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Abbreviation : VM
Long Form : virginiamycin
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Quantifying Human Health Risks from Virginiamycin Use in Food Animals in China. Q-D, VREF
2018 An assessment of the effectiveness of virginiamycin on liver abscess incidence and growth performance in feedlot cattle: a comprehensive statistical analysis. LAI, LAI1-3
2017 Effect of increasing monensin sodium levels in diets with virginiamycin on the finishing of Nellore cattle. MON
2017 Evaluation of Aloe vera and synbiotic as antibiotic growth promoter substitutions on performance, gut morphology, immune responses and blood constitutes of broiler chickens. AV, SYN
2016 Influence of protein nutrition and virginiamycin supplementation on feedlot growth performance and digestive function of calf-fed Holstein steers. MAA
2015 Effect of Scrophularia striata and Ferulago angulata, as alternatives to virginiamycin, on growth performance, intestinal microbial population, immune response, and blood constituents of broiler chickens. ---
2014 Effects of feed additives on rumen and blood profiles during a starch and fructose challenge. BW, DMI, MLY, MT
2014 Effects of two herbal extracts and virginiamycin supplementation on growth performance, intestinal microflora population and Fatty Acid composition in broiler chickens. GP, PW
2014 Evaluation of feeding distiller's grains, containing virginiamycin, on antimicrobial susceptibilities in fecal isolates of Enterococcus and Escherichia coli and prevalence of resistance genes in cattle. DG
10  2009 Hierarchical control of virginiamycin production in Streptomyces virginiae by three pathway-specific regulators: VmsS, VmsT and VmsR. VS
11  2008 Overcoming confirmation bias in causal attribution: a case study of antibiotic resistance risks. BMA
12  2007 Characterization of biosynthetic gene cluster for the production of virginiamycin M, a streptogramin type A antibiotic, in Streptomyces virginiae. AT, NRPS, ORFs, PKS, VS
13  2006 Effect of antibiotic growth promoters on broiler performance, intestinal growth parameters, and quantitative morphology. BMD, GIT
14  2005 Effects of virginiamycin and a mannanoligosaccharide-virginiamycin shuttle program on the growth and performance of large white female turkeys. MOS
15  2005 Potential human health benefits of antibiotics used in food animals: a case study of virginiamycin. RRRT, VREF
16  2005 The effect of virginiamycin in diets with adequate or reduced dietary calcium or nonphytate phosphorus for broilers. 0.70Ca, 0.80Ca, BAP, BBS, C-SBM, EXP, NPP
17  2004 Bayesian Monte Carlo uncertainty analysis of human health risks from animal antimicrobial use in a dynamic model of emerging resistance. Q-D
18  2004 Quantifying human health risks from virginiamycin used in chickens. Q-D, VREF
19  2000 Identification by gene deletion analysis of a regulator, VmsR, that controls virginiamycin biosynthesis in Streptomyces virginiae. VB
20  2000 Identification of an AfsA homologue (BarX) from Streptomyces virginiae as a pleiotropic regulator controlling autoregulator biosynthesis, virginiamycin biosynthesis and virginiamycin M1 resistance. ORFs, RT-PCR, VB
21  1999 Effect of virginiamycin on ruminal fermentation in cattle during adaptation to a high concentrate diet and during an induced acidosis. MT
22  1998 A dose titration study on the effect of virginiamycin on gilt/sow and piglet performance. ---
23  1998 A dose titration study on the effect of virginiamycin on specific blood parameters and milk quality in the sow. ---
24  1996 Virginiamycin and caloric density effects on live performance, blood serum metabolite concentration, and carcass composition of broilers reared in thermoneutral and cycling ambient temperatures. CD, HP
25  1995 Influence of a hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate and virginiamycin on aflatoxicosis in broiler chicks. AF, HSCAS
26  1988 Virginiamycin metabolism in cattle rumen fluid. ---
27  1987 Kinetics of binding of macrolides, lincosamides, and synergimycins to ribosomes. VS
28  1987 Ribosome protection by tRNA derivatives against inactivation by virginiamycin M: evidence for two types of interaction of tRNA with the donor site of peptidyl transferase. ---
29  1983 Action of ions and pH on the binding of virginiamycin S to ribosomes. VS
30  1983 Fluorescence stopped flow analysis of the interaction of virginiamycin components and erythromycin with bacterial ribosomes. VS
31  1976 Effect of virginiamycin on the growth cycle of Bdellovibrio. VS