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Abbreviation : TT
Long Form : transit time
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Group delay method for MRI aortic pulse wave velocity measurements in clinical protocols with low temporal resolution: Validation in a heterogeneous cohort. GD, PC, PWV
2019 Comparison of different methods for the estimation of aortic pulse wave velocity from 4D flow cardiovascular magnetic resonance. AAo, aoPWV, BA, cfPWV, CMR, DAo, ICC, LV, PWV, TTc
2019 The Simplified Human Intestinal Microbiota (SIHUMIx) Shows High Structural and Functional Resistance against Changing Transit Times in In Vitro Bioreactors. ---
2019 Ultrasound simulation model incorporating incident and reflected wave propagations along a common carotid artery. CCA, IW, NRMSEs, PWs, PWV, RW, TDs
2018 An ecophysiologically informed model of seed dispersal by orangutans: linking animal movement with gut passage across time and space. T-LoCoH
2018 Functional success evaluation of lacrimal drainage system by dacryoscintigraphy after transcanalicular diode laser dacryocystorhinostomy. DSG, ECS, TDL-DCR
2018 Prolonged central circulation transit time in patients with HFpEF and HFrEF by magnetic resonance imaging. cc, CMR, HF, HFpEF, LA, LV, PA, PCWP
2018 Sodium Fluorescein Videoangiography as an Adjunct to Resection of Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformations. FL-VAG, TTa
2018 Ultra-early Detection of Microcirculatory Injury as Predictor of Developing Delayed Cerebral Ischemia After Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. CirT, DCI, DSA, PCC, rTTP, SAH
10  2017 Arterial pathophysiology and comparison of two devices for pulse wave velocity assessment in elderly men: the British regional heart study. ABPI, cfPWV, CIMT
11  2017 How far do Neotropical primates disperse seeds? PT, SDD
12  2017 Local versus global aortic pulse wave velocity in early atherosclerosis: An animal study in ApoE-/--mice using ultrahigh field MRI. PWV, WT
13  2017 Normal saline is associated with increased sickle red cell stiffness and prolonged transit times in a microfluidic model of the capillary system. AFM, IVF, NS, RBCs, SCD, VOC
14  2016 Assessment of proximal pulmonary arterial stiffness using magnetic resonance imaging: effects of technique, age and exercise. LPAs, MPAs, OHV, PWV, RPAs, YHV
15  2015 Estimation of aortic pulse wave transit time in cardiovascular magnetic resonance using complex wavelet cross-spectrum analysis. CMR, PWV
16  2013 A magnetic resonance perspective of the pulse wave transit time by the Arteriograph device and potential for improving aortic length estimation for central pulse wave velocity. CI, PWV
17  2013 Comparison of groundwater transit velocity estimates from flux theory and water table recession based approaches for solute transport. FT, GW, SWB, TV, WT
18  2013 The Vicorder device compared with SphygmoCor in the assessment of carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity in patients with peripheral arterial disease. cfPWV, ICC, PAD
19  2013 [Hemorheology visualization clinical research in elderly hypertension patients of different Chinese medical syndrome types]. DI, EAI, MC-FAN, RBCs
20  2013 [Regional and peripheral arterial stiffness measured by pOpmetre in patients with Cvx risk factor, link with carotid plaques]. ABPI, AoStiff, PWV
21  2011 Assessment of pulmonary artery stiffness using velocity-encoding magnetic resonance imaging: evaluation of techniques. PA, PWV
22  2011 The effects of pre-ejection period on post-exercise systolic blood pressure estimation using the pulse arrival time technique. BP, PAT, PEP, SBP
23  2010 Intravascular functional maps of common neurovascular lesions derived from volumetric 4D CT data. CTA, TOA, TTP
24  2010 Measuring aortic pulse wave velocity using high-field cardiovascular magnetic resonance: comparison of techniques. CMR, PWV
25  2010 Regional in vivo transit time measurements of aortic pulse wave velocity in mice with high-field CMR at 17.6 Tesla. CMR, PWV
26  2009 Gas transfer and pulmonary blood flow at rest and during exercise in adults 21 years after preterm birth. AVO, CI, CO, HR, RQ, SV
27  2009 Impaired lymphatic function recovered after great saphenous vein stripping in patients with varicose vein: venodynamic and lymphodynamic results. ICG, VFI
28  2009 Proximal aortic stiffness is related to left ventricular function and exercise capacity in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy. Ao, HF, LV, NIDC, PWV
29  2009 The comparative study digestion and metabolism of nitrogen and purine derivatives in male, Thai, Swamp buffalo and Thai, Brahman cattle. Cr, DM, NDF, NEFA, OM, PD, TMRT, TP
30  2009 The effects of concentrate added to pineapple (Ananas comosus Linn. Mer.) waste silage in differing ratios to form complete diets, on digestion, excretion of urinary purine derivatives and blood metabolites in growing, male, Thai swamp buffaloes. Cr, DM, NDF, OM, PD, PUN
31  2008 Ziziphus jujuba extract for the treatment of chronic idiopathic constipation: a controlled clinical trial. ---
32  2007 Functional imaging with Turbo-CASL: transit time and multislice imaging considerations. TR, Turbo-CASL
33  2007 Noninvasive ultrasonic measurement of regional and local pulse-wave velocity in mice. PWV
34  2007 Use of Doppler ultrasonography in the assessment of bronchodilator response in acute bronchiolitis. AB, CI, PV-HV
35  2006 A neutrophil elastase inhibitor, sivelestat, improves leukocyte deformability in patients with acute lung injury. ALI, CRP, LIS, MOF, NE, NOM, RI, SIRS, TLC
36  2005 First-Pass Angiography in Mice Using FDG-PET: A Simple Method of Deriving the Cardiovascular Transit Time Without the Need of Region-of-Interest Drawing. PET, RV-to-LV, TAC
37  2005 Serial changes in leukocyte deformability and whole blood rheology in patients with sepsis or trauma. NOM
38  2003 Effect of sun-dried raisins on bile acid excretion, intestinal transit time, and fecal weight: a dose-response study. FBA, FW, SDR
39  2003 Intramyocardial blood volume, perfusion and transit time in response to embolization of different sized microvessels. BV
40  2003 [Investigation of cerebral blood volume measurement]. CBV, ROI, Xe CT
41  2002 Application of dynamic CT for various diseases in the oral and maxillofacial region. PH, PR, PT
42  2002 The effect of acarbose on the colonic transit time of elderly long-term care patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. CTT, DM, LTC
43  2001 Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) stiffens leukocytes but attenuates inflammatory response without lung injury in septic patients. CRP, G-CSF, LIS, NOM, RI, TM
44  2001 Impaired blood rheology by remnant-like lipoprotein particles: studies in patients with fatty liver disease. FLD, RLP, RLP-C
45  2000 Pulse wave velocity. A new calculation method. PWV
46  2000 Sound transmission between 50 and 600 Hz in excised pig lungs filled with air and helium. He, PIP
47  1999 Capillary recruitment in response to tissue hypoxia and its dependence on red blood cell deformability. HM, RBC
48  1998 Follow-up of patients with superior vena cava syndrome by functional analysis of radionuclide venography. PC ratio, SVCS, TH
49  1998 PET evaluation of cerebral hemodynamics in occlusive cerebrovascular disease pre- and postsurgery. ACZ, CBF, EC-IC, OEF
50  1997 Cerebral hemodynamics and metabolism in moyamoya disease--a positron emission tomography study. CBF, EC-IC, OEF, PET
51  1996 Decreased erythrocyte deformability in glycogen storage disease. CTA, GSD
52  1996 Glucose-induced islet hyperemia is mediated by nitric oxide. L-NAME, OCT
53  1996 Radionuclide venography and its functional analysis in superior vena cava syndrome. PC ratio, SVC, TH
54  1995 Gas density does not affect pulmonary acoustic transmission in normal men. TF
55  1994 Blood flow, volume, and transit time in the pulmonary microvasculature using laser-Doppler. ---
56  1994 Diurnal changes in large-bowel metabolism: short-chain fatty acids and transit time in rats fed on wheat bran. DM, SCFA
57  1993 Functional consequences of chronic implantation of electrodes for electromyographic studies in the gastrointestinal tract of chickens. ---
58  1993 The effect of increasing temperature on skin blood flow and red cell deformability. AVA, C s-1, CTTA
59  1992 Digesta retention and fibre digestion in maras (Dolichotis patagonum) and guinea-pigs. MRT
60  1992 Fibre digestion and digesta retention time in guinea-pigs (Cavia porcellus), degus (Octodon degus) and leaf-eared mice (Phyllotis darwini). MRT
61  1992 Kinetics of granulocyte deformability following exposure to chemotactic stimuli. CB, CTA, fMLP, NEM, ZAP
62  1992 Red cell filterability determined using the cell transit time analyzer (CTTA): effects of ATP depletion and changes in calcium concentration. CTTA
63  1990 Intestinal dysmotility syndromes in the elderly: measurement of orocecal transit time. ---
64  1990 Measurement of transit time of digesta through sections of gastrointestinal tract of pigs fed with diets containing various sources of dietary fibre (non-starch polysaccharides). NSP
65  1990 Role of proctography in severe constipation. ARA, DLPC
66  1989 A simple method for the correction of biliary excretion curves distorted by the biliary dead space. DHC
67  1988 Arteriovenous distribution of transit times in cremaster muscle of the rat. AV, ITCs
68  1988 Exaggerated natriuresis and lithium clearance in spontaneously hypertensive rats. OT, WKY
69  1987 A comparison of the microcirculation in rat fast glycolytic and slow oxidative muscles at rest and during contractions. ---
70  1987 Diagnostic accuracy of rest-exercise first pass ventriculography with a fast single crystal gamma camera in detecting coronary artery disease. Study of a group of male subjects without previous myocardial infarction. EF, ph, REF
71  1986 Effect of increasing levels of hard wheat fiber on fecal weight, minerals and steroids and gastrointestinal transit time in healthy young women. DF, HRWB
72  1986 Microcirculation of the juvenile knee in chronic arthritis. Hct, RBF
73  1983 Constipation in long-stay elderly patients: its treatment and prevention by lactulose, poloxalkol-dihydroxyanthroquinolone and phosphate enemas. ---
74  1983 Effect of neck position during radionuclide superior cavography. Its value in the diagnosis of superior vena cava obstruction due to retrosternal goiter. RNSC, SD, SVC
75  1983 Whole-gut transit time and its relationship to absorption of macronutrients during diarrhoea and after recovery. ---
76  1982 Voluntary control of cardiovascular reactions to demanding tasks. IBI
77  1980 Influence of refined cellulose on human bowel function and calcium and magnesium balance. ---
78  1980 The control of pulse transit time independently of interbeat interval by providing feedback from both. IBI
79  1979 A new method for the determination of gastrointestinal transit times. ---
80  1979 The discrimination of blood pressure fluctuations. ---
81  1977 Evidence for a peritubular-to-luminal flux phosphate in the dog kidney. ---
82  1976 Nephron function of the isolated perfused rat kidney. DT, IP, SNGFR