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Abbreviation : TO
Long Form : thiazole orange
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Binding between G Quadruplexes at the Homodimer Interface of the Corn RNA Aptamer Strongly Activates Thioflavin T Fluorescence. ThT
2019 Design of thiazole orange oligonucleotide probes for detection of DNA and RNA by fluorescence and duplex melting. ---
2019 Evaluation of an Alternative Staining Method Using SYTO 13 to Determine Reticulated Platelets. IPF, RNA
2019 Selectivity of Terpyridine Platinum Anticancer Drugs for G-quadruplex DNA. FID
2019 Supramolecular Assembly Induced Emission of Thiazole Orange with Sulfobutylether beta-cyclodextrin: A Stimuli-Responsive Fluorescence Sensor for Tyramine. LOD
2018 A bright FIT-PNA hybridization probe for the hybridization state specific analysis of a C → U RNA edit via FRET in a binary system. FRET, GlyR, NIR
2018 Fluorogenic thiazole orange TOTFO probes stabilise parallel DNA triplexes at pH 7 and above. pC, TFOs
2018 Quantitative mRNA Imaging with Dual Channel qFIT Probes to Monitor Distribution and Degree of Hybridization. ---
2018 Thiazole Orange as an Alternative to Antibody Binding for Detecting Triple-helical DNA in Heterochromatin of Drosophila and Rhynchosciara. ---
10  2018 Thiazole Orange-Modified Carbon Dots for Ratiometric Fluorescence Detection of G-Quadruplex and Double-Stranded DNA. CD, ds
11  2018 Young steady-state rabbit platelets do not have an enhanced capacity to expose procoagulant phosphatidylserine. PS
12  2017 Facile functionalization of peptide nucleic acids (PNAs) for antisense and single nucleotide polymorphism detection. PNAs
13  2017 Halogen-containing thiazole orange analogues - new fluorogenic DNA stains. ---
14  2017 Induced circularly polarized luminescence for revealing DNA binding with fluorescent dyes. CPL, DAPI
15  2017 Modulating Thiazole Orange Aggregation in Giant Lipid Vesicles: Photophysical Study Associated with FLIM and FCS. ---
16  2017 Multifunctional polymer drug loading system with pH-sensitive, fluorescent and targeting property. DSC, FA, FT-IR, OCCC, PEG
17  2017 Optical determination of the electronic coupling and intercalation geometry of thiazole orange homodimer in DNA. ds, RET
18  2017 Optimization of the Alkyl Linker of TO Base Surrogate in Triplex-Forming PNA for Enhanced Binding to Double-Stranded RNA. dsRNA, TFP
19  2017 Resuscitation and growth kinetics of sub-lethally injured Listeria monocytogenes strains following fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS). BHI, FACS, PI
20  2017 Structural basis for high-affinity fluorophore binding and activation by RNA Mango. ---
21  2017 Supramolecular Assembly Mediated by Metal Ions in Aqueous Solution and Its Application in Their Analysis. ---
22  2017 Theranostic Nucleic Acid Binding Nanoprobe Exerts Anti-inflammatory and Cytoprotective Effects in Ischemic Injury. Dex-TO
23  2016 Cesium and strontium tolerant Arthrobacter sp. strain KMSZP6 isolated from a pristine uranium ore deposit. Cs, EDX, FESEM, MIC, PI, Sr
24  2016 Detection and quantification of circulating immature platelets: agreement between flow cytometric and automated detection. RP
25  2016 DNA Stains as Surrogate Nucleobases in Fluorogenic Hybridization Probes. FIT, LNA, PNA
26  2016 Intrinsically Labeled Fluorescent Oligonucleotide Probes on Quantum Dots for Transduction of Nucleic Acid Hybridization. FC, FRET, QDs
27  2016 Label-free fluorescence detection of melamine with a truncated aptamer. ---
28  2016 LNA-enhanced DNA FIT-probes for multicolour RNA imaging. FIT, QB
29  2016 Molecular Engineering of Thiazole Orange Dye: Change of Fluorescent Signaling from Universal to Specific upon Binding with Nucleic Acids in Bioassay. ---
30  2016 Photo-induced interaction of thioglycolic acid (TGA)-capped CdTe quantum dots with cyanine dyes. CdTe QDs, PDT, TGA
31  2016 Thiazole orange as a fluorescent probe: Label-free and selective detection of silver ions based on the structural change of i-motif DNA at neutral pH. Cys
32  2016 Thiazole Orange Dimers in DNA: Fluorescent Base Substitutions with Hybridization Readout. ---
33  2016 Triplex-Forming Peptide Nucleic Acid Probe Having Thiazole Orange as a Base Surrogate for Fluorescence Sensing of Double-stranded RNA. dsRNA
34  2015 "Turn on" and label-free core-shell Ag@SiO2 nanoparticles-based metal-enhanced fluorescent (MEF) aptasensor for Hg(2+). MEF, NPs
35  2015 A fluorescent aptasensor for H5N1 influenza virus detection based-on the core-shell nanoparticles metal-enhanced fluorescence (MEF). MEF, POC, rHA
36  2015 Bichromophoric dyes for wavelength shifting of dye-protein fluoromodules. ---
37  2015 Combined accurate platelet enumeration and reticulated platelet determination by flow cytometry. ITP, RP
38  2015 Fluorescence imaging of siRNA delivery by peptide nucleic acid-based probe. PNA
39  2015 Impact of immature platelets on platelet response to ticagrelor and prasugrel in patients with acute coronary syndrome. IPF, RPs
40  2015 Label-free detection of kanamycin based on a G-quadruplex DNA aptamer-based fluorescent intercalator displacement assay. ---
41  2015 Metal-ion-mediated assemblies of thiazole orange with cucurbit[7]uril: a photophysical study. CB7
42  2015 Nickel-supported carbon nitride photocatalyst combined with organic dye for visible-light-driven hydrogen evolution from water. ---
43  2015 Spectral fine tuning of cyanine dyes: electron donor-acceptor substituted analogues of thiazole orange. ---
44  2014 A single thiazole orange molecule forms an exciplex in a DNA i-motif. ---
45  2014 Brightness through local constraint--LNA-enhanced FIT hybridization probes for in vivo ribonucleotide particle tracking. FIT, LNA, RNPs
46  2014 Cytometric measurement of in vitro inhibition of Plasmodium falciparum field isolates by drugs: a new approach for re-invasion inhibition study. HE
47  2014 Detection of cyclin D1 mRNA by hybridization sensitive NIC-oligonucleotide probe. ---
48  2014 Fluorescence detection of KRAS2 mRNA hybridization in lung cancer cells with PNA-peptides containing an internal thiazole orange. PNA
49  2014 Label-free fluorescence detection of DNA methylation and methyltransferase activity based on restriction endonuclease HpaII and exonuclease III. dsDNA, Exo III, M.SssI MTase, ssDNA
50  2014 Study on the Synthesis and Spectra of a Novel Kind of Carbozole Benzothiazole Indole Styryl Cyanine Dye with a Carbazole Bridged Chain. ---
51  2013 Brightness enhanced DNA FIT-probes for wash-free RNA imaging in tissue. FIT
52  2013 Detection of DNA damage by thiazole orange fluorescence probe assisted with exonuclease III. dsDNA, Exo III
53  2013 Fluorescent triplex-forming DNA oligonucleotides labeled with a thiazole orange dimer unit. ECHO
54  2013 In-stem labelling allows visualization of DNA strand displacements by distinct fluorescent colour change. TR
55  2013 Label-free fluorescence probe based on structure-switching aptamer for the detection of interferon gamma. IFN-gamma, ssDNA
56  2013 pH dependent multifunctional and multiply-configurable logic gate systems based on small molecule G-quadruplex DNA recognition. PBIA
57  2013 Spectral study and protein labeling of inclusion complex between dye and calixarene sulfonate. ---
58  2013 Thioflavin T as an efficient inducer and selective fluorescent sensor for the human telomeric G-quadruplex DNA. ThT
59  2013 Twisted cyanines: a non-planar fluorogenic dye with superior photostability and its use in a protein-based fluoromodule. ---
60  2012 A fluorescent molecular switch for room temperature operation based on oligonucleotide hybridization without labeling of probes or targets. SNP
61  2012 Chemical structure requirements and cellular targeting of microRNA-122 by peptide nucleic acids anti-miRs. PNA
62  2012 Dual fluorophore PNA FIT-probes--extremely responsive and bright hybridization probes for the sensitive detection of DNA and RNA. ---
63  2012 Folate conjugated chitosan grafted thiazole orange derivative with high targeting for early breast cancer cells diagnosis. CTS, FA, FR
64  2012 Human telomeric G-quadruplex formation and highly selective fluorescence detection of toxic strontium ions. AAS, ICP-AES
65  2012 Recognition-mediated light-up of thiazole orange with cucurbit[8]uril: exchange and release by chemical stimuli. CB8
66  2012 Single labeled DNA FIT probes for avoiding false-positive signaling in the detection of DNA/RNA in qPCR or cell media. ---
67  2012 Study on synthesis and spectrum of novel styryl cyanine dyes with a carbazole bridged chain. ---
68  2012 The nature of the different environmental sensitivity of symmetrical and unsymmetrical cyanine dyes: an experimental and theoretical study. ---
69  2011 Development of a high-throughput G4-FID assay for screening and evaluation of small molecules binding quadruplex nucleic acid structures. ---
70  2011 Fluorescence intercalator displacement assay for screening G4 ligands towards a variety of G-quadruplex structures. ---
71  2011 Fluorescent DNA nanotags featuring covalently attached intercalating dyes: synthesis, antibody conjugation, and intracellular imaging. ---
72  2011 Formation of linear supramolecular polymers that is based on host-guest assembly in water. ---
73  2011 Real time RNA transcription monitoring by Thiazole Orange (TO)-conjugated Peptide Nucleic Acid (PNA) probes: norovirus detection. PNA
74  2011 Surfactant-induced aggregation patterns of thiazole orange: a photophysical study. CMC, SDS
75  2011 Thiazole orange (TO) as a light-switch probe: a combined quantum-mechanical and spectroscopic study. DFT
76  2010 Calix[4]arene sulfonate as a template for forming fluorescent thiazole orange H-aggregates. ---
77  2010 Designed thiazole orange nucleotides for the synthesis of single labelled oligonucleotides that fluoresce upon matched hybridization. ---
78  2010 DNA/ligand/ion-based ensemble for fluorescence turn on detection of cysteine and histidine with tunable dynamic range. ---
79  2010 High-throughput screening strategy for photogenotoxic potential of pharmaceutical substances using fluorescent intercalating dye. IBP, ROS
80  2010 Imaging of RNA delivery to cells by thiazole orange as a fluorescent RNA base substitution. ---
81  2010 Left-handed DNA: intercalation of the cyanine thiazole orange and structural changes. A kinetic and thermodynamic approach. ---
82  2010 Specific high-affinity binding of thiazole orange to triplex and G-quadruplex DNA. CD, ds
83  2010 Towards a fluorescent molecular switch for nucleic acid biosensing. ---
84  2010 Use of viability staining in combination with flow cytometry for rapid viability assessment of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG in complex protein matrices. PI
85  2009 A convenient thiazole orange fluorescence assay for the evaluation of DNA duplex hybridization stability. mRNA, PO, PS
86  2009 Conjugated polyelectrolyte amplified thiazole orange emission for label free sequence specific DNA detection with single nucleotide polymorphism selectivity. CCP, FRET, PNA, SNP
87  2009 Design and development of enzymatically activatable photosensitizer based on unique characteristics of thiazole orange. ---
88  2009 Fluorescent color readout of DNA hybridization with thiazole orange as an artificial DNA base. ---
89  2009 Thiazole Orange derivatives: synthesis, fluorescence properties, and labeling cancer cells. ---
90  2008 FIT probes: peptide nucleic acid probes with a fluorescent base surrogate enable real-time DNA quantification and single nucleotide polymorphism discovery. FIT, SNPs
91  2008 Inactivation of Leishmania donovani infantum and Trypanosoma cruzi in red cell suspensions with thiazole orange. PLT
92  2008 Molecular engineering of torsional potentials in fluorogenic dyes via electronic substituent effects. ---
93  2008 Monitoring Plasmodium falciparum growth and development by UV flow cytometry using an optimized Hoechst-thiazole orange staining strategy. Pf, pRBC
94  2008 New cyanine dyes as base surrogates in PNA: forced intercalation probes (FIT-probes) for homogeneous SNP detection. FIT-probes, YO
95  2007 Effect of UVC-induced damage to DNA on the intercalation of thiazole orange: a convenient reporter for DNA damage. ---
96  2007 Exploring base-pair-specific optical properties of the DNA stain thiazole orange. CD
97  2007 Influence of cyanine dye structure on self-aggregation and interaction with nucleic acids: a kinetic approach to TO and BO binding. BO
98  2007 Reticulated platelets interfere with flow cytometric reticulocyte counts. ---
99  2007 Solid-phase synthesis and modification of Thiazole Orange and its derivatives and their spectral properties. CTS
100  2007 Thiazole orange: a useful probe for fluorescence sensing of G-quadruplex-ligand interactions. ---