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Abbreviation : WAnT
Long Form : Wingate Anaerobic Test
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Anaerobic performance among children with spina bifida. ---
2020 Real and Perceived Effects of Caffeine on Sprint Cycling in Experienced Cyclists. ---
2019 Ferritin Genes Overexpression in PBMC and a Rise in Exercise Performance as an Adaptive Response to Ischaemic Preconditioning in Young Men. FTH, FTL, IPC, PBMC, qPCR
2019 Physiological Performance Measures as Indicators of CrossFit Performance. 3MT, CS
2019 Prediction of the Wingate anaerobic mechanical power outputs from a maximal incremental cardiopulmonary exercise stress test using machine-learning approach. CPET, MP, PP
2019 Reliability and Validity of a New Portable Tethered Sprint Running Test as a Measure of Maximal Anaerobic Performance. HR, ICC, MF, MP, PF, PP, PTSR
2019 The Relationship of Age and BMI with Physical Fitness in Futsal Players. BMI
2019 Validity and Reliability of the Lode Excalibur Sport Cycle Ergometer for the Wingate Anaerobic Test. FI, MinP, MP, PP
2018 Effect of Caffeine on Sprint Cycling in Experienced Cyclists. BL, CAF, HR, PLAC
10  2018 Effects of a novel exercise training protocol of Wingate-based sprint bouts dispersed over a day on selected cardiometabolic health markers in sedentary females: a pilot study. HDL, LDL, SIT
11  2018 Normative Data of the Wingate Anaerobic Test in 1 Year Age Groups of Male Soccer Players. CMJ
12  2018 Over-the-counter performance enhancing mouthguards are unable to decrease blood lactate and improve power output during a Wingate anaerobic test (WAnT). OTC, UAAB
13  2018 Recovery of upper-body muscle power after short intensive exercise: comparing boys and men. HR, MP, PO
14  2018 The effect of acute and chronic exercise on steroid hormone fluctuations in young and middle-aged men. MAC, MAT, SHBG, TT, YC, YT
15  2018 The effects of gymnastics training on selected parameters of anaerobic capacity in 12-year-old boys. FI
16  2018 Validity and Reliability of the 30-s Continuous Jump for Anaerobic Power and Capacity Assessment in Combat Sport. AP, BL, EPOC, FI, ICC, JH
17  2018 Wingate Anaerobic Test Reliability on the Velotron with Ice Hockey Players. EE, MP, PP
18  2017 Combined sprint and resistance training abrogates age differences in somatotropic hormones. CSRT, GH, IGF-1, IGFBP-3
19  2017 Effect of low dose, short-term creatine supplementation on muscle power output in elite youth soccer players. Cr, FI, MPO, PPO
20  2017 Effect of voluntary hypocapnic hyperventilation or moderate hypoxia on metabolic and heart rate responses during high-intensity intermittent exercise. HRs
21  2017 No Improvement in Sprint Performance With a Neuromuscular Fitted Dental Splint. ---
22  2017 Original Research: Effect of sprint and strength training on glucoregulatory hormones: Effect of advanced age. HISST
23  2017 The Acute Effects of Static Stretching Compared to Dynamic Stretching with and without an Active Warm up on Anaerobic Performance. ---
24  2017 The Association Between MCT1 T1470A Polymorphism and Power-Oriented Athletic Performance. ---
25  2017 The Effect of Previous Wingate Performance Using one Body Region on Subsequent Wingate Performance Using a Different Body Region. ---
26  2017 The Wingate anaerobic test cannot be used for the evaluation of growth hormone secretion in children with short stature. GH
27  2017 Validity and Reliability of Skill-Related Fitness Tests for Wheelchair-Using Youth With Spina Bifida. 105MST, ICCs, MPST, SB, SDCs
28  2017 Who jumps the highest? Anthropometric and physiological correlations of vertical jump in youth elite female volleyball players. AJ, APHV, BF, BMI, CMJ, SJ
29  2016 Acute Supramaximal Exercise Increases the Brain Oxygenation in Relation to Cognitive Workload. fNIRS, HP, LP, oxyHb, PFC, PP
30  2016 Do isokinetic angular velocity and contraction types affect the predictors of different anaerobic power tests? CMJ, SJ
31  2016 Effects of time of day and the wingate test on appetite perceptions, food intake and plasma levels of adipokines. ES, SS, VAS
32  2016 Efficacy of a Ventilatory Training Mask to Improve Anaerobic and Aerobic Capacity in Reserve Officers' Training Corps Cadets. CON, PT, ROTC
33  2016 Enhancement on Wingate Anaerobic Test Performance With Hyperventilation. ---
34  2016 High-intensity Interval Training in the Boundaries of the Severe Domain: Effects on Sprint and Endurance Performance. AOD, MPO
35  2016 Intermittent Theta Burst Over M1 May Increase Peak Power of a Wingate Anaerobic Test and Prevent the Reduction of Voluntary Activation Measured with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. iTBS, rTMS, VA
36  2016 Vertical Jumping Tests versus Wingate Anaerobic Test in Female Volleyball Players: The Role of Age. AJ, CMJ, SJ
37  2016 Wingate Anaerobic Test Percentile Norms in Colombian Healthy Adults. BM, PP
39  2015 A comparison of upper and lower body energetics during high-intensity exercise. DEXA
40  2015 Association Between Vitamin D Status and Maximal-Intensity Exercise Performance in Junior and Collegiate Hockey Players. ---
41  2015 Effect of voluntary hypocapnic hyperventilation on the metabolic response during Wingate anaerobic test. ---
42  2015 Lower Wingate Test Power Outcomes From "All-Out" Pretest Pedaling Cadence Compared With Moderate Cadence. MinP, MP, PP, rpm
43  2015 Optimal loads for a 30-s maximal power cycle ergometer test using a stationary start. BW, OPT, rPD, TtPP
44  2015 Physical and physiological characteristics in male team handball players by playing position - Does age matter? CMJ, EUR, SJ, TH
45  2015 Physiological Interpretation of the Slope during an Isokinetic Fatigue Test. FAT, GXT, PT, TW
47  2015 The Kansas Squat Test: A Valid and Practical Measure of Anaerobic Power for Track and Field Power Athletes. KST
48  2015 Validation of a six second cycle test for the determination of peak power output. WAnT6
49  2015 Validity of the Pediatric Running-Based Anaerobic Sprint Test to Determine Anaerobic Performance in Healthy Children. MP, PP, RAST
50  2015 [Parameters of Anaerobic Physiological Profile of Elite Athletes]. ---
51  2014 Effect of gender on the GH-IGF-I response to anaerobic exercise in young adults. GH-IGF-I
52  2014 Kansas squat test: a reliable indicator of short-term anaerobic power. KST
53  2014 Oxygen uptake during upper body and lower body Wingate anaerobic tests. MPO, PPO
54  2014 Predictors of high-intensity running capacity in collegiate women during a soccer game. FR, HIR, MP, MT, NCAA, NDOMleg, PA, PP
55  2014 The ACTN3 R577X polymorphism is associated with muscle power in male Japanese athletes. ---
56  2014 Validity and reliability of the Hawaii anaerobic run test. HART, ICCs
57  2013 Allometric scaling of Wingate anaerobic power test scores in men. BM, MP, PP, PRESS
58  2013 Body mass index and body fat percentage are associated with decreased physical fitness in adolescent and adult female volleyball players. BF, BMI, CVJ, HST, SAR
59  2013 Changes in selected physical, motor performance and anthropometric components of university-level rugby players after one microcycle of a combined rugby conditioning and plyometric training program. ---
60  2013 Changes in surface EMG assessed by discrete wavelet transform during maximal isometric voluntary contractions following supramaximal cycling. DWT, FFT, MNF, MVC, sEMG
61  2013 Evaluation of the running-based anaerobic sprint test as a measure of repeated sprint ability in collegiate-level soccer players. BL, RAST, RSA
62  2013 Post-prandial carbohydrate ingestion during 1-h of moderate-intensity, intermittent cycling does not improve mood, perceived exertion, or subsequent power output in recreationally-active exercisers. CE, NCE, POMS, RPE
63  2013 Reliability and validity of short-term performance tests for wheelchair-using children and adolescents with cerebral palsy. CP, MPST
64  2013 The contribution of energy systems during the upper body Wingate anaerobic test. ---
65  2013 The effects of light emitting diode therapy following high intensity exercise. FI, La, LEDT
66  2013 The variability of high intensity exercise tests in -pre-pubertal boys. FVT, SBJ, VJT
67  2013 The Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test level 1 as a high intensity training tool: aerobic and anaerobic responses. CON, INT
68  2013 Upper and lower body anaerobic performance of semi-elite Rugby League players. CSA, RL
69  2012 Conducting an acute intense interval exercise session during the Ramadan fasting month: what is the optimal time of the day? RAM, TW
70  2012 The effects of creatine monohydrate loading on anaerobic performance and one-repetition maximum strength. 1RM, BP, BW, CM, LE, MP, PLAC, PP, SUPP
71  2012 Validation of a nonexercise prediction equation of anaerobic power. EJHt, MP, PP
72  2012 Wingate anaerobic test reference values for male power athletes. BM, FI, MP, PP
73  2011 Age-related variation of anaerobic power after controlling for size and maturation in adolescent basketball players. BM, FFM, LLV, PHV
74  2011 Allometric scaling of Wingate anaerobic powertest scores in women. BM, LBM, MP, PP
75  2011 Cross-validation and reliability of the line-drill test of anaerobic performance in basketball players 14-16 years. APHV, CA, CI, LD
76  2011 Does upper body strength and power influence upper body Wingate performance in men and women? ---
77  2011 Optimizing the Wingate Anaerobic Cycling Test for youth with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. JIA, MP, PP
78  2011 Predictors of maximal short-term power outputs in basketball players 14-16years. BST, CA, LDT, SA
79  2011 The effect of pre-exercise carbohydrate supplementation on anaerobic exercise performance in adolescent males. CHO, MP, PL, PP
80  2011 The influence of training and maturity status on girls' responses to short-term, high-intensity upper- and lower-body exercise. MP, PP, PP, UT
81  2011 Validity of the Wingate anaerobic test for the evaluation of elite runners. ---
82  2011 Wavelet-based intensity analysis of mechanomyographic signals during single-legged stance following fatigue. ---
83  2010 Lactate response to short term exercise with elevated starting levels. BLC
84  2010 Low sampling rates bias outcomes from the Wingate test. PO
85  2009 Comparison of two anaerobic water polo-specific tests with the Wingate test. FI, GRADIENT, MP
86  2009 Effects of resistance and endurance training in persons with paraplegia. ET, peak, RT
87  2009 Relationship among repeated sprint tests, aerobic fitness, and anaerobic fitness in elite adolescent soccer players. PD, RST
88  2009 Reliability of Wingate testing in adolescents with Down syndrome. DS, ICC
89  2009 Strength, power, speed, and agility of women basketball players according to playing position. ANOVA
90  2009 Wingate Anaerobic Test peak power and anaerobic capacity classifications for men and women intercollegiate athletes. NCAA
91  2009 [Application of modified Wingate anaerobic test in maximal power measurement]. ---
92  2008 Assessing accuracy of measurements for a Wingate Test using the Taguchi method. ---
93  2008 Concurrent validity of power output derived from the non-motorised treadmill test in sedentary adults. BM, LOA, MP, NMT, PP
94  2008 Differences in physical fitness of male and female recruits in gender-integrated army basic training. BT, IDF, IDF-PT
95  2008 Physiological testing of basketball players: toward a standard evaluation of anaerobic fitness. VJ
96  2008 Prediction of anaerobic power values from an abbreviated WAnT protocol. ---
97  2007 Accurate assessment of work done and power during a Wingate anaerobic test. ---
98  2007 Anaerobic performance and metabolism in boys and male adolescents. MM
99  2007 Influence of Ramadan Fasting on Anaerobic Performance and Recovery Following Short time High Intensity Exercise. After-RF
100  2007 Influence of testing sequence on a child's ability to achieve maximal anaerobic and aerobic power. ---