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Abbreviation : VLU
Long Form : venous leg ulcer
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A bioengineered living cell construct activates metallothionein/zinc/MMP8 and inhibits TGFbeta to stimulate remodeling of fibrotic venous leg ulcers. BLCC
2020 Autologous platelet-rich plasma injection enhances healing of chronic venous leg ulcer: A prospective randomised study. PRP
2020 Factors that influence venous leg ulcer healing and recurrence rate after endovenous radiofrequency ablation of incompetent saphenous vein. RFA, UGFS
2020 Patient education for preventing recurrence of venous leg ulcers: a systematic review. CENTRAL, CI, MD, QOL, RCTs, RR
2020 Punch grafting for pain reduction in hard-to-heal ulcers. VAS
2020 The Benefits of Micronized Purified Flavonoid Fraction (MPFF) Throughout the Progression of Chronic Venous Disease. CVD, MPFF, VAD
2020 The Wound Healing Index for Predicting Venous Leg Ulcer Outcome. WHI
2020 Treatment of superficial and perforator reflux and deep venous stenosis improves healing of chronic venous leg ulcers. ---
2020 Two-layer reduced compression system for lower limb wounds: a non-comparative evaluation. ABPI, MLU, QOL
10  2020 Understanding factors influencing venous leg ulcer guideline implementation in Australian primary care. GPs, PNs, VLU CPG
11  2020 Unna boot therapy impact on wellbeing, hope and spirituality in venous leg ulcer patients: a prospective clinical trial. HHI, SSRS
12  2019 A Descriptive Revenue Analysis of a Wound-Center IR Collaboration to Treat Lower Extremity Venous Ulcers. IR, wRVUs
13  2019 A qualitative study on the patient's narrative in the progression of chronic venous disease into a first venous leg ulcer: a series of events. CVD
14  2019 A scoping review on Chronic Venous Disease and the development of a Venous Leg Ulcer: The role of obesity and mobility. CMP, CVD
15  2019 A systematic review on risk factors in developing a first-time Venous Leg Ulcer. ---
16  2019 ABPI reporting and compression recommendations in global clinical practice guidelines on venous leg ulcer management: A scoping review. ABPI, CPGs
17  2019 Adjuvant therapies in venous leg ulcer management: A scoping review. MA, RCTs, SR
18  2019 Biomarker directed chronic wound therapy - A new treatment paradigm. WBP
19  2019 Biomodulation induced by fluorescent light energy versus standard of care in venous leg ulcers: a retrospective study. FLE, RWAR
20  2019 Congruence between perceived and theoretical knowledge before and after an internet-based continuing education program about venous leg ulcer nursing care. eVLU
21  2019 Convolutional neural networks for wound detection: the role of artificial intelligence in wound care. CNN, DFU, MAST, PU, PUs, Unet_VGG16
22  2019 Education in people with venous leg ulcers based on a brochure about compression therapy: A quasi-randomised controlled trial. ---
23  2019 Epidemiology of venous leg ulcers in primary health care: Incidence and prevalence in a health centre-A time series study (2010-2014). ABPI
24  2019 Free skin micrografts with cyanoacrylate as outpatient treatment for venous leg ulcers. ---
25  2019 Health professionals' perspectives on delivering patient-focused wound management: a qualitative study. DFU, PU
26  2019 Internal consistency and reliability of the Swiss-French translation of the venous leg ulcer self efficacy tool (VeLUSET). VeLUSET
27  2019 Protocol for a longitudinal cohort study: determination of risk factors for the development of first venous leg ulcer in people with chronic venous insufficiency, the VEINS (venous insufficiency in South Florida) cohort. CVI, fVLU
28  2019 Thrombosis after sclerotherapy and poorly applied bandaging for venous leg ulcers: case reports. SVT
29  2019 Validation of inpatient international classification of disease ninth revision codes as predictors of venous leg ulcers. ICD
30  2019 Vascular assessment in venous leg ulcer diagnostics and management in Australian primary care: Clinician experiences. ABPI
31  2019 Venous Leg Ulcer Clinical Practice Guidelines: What is AGREEd? CPGs
32  2018 A systematic review of the efficacy and limitations of venous intervention in stasis ulceration. IPVs, SVR
33  2018 An investigation of skin perfusion in venous leg ulcer after exercise. LDF
34  2018 Assessment and management of older people with venous leg ulcers. ---
35  2018 Budget impact of antimicrobial wound dressings in the treatment of venous leg ulcers in the German outpatient care sector: a budget impact analysis. ---
36  2018 Clinical assessment of a foam dressing containing growth factor-enhancing hydrated polyurethanes. VAS, WAR
37  2018 The influence of exercise on ulcer healing in patients with chronic venous insufficiency. ---
38  2018 Using a modified Delphi methodology to gain consensus on the use of dressings in chronic wounds management. DFU, MMPs, QOL
39  2018 Venous leg ulcers managed using polyurethane foam with a micropore dressing: two case reports. ---
40  2018 Wool-derived keratin dressings versus usual care dressings for treatment of slow-healing venous leg ulceration: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial (Keratin4VLU). ---
41  2017 A single-arm trial indirect comparison investigation: a proof-of-concept method to predict venous leg ulcer healing time for a new acellular synthetic matrix matched to standard care control. ASM, SC
42  2017 Bacterial Contribution in Chronicity of Wounds. DFU, PU, SSI
43  2017 Chronic Venous Insufficiency: Transforming Growth Factor-beta Isoforms and Soluble Endoglin Concentration in Different States of Wound Healing. ENG, Gran, Infl, sEng, TGF-beta, WF
44  2017 Clinical Characteristics of Mixed Arteriovenous Leg Ulcers: A Descriptive Study. MLU
45  2017 Epidemiology and use of compression treatment in venous leg ulcers: nationwide claims data analysis in Germany. CT, SHI
46  2017 Exudates absorption and proteases trapping in venous leg ulcers. MMPs, TS
47  2017 Mesenchymal stem cell in venous leg ulcer: An intoxicating therapy. MSC
48  2017 Molecular Aspects of Wound Healing and the Rise of Venous Leg Ulceration: Omics Approaches to Enhance Knowledge and Aid Diagnostic Discovery. ---
49  2017 Practice patterns of adjunctive therapy for venous leg ulcers. ---
50  2017 Self-Care-Based Treatment Using Ordinary Elastic Bandages for Venous Leg Ulcers. ---
51  2017 Three-dimensional digital imaging is as accurate and reliable to measure leg ulcer area as transparent tracing with digital planimetry. CCC, TW
52  2017 Treatment in the home setting with intermittent pneumatic compression for a woman with chronic leg ulcers: a case report. AWMA, IPC
53  2017 Venous leg ulcer healing with electric stimulation therapy: a pilot randomised controlled trial. EST, SD
54  2017 [Prophylaxis of Recurrent Venous Leg Ulcer]. CVI, PTS
55  2016 Antiseptic with modern wound dressings in the treatment of venous leg ulcers: clinical and microbiological aspects. ---
56  2016 Challenging passivity in venous leg ulcer care - the ABC model of management. ---
57  2016 Chronic venous disease - Part II: Proteolytic biomarkers in wound healing. Gran, Infl, MMP, TIMP, WF
58  2016 Multinational, pilot audit of a Velcro adjustable compression wrap system for venous and lymphatic conditions. ---
59  2016 Pathophysiology of wound healing and alterations in venous leg ulcers-review. ---
60  2016 Recalcitrant Venous Leg Ulcers May Heal by Outpatient Treatment of Venous Disease Even in the Presence of Concomitant Arterial Occlusive Disease. ABPI, mavRLU, PAOD, pvRLU
61  2015 Clinical outcomes and cost-effectiveness of an externally applied electroceutical device in managing venous leg ulcers in clinical practice in the UK. EAE, NHS
62  2015 Dehydrated human amnion/chorion membrane treatment of venous leg ulcers: correlation between 4-week and 24-week outcomes. dHACM, RCT
63  2015 Human Skin Allograft for Patients With Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Venous Leg Ulcers, or Surgical/Traumatic Wounds Retrospective, Descriptive Study. DFU
64  2015 Influence of psychosocial factors on coping and living with a venous leg ulcer. ---
65  2015 Physical Therapy in Wound Care: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis. CWC, PT
66  2015 Squamous cell carcinoma developed on chronic venous leg ulcer. SCC
67  2015 Treatment of venous leg ulcers with ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy: Healing, long-term recurrence and quality of life evaluation. HR, RR, UGFS
68  2015 Venous leg ulcers: Impact and dysfunction of the venous system. ---
69  2014 Burden of venous leg ulcers in the United States. ---
70  2014 Effects of Hypochlorous Acid Solutions on Venous Leg Ulcers (VLU): Experience With 1249 VLUs in 897 Patients. HCA, PAD
71  2014 High-Voltage Pulsed Current Electrical Stimulation in Wound Treatment. ES, HVPC, PUs
72  2014 Which dressings reduce inflammation and improve venous leg ulcer healing. ---
73  2014 Wound healing, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition, and collagen-containing products: a case study. ACEIs
74  2013 Prognostic factors associated with healing of venous leg ulcers: a multicentre, prospective, cohort study. CI, OR
75  2012 An experimental study of prescribed walking in the management of venous leg ulcers. ---
76  2012 An RCT to compare a bio-cellulose wound dressing with a non-adherent dressing in VLUs. ---
77  2012 Cascade Autologous System Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix in the Treatment of Chronic Leg Ulcers. DFU, PRFM
78  2012 Management of chronic wounds with an innovative absorbent wound dressing. PU
79  2012 The FDA and designing clinical trials for chronic cutaneous ulcers. DFU, FDA
80  2011 Evidence-based recommendations for the use of negative pressure wound therapy in chronic wounds: steps towards an international consensus. DFU, NPWT, SIGN
81  2011 The need for an Intersociety Consensus Guideline for venous ulcer. ---
82  2010 A predictive model for venous ulceration in older adults: results of a retrospective cohort study. ---
83  2010 Cost-of-illness of chronic leg ulcers in Germany. QOL
84  2010 Interplay of iron metallobiology, metalloproteinases, and FXIII, and role of their gene variants in venous leg ulcer. FXIII, MMPs
85  2010 Prolonged healing of venous leg ulcers: the role of venous reflux, ulcer characteristics and mobility. ---
86  2010 The influence of different sub-bandage pressure values on venous leg ulcers healing when treated with compression therapy. CC
87  2010 Community leg ulcer bandaging study: lessons learned in a pilot, randomized controlled trial . CBT, PReP, RCT
88  2009 Clinician's perspectives on the treatment of venous leg ulceration. ---
89  2009 DNA-array of gene variants in venous leg ulcers: detection of prognostic indicators. CVD, MMPs, PCR, SNPs
90  2009 Evaluation of the bacterial diversity among and within individual venous leg ulcers using bacterial tag-encoded FLX and titanium amplicon pyrosequencing and metagenomic approaches. ---
91  2008 Autologous platelet-rich fibrin matrix as cell therapy in the healing of chronic lower-extremity ulcers. PRFM
92  2008 The Role of a Silver Releasing Lipido-colloid Contact Layer in Venous Leg Ulcers Presenting Inflammatory Signs Suggesting Heavy Bacterial Colonization: Results of a Randomized Controlled Study. AD
93  2007 The venous leg ulcer quality of life (VLU-QoL) questionnaire: development and psychometric validation. QOL, VLU-QoL
94  2005 [Minimally invasive surgical treatment for venous leg ulcer]. ELT, SEPS
95  2000 Development of a client-generated health outcome measure for community nursing. QOL