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Abbreviation : VM
Long Form : ventriculomegaly
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A novel approach to multiple anatomical shape analysis: Application to fetal ventriculomegaly. ---
2020 Evaluation of Hemodynamic Changes in Fetuses With Isolated Mild-to-Moderate Ventriculomegaly by Transabdominal Ultrasound. IRT
2020 Prenatal detection of chromosomal abnormalities and copy number variants in fetuses with ventriculomegaly. CMA, CNS, CNVs, IVM, MVM, NIVM, SVM
2020 Prenatal genetic considerations in congenital ventriculomegaly and hydrocephalus. ---
2020 Role of prenatal magnetic resonance imaging in fetuses with isolated mild or moderate ventriculomegaly in the era of neurosonography: international multicenter study. aOR, CNS, MRI
2020 Significance of isolated borderline ventriculomegaly. ---
2020 Two-year postnatal outcome of 263 cases of fetal ventriculomegaly. ---
2019 Clinical value of prenatal MRI for diagnosis of isolated ventriculomegaly and prediction of early postnatal developmental outcomes. GDS
2019 Prognosis of fetuses with ventriculomegaly: An observational retrospective study. IVM, MRI, NBNA, NIVM
10  2019 Role of magnetic resonance imaging in fetuses with mild or moderate ventriculomegaly in the era of fetal neurosonography: systematic review and meta-analysis. CNS, MRI
11  2019 Volume growth trend and correlation of atrial diameter with lateral ventricular volume in normal fetus and fetus with ventriculomegaly: A STROBE compliant article. AD, GA, mL, MRH, NLD, NRD
12  2018 Comparison between 3-dimensional cranial ultrasonography and conventional 2-dimensional cranial ultrasonography in neonates: impact on reinterpretation. 2DUS, 3DUS, FL, GMH, IVH, PVE
13  2018 Early elective delivery for fetal ventriculomegaly: are neurosurgical and medical complications mitigated by this practice? ---
14  2018 Evaluation of choroid plexus with fetal magnetic resonance imaging: What happens in ventriculomegaly? CI, CP, LR, MRI, NPV, PPV
15  2018 How to Integrate Cell-Free DNA Screening With Sonographic Markers for Aneuploidy: An Update. CPCs, EIF, FEB, UTD
16  2018 Lateral ventricular volume measurement by 3D MR hydrography in fetal ventriculomegaly and normal lateral ventricles. GA, ICC, MRH, MSP
17  2018 Presence of chromosomal abnormalities in fetuses with isolated ventriculomegaly on prenatal ultrasound in China. ---
18  2018 Revealing Regional Associations of Cortical Folding Alterations with In Utero Ventricular Dilation Using Joint Spectral Embedding. ---
19  2018 Should isolated fetal ventriculomegaly measured below 12 mm be viewed as a variant of the norm? Results of a 5-year experience in a prenatal referral center. MRI
20  2018 Utility of prenatal MRI in the evaluation and management of fetal ventriculomegaly. MRI, US
21  2018 [Correlation between fetal borderline ventriculomegaly and chromosomal abnormalities]. IVM, p-CNV
22  2017 A comparative analysis of ante- and postnatal clinical characteristics of extremely premature neonates suffering from refractory and non-refractory hypotension: Is early clinical differentiation possible? ANS, HC, RH
23  2017 Anatomical subgroup analysis of the MERIDIAN cohort: ventriculomegaly. MRI
24  2017 Association between Fetal Cerebral Ventriculomegaly and Platelet Alloimmunisation. FNAIT, ICH
25  2017 Developmental neurotoxicity of inhaled ambient ultrafine particle air pollution: Parallels with neuropathological and behavioral features of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. ASD, CC, PND
26  2017 Fetal ventriculomegaly: Diagnosis, treatment, and future directions. MRI
27  2017 Findings and differential diagnosis of fetal intracranial haemorrhage and fetal ischaemic brain injury: what is the role of fetal MRI? ---
28  2017 Trunk sway in idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus-Quantitative assessment in clinical practice. CSF, HE, iNPH
29  2016 Altered white matter and cortical structure in neonates with antenatally diagnosed isolated ventriculomegaly. DTI, FA, GM, MD, WM
30  2016 Do normal head ultrasounds need repeating in infants less than 30 weeks gestation? DOL, HUS, IVH, PVL
31  2016 Obstetric and neurodevelopmental outcome in fetal cerebral ventriculomegaly. CNS, MRI, US
32  2014 Chromosome abnormality incidence in fetuses with cerebral ventriculomegaly. ---
33  2014 Prenatal evaluation and postnatal early outcomes of fetal ventriculomegaly. USG
34  2014 Sequential cranial ultrasound and cerebellar diffusion weighted imaging contribute to the early prognosis of neurodevelopmental outcome in preterm infants. ADCs, CA, CUS, DWI, eCSF, GA, TEA-MRI
35  2014 [Structural changes in the germinal matrix of the brain of fetuses and neonatal infants with ventriculomegaly and congenital hydrocephalus]. GM, HC
36  2013 Evolution of ventriculomegaly: comparison between foetal MR imaging and postnatal diagnostic imaging. DWI, MRI, RARE, US
37  2012 Is fetal magnetic resonance imaging indicated when ultrasound isolated mild ventriculomegaly is present in pregnancies with no risk factors? MRI, US
38  2012 Mid-term neurodevelopmental outcome in isolated mild ventriculomegaly diagnosed in fetal life. BDIST
39  2012 Multi-atlas multi-shape segmentation of fetal brain MRI for volumetric and morphometric analysis of ventriculomegaly. AD, GA
40  2012 Neuroimaging of ventriculomegaly in the fetal period. ---
41  2012 The assessment of fetal brain function in fetuses with ventrikulomegaly: the role of the KANET test. KANET
42  2011 Changes of nerve growth factor in amniotic fluid and correlation with ventriculomegaly. NGF
43  2010 A prospective study of fetuses with isolated ventriculomegaly investigated by antenatal sonography and in utero MR imaging. iuMR
44  2010 Contribution of MRI to detect further anomalies in fetal ventriculomegaly. MRI, US
45  2010 Neurodevelopmental outcome of fetuses referred for ventriculomegaly. CNS, MRI
46  2010 Prevalence, characteristics and perinatal outcome of fetal ventriculomegaly in 29,000 pregnancies followed at a single institution. IVM
47  2009 Counseling in isolated mild fetal ventriculomegaly. ---
48  2009 The significance of fetal ventriculomegaly: etiology, short- and long-term outcomes. CNS, CSF
49  2008 Frequency and cause of disagreements in diagnoses for fetuses referred for ventriculomegaly. MR, US
50  2008 [MRI diagnosis and analysis of 104 cases of fetal ventriculomegaly by ultrasonography]. ACC
51  2007 MR volumetry of brain and CSF in fetuses referred for ventriculomegaly. ---
52  2007 Obstetric and neonatal outcomes in severe fetal ventriculomegaly. US
53  2007 What does magnetic resonance imaging add to the prenatal sonographic diagnosis of ventriculomegaly? CNS, MRI
54  2006 In utero magnetic resonance of non-isolated ventriculomegaly: Does ventricular size or morphology reflect pathology? ACC, CNS, MR
55  2003 Serial head ultrasound studies in preterm infants: how many normal studies does one infant need to exclude significant abnormalities? HUS, IVH, PVE, PVL
56  1999 Acetazolamide and furosemide for posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus of the newborn. ACZ, FUR, ICP, LP, PHH
57  1999 Prospective evaluation of perinatal risk factors for cerebral palsy and delayed development in high risk infants. CI, CP, DD, OR
58  1999 The etiology and outcome of cerebral ventriculomegaly at term in very low birth weight preterm infants. BPD, CA, IVH
59  1994 Prevalence of ventriculomegaly in association with myelomeningocele: correlation with gestational age and severity of posterior fossa deformity. GA, PF
60  1992 Serum creatine-kinase-BB concentration in very low birth weight babies with posthemorrhagic ventricular dilatation. PIVH
61  1982 Ventricular dilation after neonatal periventricular-intraventricular hemorrhage. Natural history and therapeutic implications. PHH, PV-IVH