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Abbreviation : TU
Long Form : transducing units
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Botulinum Neurotoxin Light Chains Expressed by Defective Herpes Simplex Virus Type-1 Vectors Cleave SNARE Proteins and Inhibit CGRP Release in Rat Sensory Neurons. BoNT, CGRP, DRG, HSV-1, LC, SNARE
2019 delta Opioid Receptor Agonism Preserves the Retinal Pigmented Epithelial Cell Tight Junctions and Ameliorates the Retinopathy in Experimental Diabetes. DOR, DR, shRNA
2018 Continuous production process of retroviral vector for adoptive T- cell therapy. CAR, TCR
2018 Proteasome Inhibition Increases the Efficiency of Lentiviral Vector-Mediated Transduction of Trabecular Meshwork. DMSO, FACS, MOCAS, MOT, TM
2017 Lentiviral Vector Gene Transfer of Endostatin/Angiostatin for Macular Degeneration (GEM) Study. AE, EIAV, GEM, NVAMD
2017 Scalable Lentiviral Vector Production Using Stable HEK293SF Producer Cell Lines. GFP, LV
2016 A Porcine Anterior Segment Perfusion and Transduction Model With Direct Visualization of the Trabecular Meshwork. CO, FIV, IOP
2014 Gene transfer to human trabecular meshwork cells in vitro and ex vivo using HIV-based lentivirus. EGFP, HTM, MOI, TM
2014 Long-term safety and tolerability of ProSavin, a lentiviral vector-based gene therapy for Parkinson's disease: a dose escalation, open-label, phase 1/2 trial. UPDRS
10  2013 Characterization of lentiviral vector production using microwell suspension cultures of HEK293T-derived producer cells. DoE, HEK, LV
11  2013 Long-term engraftment and angiogenic properties of lentivirally transduced adipose tissue-derived stromal cells. ADSCs, CMV, EGFP, LTR, LV, RSV, WPRE
12  2012 Blood component use and associated costs after standard dose chemotherapy--a prospective analysis of routine hospital care in lymphoproliferative disorders and NSCLC in Germany. BC, CT, FFP, LPD, NSCLC, PLT, RBC
13  2012 Optimization of fermentation parameters in phage production using response surface methodology. DO, DoE, RSM
14  2012 Titration of feline immunodeficiency virus-based lentiviral vector preparations. FIV, GFP
15  2012 [Transitional care programs for patients with rheumatic diseases: review of the literature]. ---
16  2010 A flow cytometry-based immuno-titration assay for rapid and accurate titer determination of modified vaccinia Ankara virus vectors. IU, MVA
17  2009 Adenovirus vector production using low-multiplicity infection of 293 cells. MOI
18  2009 Concanavalin A affinity chromatography for efficient baculovirus purification. Con A, vp
19  2009 Efficient construction of producer cell lines for a SIN lentiviral vector for SCID-X1 gene therapy by concatemeric array transfection. IL2RG, LTRs, SIN
20  2009 Importance of the major splice donor and redefinition of cis-acting sequences of gutless feline foamy virus vectors. FFV, RD
21  2009 Is allogeneic blood transfusion a risk factor for sternal dehiscence following cardiac surgery? A prospective observational study. COPD
22  2009 Next-generation phage display: integrating and comparing available molecular tools to enable cost-effective high-throughput analysis. ---
23  2009 Prolonged transgene expression with lentiviral vectors in the aqueous humor outflow pathway of nonhuman primates. GFP, TM
24  2009 Simplified production and concentration of HIV-1-based lentiviral vectors using HYPERFlask vessels and anion exchange membrane chromatography. LV
25  2009 [Clone screening and interference efficiency of seed cells with CCL20 gene knockdown for tissue-engineered skin]. HaCaT
26  2008 Inducible packaging cells for large-scale production of lentiviral vectors in serum-free suspension culture. LVs, Tet
27  2008 Large-scale production of recombinant adeno-associated viral vectors. BEV, rAAVs, vg
28  2008 [Development of infectious pseudo-particle harboring three subtypes hepatitis C virus glycoproteins and their application in neutralization assays]. IFA, pp, SIN
29  2008 [Selection and characterization of human scFv antibodies against hepatocellular carcinoma]. ---
30  2007 A retroviral packaging cell line for pseudotype vectors based on glioma-infiltrating progenitor cells. BM-TIPC, LCMV, MoMLV, PC
31  2007 High expression reduces an antibody response after neonatal gene therapy with B domain-deleted human factor VIII in mice. FVIII, hFVIII, RV
32  2006 Bioluminescence imaging after HSV amplicon vector delivery into brain. Fluc
33  2005 Generation of a packaging cell line for prolonged large-scale production of high-titer HIV-1-based lentiviral vector. CMV, RCL, tTA
34  2005 Persistent gene expression in mouse nasal epithelia following feline immunodeficiency virus-based vector gene transfer. AcGP64-FIV, FIV
35  2003 Adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors achieve prolonged transgene expression in mouse myocardium and arteries in vivo: a comparative study with adenovirus vectors. AAV, EGFP
36  2003 Highly efficient and tumor-restricted gene transfer to malignant gliomas by replication-competent retroviral vectors. RCR
37  2003 HSV-1 amplicon peptide display vector. HS, HSBD
38  2002 A novel and highly efficient production system for recombinant adeno-associated virus vector. AAV2, GFP, rAAV, rHSV-1
39  2002 Efficient rescue of gutted adenovirus genomes allows rapid production of concentrated stocks without negative selection. Ad, TP
40  2002 Herpes simplex virus type 1 amplicon vector-mediated gene transfer to muscle. DMD, EGFP, HSV-1, MCK, MOIs, TA
41  2002 Preservation of aqueous outflow facility after second-generation FIV vector-mediated expression of marker genes in anterior segments of human eyes. EGFP, FIV, TM
42  2002 Sustained transduction of ocular cells with a bovine immunodeficiency viral vector. BIV, EGFP, HIV, RPE
43  2001 A highly efficient and consistent method for harvesting large volumes of high-titre lentiviral vectors. PLL, VPCs, VSV-G
44  2001 Human immunodeficiency virus type 2 lentiviral vectors: packaging signal and splice donor in expression and encapsidation. HIV-1, RRE
45  2001 Modified HIV-1 based lentiviral vectors have an effect on viral transduction efficiency and gene expression in vitro and in vivo. AAT, BrdU, cppt, FIX, MAR
46  2000 DNA-Dependent protein kinase is not required for efficient lentivirus integration. DNA-PK, HIV, MEF, MOI, PARP
47  1999 Characterization of the essential transport function of the AIDA-I autotransporter and evidence supporting structural predictions. AIDA-I
48  1998 A third-generation lentivirus vector with a conditional packaging system. HIV, LTR
49  1995 [Use of autologous blood, plasma and thrombocyte concentrates in heart surgery]. FFP
50  1986 [Growth of transplanted kidneys]. CIT, HLA-I