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Abbreviation : WS
Long Form : water-soluble
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Application of Circular Dichroism and Fluorescence Spectroscopies To Assess Photostability of Water-Soluble Porcine Lens Proteins. ---
2020 Enhanced Cr(VI) stabilization in soil by carboxymethyl cellulose-stabilized nanosized Fe0 (CMC-nFe0) and mixed anaerobic microorganisms. CB, CMC-nFe0, EX, OX, RS
2020 The mechanism of polystyrene microplastics to affect arsenic volatilization in arsenic-contaminated paddy soils. CAT, NSS, PSMP, SS, UE
2019 Exploratory of immobilization remediation of hydroxyapatite (HAP) on lead-contaminated soils. FTIR, HAP, OX, RED, RES, SEM, WA
2018 Examining mineral-associated soil organic matter pools through depth in harvested forest soil profiles. Al, Crys, OMC, PCrys
2018 Mass-size distribution and concentration of metals from personal exposure to arc welding fume in pipeline construction: a case report. WI
2017 Identification of Sequence Similarities among Isomerization Hotspots in Crystallin Proteins. WI
2017 pH of Aerosols in a Polluted Atmosphere: Source Contributions to Highly Acidic Aerosol. ---
2017 Post-translationally modified human lens crystallin fragments show aggregation in vitro. PTMs, WS-HMW
10  2016 Evaluation of a Conceptual Model for Gas-Particle Partitioning of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Using Polyparameter Linear Free Energy Relationships. OM, OS, PAHs, PM, PP-LFERs, RMSE, SPLFER
11  2016 One-shot LC-MS/MS analysis of post-translational modifications including oxidation and deamidation of rat lens alpha- and beta-crystallins induced by gamma-irradiation. WI
12  2015 Integrating ecotoxicity and chemical approaches to compare the effects of ZnO nanoparticles, ZnO bulk, and ZnCl2 on plants and microorganisms in a natural soil. EX, ZnO NPs
13  2015 Oxidative potential of coarse particulate matter (PM(10-2.5)) and its relation to water solubility and sources of trace elements and metals in the Los Angeles Basin. CPM, LA, ROS, WI
14  2014 Chromium phytoextraction from tannery effluent-contaminated soil by Crotalaria juncea infested with Pseudomonas fluorescens. Cr, EX
15  2014 Trace element concentration and speciation in selected urban soils in New York City. EX, NYC, OX, SS/CAR, SUMTE, TE
16  2013 Physicochemical and toxicological characteristics of welding fume derived particles generated from real time welding processes. PUF, ROS
17  2012 Phosphorus removal with by-products in a flow-through setting. Al, Ca, RT
18  2011 Age-related changes in the water-soluble lens protein composition of Wistar and accelerated-senescence OXYS rats. MALDI-TOF, WIS
19  2011 Cholesterol-derived bile acids enhance the chaperone activity of alpha-crystallins. TUDCA, UDCA
20  2010 Antiproliferative activity of extracts prepared from three species of Reishi on cultured human normal and tumor cell lines. HMC
21  2010 Seasonal variation, source, and regional representativeness of the background aerosol from two remote sites in western China. EC, OC
22  2010 Tissue localization and solubilities of alphaA-crystallin and its numerous C-terminal truncation products in pre- and postcataractous ICR/f rat lenses. MALDI-TOF, WI-US
23  2010 Zinc and cadmium regulation efficiency in three ant species originating from a metal pollution gradient. TOT
24  2009 Tryptophan metabolites from young human lenses and the photooxidation of ascorbic acid by UVA light. AHBG, LMW
25  2008 A comprehensive method for organic matter characterization in solid wastes in view of assessing their anaerobic biodegradability. ---
26  2008 Buried water molecules in helical transmembrane proteins. TM
27  2008 Glycation by ascorbic acid oxidation products leads to the aggregation of lens proteins. ---
28  2008 Isolation and characterization of betaA3-crystallin associated proteinase from alpha-crystallin fraction of human lenses. MALDI-TOF, SDS-PAGE
29  2007 Proteomic analysis of water insoluble proteins from normal and cataractous human lenses. MALDI-TOF, WI, WI-UI, WI-US
30  2007 [Chemical fixation of metals in soil using bone char and assessment of the soil genotoxicity]. CAR, EX, Fe-Mn, ORG, RES
31  2006 Chemical characteristics of PM2.5 and PM10 in haze-fog episodes in Beijing. HF, HFW, NHF
32  2006 Noncatalytic hydrolysis of guar gum under hydrothermal conditions. 5-HMF
33  2006 Production of exopolysaccharides by Agrobacterium sp. CFR-24 using coconut water - a byproduct of food industry. EPS, WIS
34  2005 Chitosan oligomers as potential and safe absorption enhancers for improving the pulmonary absorption of interferon-alpha in rats. BAL, IFN, LDH
35  2005 Effect of Rheum emodi (Revand Hindi) on renal functions in rats. W-INS
36  2005 Fermentability of water-soluble portion to ethanol obtained by supercritical water treatment of lignocellulosics. ---
37  2005 Ispaghula (Plantago ovata) seed husk polysaccharides promote proliferation of human epithelial cells (skin keratinocytes and fibroblasts) via enhanced growth factor receptors and energy production. GF, KGF, NHK
38  2005 K2P--a novel cross-link from human lens protein. WISS
39  2005 Recoverable solution reaction of HiPco carbon nanotubes with hydrogen peroxide. SDS, SWNTs
40  2004 Structure elucidation of a novel yellow chromophore from human lens protein. WISS
41  2004 The water-soluble extract of Illicium anisatum stimulates mouse vibrissae follicles in organ culture. AS, HS
42  2003 Crosslinking of human lens 9 kDa gammaD-crystallin fragment in vitro and in vivo. MALDI-TOF, SDS-PAGE, WI
43  2003 Effect of UVA light on the activity of several aged human lens enzymes. FAD, G3PD, GPx, GR, ndf, ROS, SOD
44  2003 Existence of deamidated alphaB-crystallin fragments in normal and cataractous human lenses. WI
45  2003 Hydration properties of the molecular chaperone alpha-crystallin in the bovine lens. BSA, IEF, WI
46  2003 Separation of the yellow chromophores in individual brunescent cataracts. AGEs, WI
47  2003 Studies on the mechanism of the UVA light-dependent loss of glutathione reductase activity in human lenses. FAD, GR, HL, MALDI-TOF, SA
48  2002 Altered patterns of phosphorylation in cultured mouse lenses during development of buthionine sulfoximine cataracts. BSO, WI
49  2002 Antihypertensive and metabolic effects of whole Maitake mushroom powder and its fractions in two rat strains. BD, ES, NBC, SBP, SHR, ZFR
50  2002 Lanthanum(III)-catalyzed degradation of cellulose at 250 degrees C. HMF, MI, MS
51  2001 Argpyrimidine, a blue fluorophore in human lens proteins: high levels in brunescent cataractous lenses. ---
52  2000 The effects of hyperbaric oxygen on the crystallins of cultured rabbit lenses: a possible catalytic role for copper. HBO, HPLC
53  2000 The Level of Lipoprotein(a) in Human Cataractous Lens. HDL, LDL, SDS-PAGE, US
54  2000 Transition metal-catalyzed oxidation of ascorbate in human cataract extracts: possible role of advanced glycation end products. AGEs, CML, DMPO, HPLC
55  2000 [The level of lipoprotein(a) in human cataractous lens]. HDL, LDL, SDS-PAGE, US
56  1999 Age-related degradation of betaA3/A1-crystallin in human lenses. ---
57  1999 Distribution of human lens crystallins and their sulphydryl contents of different age in two-dimension electrophoresis. SH
58  1999 Evidence of a glycemic threshold for the development of cataracts in diabetic rats. AGEs, AS, CML, US
59  1999 The use of an in-house modified double antibody sandwich ELISA to detect Aspergillus antigens in sera of immunosuppressed patients. ---
60  1998 Conformational change of human lens insoluble alpha-crystallin. CD, US, WI
61  1998 Degradation of gamma D- and gamma s-crystallins in human lenses. Ab
62  1998 Fluorescence and immunochemical studies of advanced glycation-related lens pigments. AGEs, SF, WI
63  1998 Intermolecular interaction of lens crystallins: from rotationally mobile to immobile states at high protein concentrations. CD, FTIR
64  1998 Purification of gamma-crystallin from human lenses by acetone precipitation method. IEF
65  1997 Mobility of Zn, Cd and Pb in soils as affected by poultry litter extract--II. Redistribution among soil fractions. AFEO, CFEO, EXC, MNO, OM, PLE, RES
66  1996 Calf lens alpha-crystallin, a molecular chaperone, builds stable complexes with beta s- and gamma-crystallins. HM, WI
67  1996 Isoelectric focusing of crystallins in microsections of calf and adult bovine lens. Identification of water-insoluble crystallins complexing under nondenaturing conditions: demonstration of chaperone activity of alpha-crystallin. WI
68  1995 Structure and mitogenic activities of corn cob heteroxylans. WIS, ws-AGX
69  1994 Anti-diabetic activity present in the fruit body of Grifola frondosa (Maitake). I. ES
70  1994 Covalent modification at the C-terminal end of a 9 kDa gamma D-crystallin fragment in human lenses. WI, WI-UI, WI-US, WS-HMW
71  1993 The effect and recovery of long-term H2O2 exposure on lens morphology and biochemistry. PSSC, PSSG, US
72  1992 Identification of a 9 kDa gamma-crystallin fragment in human lenses. WI
73  1991 Lipoprotein lipase enables triacylglycerol hydrolysis by perfused newborn rat liver. FFA, LPL, TAG
74  1990 Immunochemical studies of Aspergillus fumigatus mycelial antigens by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and western blotting techniques. Con A
75  1988 Age-related increase in concentration and aggregation of degraded polypeptides in human lenses. HMW, WI-UI, WI-US
76  1987 Age-related changes in water and crystallin content of the fetal and adult human lens, demonstrated by a microsectioning technique. dw, WI
77  1986 Changes in lens protein in concentric fractions from individual normal human lenses. kD, SDS, UI, US
78  1986 Human fetal lens: wet and dry weight with increasing gestational age. LWW, WI
79  1985 Benzo[a]pyrene metabolism in human T 47D mammary tumor cells: evidence for sulfate conjugation and translocation of reactive metabolites across cell membranes. BaP
80  1984 Isotachophoresis and immunoelectrophoresis of water-soluble and -insoluble crystallins of the ageing bovine lens. WI
81  1983 Fate of water-insoluble and water-soluble dichlorobenzidine-based pigments in Fisher 344 rats. CDB, PY12, WI
82  1982 Delivery of vitamins E and C from parenteral alimentation solution. FS