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Abbreviation : TOP
Long Form : trioctylphosphine
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Chemical conversion synthesis of magnetic Fe1-xCox alloy nanosheets with controlled composition. ---
2021 Nanoparticle transformation from ZnO to ZnS through anion exchange with di-tert-butyl disulphide. NP, TBDS, ZnO, ZnS
2021 Phase-Controlled Synthesis of Pd-Sn Nanocrystal Catalysts of Defined Size and Shape. FAEO, i-NPs, NPs, OA
2021 Selective Synthesis of Bismuth or Bismuth Selenide Nanosheets from a Metal Organic Precursor: Investigation of their Catalytic Performance for Water Splitting. ---
2021 Structural Insights on Microwave-Synthesized Antimony-Doped Germanium Nanocrystals. Bi, DDT, Ge NCs, OAm, PDS
2021 Trioctylphosphine-Assisted Pre-protection Low-Temperature Solvothermal Synthesis of Highly Stable CsPbBr3/TiO2 Nanocomposites. PQDs
2020 Ligand-Induced Luminescence Transformation in AgInS2 Nanoparticles: From Defect Emission to Band-Edge Emission. ---
2020 Role of the amine and phosphine groups in oleylamine and trioctylphosphine in the synthesis of copper chalcogenide nanoparticles. OLA
2019 A facile route to synthesize CdSe/ZnS thick-shell quantum dots with precisely controlled green emission properties: towards QDs based LED applications. FWHM, ITU, QDs, QY, TSQDs
10  2019 Flexible Molecular Precursors for Selective Decomposition to Nickel Sulfide or Nickel Phosphide for Water Splitting and Supercapacitance. HDA, HER, OER
11  2019 Soft-Chemical Method for Synthesizing Intermetallic Antimonide Nanocrystals from Ternary Chalcogenide. TAPs, TBP, TPP
12  2019 Solvent-tailored Pd3P0.95 nano catalyst for amide-nitrile inter-conversion, the hydration of nitriles and transfer hydrogenation of the C[double bond, length as m-dash]O bond. OA, SSPs, TH, XPS
13  2019 Tailoring Cu+ for Ga3+ Cation Exchange in Cu2-xS and CuInS2 Nanocrystals by Controlling the Ga Precursor Chemistry. CE, DPP, TPP
14  2018 Emission Recovery and Stability Enhancement of Inorganic Perovskite Quantum Dots. PQDs
15  2018 Ligand-Mediated Nucleation and Growth of Palladium Metal Nanoparticles. ---
16  2018 Tailored transition metal-doped nickel phosphide nanoparticles for the electrochemical oxygen evolution reaction (OER). OER, TOPO
17  2018 Trioctylphosphine-assisted morphology control of ZnO nanoparticles. NPs, OlAm
18  2017 Functionalization of Cadmium Selenide Quantum Dots with Poly(ethylene glycol): Ligand Exchange, Surface Coverage, and Dispersion Stability. PEG, TOPO
19  2017 Mechanistic Investigations of the Synthesis of Size-Tunable Ni Nanoparticles by Reduction of Simple NiII Diamide Precursors. NPs
20  2017 PdCu@Pd Nanocube with Pt-like Activity for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction. acac, HER, NCs, OAm
21  2017 Reversible Exchange of L-Type and Bound-Ion-Pair X-Type Ligation on Cadmium Selenide Quantum Belts. ---
22  2017 Tuning luminescent properties of CdSe nanoclusters by phosphine surface passivation. NCs, PL, TPFP, TPP
23  2016 Effect of Particle Size on the Magnetic Properties of Ni Nanoparticles Synthesized with Trioctylphosphine as the Capping Agent. ---
24  2016 Gaining Control over Radiolytic Synthesis of Uniform Sub-3-nanometer Palladium Nanoparticles: Use of Aromatic Liquids in the Electron Microscope. SAXS, STEM
25  2016 Improved electroluminescence of quantum dot light-emitting diodes enabled by a partial ligand exchange with benzenethiol. OA, QD-LEDs, QDs
26  2015 Effect of Synthetic Levers on Nickel Phosphide Nanoparticle Formation: Ni5P4 and NiP2. OAm
27  2015 Ni2P nanosheets/Ni foam composite electrode for long-lived and pH-tolerable electrochemical hydrogen generation. ---
28  2015 Palladium(II)-1-phenylthio-2-arylchalcogenoethane complexes: palladium phosphide nano-peanut and ribbon formation controlled by chalcogen and Suzuki coupling activation. NPs
29  2015 Solution-based synthesis and purification of zinc tin phosphide nanowires. ---
30  2015 Trioctylphosphine as self-assembly inducer. FTIR, NPs, OA, TPP, zeta
31  2014 An insight into the mechanism of charge-transfer of hybrid polymer:ternary/quaternary chalcopyrite colloidal nanocrystals. TOPO
32  2014 Two-dimensional tin selenide nanostructures for flexible all-solid-state supercapacitors. BTBC, NDs, NSs
33  2013 Comparative study on coating CdSe nanocrystals with surfactants. NCs, PL, TBP, TOPO
34  2013 Facile synthesis of Cu and Cu@Cu-Ni nanocubes and nanowires in hydrophobic solution in the presence of nickel and chloride ions. fcc, NCs
35  2013 Gram-scale synthesis of catalytic Co9S8 nanocrystal ink as a cathode material for spray-deposited, large-area dye-sensitized solar cells. DSSC, OLA, PCE
36  2013 Palladium(II) complexes of pyrazolated thio/selenoethers: syntheses, structures, single source precursors of Pd4Se and PdSe nano-particles and potential for catalyzing Suzuki-Miyaura coupling. NPs
37  2012 Molecular control of the nanoscale: effect of phosphine-chalcogenide reactivity on CdS-CdSe nanocrystal composition and morphology. DPP, HPT, TBP, TEM, TPP, XRD
38  2012 Photoluminescent enhancement of CdSe/Cd(1-x) Zn(x)S quantum dots by hexadecylamine at room temperature. HDA, PL, QDs, QYs
39  2012 Quenching dynamics in CdSe nanoparticles: surface-induced defects upon dilution. NMR, OA, QDs, SA
40  2012 Synthesis of lead chalcogenide nanocrystals and study of charge transfer in blends of PbSe nanocrystals and poly(3-hexylthiophene). MS, NMR, OA, ODE, P3HT, TBP, TGA
41  2012 Unintended phosphorus doping of nickel nanoparticles during synthesis with TOP: a discovery through structural analysis. DFT, fcc
42  2011 Influence of the coordination mode in [Ni{RC(S)NP(S)(OiPr)2}2] for the formation of nickel-containing nanoparticles. HDA
43  2011 Phase-selective chemical extraction of selenium and sulfur from nanoscale metal chalcogenides: a general strategy for synthesis, purification, and phase targeting. ---
44  2011 Size-tunable, bright, and stable PbS quantum dots: a surface chemistry study. NMR, OlAc, PLQY
45  2011 Size-tunable, hexagonal plate-like Cu3P and Janus-like Cu-Cu3P nanocrystals. ---
46  2010 A nonaqueous approach to the preparation of iron phosphide nanowires. TEM, TOPO, XRD
47  2010 Controlled synthesis and characterization of ZnSe quantum dots. HDA, LA, TEM, XRD, ZnO
48  2010 Influence of surface chemistry on the binding and electronic coupling of CdSe quantum dots to single crystal TiO2 surfaces. AFM, MPA, QDs, TOP/TOPO, TOPO
49  2010 Oxidation does not (always) kill reactivity of transition metals: solution-phase conversion of nanoscale transition metal oxides to phosphides and sulfides. ---
50  2010 Role of magic-sized clusters in the synthesis of CdSe nanorods. MSCs, TOPO
51  2010 Size- and shape-controlled synthesis of ZnSe nanocrystals using SeO2 as selenium precursor. FWHM, ODE, PL, TBP, TEM, XRD
52  2009 2D self-bundled CdS nanorods with micrometer dimension in the absence of an external directing process. TDPA
53  2009 A single-step synthesis and the kinetic mechanism for monodisperse and hexagonal-phase NaYF4:Yb, Er upconversion nanophosphors. OA, ODE, UCNPs
54  2009 Control of phase in phosphide nanoparticles produced by metal nanoparticle transformation: Fe2P and FeP. FeP
55  2009 Dependence of luminescence efficiency of cdse quantum dots on chemical environments. CdAc, CdSt, HDA, PL, QDs, TOPO, TOPSe
56  2009 Electrogenerated chemiluminescence from PbS quantum dots. ECL, QDs
57  2009 Time-dependent photoluminescence spectroscopy as a tool to measure the ligand exchange kinetics on a quantum dot surface. HDA, HT, TOPO
58  2008 Effect of reaction temperatures and media on crystal structure of colloidal nanocrystals synthesized from an aerosol flow system. OA, ODE, TOPO
59  2008 ZnSe colloidal nanoparticles synthesized by solvothermal method in the presence of ZrCl4. ---
60  2007 Direct precursor conversion reaction for densely packed Ag2S nanocrystal thin films. NC, SEM, TEM, XRD
61  2007 Fluorescence enhancement of CdSe Q-Dots with intense femtosecond laser irradiation. CdSe, DMF, fs
62  2007 Formation of hollow Ni2p nanoparticles based on the nanoscale Kirkendall effect. NPs
63  2006 A new route to zinc-blende CdSe nanocrystals: mechanism and synthesis. fwhm, PL, TBP, UV-vis
64  2006 Direct synthesis of nanocrystalline silver from the reaction between silver carboxylates and n-trioctylphosphine. product-IV
65  2006 Phosphine-free synthesis of CdSe nanocrystals. ODE, TMPPA
66  2006 Side chain mediated electronic contact between a tetrahydro-4H-thiopyran-4-ylidene-appended polythiophene and CdTe quantum dots. ---
67  2006 Solid state NMR studies of photoluminescent cadmium chalcogenide nanoparticles. QDQW, TOPO
68  2005 Colloidal CdSe nanocrystals from tri-n-octylphosphine: Part 1: growth and optical properties from polar and non-polar solvents. CdO, HEX, PL, SI, THF
69  2005 Colloidal CdSe nanocrystals from tri-n-octylphosphine: Part II: control of growth rate for high quality and large-scale production by tuning Cd-to-Se stoichiometry. CdO, PL
70  2005 Flow-through chloroquine sensor and its applications in pharmaceutical analysis. BEHA, DOPP, FIA
71  2005 Generalized synthesis of metal phosphide nanorods via thermal decomposition of continuously delivered metal-phosphine complexes using a syringe pump. TOPO
72  2005 Iridium nanocrystal synthesis and surface coating-dependent catalytic activity. Ir, TOAB, TOPB
73  2005 Shape and size control of Ag2Se nanocrystals from a single precursor [(Ph3P)3Ag2(SeC{O}Ph)2]. HDA
74  2004 Solution-phase synthesis of single-crystalline iron phosphide nanorods/nanowires. TOPO
75  1991 Chloroquine polymeric membrane electrodes: Development and applications. DOPP, DPA, TCPB, TPB
76  1982 Toxicity of several phosphoric acid esters in rats. TBP, TCP, TEP, TMP