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Abbreviation : VLPFC
Long Form : ventrolateral prefrontal cortex
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A real-time marker of object-based attention in the human brain. A possible component of a "gate-keeping mechanism" performing late attentional selection in the Ventro-Lateral Prefrontal Cortex. ---
2020 Abnormal resting-state functional connectivity of hippocampal subfields in patients with major depressive disorder. CA, DG, HCs, MDD, MFG, OFC, PMC, RSFC
2020 Distinct temporal brain dynamics in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia during emotion regulation. BD, ER, SMA, SZ
2020 Functional connectivity reveals dissociable ventrolateral prefrontal mechanisms for the control of multilingual word retrieval. CTI
2020 Individual prediction of symptomatic converters in youth offspring of bipolar parents using proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy. ACC, Cho, Glu, mI, NAA, SVM
2020 Neural correlates of theory of mind and empathy in schizophrenia: An activation likelihood estimation meta-analysis. ALE, MACM, TPJ
2020 Stimulating the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex (VLPFC) modulates frustration-induced aggression: A tDCS experiment. tDCS
2020 Transcranial magnetic stimulation demonstrates a role for the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex in emotion perception. TMS
2019 Abnormalities in thalamo-cortical connections in patients with first-episode schizophrenia: a two-tensor tractography study. ACC, AD, FA, FESZ, GAF, GF, HC, HCs, lOFC, RD
10  2019 Altered Static and Temporal Dynamic Amplitude of Low-Frequency Fluctuations in the Background Network During Working Memory States in Mild Cognitive Impairment. ALFF, DLPFC, FC, fMRI, MCI, NCs
11  2019 Effect of lisdexamfetamine on emotional network brain dysfunction in binge eating disorder. BED, LDX, vmPFC, vPFC
12  2019 Effects of Anodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Over the Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex on Episodic Memory Formation and Retrieval. tDCS
13  2019 Effects of hydrocortisone on autobiographical memory retrieval in patients with posttraumatic stress disorder and borderline personality disorder: the role of childhood trauma. AM, amPFC, BPD, PCC, PTSD
14  2019 Effects of in-Scanner Bilateral Frontal tDCS on Functional Connectivity of the Working Memory Network in Older Adults. DLPFC, fMRI, tDCS
15  2019 Increased perseverative errors following high-definition transcranial direct current stimulation over the ventrolateral cortex during probabilistic reversal learning. dmPFC, EEG, FRN, HD-tDCS, PRLT
16  2019 Limbic and prefrontal neural volume modulate social anxiety in children at temperamental risk. BI, SAD
17  2019 Longitudinal cortical markers of persistence and remission of pediatric PTSD. TD, vmPFC
18  2019 Longitudinal proton spectroscopy study of the prefrontal cortex in youth at risk for bipolar disorder before and after their first mood episode. ACC, NAA
19  2019 Neural Basis of Professional Pride in the Reaction to Uniform Wear. fMRI
20  2019 Neural representation of newly instructed rule identities during early implementation trials. S-R
21  2019 Neural substrates for anticipation and consumption of social and monetary incentives in depression. HCs, SD, sgACC
22  2019 Neuroimaging depression and anxiety in essential tremor: A diffusion tensor imaging study. AD, ADC, BAI, BDI, DTI, ET, FA, MD, RD
23  2019 Nicotine in action: cigarette smoking modulated homotopic functional connectivity in schizophrenia. ---
24  2019 Post-decision processing in primate prefrontal cortex influences subsequent choices on an auditory decision-making task. ---
25  2019 Purpose in life and conflict-related neural responses during health decision-making. AI, dACC, DLPFC
26  2019 Real-Time Functional Connectivity-Informed Neurofeedback of Amygdala-Frontal Pathways Reduces Anxiety. ---
27  2019 Reduced Amygdala-Prefrontal Functional Connectivity in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder and Co-occurring Disruptive Behavior. ASD
28  2019 Reliability of supraspinal correlates to lower urinary tract stimulation in healthy participants - A fMRI study. BOLD, CV, fMRI, ICC, LUT, MR, ROI
29  2019 Resting-State Magnetoencephalography Source Imaging Pilot Study in Children with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. ACC, DLPFC, mTBI, rs-MEG, vmPFC
30  2019 The impact of targeted cathodal transcranial direct current stimulation on reward circuitry and affect in Bipolar Disorder. tDCS
31  2019 The Role of the Cerebellum in Skin-Picking Disorder. SPD
32  2019 Ventral attention-network effective connectivity predicts individual differences in adolescent depression. TPJ, VAN
33  2019 Ventral prefrontal cortex and emotion regulation in aging: A case for utilizing transcranial magnetic stimulation. ER, TMS
34  2018 Abnormal brain structure implicated in patients with functional dyspepsia. DLPFC, FD, HCs, mPFC, NDI, paraHIPP, SPC
35  2018 Altered frontal-amygdala effective connectivity during effortful emotion regulation in bipolar disorder. BD, DLPFC, ER, HC
36  2018 Behavioral and Brain Activity Indices of Cognitive Control Deficits in Binge Drinkers. fMRI, HED, LED
37  2018 Bullying the Brain? Longitudinal Links Between Childhood Peer Victimization, Cortisol, and Adolescent Brain Structure. ---
38  2018 Correlations between brain changes and pain management after cognitive and meditative therapies: A systematic review of neuroimaging studies. ACC, AI, CMT, DLPFC, OBF, PFC, RCTs, SSC
39  2018 Disruption of superficial white matter in the emotion regulation network in bipolar disorder. BD, DLPFC, DTI, DWM, FASWM, GM, HC, mPFC, SWM, TBSS, WM
40  2018 Distinct neural circuits support incentivized inhibition. aINS, DWI, fMRI
41  2018 Early-Life stress modulates neural networks associated with habitual use of reappraisal. CMA, EA, ELS, fMRI, RSFC
42  2018 Effects of Repetition Learning on Associative Recognition Over Time: Role of the Hippocampus and Prefrontal Cortex. MTL, PPA, PRC
43  2018 Emotional prediction: An ALE meta-analysis and MACM analysis. ALE, DLPFC, fMRI, MACM, mPFC, OFC, ROIs
44  2018 Evidence of a Causal Role for mid-Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex Based Functional Networks in Retrieving High-Fidelity Memory. AG, LTM, MTL, rTMS
45  2018 Executive control and faithfulness: only long-term romantic relationships require prefrontal control. fMRI
46  2018 Feedforward- and motor effort-dependent increase in prefrontal oxygenation during voluntary one-armed cranking. DLPFC, MVE
47  2018 Fronto-striatal effective connectivity of working memory in adults with cannabis use disorder. CUD, EC, LDLPFC, WM
48  2018 Functional connectivity of the ventral tegmental area and avolition in subjects with schizophrenia: a resting state functional MRI study. DLPFC, HC, IC, LOC, RSFC, SCZ, VTA
49  2018 Higher order thalamic nuclei resting network connectivity in early schizophrenia and major depressive disorder. DLPFC, MDD, PCC, SZ
50  2018 I Like Them…Will They Like Me? Evidence for the Role of the Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex During Mismatched Social Appraisals in Anxious Youth. ---
51  2018 Inhibiting self-justification for dishonesty with noninvasive brain stimulation. tDCS
52  2018 Intrinsic functional neurocircuitry associated with treatment response to transdiagnostic CBT in bipolar disorder with anxiety. AI, BD, DMN, ECN, SN
53  2018 Longitudinal Changes of Caudate-Based Resting State Functional Connectivity in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. dACC, vACC
54  2018 Memory Recall for High Reward Value Items Correlates With Individual Differences in White Matter Pathways Associated With Reward Processing and Fronto-Temporal Communication. DTI, FA, fMRI, NAcc, UF, VTA
55  2018 Neural mechanisms of the rejection-aggression link. ---
56  2018 Prefrontal dysconnectivity links to working memory deficit in first-episode schizophrenia. dACC, DLPFC, FES, HC, WM
57  2018 Real-time fMRI amygdala neurofeedback positive emotional training normalized resting-state functional connectivity in combat veterans with and without PTSD: a connectome-wide investigation. dACC, MDMR, PTSD, rtfMRI-nf, SMA
58  2018 Real-time monitoring prefrontal activities during online video game playing by functional near-infrared spectroscopy. DLPFC, fNIRS, FPA, LoL, PFC
59  2018 Reduced Prefrontal Activation During the Tower of London and Verbal Fluency Task in Patients With Bipolar Depression: A Multi-Channel NIRS Study. DLPFC, HCs, NIRS, oxy-Hb, PFC, TOL, VFT
60  2018 Sex differences in brain structure among adolescents with bipolar disorder. ACC, BD, HC, IPL, MRI, ROI, SMG
61  2018 The benefits of negative yet informative feedback. DLPFC, fMRI, PPI, RCZ
62  2018 The neural correlates of self-referential memory encoding and retrieval in schizophrenia. mPFC, ROIs, SRM, TPJ
63  2018 The role of the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex in emotional enhancement of memory: A TMS study. cTBS, EEM
64  2018 Using High Frequency Transcranial Random Noise Stimulation to Modulate Face Memory Performance in Younger and Older Adults: Lessons Learnt From Mixed Findings. tRNS
65  2017 "Top-Down" Mu-Opioid System Function in Humans: Mu-Opioid Receptors in Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex Mediate the Relationship Between Hedonic Tone and Executive Function in Major Depressive Disorder. MDD
66  2017 A pilot study of cognitive insight and structural covariance in first-episode psychosis. BCIS, MACACC, MR
67  2017 Altered Function of Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex in Adolescents with Peer Verbal Abuse History. PeVA
68  2017 Amygdala-prefrontal cortical functional connectivity during implicit emotion processing differentiates youth with bipolar spectrum from youth with externalizing disorders. ADHD, BPSD, gPPI, LAMS
69  2017 Anomalous prefrontal-limbic activation and connectivity in youth at high-risk for bipolar disorder. ADHD, BD, HC, HR-BD
70  2017 Cognitive control during sentence generation. ACC, PPI
71  2017 Converging Prefronto-Insula-Amygdala Pathways in Negative Emotion Regulation inMarmoset Monkeys. antOFC
72  2017 Cultural differences and similarities in beliefs, practices, and neural mechanisms of emotion regulation. ---
73  2017 Disassociation between brain activation and executive function in fragile X premutation females. FMR1, fMRI, PM, ROI
74  2017 Disrupted amygdala-prefrontal connectivity during emotion regulation links stress-reactive rumination and adolescent depressive symptoms. PPI
75  2017 Dynamic representation of partially occluded objects in primate prefrontal and visual cortex. ---
76  2017 Facial Expressions Evoke Differential Neural Coupling in Macaques. DCM, IT
77  2017 Feature-based attentional tuning during biological motion detection measured with SSVEP. PPC, RDK, SSVEP
78  2017 From Behavioral Facilitation to Inhibition: The Neuronal Correlates of the Orienting and Reorienting of Auditory Attention. fMRI, RT
79  2017 Functional Specialization of the Primate Frontal Lobe during Cognitive Control of Vocalizations. ACC, pre-SMA
80  2017 Hippocampal Contribution to Context Encoding across Development Is Disrupted following Early-Life Adversity. ---
81  2017 Impaired mixed emotion processing in the right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex in schizophrenia: an fMRI study. DLPFC, rAI
82  2017 Inter-individual Differences in Exercise-Induced Spatial Working Memory Improvement: A Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study. DLPFC, FPA
83  2017 Learned Value Shapes Responses to Objects in Frontal and Ventral Stream Networks in Macaque Monkeys. IT, MFC, OFC
84  2017 Mediation by anxiety of the relationship between amygdala activity during emotion processing and poor quality of life in young adults. QOL
85  2017 Multimodal evaluation of the amygdala's functional connectivity. CM, LB, MACM, rs-fmri, SCALE, SF
86  2017 Neural Architecture of Selective Stopping Strategies: Distinct Brain Activity Patterns Are Associated with Attentional Capture But Not with Outright Stopping. IFJ
87  2017 Neural correlates of emotion acceptance vs worry or suppression in generalized anxiety disorder. CBT, dACC, GAD
88  2017 Neural response to evaluating depression predicts perceivers' mental health treatment recommendations. dmPFC
89  2017 Neuroimaging cognitive reappraisal in clinical populations to define neural targets for enhancing emotion regulation. A systematic review. dACC, DLPFC
90  2017 No Effects of Stimulating the Left Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex with tDCS on Verbal Working Memory Updating. tDCS, WM
91  2017 Nonlinear modulation of interacting between COMT and depression on brain function. COMT, FFA, gFCD, MDD, STG
92  2017 Perceptual and memory inhibition deficits in clinically healthy older adults are associated with region-specific, doubly dissociable patterns of cortical thinning. SPL
93  2017 Schema benefit vs. proactive interference: Contradicting behavioral outcomes and coexisting neural patterns. FC, inter-SC, mPFC, PCC
94  2017 Simultaneous Processing of Noun Cue and to-be-Produced Verb in Verb Generation Task: Electromagnetic Evidence. BOLD, MEG
95  2017 Structural characteristics of the brain reward circuit regions in patients with bipolar I disorder: A voxel-based morphometric study. BD-I, dmPFC, HC, ROI, vmPFC
96  2017 The effect of strategies, goals and stimulus material on the neural mechanisms of emotion regulation: A meta-analysis of fMRI studies. ---
97  2017 The Emergence of Knowledge and How it Supports the Memory for Novel Related Information. ---
98  2017 Tracking competition and cognitive control during language comprehension with multi-voxel pattern analysis. ATL
99  2016 Age-related changes in overcoming proactive interference in associative memory: The role of PFC-mediated executive control processes at retrieval. DLPFC, fMRI
100  2016 Cognitive insight is associated with cortical thickness in first-episode psychosis. ---