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2022 Effect of high-volume cluster sets versus lower-volume traditional sets on muscular performance. CLUS, ES
2022 Impact of Super-High Density Olive Orchard Management System on Soil Free-Living and Plant-Parasitic Nematodes in Central and South Italy. SHD, TOC
2022 Leg stiffness during running in highly cushioned shoes with a carbon-fiber plate and traditional shoes. NVF
2022 Muscular Adaptations and Psychophysiological Responses in Resistance Training Systems. DS, LME, RP
2022 The Effect of Different Periodization and Modes of Concurrent Strength and Endurance Training on Double Poling Performance and Body Composition in Adolescent Cross-Country Skiers. Pmax
2021 Cardiovascular risk factors in gout, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis: a cross-sectional survey of patients in Western Sweden. AS, CVRFs, PsA, RA
2020 Blood Flow Restriction at High Resistance Loads Increases the Rate of Muscular Fatigue, but Does Not Increase Plasma Markers of Myotrauma or Inflammation. BFR, IL-6
2020 Effectiveness of Teaching with Visualisation Table in Comparison to Traditional Lecture in Anatomy Department, Jinnah Sindh Medical University. SVT
2020 Increased fascicle length but not patellar tendon stiffness after accentuated eccentric-load strength training in already-trained men. AEL, AEL, CON, RM
10  2020 Maximal Strength, Muscle Activation, and Bar Velocity Comparisons Between Squatting With a Traditional or Safety Squat Bar. EMG, MV, SSB
11  2020 Utility of a Shortened Isometric Midthigh Pull Protocol for Assessing Rapid Force Production in Athletes. IMTP, PF, RFD
12  2019 Application of enhanced recovery after surgery during the perioperative period in infants with Hirschsprung's disease-Amulti-center randomized clinical trial. CRP, ERAS, HSCR, LAPT, LOS, OPPT, POD1, WBC
13  2019 Block periodization of endurance training - a systematic review and meta-analysis. BP
14  2019 Effects of various interval training regimes on changes in maximal oxygen uptake, body composition, and muscular strength in sedentary women with obesity. HIIT, KE, PER
15  2019 Exaggerated post exercise hypotension following concentric but not eccentric resistance exercise: Implications for metabolism. CONC, ECC, PEH
16  2019 Kinematics and muscle activity when running in partial minimalist, traditional, and maximalist shoes. MAX, PMIN, RMS
17  2018 Impact of an acute surgical unit in appendicectomy outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis. ASU, CI, OR, OR
18  2017 Adapted Morris Water Maze protocol to prevent interference from confounding motor deficits on cognitive functioning. Adap, MWM
19  2017 Eccentric versus traditional resistance exercise for older adult fallers in the community: a randomized trial within a multi-component fall reduction program. MCEFRP, RENEW
20  2017 Impact of an acute surgical unit on patient outcomes in South Australia. ASU
21  2017 The effects of traditional, superset, and tri-set resistance training structures on perceived intensity and physiological responses. CMJ, SS, TRI
22  2015 Effects of far-infrared sauna bathing on recovery from strength and endurance training sessions in men. CMJ, ETS, FIRS, STS
23  2014 Cardiovascular and Metabolic Demads of the Kettlebell Swing using Tabata Interval versus a Traditional Resistance Protocol. TAB
24  2010 Emergency face-mask removal effectiveness: a comparison of traditional and nontraditional football helmet face-mask attachment systems. QR, QRAlt, RPE, TradAlt
25  2008 Early-phase neuroendocrine responses and strength adaptations following eccentric-enhanced resistance training. BT, GH, TT
26  2008 Evolution of ultrasound guided axillary brachial plexus blockade: retrospective analysis of 662 blocks. AXB, LA, PNS, PNS, TA, US
27  2007 Neuroendocrine responses to an acute bout of eccentric-enhanced resistance exercise. BT, GH, RPE, TT
28  2007 Safety, feasibility, and efficacy of negative work exercise via eccentric muscle activity following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. ACLR, ECC
29  2006 An acute care surgery model improves outcomes in patients with appendicitis. ACS, ED, LOS, OR
30  2005 Problem-based learning versus a traditional educational methodology: a comparison of preclinical and clinical periodontics performance. PBL
31  2003 The positive effects of negative work: increased muscle strength and decreased fall risk in a frail elderly population. ECC
32  2001 The effectiveness of 0.5-lb increments in progressive resistance exercise. SI
33  2000 Quantitative gated myocardial SPECT: effect of collimation on left-ventricular ejection fraction. CFC, HRC, LVEF
34  2000 Tenorrhaphy and tendinous venous envelope (TVE). A morphofunctional study in 24 beagles dogs. TVE