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Abbreviation : WEC
Long Form : whole embryo culture
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Evaluation of in vitro embryotoxicity tests for Chinese herbal medicines. CHMs, EST, IVTs, MM, PMs
2019 Rabbit Whole Embryo Culture. ---
2019 Rat Whole Embryo Culture. ---
2019 Relative potency ranking of azoles altering craniofacial morphogenesis in rats: An in vitro data modelling approach. RA, RPFs
2018 A comparison of the embryonic stem cell test and whole embryo culture assay combined with the BeWo placental passage model for predicting the embryotoxicity of azoles. EST
2018 Manipulation of MicroRNAs in Cultured Mouse Embryos: Applications for Developmental Toxicology. miRNAs
2017 A transcriptomic approach for evaluating the relative potency and mechanism of action of azoles in the rat Whole Embryo Culture. Msmo1, RA, TMS
2017 Electroporation in the Rodent Embryonic Brain Using Whole Embryo Culture System. IC
2017 Embryonic vascular disruption adverse outcomes: Linking high throughput signaling signatures with functional consequences. AEA, AOP, HTS, pVDCs, ZET
10  2017 Embryonic vascular disruption adverse outcomes: Linking high-throughput signaling signatures with functional consequences. AEA, AOP, HTS, pVDCs, ZET
11  2017 Embryotoxic and pharmacologic potency ranking of six azoles in the rat whole embryo culture by morphological and transcriptomic analysis. RA, TMS
12  2017 In vitro to in vivo extrapolation of effective dosimetry in developmental toxicity testing: Application of a generic PBK modelling approach. EST, PBK, QIVIVE, ZET
13  2016 Chlormequat chloride retards rat embryo growth in vitro. ---
14  2015 A serum-free and defined medium for the culture of mammalian postimplantation embryos. ---
15  2015 Dimethadione embryotoxicity in the rat is neither correlated with maternal systemic drug concentrations nor embryonic tissue levels. CHD, DMO, GD
16  2014 Disposition of glycolic acid into rat and rabbit embryos in vitro. EG, GA
17  2014 Preparation of rat serum suitable for mammalian whole embryo culture. IC
18  2014 The effect of sevoflurane on developing A/J strain mouse embryos using a whole-embryo culture system--the incidence of cleft lip in culture embryos. ICL, MAC
19  2014 [Embryotoxicity of Senecionis Scandentis Hebra on in vitro cultured mouse embryos]. ICS
20  2013 Comparative effects of sodium channel blockers in short term rat whole embryo culture. GD
21  2013 Dihydroartemisinin (DHA) treatment causes an arrest of cell division and apoptosis in rat embryonic erythroblasts in whole embryo culture. DHA, EEbs, p.c
22  2013 Exogenous nucleotides antagonize the developmental toxicity of ethanol in vitro. MB
23  2013 Next-generation text-mining mediated generation of chemical response-specific gene sets for interpretation of gene expression data. CTD, GE, GSA, next-gen TM, PCA, PPARA, SDE
24  2013 Successful whole embryo culture with commercially available reagents. ---
25  2013 The rat whole embryo culture assay using the Dysmorphology Score system. DMS
26  2013 The teratology testing of cosmetics. EST, MM
27  2013 Valproic acid-induced gene expression responses in rat whole embryo culture and comparison across in vitro developmental and non-developmental models. ---
28  2012 A comparison of gene expression responses in rat whole embryo culture and in vivo: time-dependent retinoic acid-induced teratogenic response. RA
29  2012 Alternative models in developmental toxicology. mEST
30  2012 Comparative evaluation of the teratogenicity of genistein and genistin using rat whole embryo culture and limbud micromass culture methods. GEN, GIN
31  2012 Diabetic embryopathy. BCAA, KIC
32  2012 Dose-response analysis of phthalate effects on gene expression in rat whole embryo culture. CLS, MEHP
33  2012 Effects of MDMA (ecstasy) and two of its metabolites on rat embryos in vitro. ---
34  2012 Primary cell and micromass culture in assessing developmental toxicity. ESC, EST, MM
35  2012 Rabbit whole embryo culture. ---
36  2012 Relative embryotoxic potency of p-substituted phenols in the embryonic stem cell test (EST) and comparison to their toxic potency in vivo and in the whole embryo culture (WEC) assay. EST
37  2012 Relative potency of albendazole and its sulfoxide metabolite in two in vitro tests for developmental toxicity: the rat whole embryo culture and the mouse embryonic stem cell test. ABZ, ASO, EST
38  2012 Rodent whole embryo culture. ---
39  2012 Transcriptomic analysis of neurulation and early organogenesis in rat embryos: an in vivo and ex vivo comparison. GD
40  2012 Triazole induced concentration-related gene signatures in rat whole embryo culture. ---
41  2011 Comparison of MeHg-induced toxicogenomic responses across in vivo and in vitro models used in developmental toxicology. ESC
42  2011 Comparison of the mouse Embryonic Stem cell Test, the rat Whole Embryo Culture and the Zebrafish Embryotoxicity Test as alternative methods for developmental toxicity testing of six 1,2,4-triazoles. EST, ZET
43  2011 [Developmental toxicity of retrorsine on mouse embryos in vitro]. ICS
44  2011 [Toxicity of monocrotaline on in vitro cultured mouse embryos]. ICS
45  2010 A dysmorphology score system for assessing embryo abnormalities in rat whole embryo culture. DMS system, TMS
46  2010 Embryotoxicant-specific transcriptomic responses in rat postimplantation whole-embryo culture. CAF, MM
47  2010 Regulation of hematopoietic cell clusters in the placental niche through SCF/Kit signaling in embryonic mouse. dpc, HC, HSCs, SCF
48  2010 The method of rodent whole embryo culture using the rotator-type bottle culture system. ---
49  2010 Transcriptomics analysis of retinoic acid embryotoxicity in rat postimplantation whole embryo culture. RA
50  2010 Whole embryo culture: a "New" technique that enabled decades of mechanistic discoveries. ---
51  2010 [Research progress of whole embryo culture tool and its application]. ---
52  2009 Embryotoxic potential of N-methyl-pyrrolidone (NMP) and three of its metabolites using the rat whole embryo culture system. 2-HMSI, 5-HNMP, ECVAM, MSI, NMP
53  2009 In vitro and in vivo reproduction toxicology of 12 monoaminergic reuptake inhibitors: possible mechanisms of infrequent cardiovascular anomalies. CV, MRUI
54  2008 Application of a metabolizing system as an adjunct to the rat whole embryo culture. ---
55  2008 Quantitative extrapolation of in vitro whole embryo culture embryotoxicity data to developmental toxicity in vivo using the benchmark dose approach. BMCs, BMD
56  2008 Species-specificity of ethylene glycol-induced developmental toxicity: toxicokinetic and whole embryo culture studies in the rabbit. EG, GA, VYS
57  2008 Transferring genes into cultured mammalian embryos by electroporation. EP
58  2008 Use of the rat postimplantation embryo culture to assess the embryotoxic potency within a chemical category and to identify toxic metabolites. MEHP
59  2007 Platelet-derived growth factor C plays a role in the branchial arch malformations induced by retinoic acid. MMP, PDGF-C, RA, TIMP
60  2007 Refinement of a morphological scoring system for postimplantation rabbit conceptuses. micro-CT
61  2006 Effects of the antimalarial drug dihydroartemisinin (DHA) on rat embryos in vitro. DHA
62  2006 In vivo and in vitro investigations of the effects of the antimalarial drug dihydroartemisinin (DHA) on rat embryos. DHA, GD, RBCs
63  2005 Ontogeny of transcription profiles during mouse early craniofacial development. ---
64  2004 A study of vehicles for dosing rodent whole embryo culture with non aqueous soluble compounds. BSA, DMF, DMSO, RA
65  2004 Developmental toxicity of mixtures: the water disinfection by-products dichloro-, dibromo- and bromochloro acetic acid in rat embryo culture. DBPs, DEVSC, GD, HAs
66  2004 Validation of the postimplantation rat whole-embryo culture test in the international ECVAM validation study on three in vitro embryotoxicity tests. ECVAM
67  2003 Disappearance of epidermal growth factor receptor is essential in the fusion of the nasal epithelium. EGF
68  2003 Effects of platelet-derived growth factor-AA and -BB on embryonic cardiac development. PDGF, TEM
69  2002 Validation successes: chemicals. ESAC, EST, EU, MM
70  2001 Gene transfer into cultured mammalian embryos by electroporation. EP
71  2001 Lessons learned from validation of in vitro toxicity test: from failure to acceptance into regulatory practice. EST, MM
72  2001 Postimplantation whole embryo culture assay for hamsters: an alternative to rat and mouse. ---
73  2001 [Effects of homocysteine on post-implantation rat embryo cultured in vitro]. Hcy
74  2000 [Study on the effect of alcohol on embryonic development by using in vitro post-implantation rat whole embryo culture]. VYS
75  1999 Development of a morphologically-based scoring system for postimplantation New Zealand White rabbit embryos. GD, NZW
76  1999 Evaluation of various toxicants in rabbit whole-embryo culture using a new morphologically-based evaluation system. GD
77  1999 In vitro embryotoxicity study of n,n-dimethylacetamide and its main metabolite N-monomethylacetamide. DMAC, NOEL
78  1998 Effects of combinations of methanol and formic acid on rat embryos in culture. DEVSC, MeOH
79  1998 Inhibition of glycosphingolipid biosynthesis does not impair growth or morphogenesis of the postimplantation mouse embryo. GSL, NB-DGJ
80  1998 [Micrometric and morphological assessment of early stage rat embryos -- application for in vivo teratology testing]. ---
81  1997 Postimplantation mouse embryos cultured in vitro. Assessment with whole-mount immunostaining and in situ hybridization. ATRA
82  1997 Stereoselective dysmorphogenicity of the enantiomers of the valproic acid analogue 2-N-propyl-4-pentynoic acid (4-yn-VPA): cross-species evaluation in whole embryo culture. VPA
83  1997 The evaluation of developmental toxicity of chemicals exposed occupationally using whole embryo culture. ADs
84  1996 Effects of cocaine and cocaine metabolites on mouse developmentin vitro. BE, EME, NTDs
85  1995 Developmental toxicity and structure-activity relationships of chlorophenols using human embryonic palatal mesenchymal cells. CPs, HA, HEPM, MOT
86  1995 Developmental toxicity of formate and formic acid in whole embryo culture: a comparative study with mouse and rat embryos. MeOH
87  1995 Rat whole embryo culture system as a tool to investigate developmental mechanisms of left/right body axis. ---
88  1995 Validation of an in vitro teratology system using chiral substances: stereoselective teratogenicity of 4-yn-valproic acid in cultured mouse embryos. VPA
89  1994 Developmental toxicity of valproic acid assessed in a sequential culture of hepatocytes and embryos. VPA
90  1994 Effects of styrene oxide on differentiation and viability of rodent embryo cultures. LB
91  1993 Developmental toxicity of methanol in whole embryo culture: a comparative study with mouse and rat embryos. MeOH
92  1993 Effects of patulin on postimplantation rat embryos. PAT
93  1993 Evaluation of the developmental toxicity of citrinin using Hydra attenuata and postimplantation rat whole embryo culture. HA, rat
94  1993 Stereospecific in vitro embryotoxicity of l-homocysteine in pre- and post-implantation rodent embryos. AUC
95  1991 Evaluation of the developmental toxicity of chlorinated phenols utilizing Hydra attenuata and postimplantation rat embryos in culture. CPs, HA
96  1991 Whole embryo culture and teratogenesis. ---
97  1989 Role of the mouse visceral yolk sac in nutrition: inhibition by a somatomedin inhibitor. SI, VYS
98  1988 Somatomedin inhibitors from human serum produce abnormalities in mouse embryos in culture. SI, VYSs