the bacterial community composition in Lake Bosten, a large, brackish lake in China. BCC, OTUs, TOC, TP
36  2020 The effect of the microalgae-bacteria microbiome on wastewater treatment and biomass production. COD
37  2020 Total Nitrogen Determination by a Spectrophotometric Method. ---
38  2020 Treatment of horizontal silage bunker runoff using biochar amended vegetative filter strips. COD, ORG-N, TP
39  2020 UASB-modified Bardenpho process for enhancing bio-treatment efficiency of leachate from a municipal solid waste incineration plant. COD, DON, MSWI, UASB
40  2020 Waste Brick as Constructed Wetland Fillers to Treat the Tail Water of Sewage Treatment Plant. COD, IVCW, TP
41  2020 [Effect of a Comprehensive Improvement Project on Water Quality in Urban Lakes: A Case Study of Water Quality Variation in Lihu Lake Over the Past 30 Years]. Chl-a, TP
42  2020 [Process Control and Operation Optimization of PN-SAD Coupling Process Based on SBR-ABR]. ABR, COD, SBR
43  2020 [Spatial Distribution, Spectral Characteristics, and Sources Analysis of Dissolved Organic Matter from Baiyangdian Lake in Xiong'an New District During the Winter Freezing Period]. DOM, EEMs, PARAFAC, PCA, TDP, UV-vis
44  2019 A comprehensive ecological management approach for northern mountain rivers in China. SS, TP
45  2019 A comprehensive insight into the functional bacteria and genes and their roles in simultaneous denitrification and anammox system at varying substrate loadings. HRT
46  2019 A photosynthetic algal microbial fuel cell for treating swine wastewater. TOC
47  2019 A pilot bioretention system with commercial activated carbon and river sediment-derived biochar for enhanced nutrient removal from stormwater. COD, TP
48  2019 A review on removing antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes from wastewater by constructed wetlands: Performance and microbial response. ARGs, COD, CWs, TP, TSS, VFCWs
49  2019 A spontaneous electric field membrane bioreactor with the innovative Cu-nanowires conductive microfiltration membrane for membrane fouling mitigation and pollutant removal. COD, EPS, PVDF, SEF-MBR, TP
50  2019 A vegetation configuration pattern with a high-efficiency purification ability for TN, TP, AN, AP, and COD based on comprehensive assessment results. AN, AP, COD, TP
51  2019 Acetonitrile wastewater treatment enhanced by a hybrid membrane-aerated bioreactor containing aerated and non-aerated zones. ACN, HF, MAB, SR
52  2019 Achieving completely anaerobic ammonium removal over nitrite (CAARON) in one single UASB reactor: Synchronous and asynchronous feeding regimes of organic carbon make a difference. CAARON, DEAMOX
53  2019 Achieving deep-level nutrient removal via combined denitrifying phosphorus removal and simultaneous partial nitrification-endogenous denitrification process in a single-sludge sequencing batch reactor. DPR, SPNED
54  2019 Adaptive shifts of bacterioplankton communities in response to nitrogen enrichment in a highly polluted river. NCR
55  2019 Advanced nitrogen removal without addition of external carbon source in an anaerobic/aerobic/anoxic sequencing batch reactor. COD
56  2019 Aerobic denitrifiers with petroleum metabolizing ability isolated from caprolactam sewage treatment pool. PCR
57  2019 Aluminum distribution heterogeneity and relationship with nitrogen, phosphorus and humic acid content in the eutrophic lake sediment. Al, HA, TP
58  2019 An integrated three-dimensional electrochemical system for efficient treatment of coking wastewater rich in ammonia nitrogen. ---
59  2019 An iron-carbon-activated carbon and zeolite composite filter, anaerobic-aerobic integrated denitrification device for nitrogen removal in low C/N ratio sewage. DO, HRT
60  2019 Analysis of the effect of green roof substrate amended with biochar on water quality and quantity of rainfall runoff. COD, EC, TP, TSS
61  2019 Application of an innovative front aeration and internal recirculation strategy to improve the removal of pollutants in subsurface flow constructed wetlands. BOD, CWs, DO, FAIR, HSSF, TKN
62  2019 Application of delta15N to trace the impact of penguin guano on terrestrial and aquatic nitrogen cycles in Victoria Land, Ross Sea region, Antarctica. ---
63  2019 Artificial substrata increase pond farming density of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) by increasing the bacteria that participate in nitrogen and phosphorus cycles in pond water. TP
64  2019 Assessing the performance and microbial community of hybrid moving bed and conventional membrane bioreactors treating municipal wastewater. PUR
65  2019 Assessment of eutrophication and water quality in the estuarine area of Lake Wuli, Lake Taihu, China. Chl-a, DO, EC, PCA, SD, TDS, TLI, TP, WQI, WQI
66  2019 Assessment of nutrient and heavy metal contamination in surface sediments of the Xiashan stream, eastern Guangdong Province, China. RI, TP
67  2019 Assessment of the sources and inflow processes of microplastics in the river environments of Japan. BOD, DO, SS, TP
68  2019 Assessment of water quality of best water management practices in lake adjacent to the high-latitude agricultural areas, China. DO, TP, TSI, UIA
69  2019 Atmospheric nitrogen pollution in urban agglomeration and its impact on alpine lake-case study of Tianchi Lake. ---
70  2019 Bacterial Community Assembly in a Typical Estuarine Marsh with Multiple Environmental Gradients. AP
71  2019 Bacterial community structure and function in soils from tidal freshwater wetlands in a Chinese delta: Potential impacts of salinity and nutrient. DNRA, NF, NM, RDA, TP
72  2019 Bacterial Succession in Salt Marsh Soils Along a Short-term Invasion Chronosequence of Spartina alterniflora in the Yellow River Estuary, China. CCA, DOC, PCoA, SOM, VPA
73  2019 Bacterioplankton community in response to biological filters (clam, biofilm, and macrophytes) in an integrated aquaculture wastewater bioremediation system. BC, DO, TP, WT
74  2019 Bioavailability Evaluation of Dissolved Organic Matter Derived from Compost-Amended Soils. CM, CW, DCM, DOM, MSW, PARAFAC, PPR, SEMs, SS, TOC, TSW
75  2019 Biochar reduces nutrient loss and improves microbial biomass of composted cattle manure and maize straw. MBC, OM
76  2019 Biofilm development dynamics and pollutant removal performance of ceramsite made from drinking-water treatment sludge. CFSTR, COD, DGGE, TP
77  2019 Biological denitrification using polycaprolactone-peanut shell as slow-release carbon source treating drainage of municipal WWTP. PCL, PS, PVA-SA
78  2019 Bioretention cell incorporating Fe-biochar and saturated zones for enhanced stormwater runoff treatment. DEA, ICB, TP
79  2019 C:N ratio shaped both taxonomic and functional structure of microbial communities in livestock and poultry breeding wastewater treatment reactor. LPBW, TP
80  2019 Calculation of city total maximum allocated load of total nitrogen for jurisdictions in Qingdao, China: A water quality-based modeling approach. DIN, MSTS, TMAL
81  2019 Ceramsite production from sediment in Beian River: characterization and parameter optimization. OM, TP
82  2019 Change in the Distribution of Phosphorus Fractions in Aggregates under Different Land Uses: A Case in Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China. CaMg-P, Hu-P, L-Pi, L-Po, Ml-Po, P-fractions, Re-P, SOM
83  2019 Changes of solute transport characteristics in soil profile after mining at an opencast coal mine site on the Loess Plateau, China. BTCs, CDE, CEC, SOM, T-R
84  2019 Characterisation of Pseudomonas stutzeri T13 for aerobic denitrification: Stoichiometry and reaction kinetics. WWTPs
85  2019 Characteristics of hydrochemistry and nitrogen behavior under long-term managed aquifer recharge with reclaimed water: A case study in north China. AF, MAR
86  2019 Characteristics of Internal Ammonium Loading from Long-Term Polluted Sediments by Rural Domestic Wastewater. RDW
87  2019 Co-accumulation characters of soil organic carbon and nitrogen under broadleaved Korean pine and Betula platyphylla secondary forests in Changbai Mountain, China. BP, KP, SOC
88  2019 Co-culture of Bacillus coagulans and Candida utilis efficiently treats Lactobacillus fermentation wastewater. LFW, TOC
89  2019 Combination of heterotrophic nitrifying bacterium and duckweed (Lemna gibba L.) enhances ammonium nitrogen removal efficiency in aquaculture water via mutual growth promotion. IAA
90  2019 Community response of microbial primary producers to salinity is primarily driven by nutrients in lakes. MPP, TOC
91  2019 Comparative on plant stoichiometry response to agricultural non-point source pollution in different types of ecological ditches. eco-ditch, NPS, TP
92  2019 Comparative study of atmospheric water-soluble organic aerosols composition in contrasting suburban environments in the Iberian Peninsula Coast. NMR, OAs, WSOM
93  2019 Comparing artificial intelligence techniques for chlorophyll-a prediction in US lakes. ANFIS, ANFIS_GP, ANFIS_SC, Chl a, MLPNN, SD, TB, TP
94  2019 Comparison of floating-bed wetland and gravel filter amended with limestone and sawdust for sewage treatment. HSFCW, TP
95  2019 Complex relationship between the diversity and stability of chironomid assemblages in the recent sediments of two large alpine lakes in SW China. CH, TOC, YZ
96  2019 Comprehensive assessment of paddy soil quality under land consolidation: a novel perspective of microbiology. AO, BFD, CT, DC, LL, OM
97  2019 Confirmation the optimal aeration parameters for nitrogen removal and nitrous oxide emission in wastewater ecological soil infiltration systems with brown earth. COD, DO, WESI
98  2019 Consortium of Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria Strains Suppresses Sweet Pepper Disease by Altering the Rhizosphere Microbiota. AN, AP, PGPR, TOC, TP
99  2019 Controlled sequential biocathodic denitrification for contaminated groundwater bioremediation. HRT, SEC
100  2019 Correlation between ammonia-oxidizing microorganisms and environmental factors during cattle manure composting. amoA, AOA, AOB, PCR-DGGE