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Abbreviation : VLF
Long Form : ventrolateral funiculus
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2016 Distinct and developmentally regulated activity-dependent plasticity at descending glutamatergic synapses on flexor and extensor motoneurons. ADSP, LTD, MNs, STD
2014 Decreased spinal synaptic inputs to phrenic motor neurons elicit localized inactivity-induced phrenic motor facilitation. aPKC, csPMF, iPMF, TNF-alpha
2013 Apolipoprotein E Mimetic Promotes Functional and Histological Recovery in Lysolecithin-Induced Spinal Cord Demyelination in Mice. APOE, BMS, EAE, EM, MS, tcMMEPs
2013 Cervical response among ascending ventrolateral funiculus pathways of the neonatal rat. ---
2013 Combination of chondroitinase ABC and AAV-NT3 promotes neural plasticity at descending spinal pathways after thoracic contusion in rats. AAV, ChABC, CST, SCI
2013 Correlation between electrophysiological properties, morphological maturation, and olig gene changes during postnatal motor tract development. CV, MEPs, PN
2012 Docosahexaenoic acid pretreatment confers protection and functional improvements after acute spinal cord injury in adult rats. BBB, CREB, dCST, SCI, tcMMEPs
2012 Effect of adenovirus-mediated basic fibroblast growth factor gene transfer in vivo on oligodendrocyte cell numbers throughout ventrolateral white matter following spinal cord injury in rats. GFP
2012 [Effects of etomidate on descending activation of motoneurons in neonatal rat spinal cord in vitro]. EPSP, MNs, NMDA
10  2011 Initiation of segmental locomotor-like activities by stimulation of ventrolateral funiculus in the neonatal rat. ---
11  2010 Differential NR2B subunit expression at dorsal root and ventrolateral funiculus synapses on lumbar motoneurons of neonatal rat. DR, NMDARs
12  2010 Motor and dorsal root ganglion axons serve as choice points for the ipsilateral turning of dI3 axons. DF, DRG
13  2010 Role of chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans in axonal conduction in Mammalian spinal cord. CSPGs
14  2010 Spinal cord injuries containing asymmetrical damage in the ventrolateral funiculus is associated with a higher incidence of at-level allodynia. SCI
15  2010 Transplantation of ciliary neurotrophic factor-expressing adult oligodendrocyte precursor cells promotes remyelination and functional recovery after spinal cord injury. CNTF, EGFP, LF, OL, OPCs, SCI
16  2010 Upper thoracic postsynaptic dorsal column neurons conduct cardiac mechanoreceptive information, but not cardiac chemical nociception in rats. FR, IR, PSDC
17  2009 Effects of rolipram on adult rat oligodendrocytes and functional recovery after contusive cervical spinal cord injury. PDE4, SCI
18  2009 Input-specific plasticity of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor-mediated synaptic responses in neonatal rat motoneurons. DR, NMDA, NMDARs
19  2008 Location of spinal cord pathways that control hindlimb movement amplitude and interlimb coordination during voluntary swimming in turtles. DLF
20  2008 Reticulospinal pathways in the ventrolateral funiculus with terminations in the cervical and lumbar enlargements of the adult rat spinal cord. FG, FR, Gi
21  2007 Changes in motoneuron properties and synaptic inputs related to step training after spinal cord transection in rats. ---
22  2007 Temporal-spatial dynamics in oligodendrocyte and glial progenitor cell numbers throughout ventrolateral white matter following contusion spinal cord injury. ---
23  2006 Inter-enlargement pathways in the ventrolateral funiculus of the adult rat spinal cord. FG, FR
24  2005 Comparison of metabotropic glutamate receptor responses at segmental and descending inputs to motoneurons in neonatal rat spinal cord. AMPA, DR, MCPG, mGluRs, NMDA
25  2005 Functional and electrophysiological changes after graded traumatic spinal cord injury in adult rat. EM, IH, SCI, tcMMEPs, WM
26  2005 Functional heterogeneity among neurons in the nucleus retroambiguus with lumbosacral projections in female cats. EBSNs, NRA, ON
27  2005 Functional recovery in traumatic spinal cord injury after transplantation of multineurotrophin-expressing glial-restricted precursor cells. APC, BDNF, EGFP, GRPs, MBP, NT-3, SCI
28  2004 Spinal pathways mediating coeruleospinal antinociception in the rat. LC/SC
29  2004 Viral delivery of NR2D subunits reduces Mg2+ block of NMDA receptor and restores NT-3-induced potentiation of AMPA-kainate responses in maturing rat motoneurons. DR, NMDA, NMDAR, NT-3
30  2003 Chronic neurotrophin-3 strengthens synaptic connections to motoneurons in the neonatal rat. NT-3
31  2002 Both dorsal and ventral spinal cord pathways contribute to overground locomotion in the adult rat. DC/CST, DLF, SCI, tcMMEP
32  2002 Functional redundancy of ventral spinal locomotor pathways. BBB, CV, SCI, tcMMEP, VC
33  2002 Neurons labeled from locomotor-related ventrolateral funiculus stimulus sites in the neonatal rat spinal cord. ---
34  2001 Acute modulation of synaptic transmission to motoneurons by BDNF in the neonatal rat spinal cord. DR, TTX
35  2001 Mechanisms that initiate spontaneous network activity in the developing chick spinal cord. R-interneurons
36  2001 Removal of NMDA receptor Mg(2+) block extends the action of NT-3 on synaptic transmission in neonatal rat motoneurons. DR, NMDA, NMDAR, NT-3
37  2000 NT-3 evokes an LTP-like facilitation of AMPA/kainate receptor-mediated synaptic transmission in the neonatal rat spinal cord. BAPTA, DR, EPSP, LTP, NMDA, NT-3, TTX
38  2000 Position of spinothalamic tract axons in upper cervical spinal cord of monkeys. STT
39  1999 Activity patterns and synaptic organization of ventrally located interneurons in the embryonic chick spinal cord. ---
40  1999 Engrailed-1 and netrin-1 regulate axon pathfinding by association interneurons that project to motor neurons. EN1
41  1999 Spontaneous network activity transiently depresses synaptic transmission in the embryonic chick spinal cord. ---
42  1997 Locomotor rhythm evoked by ventrolateral funiculus stimulation in the neonatal rat spinal cord in vitro. NMDA
43  1997 [Characteristics of synaptic responses of motoneurons to ventrolateral funiculus stimulation in vitro]. EPSP, MN
44  1996 Control of locomotion in the decerebrate cat. MLR, MRF
45  1995 Calcium imaging of motoneuron activity in the en-bloc spinal cord preparation of the neonatal rat. 4-AP
46  1995 Differential inhibitory mechanisms in VPL versus intralaminar nociceptive neurons of the cat: I. Effects of periaqueductal gray stimulation. CL, MRF, NRD, NS, PAG, PC, Pf, SPL, VPL, WDR
47  1995 Dorsal horn projection targets of ON and OFF cells in the rostral ventromedial medulla. DLF, RVM
48  1995 Long-duration, frequency-dependent motor responses evoked by ventrolateral funiculus stimulation in the neonatal rat spinal cord. ---
49  1995 The effects of clonidine and tizanidine on responses of nociceptive neurons in nucleus ventralis posterolateralis of the cat thalamus. NS, VPL, WDR
50  1994 Spinothalamic and spinohypothalamic tract neurons in the cervical enlargement of rats. III. Locations of antidromically identified axons in the cervical cord white matter. DDH, DLF, SDH, VF, VQ
51  1994 Synaptic transmission between ventrolateral funiculus axons and lumbar motoneurons in the isolated spinal cord of the neonatal rat. APV, CNQX, EPSPs, GABAA, L-AP4, NMDA, PSPs
52  1993 Ascending inhibition of nociceptive neurons in the nucleus ventralis posterolateralis following conditioning stimulation of the nucleus raphe magnus. NRM, SPL, VPL
53  1991 Electrophysiological study of spinothalamic inputs to ventrolateral and adjacent thalamic nuclei of the cat. CL, DC, HT, LT, ML, STT, VL, VPL, VPM, WDR
54  1991 Funicular organization of avian brainstem-spinal projections. DLF
55  1991 Morphometric study of cervical anterior horn cells and pyramidal tracts in medulla oblongata and the spinal cord in patients with cerebrovascular diseases. AH, AHC, CVD, MP, VF
56  1989 Vagal afferent modulation of spinal nociceptive transmission in the rat. DLF, SRF, VAS
57  1987 Spinal pathways mediating tonic, coeruleospinal, and raphe-spinal descending inhibition in the rat. LC, NRM, TF
58  1986 Descending pathways eliciting forelimb stepping in the lateral funiculus: experimental studies with stimulation and lesion of the cervical cord in decerebrate cats. DLF, LF, MLR
59  1986 Effect of morphine-induced cortical excitation on spinal sensory transmission. ---
60  1985 Funicular course of catecholamine fibers innervating the lumbar spinal cord of the cat. CA, DLF, DLP, EB
61  1981 Organization of spinothalamic tract axons within the rat spinal cord. HRP, VF
62  1979 Spinal projections from the lower brain stem in the cat as demonstrated by the horseradish peroxidase technique. I. Origins of the reticulospinal tracts and their funicular trajectories. AF, Gc, HRP, LF, Mc, Poc, Poo, RF
63  1979 Synaptic responses of reticulospinal neurons in the cat: spinal cord dorsal funiculi are an effective source. DF, RS