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Abbreviation : UES
Long Form : upper esophageal sphincter
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Altered swallowing biomechanics in people with moderate-severe obstructive sleep apnea. HRPM, OSA, SSQ
2021 Annular Flow in the Upper Esophageal Sphincter Demonstrated with Dynamic 320-row Area Detector Computed Tomography. ---
2021 Anterior-posterior distension of maximal upper esophageal sphincter opening is correlated with high-resolution cervical auscultation signal features. AP, HRCA, VF
2021 Behavioral Interventions Targeting Insufficient Upper Esophageal Sphincter Opening During Swallowing: A Scoping Review. ---
2021 Characterizing Swallows From People With Neurodegenerative Diseases Using High-Resolution Cervical Auscultation Signals and Temporal and Spatial Swallow Kinematic Measurements. HRCA, LVC, ND
2021 Correlating Dysphagia Severity with Fluoroscopic Parameters in Patients with Zenker's Diverticulum. VFSS, ZD
2021 Design and implementation of botulinum toxin on cricopharyngeal dysfunction guided by a combination of catheter balloon, ultrasound, and electromyography (BECURE) in patients with stroke: study protocol for a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial. BECURE, BTX, CPD, FOIS
2021 Effects of Chin-Down Maneuver on Pharyngeal Pressure Generation According to Dysphagia and Viscosity. HRM
2021 Evaluation of a palatal lift prosthesis with a flexible lift in a lower cranial nerve palsy patient with dysphagia using high-resolution manometry: A case report. HRM, IBP, PLPs, VF, VPI
10  2021 Evaluation of the pharynx and upper esophageal sphincter motility using high-resolution pharyngeal manometry for Parkinson's disease. HRPM, PD
11  2021 Manual Cervical Traction and Trunk Stabilization Cause Significant Changes in Upper and Lower Esophageal Sphincter: A Randomized Trial. LES
12  2021 Rheumatologic disorders in patients undergoing esophageal manometry: prevalence, symptom characteristics, and manometric findings. AC, DCI, EGJ, GI, HH, HREMI, HVs, IEM, RDs, SSc
13  2021 Spectral arc length as a method to quantify pharyngeal high-resolution manometric curve smoothness. AUC, HRM, ROC, SPARC
14  2021 Swallowing dysfunction in myasthenia gravis patients examined with high-resolution manometry. HRM, MG, QMG, SP
15  2021 The Frequency of Atypical and Extreme Values for Pharyngeal Phase Swallowing Measures in Mild Parkinson Disease Compared to Healthy Aging. LVC, PwPD, VF
16  2021 The inability to belch syndrome: A study using concurrent high-resolution manometry and impedance monitoring. HRIM
17  2021 The upper esophageal sphincter in the high-resolution manometry era. HRM
18  2021 Upper Esophageal Sphincter Compression Device as an Adjunct to Proton Pump Inhibition for Laryngopharyngeal Reflux. BMI, LPR, PPI, RSI
19  2021 Variables influencing manometric parameters of deglutitive and non-deglutitive upper esophageal sphincter: A study of 89 asymptomatic participants. ---
20  2021 Which Physiological Swallowing Parameters Change with Healthy Aging? HYB, LVC
21  2021 [Characteristics of esophageal motility and clinical presentation in gastroesophageal reflux disease patients of different age groups]. DCI, GERD, IEM, LES
22  2020 A Case of Post-trauma Dysphagia: Peculiar Swallowing Dynamics Due to Associated Laryngeal Paralysis. ALP, GBS
23  2020 A study of proximal esophageal baseline impedance in identifying and predicting laryngopharyngeal reflux. LES, LPR, MNBI
24  2020 Assessment of pediatric cricopharyngeal achalasia with high resolution manometry. CPA, CPM, HRM, OPD, VFSS
25  2020 Biofeedback Training Improves Swallowing in a Unique Case of Upper Esophageal Sphincter Hypotonicity. ---
26  2020 Combined achalasia and cricopharyngeal achalasia in a patient with type 1 myotonic dystrophy: a case report. LES, MD
27  2020 Effect of Laryngeal Suspension and Upper Esophageal Sphincter Myotomy for Severe Dysphagia Due to Brainstem Disease. DSS, ESS, LS, PAS
28  2020 Esophageal Peristalsis Disorders in ALS Patients with Dysphagia. ALS, BP, EM, PBP
29  2020 Fluoroscopic Swallowing Abnormalities in Dysphagic Patients Following Anterior Cervical Spine Surgery. ACDF, ACSS, PAS, PCR, VFSS
30  2020 Influence of Acid Swallows on the Dynamics of the Upper Esophageal Sphincter. HRM
31  2020 Modulation of pharyngeal swallowing by bolus volume and viscosity. ---
32  2020 Pharyngeal and upper esophageal sphincter motor dynamics during swallow in children. IRP, VFSS
33  2020 Pressure abnormalities in patients with Zenker's diverticulum using pharyngeal high-resolution manometry. ---
34  2020 Relationship Between Tongue Pressure and Pharyngeal Function Assessed Using High-Resolution Manometry in Older Dysphagia Patients with Sarcopenia: A Pilot Study. HRM, MHPCI, MTP, VPCI
35  2020 The applicability of high resolution manometry in total laryngectomy. MAR, PES
36  2020 Three-dimensional imaging of upper esophageal sphincter resting pressure. HRM
37  2020 Upper esophageal sphincter abnormalities on high-resolution esophageal manometry and treatment response of type II achalasia. LES
38  2020 Upper Esophageal Sphincter Motility and Thoracic Pressure are Determinants of Pressurized Waves in Achalasia Subtypes According to the Chicago Classification. LES
39  2020 Upper Esophageal Sphincter Response to Laryngeal Adductor Reflex Elicitation in Humans. LAR
40  2019 Choice of Aspiration Prevention Surgery for Patients With Neuromuscular Disorders: Report of Three Cases. ALS, MSA
41  2019 Deglutition in Patients With Hypernasality Associated With Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate Evaluated With High-Resolution Manometry. HRM, SSQ, TB, UCLP
42  2019 Disruption of the Obligatory Swallowing Sequence in Patients with Wallenberg Syndrome. LE
43  2019 Effect of citalopram on esophageal motility in healthy subjects-Implications for reflux episodes, dysphagia, and globus. HV, TLESRs
44  2019 Effect of positive end-expiratory pressure on gastric insufflation during induction of anaesthesia when using pressure-controlled ventilation via a face mask: A randomised controlled trial. CPAP, FMV, LES, PEEP, PIP, ZEEP
45  2019 Effects of GABA-B agonist baclofen on esophageal motility: Studies using high-resolution manometry. DCI, EGJ-CI, HRM, LES, MRS
46  2019 Elicitation of the Swallowing Reflex by Esophageal Stimulation in Healthy Subjects: An Evaluation Using High-Resolution Manometry. ---
47  2019 Endoscopic Management of Postradiation Dysphagia in Head and Neck Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review. CP
48  2019 Feasibility of high-resolution manometry for decision of feeding methods in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. ALS, FEV1, FVC, HRM, TB, VFSS, VP
49  2019 High-Resolution Pharyngeal Manometry and Impedance: Protocols and Metrics-Recommendations of a High-Resolution Pharyngeal Manometry International Working Group. CI, HRPM
50  2019 Influence of Body Height on Oral and Pharyngeal Transit Time of a Liquid Bolus in Healthy Volunteers. HM, OPTT, OTT, PC, PTT, UESO
51  2019 Patterns of Dysphagia and Airway Protection in Infants with 22q11.2-Deletion Syndrome. VFSS
52  2019 Pharyngeal Motility Before and After Thyroarytenoid Muscle Botulinum Toxin Injection. BTA, HRM, QoL
53  2019 Pharyngeal swallowing mechanics associated with upper esophageal sphincter pressure wave. VFS
54  2019 Repetitive Peripheral Magnetic Stimulation for Strengthening of the Suprahyoid Muscles: A Randomized Controlled Trial. H group, M group, rPMS
55  2019 Systematic Review of Pharyngeal and Esophageal Manometry in Healthy or Dysphagic Older Persons (>60 years). IBP
56  2019 Temporal and Sequential Analysis of the Pharyngeal Phase of Swallowing in Poststroke Patients. VS
57  2019 The effect of a chin-down maneuver after esophagectomy on oropharyngeal swallowing pressure measured using high-resolution manometry. HRM, SP
58  2019 The Importance of Extensional Rheology in Bolus Control during Swallowing. VFSS
59  2019 Treatment for upper esophageal sphincter dysfunction in a patient with poststroke dysphagia: A case report. FEES
60  2019 Upper esophageal sphincter metrics on high-resolution manometry differentiate etiologies of esophagogastric junction outflow obstruction. EGJOO, HRM, LES, UES-RP
61  2019 Volitional control of the upper esophageal sphincter with high-resolution manometry driven biofeedback. HRM
62  2019 [Establishment and research of a New Zealand rabbit model of laryngopharyngeal reflux]. LES, LPRD
63  2018 Botulinum Toxin Injection in the Treatment of Postextubation Dysphagia: A Case Report. BoT, PED
64  2018 Can the upper esophageal sphincter contractile integral help classify achalasia? DCI, HRM, UES-CI
65  2018 Derivation and measurement consistency of a novel biofluid dynamics measure of deglutitive bolus-driving function-pharyngeal swallowing power. PSP
66  2018 Effects of cortical anodal transcranial direct current stimulation on swallowing biomechanics. FOM, tDCS
67  2018 Effects of esophageal acidification on esophageal reflexes controlling the upper esophageal sphincter. EUCR, EURR
68  2018 Evaluation of upper esophageal sphincter in benign vocal lesions. CG, RFS, RSI, SG, VF, VHI
69  2018 High Resolution Manofluorographic Study in Patients With Multiple System Atrophy: Possible Early Detection of Upper Esophageal Sphincter and Proximal Esophageal Abnormality. ADPEC, FOIS, HRMF, MSA
70  2018 Involvement of hypoglossal and recurrent laryngeal nerves on swallowing pressure. CE, EMG, OP, RLN
72  2018 Older Age Reduces Upper Esophageal Sphincter and Esophageal Body Responses to Simulated Slow and Ultraslow Reflux Events and Post-Reflux Residue. UES-CI
73  2018 Patulous upper esophageal sphincter - an unusual endoscopic finding. ---
74  2018 Persistent feeding difficulties among infants with fetal opioid exposure: mechanisms and clinical reasoning. LES
75  2018 Pilot Study of Pharyngoesophageal Dysmotility Mechanisms in Dysphagic Infants of Diabetic Mothers. IDM
76  2018 Pressure measurement in the upper esophagus during cricoid pressure: A high-resolution solid-state manometry study. ---
77  2018 Swallow Event Sequencing: Comparing Healthy Older and Younger Adults. ---
78  2018 Swallowing function in advanced tongue cancer patients before and after bilateral neck dissection following superselective intra-arterial chemoradiotherapy for organ preservation: a case-control study. CRT, VFSS
79  2018 The Upper Esophageal Sphincter Assist Device Is Associated With Symptom Response in Reflux-Associated Laryngeal Symptoms. RALS, UES-AD
80  2018 [Esophageal motility and reflux characteristics in gastroesophageal reflux disease patients with or without extra-esophageal symptoms]. GERD, LES, MII-pH
81  2017 Ability of High-Resolution Manometry to Determine Feeding Method and to Predict Aspiration Pneumonia in Patients With Dysphagia. HRM, VP
82  2017 Botulinum Toxin Is Effective in the Management of Neurogenic Dysphagia. Clinical-Electrophysiological Findings and Tips on Safety in Different Neurological Disorders. BTX, CP, DOSS
83  2017 Change in Excitability of Cortical Projection After Modified Catheter Balloon Dilatation Therapy in Brainstem Stroke Patients with Dysphagia: A Prospective Controlled Study. HD, MEPs
84  2017 Changes in Swallowing Symptoms and Esophageal Motility After Thyroid Surgery: A Prospective Cohort Study. ---
85  2017 Characteristics of tongue and pharyngeal pressure in patients with neuromuscular diseases. ALS, DMD, TP
86  2017 Clinical characteristics of neurogenic dysphagia in adult patients with Chiari malformation type I. CMI, HRM, MRI
87  2017 Comparative effect of the sites of anterior cervical pressure on the geometry of the upper esophageal sphincter high-pressure zone. LES, UESHPZ
88  2017 Comparison of esophageal motility in gastroesophageal reflux disease with and without globus sensation. CFV, DCI, DL, GERD, HRM, IRP, LES, NERD
89  2017 Diagnosis of Swallowing Disorders: How We Interpret Pharyngeal Manometry. HRIM, PFA, PSIR, SRI
90  2017 Dysphagia in the Elderly. FLIP
91  2017 Effect of methylnaltrexone and naloxone on esophageal motor function in man. ENS, EO, HRiM, MNTX, NA
92  2017 Effects of Age on Esophageal Motility: Use of High-resolution Esophageal Impedance Manometry. HRIM, LES
93  2017 Effects of Capping of the Tracheostomy Tube in Stroke Patients With Dysphagia. PAS, VFSS
94  2017 Endoscopic balloon catheter dilatation via retrograde or static technique is safe and effective for cricopharyngeal dysfunction. CP
95  2017 Endoscopic surgical technique for benign fibrotic strictures of the upper esophageal sphincter. ---
96  2017 Food transit duration is associated with the number of stage II transport cycles when eating solid food. PC
97  2017 High-Resolution Manometry Evaluation of Pressures at the Pharyngo-upper Esophageal Area in Patients with Oropharyngeal Dysphagia Due to Vagal Paralysis. HRM
98  2017 High-resolution manometry in patients with and without globus pharyngeus and/or symptoms of laryngopharyngeal reflux. G group, HRM, LPR, PPIs
99  2017 Long-term esophageal motility changes after thyroidectomy: associations with aerodigestive disorders. ---
100  2017 Modeling of pharyngoesophageal segment during tracheoesophageal phonation in total laryngectomy patients with preliminary validation. PE, TE