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Abbreviation : WT
Long Form : Wilms tumor
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Absence of the TRIP13 c.1060C>T Mutation in Wilms Tumor Patients From Pakistan. ---
2019 Adult Wilms Tumor During Pregnancy: Case Report and Literature Review. ---
2019 Agreement between clinicoradiological signs at diagnosis and radiohistological analysis after neoadjuvant chemotherapy of suspected Wilms tumor rupture: Consequences on therapeutic choices. ---
2019 An eHealth decision-support tool to prioritize referral practices for genetic evaluation of patients with Wilms tumor. CPS
2019 Blastemal NCAM+ALDH1+ Wilms' tumor cancer stem cells correlate with disease progression and poor clinical outcome: A pilot study. CSCs
2019 Blastemal predominant type Wilms tumor in Japan: Japan Children's Cancer Group. JWiTS, OS, RFS
2019 Breast metastasis two years after pelvic surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy for serous ovarian cancer. PAX8
2019 Circulating tumor DNA analysis enables molecular characterization of pediatric renal tumors at diagnosis. CNAs, ctDNA, KT, SNVs
2019 Continuing barriers to care of Wilms tumor in a low-income country. ---
10  2019 Curcumin suppresses wilms' tumor metastasis by inhibiting RECK methylation. ---
11  2019 Determining the optimal cutoff point for lymph node density and its impact on overall survival in children with Wilms' tumor. LND, ROC
12  2019 Evaluation of needle biopsy as a potential risk factor for local recurrence of Wilms tumour in the SIOP WT 2001 trial. CI, FNA, HR
13  2019 Expression and clinical significance of p73 in Wilms tumor in children. RT-qPCR
14  2019 Expression of cyclin D1 in clear cell sarcoma of kidney. Is it useful in differentiating it from its histological mimics? CCSK
15  2019 Expression of YY1 in Wilms tumors with favorable histology is a risk factor for adverse outcomes. ---
16  2019 Factors responsible for stage III disease in patients with Wilms tumor enrolled in the JWiTS-2 study. JWiTS, NWTS
17  2019 From Favorable Histology to Relapse: The Clonal Evolution of a Wilms Tumor. FH
18  2019 FXR1 expression domain in Wilms tumor. FXR1
19  2019 High dose chemotherapy and autologous hematopoietic cell transplantation for Wilms tumor: a study of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation. aHCT, EFS, HDT, OS
20  2019 High-risk blastemal Wilms tumor can be modeled by 3D spheroid cultures in vitro. ---
21  2019 Higher incidence of surgery-related complications in Wilms tumor nephrectomy from clinical records analysis compared with central database registration. SIOP
22  2019 Identification of key genes and microRNAs involved in kidney Wilms tumor by integrated bioinformatics analysis. DEGs, DEMs, GEO, miRNAs, PPI
23  2019 Immune expression in children with Wilms tumor: a pilot study. HLA-DR, NK
24  2019 Immunohistochemical analysis of cyclin A expression in Wilms tumor. OS, PrOpChTh
25  2019 Indications and results of diagnostic biopsy in pediatric renal tumors: A retrospective analysis of 317 patients with critical review of SIOP guidelines. CNB, RTSG, SIOP
26  2019 Intracardiac Extension of Wilms Tumor: A Case of a 2.5-Year-Old Girl Presenting with Upper Venous Congestion Caused by Tumor Growth into the Right Cardiac Ventricle. NAC
27  2019 Investigating the dysfunctional pathogenesis of Wilms' tumor through a multidimensional integration strategy. ncRNAs, TFs
28  2019 Investigation of association between LINC00673 rs11655237 C>T and Wilms tumor susceptibility. CIs, ORs
29  2019 Loss or oncogenic mutation of DROSHA impairs kidney development and function, but is not sufficient for Wilms tumor formation. ---
30  2019 Metanephric Adenoma-Epithelial Wilms Tumor Overlap Lesions: An Analysis of BRAF Status. MA
31  2019 MicroRNA-539 inhibits the progression of Wilms' Tumor through downregulation of JAG1 and Notch1/3. ---
32  2019 MicroRNA-572 targets CDH1 to promote metastasis of Wilms' tumor. CDH1, EMT, miRNA, qRT-PCR
33  2019 miR-140-5p alleviates the aggressive progression of Wilms' tumor through directly targeting TGFBR1 gene. ---
34  2019 MiR-155-5p affects Wilms' tumor cell proliferation and apoptosis via targeting CREB1. CREB1, miR-155-5p, qRT-PCR, WB
35  2019 miR-483-5p Targets MKNK1 to Suppress Wilms' Tumor Cell Proliferation and Apoptosis In Vitro and In Vivo. miRNAs
36  2019 Neurocognitive outcomes in long-term survivors of Wilms tumor: a report from the St. Jude Lifetime Cohort. HRQoL
37  2019 Outcome of Wilms tumor patients with bone metastasis enrolled on National Wilms Tumor Studies 1-5: A report from the Children's Oncology Group. OS, WTBM
38  2019 Outcomes of non-anaplastic stage III and 'inoperable' Wilms tumour treated in the UKW3 trial. EFS
39  2019 PAI-1 and protein C as early markers of veno-occlusive disease in patients treated for Wilms tumor. HSCT, PAI-1
40  2019 Pharmacotherapeutic Management of Wilms Tumor: An Update. COG, SIOP
41  2019 Potential benefit of MRI-guided IMRT for flank irradiation in pediatric patients with Wilms' tumor. MRI, OARs, PTV, PTV
42  2019 Potential Five-MicroRNA Signature Model for the Prediction of Prognosis in Patients with Wilms Tumor. miRNA
43  2019 Primary Extra-renal Wilms' Tumor in Urinary Bladder: Rare Presentation of a Common Pediatric Malignancy. ERWT, NWTS
44  2019 Prognostic significance of age in 5631 patients with Wilms tumour prospectively registered in International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) 93-01 and 2001. EFS, OS, SIOP, SIOP-RTSG
45  2019 Renal Tumors in Children and Young Adults Older Than 5 Years of Age. EFS, OS
46  2019 Silencing long non-coding RNA SNHG6 restrains proliferation, migration and invasion of Wilms' tumour cell lines by regulating miR-15a. SNHG6
47  2019 The coexistence of a Wilms' tumor and renal cell carcinoma in children: a case report and review of the literature. RCC
48  2019 The effect of preoperative chemotherapy on histological subtyping and staging of Wilms tumors: The United Kingdom Children's Cancer Study Group (UKCCSG) Wilms tumor trial 3 (UKW3) experience. CPR, IS, PCT, UKCCSG
49  2019 The effectiveness of Wilms tumor screening in Beckwith-Wiedemann spectrum. BWS, SEER
50  2019 The effects of focal adhesion kinase and platelet-derived growth factor receptor beta inhibition in a patient-derived xenograft model of primary and metastatic Wilms tumor. FAK, PDGFRbeta, PDX
51  2019 The Incidence and Durability of Compensatory Hypertrophy in Pediatric Patients with Solitary Kidneys. MCDK
52  2019 The Natural History of Wilms Tumor-A Case Comparison of Two Different Tumors. ---
53  2019 The Rare Association of Cleft Lip and/or Palate and Wilms Tumor. CL/P
54  2019 The Wilms tumor gene (WT1) (+/-KTS) isoforms regulate steroidogenesis by modulating the PI3K/AKT and ERK1/2 pathways in bovine granulosa cells†. GCs
55  2019 Weighted gene co‑expression network analysis for identifying hub genes in association with prognosis in Wilms tumor. DEGs, KEGG, WGCNA
56  2019 Wilms Tumor of the Uterus. ---
57  2019 Wilms tumor-suppressing peptide inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis of Wilms tumor cells in vitro and in vivo. WTSP
58  2019 Wilms tumour event-free and overall survival in Southern and Eastern Europe: Pooled analyses of clinical data from four childhood cancer registries (1999-2017). EFS, OS, SEE
59  2019 [Long-term renal function in Wilms tumor survivors]. CKD, GFR
60  2018 A rare case of a Wilms tumor: case report. ---
61  2018 A unique subset of low-risk Wilms tumors is characterized by loss of function of TRIM28 (KAP1), a gene critical in early renal development: A Children's Oncology Group study. ---
62  2018 A Wilms' Tumor with Spinal Cord Compression: An Extrarenal Origin? ---
63  2018 Association between loss of heterozygosity of chromosome 16q and survival in Wilms' tumor: A meta-analysis. CI
64  2018 Baseline characteristics and outcomes of children with cancer in the English-speaking Caribbean: A multinational retrospective cohort. ALL, AML, EFS, ESC, OS, SCI
65  2018 Bioanalysis of a panel of neurotransmitters and their metabolites in plasma samples obtained from pediatric patients with neuroblastoma and Wilms' tumor. DA, DLLME, DOPAC, HVA, NB, NE, Trp, Tyr
66  2018 Biological Drivers of Wilms Tumor Prognosis and Treatment. ---
67  2018 Cancer Stem Cells are Regulated by STAT3 Signalling in Wilms Tumour. CSCs, MACS, STAT3, WCSC
68  2018 Cecal Volvulus following a Right Nephrectomy for Wilms' Tumor: Should We Need to Close the Lateral Peritoneum? ---
69  2018 Chemotherapy and terminal skeletal muscle differentiation in WT1-mutant Wilms tumors. ---
70  2018 Clinical features, treatment, and outcomes of bilateral Wilms' tumor: A systematic review and meta-analysis. BWS, BWT, FH, NSS, OS
71  2018 Comparing oncologic outcomes after minimally invasive and open surgery for pediatric neuroblastoma and Wilms tumor. MIS
72  2018 Current state of renal tumor surgery among pediatric surgeons and pediatric urologists: A survey of American Pediatric Surgical Association (APSA) and Society for Pediatric Urology (SPU) members. APSA, COG, LN, PS, PU, RT, SPU
73  2018 Diagnosis of Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome in children presenting with Wilms tumor. BWS
74  2018 Diagnostic Utility of Pax8, Pax2, and NGFR Immunohistochemical Expression in Pediatric Renal Tumors. CCSK, NGFR, Pax, PRT
75  2018 Embryonal Origin of Metanephric Adenoma and its Differential Diagnosis. MA, MTSCC, PRCT
76  2018 Evaluation of boost irradiation in patients with intermediate-risk stage III Wilms tumour with positive lymph nodes only: Results from the SIOP-WT-2001 Registry. EFS, LN, LRC, OS
77  2018 Evaluation of diagnostic utility of imprint cytology in paediatric renal tumours with special references to Ki 67 proliferative marker. ---
78  2018 Genetic and epigenetic analyses guided by high resolution whole-genome SNP array reveals a possible role of CHEK2 in Wilms tumour susceptibility. miRNAPGs, SNP
79  2018 Health-related fitness in very long-term survivors of childhood cancer: A cross-sectional study. AML, BMI, HRPF, NBL
80  2018 High-dose chemotherapy and autologous hematopoietic stem-cell rescue for treatment of relapsed and refractory Wilms tumor: Re-evaluating outcomes. ---
81  2018 Image-based surgical risk factors for Wilms tumor. ---
82  2018 Impact of Surveillance Imaging Modality on Survival After Recurrence in Patients With Favorable-Histology Wilms Tumor: A Report From the Children's Oncology Group. CT, CXR, OS, SI, SS, US
83  2018 Improved outcome at end of treatment in the collaborative Wilms tumour Africa project. IRB
84  2018 Irinotecan for relapsed Wilms tumor in pediatric patients: SIOP experience and review of the literature-A report from the SIOP Renal Tumor Study Group. CR, PRs
85  2018 Laparoscopic total nephrectomy for Wilms tumor: Towards new standards of care. CT, LN, LN, NSS
86  2018 Lymph node imaging of pediatric renal and suprarenal malignancies. CT, LNI, MRI, PET, RCC
87  2018 MicroRNA‑199b promotes cell proliferation and invasion in Wilms' tumour by directly targeting Runt‑related transcription factor 3. miRNAs
88  2018 MiR-1180-5p regulates apoptosis of Wilms' tumor by targeting p73. miRNA
89  2018 MiR-144-3p inhibits the proliferation and metastasis of pediatric Wilms' tumor cells by regulating Girdin. DLR, qRT-PCR
90  2018 MiR-21 Expression in Wilms' Tumor. CISH, FFPE, miRNAs
91  2018 miR-423 rs6505162 C>A polymorphism contributes to decreased Wilms tumor risk. CIs, ORs
92  2018 Molecular and epidemiologic characterization of Wilms tumor from Baghdad, Iraq. ---
93  2018 Nephroureterectomy with inferior vena-caval thrombectomy in post-chemotherapy Wilms' tumour in a child - From the eyes of the surgeon! IVC
94  2018 Patterns of lymph node sampling and the impact of lymph node density in favorable histology Wilms tumor: An analysis of the national cancer database. COG, FH, FHWT, LN, NCDB, OS
95  2018 RPS6KA4/MIR1237 and AURKC promoter regions are differentially methylated in Wilms' tumor. DMRs
96  2018 Survival and mortality rates of Wilms tumour in Southern and Eastern European countries: Socioeconomic differentials compared with the United States of America. CI, HDI, HR, OS, SEE, SEER, USA
97  2018 Survival from childhood cancers in Eastern Africa: A population-based registry study. ALL, NHL
98  2018 Survival of children with a Wilms tumor in Blantyre, Malawi. ---
99  2018 Synchronous pancreatic tumors in a patient with history of Wilms tumor: A case of pancreatic adenocarcinoma and lipid-rich neuroendocrine tumor diagnosed by cytopathology. CT, NET, SMN
100  2018 The correlation between LIN28B gene potentially functional variants and Wilms tumor susceptibility in Chinese children. CIs, LIN28B, ORs