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Abbreviation : Trk
Long Form : tropomyosin receptor kinase
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Bioanalytical assay for the novel TRK inhibitor selitrectinib in mouse plasma and tissue homogenates using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. ---
2019 Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of 3-(imidazo[1,2-a]pyrazin-3-ylethynyl)-2-methylbenzamides as potent and selective pan-tropomyosin receptor kinase (TRK) inhibitors. BDNF, Trks
2019 Entrectinib: First Global Approval. ALK, CNS, NSCLC, NTRK, PRIME, ROS1
2019 Environmental enrichment improves long-term memory impairment and aberrant synaptic plasticity by BDNF/TrkB signaling in nerve-injured mice. BDNF, CCI, EE, LTP, PSD, SE
2019 Immune checkpoint inhibitor treatment in patients with oncogene- addicted non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): summary of a multidisciplinary round-table discussion. ALK, EGFR, HER, ICI, NSCLC, TKI
2019 Inhibition of Tropomyosin Receptor Kinase A Signaling Negatively Regulates Megakaryopoiesis and induces Thrombopoiesis. MKPs, MKs, NGF
2019 Insights into Current Tropomyosin Receptor Kinase (TRK) Inhibitors: Development and Clinical Application. ---
2019 Larotrectinib, a highly selective tropomyosin receptor kinase (TRK) inhibitor for the treatment of TRK fusion cancer. NTRK
2019 Larotrectinib: First Global Approval. NTRK
10  2019 Methods for Identifying Patients with Tropomyosin Receptor Kinase (TRK) Fusion Cancer. ---
11  2019 p75NTR regulates brain mononuclear cell function and neuronal structure in Toxoplasma infection-induced neuroinflammation. CNS, IL, p75NTR, T. gondii
12  2019 Radioligands for Tropomyosin Receptor Kinase (Trk) Positron Emission Tomography Imaging. AD, PET
13  2018 Antitumor Activity of Entrectinib, a Pan-TRK, ROS1, and ALK Inhibitor, in ETV6-NTRK3-Positive Acute Myeloid Leukemia. AML
14  2018 Dimerization of the Trk receptors in the plasma membrane: effects of their cognate ligands. RTKs
15  2018 Efficacy of Larotrectinib in TRK Fusion-Positive Cancers in Adults and Children. CI
16  2018 Embryonic macrophages and microglia ablation alter the development of dorsal root ganglion sensory neurons in mouse embryos. DCD, SNs
17  2018 Identification of [18F]TRACK, a Fluorine-18-Labeled Tropomyosin Receptor Kinase (Trk) Inhibitor for PET Imaging. ---
18  2018 Inhibiting TRK Proteins in Clinical Cancer Therapy. ---
19  2018 LC-MS/MS reveals the formation of iminium and quinone methide reactive intermediates in entrectinib metabolism: In vivo and in vitro metabolic investigation. ALK, ENB, ROS1
20  2018 NTRK Fusions Define a Novel Uterine Sarcoma Subtype With Features of Fibrosarcoma. FISH
21  2018 Precision medicine becomes reality-tumor type-agnostic therapy. dMMR, mAb, MSI-H, NTRK, ORR, PD-1
22  2018 Selective TRK Inhibitor CH7057288 against TRK Fusion-Driven Cancer. ---
23  2018 The implications of TrkA and MET aberrations in de novo salivary duct carcinoma. SDC
24  2018 The use of neoadjuvant larotrectinib in the management of children with locally advanced TRK fusion sarcomas. RECIST
25  2018 Tropomyosin receptor kinase: a novel target in screened neuroendocrine tumors. NET
26  2017 A Modified Chinese Herbal Decoction (Kai-Xin-San) Promotes NGF-Induced Neuronal Differentiation in PC12 Cells via Up-Regulating Trk A Signaling. ATR, GR, KXS, NGF, PO
27  2017 Emerging roles of the neurotrophin receptor TrkC in synapse organization. HSPGs, PTPsigma
28  2017 Neurotrophin Signaling and Stem Cells-Implications for Neurodegenerative Diseases and Stem Cell Therapy. AD, NDs, NTs, p75NTR, PD, TNF
29  2017 p75 Neurotrophin Receptor in the Skin: Beyond Its Neurotrophic Function. NT, p75NTR, TA
30  2017 Roles of p75NTR in Maintaining Brain Hemostasis and the Implications for p75NTR-targeted Therapies. p75NTR, TNF
31  2017 Targeting TRK family proteins in cancer. ---
32  2017 The juxtamembrane region of TrkA kinase is critical for inhibitor selectivity. JM, RTKs
33  2017 Tropomyosin Receptor Antagonism in Cylindromatosis (TRAC), an early phase trial of a topical tropomyosin kinase inhibitor as a treatment for inherited CYLD defective skin tumours: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. TRAC
34  2016 A small molecule TrkB/TrkC neurotrophin receptor co-activator with distinctive effects on neuronal survival and process outgrowth. BDNF, NT
35  2016 Modulation of neurotrophic signaling pathways by polyphenols. BDNF, CREB, ERK, NGF, PI3K
36  2016 NGF/TrkA Signaling as a Therapeutic Target for Pain. NGF
37  2016 NTRK gene fusions as novel targets of cancer therapy across multiple tumour types. ---
38  2016 Prenatal low-dose methylmercury exposure impairs neurite outgrowth and synaptic protein expression and suppresses TrkA pathway activity and eEF1A1 expression in the rat cerebellum. eEF1A1
39  2016 Sensitivity to Entrectinib Associated With a Novel LMNA-NTRK1 Gene Fusion in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer. CRC
40  2016 Zn2+-dependent Activation of the Trk Signaling Pathway Induces Phosphorylation of the Brain-enriched Tyrosine Phosphatase STEP: MOLECULAR BASIS FOR ZN2+-INDUCED ERK MAPK ACTIVATION. BDNF, ERK2, PKA, STEP
41  2015 (R)-2-Phenylpyrrolidine Substituted Imidazopyridazines: A New Class of Potent and Selective Pan-TRK Inhibitors. ---
42  2015 BDNF/TRK/KCC2 pathway in nicotine withdrawal-induced hyperalgesia. BDNF, DMSO, TWL
43  2015 Syntheses and evaluation of carbon-11- and fluorine-18-radiolabeled pan-tropomyosin receptor kinase (Trk) inhibitors: exploration of the 4-aza-2-oxindole scaffold as Trk PET imaging agents. PET
44  2015 TrkB inhibition by GNF-4256 slows growth and enhances chemotherapeutic efficacy in neuroblastoma xenografts. BDNF, Irino-TMZ, NB
45  2014 A novel fibroblast growth factor receptor family member promotes neuronal outgrowth and synaptic plasticity in aplysia. FGF, Ig, LRR
46  2014 Augmented pain behavioural responses to intra-articular injection of nerve growth factor in two animal models of osteoarthritis. DRG, MIA, NGF, OA
47  2014 The P75 neurotrophin receptor regulates proliferation of the human MG63 osteoblast cell line. MSCs, NgR
48  2013 Influence of GRPR and BDNF/TrkB signaling on the viability of breast and gynecologic cancer cells. BDNF, GRPR, RT-PCR
49  2013 Messenger RNA expression patterns of p75 neurotrophin receptor and tropomyosin-receptor-kinase A following spinal cord injury. mRNA, p75NTR, SCI
50  2013 Neurogenic factor-induced Langerhans cell activation in diabetic mice with mechanical allodynia. ELCs, LCs, PDN, PGP 9.5, RAGE, SLCs
51  2013 Sigma-1 receptor enhances neurite elongation of cerebellar granule neurons via TrkB signaling. CGNs, CNS, Sig-1R
52  2013 Trks are novel oncogenes involved in the induction of neovascularization, tumor progression, and nodal metastasis in oral squamous cell carcinoma. LVD, MVD, OSCC
53  2013 Tropomyosin receptor kinases B and C are tumor progressive and metastatic marker in colorectal carcinoma. CRC, VEGF
54  2012 ()3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine ("ecstasy") treatment modulates expression of neurotrophins and their receptors in multiple regions of adult rat brain. BDNF, MDMA, NT-3
55  2012 Effects of TrkA inhibitory peptide on cancer-induced pain in a mouse melanoma model. IPTRK
56  2012 Kinomic profiling approach identifies Trk as a novel radiation modulator. HUVEC
57  2012 Nerve growth factor/p38 signaling increases intraepidermal nerve fiber densities in painful neuropathy of type 2 diabetes. IENF, IENFD, PDN, PGP
58  2011 Alzheimer's disease and metals: a review of the involvement of cellular membrane receptors in metallosignalling. AD, EGF
59  2011 Identification of novel target genes of nerve growth factor (NGF) in human mastocytoma cell line (HMC-1 (V560G c-Kit)) by transcriptome analysis. KLF, NGF, SCF, SMAD7
60  2011 Lysosomal accumulation of Trk protein in brain of GM₁ -gangliosidosis mouse and its restoration by chemical chaperone. ---
61  2011 Myelin suppresses axon regeneration by PIR-B/SHP-mediated inhibition of Trk activity. CNS, MAG, OMgp, PirB, SHP, siRNA
62  2011 Zinc-triggered induction of tissue plasminogen activator by brain-derived neurotrophic factor and metalloproteinases. BDNF, MMP, tPA
63  2010 Dual targeting of CDK and tropomyosin receptor kinase families by the oral inhibitor PHA-848125, an agent with broad-spectrum antitumor efficacy. CDK, pRb
64  2010 Neuroprotection signaling pathway of nerve growth factor and brain-derived neurotrophic factor against staurosporine induced apoptosis in hippocampal H19-7/IGF-IR [corrected]. BDNF, DN, NGF, p75NTR, PI3K, STS
65  2010 Transcriptional upregulation of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in rostral ventrolateral medulla by angiotensin II: significance in superoxide homeostasis and neural regulation of arterial pressure. Ang II, BDNF, CREB, RVLM, UCP
66  2009 Differential expression of TrkB isoforms switches climbing fiber-Purkinje cell synaptogenesis to selective synapse elimination. CF, PC, phospho-TrkB
67  2009 Multiple roles of the p75 neurotrophin receptor in the nervous system. NGF, p75NTR, TNF
68  2009 Neuroprotection by NGF and BDNF against neurotoxin-exerted apoptotic death in neural stem cells are mediated through Trk receptors, activating PI3-kinase and MAPK pathways. BDNF, ETS, MAPK, NGF, NSC, PI3K, STS
69  2004 Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor increases intracellular calcium concentration. Role of calcium/calmodulin in the activation of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase pathway. CaM, GDNF, PI 3-kinase, PKB
70  2001 Mitogenic effects of neutrophins on a periodontal ligament cell line. BDNF, ELISA, MPL, NGF, NT-3, RT-PCR
71  1999 Characterization of nerve growth factor precursor protein expression by human prostate stromal cells: a role in selective neurotrophin stimulation of prostate epithelial cell growth. BDNF, hPS, NGF, NT-3
72  1996 Pharmacokinetics of intrathecally applied BDNF and effects on spinal motoneurons. BDNF, CSF, i.th
73  1988 Somatic rearrangement of the tropomyosin-receptor-kinase (trk) oncogene is rare in gastrointestinal cancer. ---