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Abbreviation : Tyr
Long Form : tyrosine
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A calix[4]arene-modified (Pc)Eu(Pc)Eu[T(C4A)PP]-based sensor for highly sensitive and specific host-guest electrochemical recognition. C4A, DA, QLS, Trp, UA
2019 A novel electrochemical chiral interface based on the synergistic effect of polysaccharides for the recognition of tyrosine enantiomers. BET, CS, SEM, SS, SWV
2019 A role for foregut tyrosine metabolism in glucose tolerance. AADC, DA, L-DOPA, TH
2019 Abnormal Amino Acid Profiles of Blood and Cerebrospinal Fluid from Cystathionine beta-Synthase-Deficient Mice, an Animal Model of Homocystinuria. CBS, CNS, CSF, CTH, Gln, Lys, Met, NTDs, Phe, Ser, Thr
2019 About endothermic sorption of tyrosine on chitosan films. CH, MD
2019 Assessing Possible Mechanisms of Micrometer-Scale Electron Transfer in Heme-Free Geobacter sulfurreducens Pili. ET, Phe
2019 Blocking Tyr265 nitration of protein phosphatase 2A attenuates nitrosative stress-induced endothelial dysfunction in renal microvessels. EndMT, PP, TAT
2019 De novo phenol bioproduction from glucose using biosensor-assisted microbial coculture engineering. 4HB
2019 Development and characterization of a hydroxypropyl starch/zein bilayer edible film. Asn, FTIR, HPS, MD
10  2019 Effect of metal oxide nanoparticles on amino acids in wheat grains (Triticum aestivum) in a life cycle study. Cys, His, Ile, Leu, NPs, Thr
11  2019 Efficient Building Blocks for Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis of Spin Labeled Peptides for Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Applications. Hyp, Ser, SPPS
12  2019 Efficient separation of alpha-ketoglutarate from Yarrowia lipolytica WSH-Z06 culture broth by converting pyruvate to l-tyrosine. KGA, PYR
13  2019 Electronic transport in a graphene single layer: application in amino acid sensing. Ala, Arg, Asp, DFT, DOS, Glu, Gly, His, Lys, NEGF, Phe, Pro
14  2019 Estradiol and selective estrogen receptor agonists differentially affect brain monoamines and amino acids levels in transitional and surgical menopausal rat models. DA, ER, FCX, HPC, NE, STR, Trp, VCD
15  2019 Evaluation on monoamine neurotransmitters changes in depression rats given with sertraline, meloxicam or/and caffeic acid. 5-HIAA, COX-2, CUMS, DOPAC, HPLC-ECD, HVA, MHPG, NE, Trp
16  2019 Exploring the binding dynamics of etoricoxib with human hemoglobin: A spectroscopic, calorimetric, and molecular modeling approach. Hb, HHb, Trp
17  2019 Fabrication of an imprinted electrochemical sensor from l-tyrosine, 3-methyl-4-nitrophenol and gold nanoparticles for quinine determination. AuNPs, DPV, MIC, MNP
18  2019 Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide inhibits UVB-induced melanogenesis by antagonizing cAMP/PKA and ROS/MAPK signaling pathways. cAMP, GLP, MAPK, MITF, PKA, ROS, TYRP1, TYRP2, UV
19  2019 Identification and quantification of sites of nitration and oxidation in the key matrix protein laminin and the structural consequences of these modifications. BM, ECM
20  2019 Insight into the roles of tyrosine on rCHO cell performance in fed-batch cultures. mAb, rCHO, VCD
21  2019 Interactive Studies on Synthetic Nanopolymer decorated with Edible Biopolymer and its Selective Electrochemical determination of L-Tyrosine. EB-PPy NSs, MGA
22  2019 Juvenile Arthritis Patients Suffering from Chronic Inflammation Have Increased Activity of Both IDO and GTP-CH1 Pathways But Decreased BH4 Efficacy: Implications for Well-Being, Including Fatigue, Cognitive Impairment, Anxiety, and Depression. IDO, JIA, KYN, Phe, Trp
23  2019 Low Energy Diet-induced and Bariatric Surgery-induced Weight Loss Decreases Branched-chain and Aromatic Amino Acids in Plasma and Tissue (P21-078-19). AAA, BCAA, LED, Phe
24  2019 Maternal nutrition and stage of early pregnancy in beef heifers: impacts on hexose and AA concentrations in maternal and fetal fluids1. Ala, Asn, Asp, Glu, Gly, Leu, Met, Phe, Pro, Ser, Thr, Val
25  2019 Metabolomic signature of type 1 diabetes-induced sensory loss and nerve damage in diabetic neuropathy. Ala, Asn, DPN, His, Ile, Leu, Pro, Ser, STZ, Val
26  2019 MicroRNA-140 inhibits skeletal muscle glycolysis and atrophy in endotoxin-induced sepsis in mice via the WNT signaling pathway. 3-MH, Bcl-2, EDL, miR-140, WNT11
27  2019 Molecular imprinted electrospun chromogenic membrane for l-tyrosine specific recognition and visualized detection. MIP-ECM, PVA
28  2019 Morphological and molecular aspects of sclerotial development in the phytopathogenic fungus Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. Lac, PKS
29  2019 Next-generation sequencing identifies a novel frameshift variant in FRMD7 in a Chinese family with idiopathic infantile nystagmus. IIN
30  2019 Optimal Conditions for the Direct RP-HPLC Determination of Underivatized Amino Acids with Online Multiple Detection. 5-HTP, CAR, Cre, Crn, Cys, DOPA, GCE, Hcy, His, m-Tyr, Me-Cys, Me-DOPA, Me-Tyr, Met, Phe, Trp
31  2019 Phenyl alanine & Tyrosine Amino acids Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles: Preparation and Toxicity study. DSC, FTIR, Ms, Phe, SEM, TEM, TGA, VSM, XRD
32  2019 Phenylalanine and tyrosine measurements across gestation by tandem mass spectrometer on dried blood spot cards from normal pregnant women. DBS, MPKU, MS/MS, Phe
33  2019 Photochemistry of tyrosine dimer: when an oxidative lesion of proteins is able to photoinduce further damage. ---
34  2019 Preserved anabolic threshold and capacity as estimated by a novel stable tracer approach suggests no anabolic resistance or increased requirements in weight stable COPD patients. COPD, Phe, PS
35  2019 Quantification of the flux of tyrosine pathway metabolites during nitisinone treatment of Alkaptonuria. AKU, HGA, HPLA, HPPA, PA
36  2019 Quenching of the Singlet and Triplet Excited States of Pterin by Amino Acids. His, Met, Ptr, Trp
37  2019 Reevaluating Protein Photoluminescence: Remarkable Visible Luminescence upon Concentration and Insight into the Emission Mechanism. AIE, BSA, CTE, p-RTP, Phe, Trp
38  2019 Simultaneous voltammetric determination of glutathione, doxorubicin and tyrosine based on the electrocatalytic effect of a nickel(II) complex and of Pt:Co nanoparticles as a conductive mediator. BPPDNi, CPE, DOX, GSH
39  2019 Solvent organization around the noncanonical part of tyrosine modulates its fluorescence properties. ETH, MFE, TFE
40  2019 Spectroscopic and molecular modeling investigation on inhibition effect of nitroaromatic compounds on acetylcholinesterase activity. AChE, DNB, NACs, NB, TNB, Trp
41  2019 Surfaces based on amino acid functionalized polyelectrolyte films towards active surfaces for enzyme immobilization. AFM, Gln, Met
42  2019 TAT1 and TAT2 tyrosine aminotransferases have both distinct and shared functions in tyrosine metabolism and degradation in Arabidopsis thaliana. HPP, TATs, TCA
43  2019 The Effect of Glycomacropeptide versus Amino Acids on Phenylalanine and Tyrosine Variability over 24 Hours in Children with PKU: A Randomized Controlled Trial. CGMP-AA, l-AA, Phe, PKU
44  2019 The interaction between methionine and two aromatic amino acids is an abundant and multifunctional motif in proteins. Met, Phe, Trp
45  2019 The Role of Tryptophan-Kynurenine in Feather Pecking in Domestic Chicken Lines. FP, KYN, Phe, Trp, UC
46  2019 The study of inhibitory effects and mechanism of carboxylate chitooligomer on melanin, prepared by laccase/TEMPO system. TEMPO
47  2019 Transcriptional regulation of Rab32/38, a specific marker of pigment cell formation in Ciona robusta. tyrp
48  2019 Tyrosine Kinase-Dependent Defense Responses Against Herbivory in Arabidopsis. ABA, ERF13, TFs
49  2019 Uncovering pharmacological mechanisms of Zhi-Zi-Hou-Po decoction in chronic unpredictable mild stress induced rats through pharmacokinetics, monoamine neurotransmitter and neurogenesis. 5-HT, CUMS, DA, SERT, TH, TPH2, Trp, ZZHPD
50  2019 Unsupervised classification of PSII with and without water-oxidizing complex samples by PARAFAC resolution of excitation-emission fluorescence images. EEM, PARAFAC, PCA, Phe, PSII, Trp
51  2018 A Comprehensive Analysis of Anion-Quadrupole Interactions in Protein Structures. Phe, Trp
52  2018 A new approach to the old problem: Inner filter effect type I and II in fluorescence. IF, QY, RhB, Trp
53  2018 A survey of methionine-aromatic interaction geometries in the oxidoreductase class of enzymes: What could Met-aromatic interactions be doing near metal sites? Met, Trp
54  2018 An excitation emission fluorescence lifetime spectrometer using a frequency doubled supercontinuum laser source. EEFLM, EEFLS, EEM, IRF, SCL, TCSPC, Trp
55  2018 An Intracellular H2 O2 -Responsive AIEgen for the Peroxidase-Mediated Selective Imaging and Inhibition of Inflammatory Cells. AIE, TPE, TT
56  2018 Analysis of L-tyrosine based on electrocatalytic oxidative reactions via screen-printed electrodes modified with multi-walled carbon nanotubes and nanosized titanium oxide (TiO2). BSA, HSA, SPE
57  2018 Benzophenone-4 Promotes the Growth of a Pseudomonas sp. and Biogenic Oxidation of Mn(II). BP-4, MPs
58  2018 Bioanalysis of a panel of neurotransmitters and their metabolites in plasma samples obtained from pediatric patients with neuroblastoma and Wilms' tumor. DA, DLLME, DOPAC, HVA, NB, NE, Trp, WT
59  2018 Characterization of a Sulfated Anti-HIV Antibody Using an Expanded Genetic Code. sY
60  2018 Chemoselective Tyrosine Bioconjugation through Sulfate Click Reaction. ---
61  2018 Comparison of transitional vs surgical menopause on monoamine and amino acid levels in the rat brain. 5-HIAA, FCX, HPC, STR, Trp, VCD
62  2018 Conformational Impact on Amino Acid-Surface pi-pi Interactions on a (7,7) Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube: A Molecular Mechanics Approach. AAA, MM, Phe, SWNT, Trp
63  2018 Constitutively Bound EGFR-Mediated Tyrosine Phosphorylation of TLR9 Is Required for Its Ability To Signal. EGFR
64  2018 Cytotoxic activity and structural features of Ru(II)/phosphine/amino acid complexes. 4'-MeObipy, AA, Ala, His, HSA, Met, Trp, Val
65  2018 Cytotoxic activity of Shp2 inhibitor fumosorinone in human cancer cells. 5-FU, FAK, Shp2
66  2018 Detyrosinated tubulin is decreased in fetal vessels of preeclampsia placentas. ---
67  2018 Development of a Substrate Identification Method for Human Scp1 Phosphatase Using Phosphorylation Mimic Phage Display. PFU, PMPD, rScp1
68  2018 Dietary phenylalanine requirements are similar in small, medium, and large breed adult dogs using the direct amino acid oxidation technique. CI, DAAO, Phe
69  2018 Disruption of PTPS Gene Causing Pale Body Color and Lethal Phenotype in the Silkworm, Bombyx mori. DAHP, PAH, Phe, PKU, PTPS
70  2018 Dual chain extension effect and antibacterial properties of biomolecules interleaved within LDH dispersed into PBS by in situ polymerization. ASA, HTs, PBS, TRP
71  2018 Early events in copper-ion catalyzed oxidation of alpha-synuclein. His, Met
72  2018 Electrochemical sensing platform based on kelp-derived hierarchical meso-macroporous carbons. AA, DA, EP, GC, K-dHMMCs, UA
73  2018 Enantioselective permeations of amino acids through L-proline-modified gold nanochannel membrane: an experimental and theoretical study. DFT, L-Pro-GNM, Phe, RDG, Trp
74  2018 Fluorescence spectroscopic analysis of the interaction of papain and bromelain with l-ascorbic acid, alpha-tocopherol, beta-carotene and astaxanthin. Trp
75  2018 Identification of Tyrosine and Nitrotyrosine with a Mixed-Mode Solid-Phase Extraction Cleanup Followed by Liquid Chromatography-Electrospray Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry in Plants. LC-TOFMS, PTM, SPE
76  2018 In silico Description of LAT1 Transport Mechanism at an Atomistic Level. DIT, IF, LME, MD, OF, TMD
77  2018 Increased dietary intake of tyrosine upregulates melanin deposition in the hair of adult black-coated dogs. ---
78  2018 Interaction of manganese nanoparticle with cytochrome c: A multi-spectroscopic study. CD, cyt c, DLS, FTIR, Mn-NP, Phe, TEM, Trp
79  2018 Interaction of zearalenone with bovine serum albumin as determined by fluorescence quenching. BSA, ZEN
80  2018 Moderation of the relationship between Toxoplasma gondii seropositivity and trait impulsivity in younger men by the phenylalanine-tyrosine ratio. KYN, Phe, T. gondii, Trp
81  2018 Modification of Bacterial Cellulose with Quaternary Ammonium Compounds Based on Fatty Acids and Amino Acids and the Effect on Antimicrobial Activity. BC, DLA, EDA, Er
82  2018 Nitration of tyrosine and its effect on DNA hybridization. 3-NT, DPV
83  2018 Nucleus and Mitochondria Targeting Theranostic Plasmonic Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Nanoprobes as a Means for Revealing Molecular Stress Response Differences in Hyperthermia Cell Death between Cancerous and Normal Cells. CDs, Phe, PPT, SERS, Trp
84  2018 Perturbation of muscle metabolism in patients with muscular dystrophy in early or acute phase of disease: In vitro, high resolution NMR spectroscopy based analysis. ACE, Ala, BCA, BMD, DMD, FSHD, FUM, LGMD, NMR, PCA, Prop
85  2018 Post-translational incorporation of 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine into the C terminus of alpha-tubulin in living cells. l-DOPA
86  2018 Probing beta amyloid aggregation using fluorescence anisotropy: experiments and simulation. Ab, MC, MD
87  2018 Profiling of Amino Acids and Their Derivatives Biogenic Amines Before and After Antipsychotic Treatment in First-Episode Psychosis. AAs, alpha-AAA, BAs, Citr, CSs, FEP, GABA, His, KYN, NMDA, Phe, Pro, SCH, Trp, Val
88  2018 Relaxation of tyrosine pathway regulation underlies the evolution of betalain pigmentation in Caryophyllales. ---
89  2018 Salivary serotonin does not correlate with central serotonin turnover in adult phenylketonuria (PKU) patients. DASS, Phe, PKU
90  2018 Self-assembled mechanism of hydrophobic amino acids and beta-cyclodextrin based on experimental and computational methods. beta-CD, Phe, Trp
91  2018 Self-assembly and biological activities of ionic liquid crystals derived from aromatic amino acids. DOPA, DSC, ILCs, Phe, POM
92  2018 Stereochemistry-dependent hydrogen bonds stabilise stacked conformations in jet-cooled cyclic dipeptides: (LD) vs. (LL) cyclo tyrosine-tyrosine. DKP, REMPI
93  2018 Targeted Neurotransmitters Profiling Identifies Metabolic Signatures in Rat Brain by LC-MS/MS: Application in Insomnia, Depression and Alzheimer's Disease. 5-HIAA, ACh, AD, DA, GABA, Glu, NE, NTs, Trp
94  2018 The combined toxicity of UV/chlorinated products from binary ibuprofen (IBP) and tyrosine (Tyr) on Escherichia coli: Emphasis on their occurrence and underlying mechanism. CI, DBPs, E. coli, IBP
95  2018 The construction of a panel of serum amino acids for the identification of early chronic kidney disease patients. Ala, Cit, Phe, Val
96  2018 The Dual Role of the 2'-OH Group of A76 tRNATyr in the Prevention of d-tyrosine Mistranslation. DTD, TyrRS
97  2018 The influence of blood phenylalanine levels on neurocognitive function in adult PKU patients. PKU
98  2018 The phenylketonuria patient: A recent dietetic therapeutic approach. AA-mf, PAH, Phe, PKU
99  2018 Top-down and bottom-up characterization of nitrated birch pollen allergen Bet v 1a with CZE hyphenated to an Orbitrap mass spectrometer. ---
100  2018 Tyrosine biosynthesis, metabolism, and catabolism in plants. AAA