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Abbreviation : WBANs
Long Form : wireless body area networks
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 An NS-3 Implementation and Experimental Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.15.6 Standard under Different Deployment Scenarios. ---
2020 Certificateless pairing-free authentication scheme for wireless body area network in healthcare management system. ---
2020 Energy-Efficient Protocol of Link Scheduling in Cognitive Radio Body Area Networks for Medical and Healthcare Applications. CRBANs, ELS
2020 On the Design of Thermal-Aware Duty-Cycle MAC Protocol for IoT Healthcare. IoT, QoS
2020 Towards a Secure Thermal-Energy Aware Routing Protocol in Wireless Body Area Network Based on Blockchain Technology. ATEAR, MRRP, SHR, TARA, WSNs
2020 Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN)-Based Telemedicine for Emergency Care. WBAN
2019 A Comparative Study of Computational Methods for Compressed Sensing Reconstruction of EMG Signal. CS, EMG, sEMG
2019 A Spectrum-Aware Priority-Based Link Scheduling Algorithm for Cognitive Radio Body Area Networks. CRBANs, SPLS
2019 A Survey on LPWAN Technologies in WBAN for Remote Health-Care Monitoring. HCM, LPWANs
10  2019 Automated Lung Nodule Detection and Classification Using Deep Learning Combined with Multiple Strategies. CMixNet, CNN, CT, FP, GBM, IoT
11  2019 Data Storage Mechanism Based on Blockchain with Privacy Protection in Wireless Body Area Network. ---
12  2019 Deep Learning-Based LOS and NLOS Identification in Wireless Body Area Networks. DL, UWB
13  2019 Reinforcement Learning (RL)-Based Energy Efficient Resource Allocation for Energy Harvesting-Powered Wireless Body Area Network. DFMDP, EH, EH-WBANs, QL, QoS, RL
14  2019 TAEO-A Thermal Aware & Energy Optimized Routing Protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks. TAEO
15  2019 Traffic Class Prioritization-Based Slotted-CSMA/CA for IEEE 802.15.4 MAC in Intra-WBANs. BE, BMSNs, MAC, PDR, PLR
16  2019 Wireless body area network for health monitoring. WSNs
17  2018 A Comparative Study of On-Body Radio-Frequency Links in the 420 MHz⁻2.4 GHz Range. RF
18  2018 An Artificial Bee Colony-Based Green Routing Mechanism in WBANs for Sensor-Based E-Healthcare Systems. ABC, OPEC
19  2018 An energy efficiency routing protocol for wireless body area networks. CRPBA
20  2018 An Improved Two-Layer Authentication Scheme for Wireless Body Area Networks. ---
21  2018 Analysis and Improvement of a Mutual Authentication Scheme for Wireless Body Area Networks. ---
22  2018 Critical Data-Based Incremental Cooperative Communication for Wireless Body Area Network. CD-ICC, DTM, MNs
23  2018 Green Communication for Wireless Body Area Networks: Energy Aware Link Efficient Routing Approach. ---
24  2018 Hybrid Multi-Channel MAC Protocol for WBANs with Inter-WBAN Interference Mitigation. CSMA/CA, HM-MAC, TDMA
25  2018 Joint Transmission Power Control and Relay Cooperation for WBAN Systems. AAT, PLR
26  2018 Mutual-Information-Based Incremental Relaying Communications for Wireless Biomedical Implant Systems. MI, QoS
27  2018 Secrecy Capacity of a Class of Erasure Wiretap Channels in WBAN. DMC, FSMEC, IoT
28  2018 SmartBAN With Periodic Monitoring Traffic: A Performance Study on Low Delay and High Energy Efficiency. IBI, SmartBAN
29  2018 Towards Efficient Wireless Body Area Network Using Two-Way Relay Cooperation. EE, JNC, PER
30  2017 A Fair Contention Access Scheme for Low-Priority Traffic in Wireless Body Area Networks. CAP, MAC, PA-MAC, QoS, TAP-MAC
31  2017 A Fast Channel Assignment Scheme for Emergency Handling in Wireless Body Area Networks. ---
32  2017 A Lifetime Maximization Relay Selection Scheme in Wireless Body Area Networks. NP-hard
33  2017 A Study on Coexistence Capability Evaluations of the Enhanced Channel Hopping Mechanism in WBANs. ---
34  2017 A Survey on Biofeedback and Actuation in Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs). ---
35  2017 A Survey on Mobility Support in Wireless Body Area Networks. ---
36  2017 An Advanced Hybrid Technique of DCS and JSRC for Telemonitoring of Multi-Sensor Gait Pattern. DCS, JSRC, SRCC, WARD
37  2017 Link Scheduling Algorithm with Interference Prediction for Multiple Mobile WBANs. CSMA/CA, e-Healthcare, LSIP, SINR, TDMA
38  2017 Low Duty-Cycling MAC Protocol for Low Data-Rate Medical Wireless Body Area Networks. MAC, QoS
39  2017 Multiple ECG Fiducial Points-Based Random Binary Sequence Generation for Securing Wireless Body Area Networks. BSes, ECG, IPIs, MFBSG
40  2017 Secure and Energy-Efficient Data Transmission System Based on Chaotic Compressive Sensing in Body-to-Body Networks. CCS
41  2017 Throughput assurance of wireless body area networks coexistence based on stochastic geometry. HCPP, Pt
42  2017 Value-Based Caching in Information-Centric Wireless Body Area Networks. VoI
43  2016 1-RAAP: An Efficient 1-Round Anonymous Authentication Protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks. 1-RAAP
44  2016 A bilinear pairing based anonymous authentication scheme in wireless body area networks for mHealth. mHealth
45  2016 A Priority-Based Adaptive MAC Protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks. ISM, MAC, PA-MAC, QoS
46  2016 A Provably-Secure Transmission Scheme for Wireless Body Area Networks. BF, YL
47  2016 An Interference-Aware Traffic-Priority-Based Link Scheduling Algorithm for Interference Mitigation in Multiple Wireless Body Area Networks. ITLS
48  2016 Analysis of Aggregation Delay for Multisource Sensor Data with On-Off Traffic Pattern in Wireless Body Area Networks. ---
49  2016 Beacon-based opportunistic scheduling in wireless body area network. MAC, WSNs
50  2016 Coexistence of ZigBee-Based WBAN and WiFi for Health Telemonitoring Systems. ---
51  2016 Distributed Denial of Service Attack Source Detection Using Efficient Traceback Technique (ETT) in Cloud-Assisted Healthcare Environment. DDoS, DPPM, ETT, PPM
52  2016 Emerging Trends in Healthcare Adoption of Wireless Body Area Networks. ---
53  2016 In-to-out body path loss for wireless radio frequency capsule endoscopy in a human body. MICS, RF
54  2016 Performance Optimization of Priority Assisted CSMA/CA Mechanism of 802.15.6 under Saturation Regime. CW, WSNs
55  2016 Routing over multi-hop fading wireless body area networks with reliability considerations. ---
56  2016 Towards Reliable and Energy-Efficient Incremental Cooperative Communication for Wireless Body Area Networks. Co-CEStat, EE, EInCo-CEStat, PER
57  2015 A Hybrid Lifetime Extended Directional Approach for WBANs. CSMA/CA, DPAP, LEDA, MAC, TDMA
58  2015 A MAC protocol for medical monitoring applications of wireless body area networks. CAP, I-MAC
59  2015 Cooperative energy harvesting-adaptive MAC protocol for WBANs. CEH, EH, MAC
60  2015 Distributed Signal Processing for Wireless EEG Sensor Networks. EEG
61  2015 Key Agreement Schemes in Wireless Body Area Networks: Taxonomy and State-of-the-Art. ---
62  2015 Simulation-based scenario-specific channel modeling for WBAN cooperative transmission schemes. ---
63  2015 Wireless radio channel for intramuscular electrode implants in the control of upper limb prostheses. ---
64  2014 A distributed scheme to manage the dynamic coexistence of IEEE 802.15.4-based health-monitoring WBANs. DCM
65  2014 A survey on M2M systems for mHealth: a wireless communications perspective. ---
66  2014 Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in cloud- assisted wireless body area networks: a systematic literature review. DDoS
67  2014 Guest editorial: emerging wireless body area networks (WBANs) for ubiquitous healthcare. ---
68  2014 Link-state-estimation-based transmission power control in wireless body area networks. RSSI
69  2014 QoS-aware health monitoring system using cloud-based WBANs. ---
70  2014 Secure publish-subscribe protocols for heterogeneous medical wireless body area networks. CP-ABE, LBAC
71  2014 Surveying wearable human assistive technology for life and safety critical applications: standards, challenges and opportunities. ---
72  2014 The Role of Ambulatory Assessment in Psychological Science. AA
73  2013 A high reliability detection algorithm for wireless ECG systems based on compressed sensing theory. CHMS, CS, ECG, PFS, SET
74  2013 A review on telemedicine-based WBAN framework for patient monitoring. ---
75  2013 Interference Mitigation for Cyber-Physical Wireless Body Area Network System Using Social Networks. CPS
76  2012 A privacy-strengthened scheme for E-Healthcare monitoring system. e-Healthcare
77  2012 An improved ultra wideband channel model including the frequency-dependent attenuation for in-body communications. ULP, UWB
78  2012 High resolution wireless body area network with statistically synchronized sensor data for tracking pulse wave velocity. PWV
79  2012 McMAC: towards a MAC protocol with multi-constrained QoS provisioning for diverse traffic in Wireless Body Area Networks. QoS
80  2012 Performance analysis of coexisting IEEE 802.15.4-based health monitoring WBANs. ---
81  2011 A novel medium access control protocol with low delay and traffic adaptivity for wireless body area networks. GTSs, LDTA-MAC
82  2011 A very low power MAC (VLPM) protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks. BNC, MCU, VLPM
83  2011 ATLAS: a traffic load aware sensor MAC design for collaborative body area sensor networks. CAP, CFP, IP, MAC
84  2011 Directional MAC approach for wireless body area networks. BAN_C, MBAA
85  2011 Power allocation strategies to minimize energy consumption in wireless body area networks. ---
86  2011 RACOON: a multiuser QoS design for mobile wireless body area networks. MAC, QoS, RACOON, WLANs
87  2010 Performance evaluation of wearable wireless body area networks during walking motions in 444.5 MHz and 2450 MHz. BER, PER, RSS
88  2009 Characterization of on-body communication channel and energy efficient topology design for wireless body area networks. ---
89  2008 A survey of power efficient technologies for Wireless Body Area Networks. ---
90  2005 A WBAN System for Ambulatory Monitoring of Physical Activity and Health Status: Applications and Challenges. ---
91  2005 Interoperability and security in wireless body area network infrastructures. KSU, UAH
92  2005 Wireless Technology and System Integration in Body Area Networks for m-Health Applications. ---