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Abbreviation : VCN
Long Form : Vibrio cholerae neuraminidase
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2009 Inhibitory activity of myelin-associated glycoprotein on sensory neurons is largely independent of NgR1 and NgR2 and resides within Ig-Like domains 4 and 5. CNS, DRG, MAG, NgR
2007 Molecular dissection of the myelin-associated glycoprotein receptor complex reveals cell type-specific mechanisms for neurite outgrowth inhibition. MAG, NgR1, RGCs
1995 Cell surface sialylation plays a role in modulating sensitivity towards APO-1-mediated apoptotic cell death. NGF, TNF
1990 [The morphofunctional characteristics of lymphoma NK/LY cells treated with concanavalin A and Vibrio cholerae neuraminidase]. ---
1989 Controlled clinical trial of adjuvant immunotherapy with BCG and neuraminidase-treated autologous tumour cells in large bowel cancer. ---
1989 Effects of in vivo neuraminidase on the regulation of erythropoiesis. II: Modulation of erythroid colony formation by thymic regulatory cells. ---
1989 Effects of neuraminidase on the regulation of erythropoiesis: III: Characterization of carbohydrate moieties on the surface of thymic regulatory cells that interact with erythroid colony-forming cells. beta-Gal, FITC poly-L-ornithine, GAO
1989 Neuraminidase pretreatment of donor lymphocytes and graft-versus-host disease. CY, GVHD
1989 [Macrophages and erythrocytes]. SRBCs, TNF
10  1988 Characterization of a colon carcinoma cell line for tumor immunotherapy. ---
11  1988 [The effect of vibrio-cholerae neuraminidase (VCN) on the NK activity of peripheral blood lymphocytes in patients with cancer]. ---
12  1987 Tumor therapy of neoplastic diseases with tumor cells and neuraminidase: experimental studies on chessboard vaccination in transplantation tumors. ID, M-TC
13  1987 [Lymphocyte cytotoxicity against autologous tumor cells and the effect of interferon-beta on their activities. (1) Evaluation by modification of target tumor cells]. ---
14  1986 Augmentation of natural killer activity by neuraminidase treatment of lymphocytes from tumor-bearing mice. NK
15  1986 Binding and mitogenic properties of a galactosyl-specific lectin from the tunicate Didemnum candidum for murine thymocytes and splenocytes. ---
16  1986 Tumor therapy of neoplastic diseases with tumor cells and neuraminidase. Further experimental studies on chessboard vaccination in canine mammary tumors. M-TC
17  1985 Regeneration of membrane sialic acid after neuraminidase treatment of leukemic granulocytes. CML
18  1984 A trial of adjuvant combination chemoimmunotherapy for stage III carcinoma of stomach. BCG, CY, FU, MMC
19  1984 Combination chemoimmunotherapy for advanced gastric carcinoma. FT, MMC
20  1983 Immune elimination of aging platelets by autologous monocytes: role of membrane-specific autoantibody. He-IgG
21  1983 Mechanisms for the removal of senescent human erythrocytes from circulation: specificity of the membrane-bound immunoglobulin G. He-IgG, IgG
22  1983 Serological characterization of humoral lectins from the freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii. ---
23  1982 Density-dependent changes in gangliosides and sialidase activity of murine neuroblastoma cells. ---
24  1982 Failure of in vivo and in vitro resialosylation of VCN-desialylated erythrocytes in mammalian and non-mammalian species: evidence from agglutination studies with peanut-agglutinin. PNA
25  1981 Characterization and use of neuraminidase-modified L1210 plasma membranes for protection against tumor growth. ---
26  1981 Immunotherapy of L1210 leukemia using neuraminidase-modified plasma membranes combined with chemotherapy. MeCCNU
27  1981 Sequential combination chemoimmunotherapy for various malignant tumors: clinical and laboratory results. CY, FU, MMC
28  1980 BCG versus VCN: the antigenicity and the adjuvant effect of both compounds. ---
29  1980 Characterization of the T antigen and T agglutinin in inbred rats. ---
30  1980 Correlation between macrophages and their membrane fraction. Cytocidal activities on neoplastic cells. ADCA
31  1980 Correlation between plasminogen activator activity of immunizing tumor cells and complement-mediated cytotoxic antibodies secreted by cloned hybrid cells. Con A, HSF, PA, PHA
32  1980 Effect of Vibrio cholerae neuraminidase on the mitogen response of T lymphocytes. I. Enhancement of macrophage T-lymphocyte cooperation in concanavalin-A-induced lymphocyte activation. BM, MLC
33  1980 Enzymically-mediated changes in murine mammary adenocarcinoma cell membrane induces changes in lymphoid tissue immune ribonucleic acids. SMMAdCa
34  1980 Lymphocyte blastogenic response to autologous tumor cells pretreated with neuraminidase in patients with gastric carcinoma. MMC
35  1980 Micro-necrotic foci in regression of a murine calvarium transplantable tumor. 3. Histological characteristics of the micro-necrotic foci. ---
36  1979 Adjuvant immunotherapy of malignant melanoma. ---
37  1979 Delineation of IgM-receptor bearing human T and B lymphocytes using a direct plaque forming cell (PFC) assay. PFC
38  1979 Enzymically-modified human mammary carcinoma cells: modulators of macrophage functions. CFM, Glut-VCN HNEC, Glut-VCN-HMCC, HMCC, HMEC, PHA, VCN-HNEC
39  1979 Phagocytic peripheral blood monocytes from rabbits and humans express membrane receptors specific for IgM molecules: evidence that incubation with neuraminidase exposes cryptic IgM (Fc) receptors. ---
40  1978 Failure of immunotherapy with neuraminidase-treated tumor cell vaccine in mice bearing established 3-methylcholanthrene-induced sarcomas. ---
41  1978 Human mammary carcinoma cells. The enzyme pacemaker profibrinolysin. AAT, Con A
42  1978 Neuraminidase alteration of human lymphocyte reactivity to mitogens, antigens and allogenic lymphocytes. PHA
43  1978 Red cell aging. II. Anomalous electrophoretic properties of neuraminidase treated human erythrocytes. NANA, RBC
44  1978 Sialic acid: a specific role in hematopoietic spleen colony formation. ---
45  1977 Neuraminidase- and trypsin-induced exposure to membrane receptors for IgG and IgM molecules on human peripheral blood lymphocytes. EA-IgM
46  1977 Possible immunological action of Vibrio cholerae neuraminidase (VCN) in tumor immunotherapy. ---
47  1977 Preparation of fixed antigenic, non-oncogenic and protective neoplastic cells. ---
48  1977 Production and quality control of therapeutically applicable Vibrio cholerae neuraminidase (VCN). ---
49  1977 The combined effect of radiotherapy and neuraminidase-treated tumor cells on 3-methylcholanthrene-induced fibrosarcoma. ---
50  1977 [Use of the enzyme neuraminidase for immunotherapeutic treatment of chemically induced carcinogenesis]. ---
51  1976 Antitumor immunity. II. Viability, tumorigenicity, and immunogenicity of neuraminidase-treated tumor cells: effective immunization of animals with a tumor vaccine. DBDN
52  1976 Effect of Vibrio cholerae neuraminidase on the generation of cell-mediated cytotoxicity in vitro. ---
53  1976 Experimental cancer immunotherapy: modification of tumor cells to increase immunogenicity. MTV
54  1976 Humoral reponse to neuraminidase-treated tumor cells. PE
55  1976 Membrane expression of Thy-1,2 and GM1 ganglioside on differentiating T lymphocytes. TF, Thy-1.1
56  1975 Antitumor immune response following injection of neuraminidase-treated sarcoma cells. ---
57  1975 Immunofluorescent studies on antibodies directed to a buried membrane structure present in lymphocytes and erythrocytes. ---
58  1975 Neuraminidase treatment enhances the lysolecithin induced intercellular adhesion of amoeba proteus. ---