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Abbreviation : TPTD
Long Form : teriparatide
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A comparative effectiveness pilot study of teriparatide for medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw: daily versus weekly administration. MRONJ
2020 Clinical effectiveness of denosumab, raloxifene, romosozumab, and teriparatide for the prevention of osteoporotic fragility fractures: A systematic review and network meta-analysis. ALN, CrI, DEN, FNBMD, IBN, NMA, RCT, RIS, RLX, ROMO, ZOL
2020 Combined effect of teriparatide and an anti-RANKL monoclonal antibody on bone defect regeneration in mice with glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis. BMD, GIOP, PSL
2020 Effect of Osteoporosis Medication on Fracture Healing: An Evidence Based Review. BPs, DRF, SERMs, SrR
2020 Effects of follow-on therapy after denosumab discontinuation in patients with postmenopausal osteoporosis. BMD, BP, Dmab, FN, LS, RAL, wmBP, ZOL
2020 Effects of prior osteoporosis treatment on early treatment response of romosozumab in patients with postmenopausal osteoporosis. BMD, BP, FN, LS, ROMO
2020 Effects of teriparatide versus percutaneous vertebroplasty on pain relief, quality of life and cost-effectiveness in postmenopausal females with acute osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture: A prospective cohort study. ODI, OVCF, PVP
2020 Healing of erosions in rheumatoid arthritis remains elusive: results with 24 months of the anabolic agent teriparatide. MCP, PIP, RA
2020 Loading modality and age influence teriparatide-induced bone formation in the human femoral neck. BMD, FN, PBO
10  2020 No evidence for alteration in early secondary mineralization by either alendronate, teriparatide or combination of both in transiliac bone biopsy samples from postmenopausal osteoporotic patients. ALN, ALN, BMDD
11  2020 Segmental Bone Reconstruction by Octacalcium Phosphate Collagen Composites with Teriparatide. HAPcol, OCPcol
12  2020 Teriparatide improves pain-related behavior and prevents bone loss in ovariectomized mice. CGRP, DRG, muCT, OVX, OVX-TPTD, SHAM, TRPV1
13  2020 Teriparatide relieves ovariectomy-induced hyperalgesia in rats, suggesting the involvement of functional regulation in primary sensory neurons by PTH-mediated signaling. DRG
14  2020 The combined effects of teriparatide and anti-RANKL monoclonal antibody on bone defect regeneration in ovariectomized mice. ---
15  2020 The effects of different doses of teriparatide on bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw in mice. BRONJ
16  2020 The role, efficacy and outcome measures for teriparatide use in the management of medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw. MRONJ
17  2020 WISP-2 expression induced by Teriparatide treatment affects in vitro osteoblast differentiation and improves in vivo osteogenesis. ---
18  2019 12-Month Teriparatide Treatment Reduces New Vertebral Compression Fractures Incidence And Back Pain And Improves Quality Of Life After Percutaneous Kyphoplasty In Osteoporotic Women. BMD, BT, LMMRM, NVCFs, OVCFs, PKP, VAS
19  2019 Bone stock reconstruction for huge bone loss using allograft-bones, bone marrow, and teriparatide in an infected total knee arthroplasty. BM, BMD
20  2019 Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Sequential Treatment of Abaloparatide Followed by Alendronate Versus Teriparatide Followed by Alendronate in Postmenopausal Women With Osteoporosis in the United States. ABL, ACTIVE, ALN, DES, ICER, PBO, PMO, QALYs
21  2019 Cost-effectiveness of sequential treatment with abaloparatide vs. teriparatide for United States women at increased risk of fracture. ABL, ALN, TPTD/ALN
22  2019 Effects of teriparatide on bone in autochthonous transgenic model mice for diabetes mellitus (Akita mice). BMD
23  2019 Effects of Weekly Teriparatide Administration for Vertebral Stability and Bony Union in Patients with Acute Osteoporotic Vertebral Fractures. OVF, VHa
24  2019 Impact of vitamin C on teriparatide treatment in the improvement of bone mineral density, strength, and quality in vitamin C-deficient rats. BMD, FTIR, HA, ODS, VC
25  2019 Long-Term Effects of Teriparatide Followed by Antiresorptive Therapy on Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Severe Spinal Osteoporosis. ---
26  2019 MicroRNA and Human Bone Health. DMAB, miRNAs, SNPs
27  2019 Osteoanabolic and dual action drugs. ABL, BMD, PTHR1, PTHrP
28  2019 Teriparatide Improves Bone and Lipid Metabolism in a Male Rat Model of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. BMD, DM, ECT, RIS, SDT, T2DM
29  2019 The impact of switching once-weekly teriparatide to denosumab in osteoporosis patients. BAP, BMD, Dmab, FN, LS, TH, TRACP-5b
30  2019 Two-year persistence with teriparatide improved significantly after introduction of an educational and motivational support program. BSP, EMSP
31  2019 [Prolonged continuous infusion of teriparatide promotes bone metabolism in normal but not in castrated mice]. VEH
32  2018 Abaloparatide Exerts Bone Anabolic Effects with Less Stimulation of Bone Resorption-Related Factors: A Comparison with Teriparatide. ABL, BMD, DKK1
33  2018 Anabolic agents: what is beyond osteoporosis? APTD, PTH, PTHrP
34  2018 Assessment of the effects of switching oral bisphosphonates to denosumab or daily teriparatide in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. BMD, BPs, Dmab, FN, LS, RA, TBS
35  2018 Bone regeneration by freeze-dried composite of octacalcium phosphate collagen and teriparatide. Col, OCP
36  2018 Changes in bone mineral density and bone turnover markers during treatment with teriparatide in pregnancy- and lactation-associated osteoporosis. BMD, OCN, PLO
37  2018 Changes of Circulating MicroRNAs in Response to Treatment With Teriparatide or Denosumab in Postmenopausal Osteoporosis. BMD, BTMs, miRs
38  2018 Effects of combined teriparatide and zoledronic acid on posterior lumbar vertebral fusion in an aged ovariectomized rat model of osteopenia. BFR, BMD, BV, DXA, MAR, ZA
39  2018 Effects of osteoporosis drug treatments on cortical and trabecular bone in the femur using DXA-based 3D modeling. AL, cortical sBMD, CTh, DMAB, DXA, NAIVE, vBMD
40  2018 Effects of single or combination therapy of teriparatide and anti-RANKL monoclonal antibody on bone defect regeneration in mice. ---
41  2018 Efficacy of Switching From Teriparatide to Bisphosphonate or Denosumab: A Prospective, Randomized, Open-Label Trial. ALN, BMD, BP, FN, LS, MINO
42  2018 Impact of switching oral bisphosphonates to denosumab or daily teriparatide on the progression of radiographic joint destruction in patients with biologic-naive rheumatoid arthritis. BPs, DAS28-CRP, Dmab, mTSS, RA
43  2018 Longitudinal Effects of Teriparatide or Zoledronic Acid on Bone Modeling- and Remodeling-Based Formation in the SHOTZ Study. MBF, RBF, ZOL
44  2018 Pretreatment of daily teriparatide enhances the increase of bone mineral density in cortical bones by denosumab therapy. BMD, Dmab
45  2018 Teriparatide therapy for severe, refractory osteoradionecrosis of the jaw. ORN
46  2017 A new contralateral atypical femoral fracture despite sequential therapy with teriparatide and strontium ranelate. AFFs, SR
47  2017 Bone Mineral Density Response from Teriparatide in Patients with Osteoporosis. BMD, BMI, FN, LS, TH
48  2017 Effect of Sequential Treatment with Bisphosphonates After Teriparatide in Ovariectomized Rats: A Direct Comparison Between Risedronate and Alendronate. ALN, BMD, RIS
49  2017 Effect of Time of Administration of Teriparatide on Bone Mineral Density in Glucocorticoid-Induced Osteoporosis. BMD, GIO
50  2017 Effects of Teriparatide and Sequential Minodronate on Lumbar Spine Bone Mineral Density and Microarchitecture in Osteoporosis. BMD, DXA, LS, MINO, TBS
51  2017 Enhanced bone healing and decreased pain in sacral insufficiency fractures after teriparatide treatment: retrospective clinical-based observational study. CT, SIFs
52  2017 Medication management after intramedullary nailing of atypical fractures. AFF, BPs
53  2017 New methods for the evaluation of bone quality. Bone anabolic agents and bone quality. ---
54  2017 Sequential treatment with zoledronic acid followed by teriparatide or vice versa increases bone mineral density and bone strength in ovariectomized rats. BMD, BPs, ZOL
55  2017 Teriparatide treatment in a heart transplant patient with a chronic kidney disease and a low-turnover bone disease: a case report. ---
56  2017 The effects of switching daily teriparatide to oral bisphosphonates or denosumab in patients with primary osteoporosis. BMD, BP, Dmab
57  2017 Treatment Sequence Matters: Anabolic and Antiresorptive Therapy for Osteoporosis. PTH
58  2016 A Longitudinal Study of Skeletal Histomorphometry at 6 and 24 Months Across Four Bone Envelopes in Postmenopausal Women With Osteoporosis Receiving Teriparatide or Zoledronic Acid in the SHOTZ Trial. ASBMR, SHOTZ, ZOL
59  2016 Adjuvant Teriparatide Therapy for Surgical Treatment of Femoral Fractures; Does It Work? AFF, FNU, PPFF
60  2016 Bisphosphonate Pre-Treatment Diminishes the Therapeutic Benefits of Teriparatide in Japanese Osteoporotic Patients. BAP, BMD, BP, BP, OP
61  2016 Differential Effects of Teriparatide and Zoledronic Acid on Bone Mineralization Density Distribution at 6 and 24 Months in the SHOTZ Study. BMD, BMDD, qBEI, SHOTZ, ZOL
62  2016 Effect of Teriparatide on Bone Formation in the Human Femoral Neck. BFR/BS, FN, PBO, THR
63  2016 Effects of Daily or Cyclic Teriparatide on Bone Formation in the Iliac Crest in Women on No Prior Therapy and in Women on Alendronate. ALN
64  2016 Hip structure analysis by DXA of teriparatide treatment: A 24-month follow-up clinical study. HSA
65  2016 Influence of Teriparatide and Ibandronate on Cortical Bone in New Zealand White Rabbits: A HR-QCT Study. BMC, BMD, HR-QCT, IBN, s.c
66  2016 Once-weekly teriparatide improves glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis in patients with inadequate response to bisphosphonates. BAP, GIOP, YAM
67  2016 Renal Phosphate Reabsorption is Correlated with the Increase in Lumbar Bone Mineral Density in Patients Receiving Once-Weekly Teriparatide. BMD, FECa, L-BMD, TOWER
68  2016 Short-term effects of teriparatide versus placebo on bone biomarkers, structure, and fracture healing in women with lower-extremity stress fractures: A pilot study. MRI, OC, pQCT, s.c
69  2016 Teriparatide and denosumab combination therapy and skeletal metabolism. DKK1, PTH, SOST
70  2016 Teriparatide for osteoporosis: importance of the full course. ---
71  2016 The Effects on the Femoral Cortex of a 24 Month Treatment Compared to an 18 Month Treatment with Teriparatide: A Multi-Trial Retrospective Analysis. aBMD, ECTD, QCT
72  2016 [The Importance of teriparatide in the treatment of osteoporosis]. PTHrP
73  2015 Bone Density After Teriparatide Discontinuation in Premenopausal Idiopathic Osteoporosis. BMD, IOP, LS, TH
74  2015 Daily or Cyclical Teriparatide Treatment in Women With Osteoporosis on no Prior Therapy and Women on Alendronate. ALN, BMD, FN, LS, TH
75  2015 Early Effects of Single and Low-Frequency Repeated Administration of Teriparatide, hPTH(1-34), on Bone Formation and Resorption in Ovariectomized Rats. ---
76  2015 Effect of Teriparatide on Healing of Atypical Femoral Fractures: A Systemic Review. AFF, BPs, PTH
77  2015 Effective treatment of delayed union of a lumbar vertebral fracture with daily administration of teriparatide in a patient with diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis. DISH
78  2015 Effects of the combination of vitamin K and teriparatide on the bone metabolism in ovariectomized rats. BMD, Gla-OC, VK
79  2015 Healing of bisphosphonate-associated atypical femoral fractures in patients with osteoporosis: a comparison between treatment with and without teriparatide. AFF
80  2015 Mapping Bone Changes at the Proximal Femoral Cortex of Postmenopausal Women in Response to Alendronate and Teriparatide Alone, Combined or Sequentially. ALN, CBMD, CTh, QCT
81  2015 Osteoporotic fractures and associated hospitalizations among patients treated with teriparatide compared to a matched cohort of patients not treated with teriparatide. RR, RU
82  2015 Teriparatide therapy for bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw associated with dental implants. BP
83  2015 [Impact of Teriparatide on Quality of Life in Osteoporotic Patients]. ST, VAS
84  2014 Association between teriparatide adherence and healthcare utilization and costs among hip fracture patients in the United States. PDC, PPPM
85  2014 Bone quality of the newest bone formed after two years of teriparatide therapy in patients who were previously treatment-naive or on long-term alendronate therapy. ALN, M/M, MMC, PG, TN
86  2014 Comparison of the effect of 18-month daily teriparatide administration on patients with rheumatoid arthritis and postmenopausal osteoporosis patients. BMD, BP, DAS28-CRP, FN, LS, PSL, RA, RF, ucOC
87  2014 Differences in persistency with teriparatide in patients with osteoporosis according to gender and health care provider. CI, GP, GPs, HR, RCT
88  2014 Distinctive role of 6-month teriparatide treatment on intractable bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw. BRONJ
89  2014 Overlapping and continued alendronate or raloxifene administration in patients on teriparatide: effects on areal and volumetric bone mineral density--the CONFORS Study. ALN, BMD, LS, RAL
90  2014 Single and combined use of human parathyroid hormone (PTH) (1-34) on areal bone mineral density (aBMD) in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis: evidence based on 9 RCTs. aBMD, ALN, AR, BMD, CIs, DEN, HRT, PTH, WMDs
91  2014 Teriparatide treatment of severe osteoporosis reduces the risk of vertebral fractures compared with standard care in routine clinical practice. BMD
92  2014 Understanding and communicating the benefits and risks of denosumab, raloxifene, and teriparatide for the treatment of osteoporosis. ---
93  2014 Weekly Teriparatide for Delayed Unions of Atypical Subtrochanteric Femur Fractures. AFFs
94  2014 [Osteoanabolics and the forthcoming drugs for the treatment of osteoporosis]. ---
95  2013 Antiresorptives overlapping ongoing teriparatide treatment result in additional increases in bone mineral density. ALN, BMD, RAL
96  2013 Effective treatment of a steroid-induced femoral neck fracture nonunion with a once-weekly administration of teriparatide in a rheumatoid patient: a case report. ---
97  2013 Evaluation of persistence and adherence to teriparatide treatment in patients affected by severe osteoporosis (PATT): a multicenter observational real life study. PATT
98  2013 The bone anabolic therapy. ---
99  2013 The Direct Assessment of Nonvertebral Fractures in Community Experience (DANCE) study: 2-year nonvertebral fragility fracture results. DANCE
100  2013 Weekly teriparatide injections successfully treated advanced bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaws. BRONJ