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Abbreviation : TO
Long Form : tryptophan oxygenase
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2013 Successful mouse hepatocyte culture with sandwich collagen gel formation. AAT, HNF4A
2011 In vitro trans-differentiation of human umbilical cord derived hematopoietic stem cells into hepatocyte like cells using combination of growth factors for cell based therapy. AFP, CK18, FGF4, G6P, HGF, HSC
2009 Correlation between hepatocarcinogenic effect of estragole and its influence on glucocorticoid induction of liver-specific enzymes and activities of FOXA and HNF4 transcription factors in mouse and rat liver. TAT
2009 Interactions between the nuclear matrix and an enhancer of the tryptophan oxygenase gene. ChIP, GREs, S/MAR
2008 Comparative analysis of tryptophan oxygenase activity and glucocorticoid receptor under the influence of insulin. GC, GR, INS
2008 Susceptibility of chimeric mice with livers repopulated by serially subcultured human hepatocytes to hepatitis B virus. CFPHs, G6P, HBV, PHs, SCID
2007 Epidermal growth factor signaling for matrix-dependent cell proliferation and differentiation in primary cultured hepatocytes. EGF, PI
2006 Insulin modulates rat liver glucocorticoid receptor. GR, INS
2005 Basal and glucocorticoid induced changes of hepatic glucocorticoid receptor during aging: relation to activities of tyrosine aminotransferase and tryptophan oxygenase. G-R, GR, TAT
10  2005 Repression of GR-mediated expression of the tryptophan oxygenase gene by the SWI/SNF complex during liver development. ---
11  2005 [Effect of estragole on glucocorticoid induction of tyrosine aminotransferase and tryprophan oxygenase in the rat and mouse liver]. AAT, ALAT, TAT
12  2003 Enrichment of hepatic progenitor cells from adult mouse liver. AFP, CK19, HPCs, NPCs
13  2003 Role for growth factors and extracellular matrix in controlling differentiation of prospectively isolated hepatic stem cells. ALB, C/EBP, GFs, HGF, OSM
14  2002 Maturation of fetal hepatocytes in vitro by extracellular matrices and oncostatin M: induction of tryptophan oxygenase. DMSO, EHS, OSM, PB, TAT
15  2002 Morphological changes induced by extracellular matrix are correlated with maturation of rat small hepatocytes. BM, C/EBP, CG, ECM, HNF, LETFs, SDH, SHs
16  1999 Effects of nicotinamide-related agents on the growth of primary rat hepatocytes and formation of small hepatocyte colonies. 3-AB, 3-AP, Cx32, NA
17  1999 Reconstruction of hepatic organoid by rat small hepatocytes and hepatic nonparenchymal cells. AFP, CK8, Cx32, ECM, GST-P, LECs, MHs, NPCs, SHs
18  1998 Cosinor analysis of circadian oscillations of amino acid catabolizing enzymes in temporal pattern of nutrient input. ALAT, ASAT, GLDH, TAT
19  1996 Recovery of mRNA expression of tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase and serine dehydratase in long-term cultures of primary rat hepatocytes. DMSO, SDH
20  1994 DNase I hypersensitive sites far upstream of the rat tryptophan oxygenase gene direct developmentally regulated transcription in livers of transgenic mice. HS
21  1990 Deduced primary structure of rat tryptophan-2,3-dioxygenase. ---
22  1990 Sphingosine inhibition of tyrosine aminotransferase and tryptophan oxygenase induction by dexamethasone in primary culture of rat hepatocytes. TAT
23  1988 Cooperativity of the glucocorticoid receptor and the CACCC-box binding factor. bp, GRE
24  1987 Glucocorticoid induction of the rat tryptophan oxygenase gene is mediated by two widely separated glucocorticoid-responsive elements. CAT, GRE
25  1987 Purification and characteristics of glucocorticoid antagonizing factor in endotoxemia. GAF, SDS
26  1986 Immunohistochemically demonstrated suppressed expression of tryptophan oxygenase, a marker for liver differentiation, within putative preneoplastic rat liver lesions. G6PD
27  1986 Regulation of gene expression in rat hepatocytes and hepatoma cells by insulin: quantitation of messenger ribonucleic acid's coding for tyrosine aminotransferase, tryptophan oxygenase, and phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase. PEPCK, TAT
28  1985 11-Deoxycortisol induces hepatic tryptophan oxygenase in rats. ---
29  1985 Ethanol increases rat liver tryptophan oxygenase: evidence for corticosterone mediation. ---
30  1985 RU 38486: a potent antiglucocorticoid in vitro and in vivo. HTC, TAT
31  1985 The antiglucocorticoid RU486 inhibits the ethanol-induced increase of tryptophan oxygenase. ---
32  1984 Steroid controlled expression of the chicken lysozyme and the rat tryptophan oxygenase gene after transfer into eukaryotic cells. CAT
33  1984 Tissue-specific DNaseI hypersensitive sites in the 5'-flanking sequences of the tryptophan oxygenase and the tyrosine aminotransferase genes. TAT
34  1983 Investigation of adrenergic and prostaglandin influences in the endotoxin alteration of hepatic heme oxygenase, microsomal mixed-function oxidase, and glucocorticoid-induced tryptophan oxygenase activities. ---
35  1980 Acute ethanol effects on rat liver tryptophan oxygenase and tyrosine aminotransferase. TAT
36  1979 Effect of Sindbis birus infection on survival of mice in the cold. PEPCK, PFU
37  1978 Differences in inducibility by glucocorticoids of rat liver TO and TAT. TAT